Chapter 26 New crisis Zhao Hai and Blockhead stand in lakeside, Merine stands in their side in a low voice are reading Incantation, before long, one layer water blue color transparent protective shield appears in their surroundings, a wave has then braved from the lake, when Zhao Hai stares, that wave actually their last volume to lake. However Zhao Hai actually presently, they now stand in a water blue transparent sphere, but lake water actually continuously like fountain is holding their this transparent balls, moving forward. Zhao Hai this is the second experience to the mystery of Magic, the first time time, Merine has used a simple illumination technique and a simple water ball technique, but is such, makes first time see that Magic Zhao Hai felt was very mysterious, but these time previous time is more mysterious, they unexpectedly in treading wave, but line, moreover a person belt two people, compared with the Chinese martial arts in aquatic floats and „a reed crosses a river must the cow. Compared Zhao Hai this is the fellows of 50% foreign visitor, Blockhead and performance must shake decides a lot, he already knows that mystery of Magic, do not say that Merine was 8th level Water element big Magician, made the war with such Magician in the water, was the nightmares of all people, because there was their home games. Merine is also a relaxedness of face, she is very confident to her ability, on the water surface, she believes that one is invincible existence, when she said in the water possibly has Water element Magic Beast, an expression of her worry does not have, because she believes herself, even if has Water element Magic Beast, she can also relaxed striking kill. On the water surface is quick using motion of Magic, they come time has used for three hours moment that however goes back, actually only used for about a half hour to see a front cavern mouth, but what was lucky, behind this cave entrance castle that cave entrance, this also has proven, this lake truly can regard waterway of weather to use, can by them transporting of person secret to canyon there. When Merine withdraws Magic, Zhao Hai finally conscientious time, he felt cannot bear jumped, this conscientious feeling is very good. When on the water surface walks, although looks like very natural, the feeling that but some Zhao Hai actually one type of must fall down, this feeling lets his very uncomfortable. When three people come out from cavern, slave who happen to saw outside these work, now has not been noon time, they have not rested, the place that cavern here must clean are also many . Moreover the has plenty slave is being the carpenter in cavern.

This cavern must change raises the Blue Eye Rabbit place, needs many fence, these thing must make with Blockhead, after all Zhao Hai they now not that many iron hardware. These time considered that the castle here situation, Green they have also bought some lumbers, but is not extremely numerous, thing that Green they buy, majority is some end products, because Green knows, in these slaves, even if some will make carpentry workmanship, will be impossible to make too complex thing, because of the good Artisan slave, with these ordinary slaves will not be a price. Three people of appears to are makes these slaves be startled, immediately salutes to three people, three people also nodded, left cavern. cavern outside Meg and Stone are standing in there, saw that three people come out, they were also startled, Meg moved forward to meet somebody hastily said : Young Master, Grandma, how did you come out from cavern?” Merine smiles said : to walk toward from the cavern lake, can arrive at a piece of canyon, the place that we designated there was appropriately cultivates, Young Master just had improved ten mu place in there, therefore we came back.” Meg two eyes bright said : real? That fantastic, has not thought that matter so will be smooth, Grandma, Young Master, you returns to the castle to rest, here had my look at on the line.” Merine turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, returns to the castle to rest, I had the matter to tell you.” Zhao Hai stares, don’t know Merine also has any matter, but looks at a Merine face serious appearance, does not dare to neglect, immediately/on horseback nodded said : well, we return to the castle first, Blockhead, you remain to help Meg and Stone.” Blockhead complied with one to remain, Zhao Hai walked toward the castle in Merine. After they arrived in the living room in castle, Zhao Hai puzzled look at Merine said : Merine did Grandma, what matter have unable outside to say?” Merine nodded to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, today comes back, I investigated situation in the lake on the level of the lake while convenient, has not had any formidable Water element Magic, this situation only then two explanations, one, that Water element Magic Beast is very formidable, moreover ten points being good at hideaway whereabouts, therefore I presently, but this situation is almost impossible, I am 8th level Water element Magician, does not have any thing to hide the truth from my investigation in the water self-confidently, the second situation on is, in water simply not formidable Magic Beast, in water all. Without the fish, is for different reasons.”

