25 chapter Changed intelligent Zhao Hai and Merine dull look at this mountain valley, comes out from that cavern, enters this mountain valley, this mountain valley area is not very big, be only more than thousand about mu, on are also piece of Black Soil, on Black Soil with Black Wasteland is exactly the same. In the mountain valley middle, diameter about ten meters pool, the water in deep pool to is clear, on the cave entrance opposite mountain wall that in Zhao Hai they come out, a cave entrance, that cave entrance wants to be smaller than Zhao Hai their cave entrance, can look, that cave entrance is also an ore said. Sees these mine tunnels, Zhao Hai cannot help but admires these Dwarf, they gave to hollow out such big mountain range unexpectedly, but also has established these many mine tunnels, can this need big resilience? How real difficult imagines them to achieve. Zhao Hai has sized up this all around one, nodded said : also is really good, Blockhead, your youngster line, said that cavern how you are presently this coming in?” Blockhead smiles said : Young Master, I see this canyon most from the beginning time, jumped down this mountain valley to come from the cliff, then on present these two cave entrance, in another cave entrance all was the water, road that did not have, the road that this cave entrance had, I walked from inside outward.” Zhao Hai then nodded, a Blockhead such saying his understand, this fellow outward walked from cave entrance, no wonder can presently that to outside cavern. Merine has also been sizing up this Black Soil place, just like Blockhead said that here was really too appropriate, the although improvement land also wanted some time, but this mountain valley was used to plant thing is really too appropriate, the average person is very difficult presently. Merine transferred extension in cavern, this cavern is a not too regular circular, inside to does not have big stone and so on thing, except for the Black Soil place, was that pool, was the a piece cultivation good place. Zhao Hai similarly is also sizing up here, looks while nods, he to here was really too satisfied, here not only can cultivate, because had that pool relationship, irrigated convenient many. Even if the water in that pool is insufficient, in this two sides cavern, two tarn, the water of there surface has is. The appearance of Blockhead look at Zhao Hai nod, knows that Zhao Hai is very satisfied, Blockhead quickly said: Young Master, do you have here a little to be presently different?”

Zhao Hai gawked, looked at all around one, does not have presently any different places, he shook the head said : not to have differently what.” Blockhead smiles said : Young Master, haven't you felt? The temperature in this canyon compared with the mountain on high, moreover you look on mountain wall the long these grass, compared with long of outside face length, now spring, this weeds although grow out, but is not high, we come time, reason that feels difficult to walk , because the ground are some hay, these hay are tenacious, will therefore mix the foot, but this mountain valley the grass on mountain wall is actually the new grass, moreover long is so long, has plenty has tied seed, this on explaining this mountain valley has not received the cold wind to attack, placed this temperature., If this is really the case, that here throughout the year can cultivate, is really a good place.” Zhao Hai looked at the past following the direction of Blockhead finger, but also really presently on mountain wall steadily many weeds, but these weeds were really different from outside some, outside these weeds looked like very green, but approached presently, that sight of green grow out new grass from some hay, moreover long was very not long, but here weeds actually long was very long. Zhao Hai cannot help but nodded, he also feels now strange, this canyon on the mountain, the here land should also on similar to mountain, not be outside these Black Soil is right, but earth in musca canyon, on Black Soil with Black Wasteland is the same, don’t know what's the matter. At this time Merine sound suddenly transmitted good that said : said that has not thought really that Blockhead your this youngster unexpectedly observation care of such, when your youngster did become such intelligent?” A Merine such saying, Zhao Hai and Blockhead were shocked, by a Merine such saying, Zhao Hai was also felt somewhat strangely, because in his memory, Blockhead so is not truly intelligent, not only so is not intelligent, but also is a little silly, normally spoke continually does not say agily, how possibly observation care of such, added rationally? Blockhead somewhat is also puzzled, his also don’t know what's the matter, since he has entered Zhao Hai that strange Space, probably one straightened out, to the observation of thing careful, the matter that thinks was also more comprehensive. But normally Blockhead does not have what performance opportunity, he has followed in the Zhao Hai side, any matter listens to Zhao Hai, therefore Merine they do not have presently Blockhead to have anything exceptionally, today this Blockhead start to talk, Merine feels the Blockhead differences. Merine just also spoke thoughtlessly a saying, does not have in feel relieved, looked that they have not made noise, her then said : Young Master, this is really a good place, moreover I also felt, here really like Blockhead said that feared that throughout the year maintained this temperature, moreover water element in air very active, was really a good place, so long as were good land transform, here was a best farming.” Zhao Hai nodded, to Merine said : Merine Grandma, you said why the land in this canyon is also the Black Soil place? Normally on this mountain, this land should on the earth with this mountain be the same, if on the earth with mountain is the same, we can save many matters.” Merine smiles said : Young Master not to be content, can find a place is very so good, Young Master can transform slowly, so long as found the place not to fear.”