Zhao Hai stares, but his immediately had realized the gravity of issue, after tarn is him , one of the fief show important plans, if there does not have the means to breed fish, he will lose an important source of funds, moreover puts a that big lake water to be unavailable, this too wasted. Zhao Hai calm face can said : get to the root of the specific reason?” Merine is face heavy said : I to had also heard a hearsay, don’t know in the situation with lake is related, heard because of Black Wasteland here to Carrion Swamp too near reason, therefore often will have the allied armies that some Undead Creature and poisonous Magic Beast composes to run up to Black Wasteland to come, they will kill all in Black Wasteland here living life form, therefore Black Wasteland here turned into the a piece deathtrap, because the beforehand Black Wasteland here nobody will come, therefore this information had not been confirmed that if this information is, in that lake the reason of fish possible on has not been because this.” Zhao Hai complexion changes, if said like Merine , the trouble of that matter was big, in them, besides Merine, Merine, Green, Blockhead, Stone, these person a little fighting strength, other people are some does not have the fighting strength slave, if Carrion Swamp there Undead Creature and poisonous are Magic Beast attack them, they died. Zhao Hai lowers the head, is rubbing own forehead with hand, this is also his previous generation, when thinks the matter the one type of custom movement. Merine look at Zhao Hai appearance, extremely worried, if lives that situation, their all raises to plant industry must stop, can they live very difficult to say. Zhao Hai cannot think that now has any good means that has said : „, if this matter real, our troubles were big, Merine Grandma, after this matter waits for Grandpa Green to come back, we in discussing were deciding that I look at this, starts from tomorrow, first do not clean the mine tunnel, gathers our in hand all commodities, builds some simple weapon, then carries on under one to train to these slave, at the same time carries on some services to the castle, if lives a that situation, our minimum can also depend upon the castle to resist one, If really the incorrect words, I can only receive in my Space to go everyone/Great Clan, making everyone/Great Clan avoid in Space, after waiting for these Undead Creature and Magic Beast has drawn back, we were coming out.” Merine frowns to think, really cannot think that any good means that must nod said : looks like also can only be now this, we came Black Wasteland such long time, had not seen that Carrion Swamp there had anything to change, should not have the issue, hopes that my worry was unnecessary.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : „, whether or not the unnecessary worry, this matter must be done, prevents accidents before they occur, now our Buda Family final family property in here, if all lost, our Buda Family was not having the hope of turning over.” Merine nodded said : well, my immediately arranges, but our weapon of bring are not many, moreover these commodities are some living materials, simply cannot make weapon, this what to do?”

Zhao Hai does not have what good means now, if his Farm level has sufficed, he can plant some trees to come, when weapon use, but his present level was too low, the simply type the tree, he cannot to take corn stalk to go to go all out with these Undead Creature. Zhao Hai makes an effort is rubbing own forehead, his forehead had been rubbed red a big piece, what good means but has not found out, suddenly, he noted the made of stones ground, bold idea appears in his mind, he gained ground to Merine said : Merine Grandma, I looked at this, tomorrow we organized the person to pick some Stone to come back, we can manufacture some made of stones weapon, these weapon lethality although were not big, but we must be used to defend a city, should be able to use, did you look?” Merine thinks that nodded said : well, now our in hand not that many commodities, comes out from the imperial capital, their simply does not make us bring weapon, now also can only like this, after waiting for Green to come back, making him go to purchase a batch weapon as soon as possible.” Nod of Zhao Hai not bears, he is never expected, oneself one day unexpectedly crossed returned to the life of Stone Age, moreover they have to face. Zhao Hai was also thinks understand now, it seems like these Old Master of imperial capital, were thinks really point means of livelihood did not give them, will otherwise not make them bring weapon to go to Black Wasteland this place, he does not believe that these big Old Master in imperial capital have not heard the Black Wasteland here hearsay. Now they must face, not only by crisis of starving to death, but may also by these Undead Creature and poisonous is Magic Beast killing.