Zhao Hai smiled right that said : Merine Grandma said that I was too a little greedy, this is really a good place, but the issue, the here almost more than 1000 mu places, we now also do not have what farming Magic Beast now, the words that wants in planting can only depend on the manpower, the person who as the matter stands, needs will not be few, is here so is also far from the castle, if the person arrives at here, requires a lot of time, as the matter stands, the time on entire delayed in the group, wanted here entire type, on was difficult.” Merine smiles said : Young Master, how you have forgotten, in this mountain also in mountain lake, if in this mountain the lake in the lake with behind our castle mountain is linking, we can travel by boat, like this not only saved the time, and can better keep secret.” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought of this point, if is really travelling by water, to compares to walk really on wants on quickly many, moreover hidden evades. Zhao Hai nodded said : this to arrive is good means that good, I first improved these ten mu places of today was saying.” The intention moves, the Space cave entrance in time appears , ten mu place transform before Zhao sea surface will be quickly good. Merine and Blockhead, although in had looked at Zhao Hai improvement land, but these time sees excitedly not by, Zhao Hai such ability, is absolutely unique on Continent, although cannot be used to kill people, but is actually they most needs. Improved these ten mu places, Zhao Hai has then relented is mad, turns the head to Merine said : Merine Grandma, we went back, what a pity did not have the ship, if there is a ship, we to can go back from the waterway, have a look whether to go nonstop to behind of castle.” Did Merine he he smile said : Young Master to forget? I am Water element Magician, takes two and three people, does not need the ship also to be able moving forward on the water surface, Young Master does not need to be worried that a while we go back from the waterway.” Zhao Hai has gawked, this nodded, to be honest, although came Ark Continent to have the several days time, but he has not been familiar with Ark Continent here all sorts of mysterious, always mixes with the Earth lane here, was leading the person like this type with Magic at the matter that on the water surface handled affairs, will live possibly on Earth, in here actually. Zhao Hai nodded, looked at that lands, turns the head to smile said : to Merine Merine Grandma, we also go back, I feared that in the family Meg and Stone are unbearably busy.” Merine looked at this stretch of location, presently really does not have what good attention, this nodded said : well, we go back.” Said that three people of turn around walks toward that cavern that in they come. Three people entered cavern, Merine dual-purpose an illumination technique led the way in front, Zhao Hai and Blockhead followed in his, this three people in the underwater sound toward the hole came to see the direction to walk directly.

Probably walked for about 15 minutes, Merine saw the front tarn, this mountain Kou Lake is very big, was blocked by mountain besides the two sides, proceeds to look taking advantage of the light, cannot see the boundary unexpectedly. Zhao Hai stands in the Merine side, their present positions, have been higher than about three meters compared with the level of the lake, downward walks is a pitch, ten points that this pitch cultivates gentle, seemed like past Dwarf Race is used to transport the ore. This ground also is Stone spreads, because to water quite near reason, above has been covered with the moss, is somewhat slippery. Zhao Hai look at this piece of water surface, sighed said : who to want to obtain, in Black Wasteland here, was hiding such a piece valuable land with a good geomantic omen unexpectedly, why so long as can know in this lake not to have the fish, we can in the pisculture of here big area.” Merine nodded said : „, this piece of lake area such as some big, can raise many fish, later here can become a come income industry of our Buda Family.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Merine said : Merine Grandma, we go back, was right, if in the water has Magic Beast, we previous won't have the matter in the water surface like this in the past?” Merine shows a faint smile, face self-confident said : Young Master feel relieved and ensure cannot have the matter.” Said that takes the lead to walk toward lakeside, Zhao Hai is busy in behind carefully, Blockhead arrives at the Zhao Hai side, is holding the arm of Zhao Hai, the although here ground is slippery, but Blockhead walks is actually steady as Mt Tai.