Chapter 27 A day 5000 jin (0.5 kg) In Zhao Hai is weapon matter worried time, a suddenly sound conveys said : corn to be mature, please as soon as possible gather.” Zhao Hai stares, but immediately responded, he looked at Merine one, said : Merine Grandma, the corn that I plant was mature, I must go to Space to gather, do you come?” He brought Merine to go to Space in any case, now takes does not have anything, but Merine is not Blockhead and Stone, he very respects to Merine, passes through must enter Space, he first will also strive for the opinion of Merine. Merine one hear of Zhao Hai said that also wants to go to Zhao Hai that Space to have a look, she nodded said : well Young Master, I also want to go to Space to have a look.” Zhao Hai nodded, the intention moves, two person appears in Space. Because the radish in Space is plants in the morning, now only grew the small leaf, but the corn completely was mature. Corn mature is different from Zhao Hai, in the game that at game sees the corn was mature, was green and glossy, but in Space, corn in mature, his leaf has done, but these corn long ten points sturdy, about 50 centimeters big maize cob, the corn kernel has broken open the wrapper to reveal, golden, look at made the person have the appetite. Merine has not seen corn obviously, how her also don’t know must do, is only curious look at these corn, actually don’t know starts from the gathering place. By the Zhao Hai joyful arriving cornfield, broke off a big maize cob, has also dug up outside wrapper, on the golden maize cob, was growing the full pellet, it seems like that the output will not lower, according to words that such output calculated, minimum of these two mu places can produce more than 5000 jin (0.5 kg) corn, if can, when seed words, enough type of 1000 mu place. Zhao Hai joyful has given Merine the maize cob, smiles said : Merine Grandma, you look, this is the corn, so long as after the simple processing, can regard the grain, although said that is not the delicacy, but can actually be able to eat to the full, the corn of these two mu places, can produce more than 5000 jin (0.5 kg) fully, when used to regard seed, can plant 1000 mu land fully, later our everyday can receive one time, this did not need to worry for the grain.” Merine received the maize cob, two eyes is actually staring at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, you were said, our can everyday harvest more than 5000 jin (0.5 kg) grain?” Zhao Hai nodded with a smile, he knows that idea of Merine, more than 5000 jin (0.5 kg) grain, are not possibly many regarding more than 100 people, but the everyday more than 5000 jin (0.5 kg), this digit was a little terrifying, but the mature time of corn in Space, is almost about 14 hours, that everyday received more than 5000 jin (0.5 kg), Zhao Hai said that was short.

Looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, the Merine excited face was red, was talking over: „A day 5000 jin (0.5 kg), a day 5000 jin (0.5 kg).” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : well Merine Grandma, corn thing was not very good eats, later we were the classifications, the present is the excessive time, can only plant this.” Merine one recovers, quickly said: No, Young Master, classification, does not plant this, plants this, this is I have heard, the output highest grain, Young Master, our classification, did not plant this.” Her excited somewhat spoke incoherently. Zhao Hai smiles said : well, the classification, does not plant this, Merine Grandma, should not be excited, he he, output high grain has plenty, although does not have the output of corn to be high, but is more delicious than the corn, don't worry, I know in heart.” Merine one hear of Zhao Hai said that this nodded said : that to be good, Young Master, our begins to receive, can this grain also hit?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be all right, calculation that this Space I said.” Said that deep voice said : gathers corn, the corn kernel, the corn stalk, the corn separates to receive.” This corn one type of elegant name, was called the corn in the Zhao Hai native place tube corn actually, but this corn was long corn kernel thing, was called the corn beard in the Zhao Hai native place, was good thing that was used to light a fire. Zhao Hai wants to have a look, he issues such complex order to Space, Space whether to accept, if can accept, he can affirm that Space listens completely his. Merine puzzled look at Zhao Hai, don’t know Zhao Hai was speaking to whom, but in following Space the fresh matter made her dumbfounded, saw one to write to receive the character the basket to fly, then these corn, all flew toward the basket. Before long the corn of two places received, has not waited for Merine to respond, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback half step has arrived at Warehouse in front of the door, had tried to find out with the hand Warehouse, then a facial expression loosen, let out a long breath, laughed. Merine follows in the Zhao Hai side, quickly said: Young Master, Why are you laughing??” Was saying while has referred to that open area. Zhao Hai smiles said : to be all right, Merine Grandma, I did not tell you, in this Space calculation that I says, no matter farmed receives, did not need me to worry.”

Merine facial expression excited said : fantastic Young Master, do we now plant this?” Zhao Hai nodded, but he is very careful, the intention moves, in hand appears a corn kernel, just received the corn in Warehouse. Zhao Hai this corn takes, Space prompt sound immediately/on horseback in time resounding said : variety, corn, quality, fine, may make the seed use, may carry over the Space use.” Zhao Hai facial expression one happy, let out a long breath, deep voice said : sowing seeds corn.” His voice just fell, small shovel immediately has flown cornfield there, starts to turn the soil, then each and every one seed probably baseless appears , fell the ground, the bucket also started to give in the water spray. Merine dumbfounded look at, she has not thought that really Zhao Hai Space unexpectedly such mysterious, this mysterious ability, do not say that she has not seen, heard that has not heard. Before long two mu place heavy new species is good, Zhao Hai then nodded, has arrived at the radish, looked at the radish, he to was not worried the radish long insect, although played the game before time, Space can brush the insect, but he believes that if the really long insect, Space will also remind his. Merine has stood in the Zhao Hai side, she today was really too happy, had this mysterious Space, Buda Family has wanted to make a rapid career advance, that at simple matter. Looked at the radish not to have what issue, Zhao Hai then to stand, turned the head to smile said : to Merine Merine Grandma, we exited.” Merine nodded, the Zhao Hai intention moves, their appears in the living room in castle. Zhao Hai looked at outside, they enter the Space time not to be long, above did not have what change, Zhao Hai then to nod, turns the head to Merine said : Merine Grandma, we go to these corn stalk and corns take, had these thing, we did not use in the heart burn the material to be worried.” Merine nodded hastily said : well, Young Master comes with me, puts kitchen there these thing.” Zhao Hai actually shook the head said : not to be good, Merine Grandma, these thing must under sunlight well exposes to the sun, otherwise some moisture, after waiting to season completely, in receiving Warehouse.” Merine nodded said : that well, that puts outside the castle, castle inside does not have that many spatial places.”

Zhao Hai nodded, with Merine to outside of castle, arrived at that land that yesterday they have improved, this land cannot plant now, Zhao Hai prepares the corn stalk and corn puts here \; first, to prevent to have improved the land was flown to sweep \; second, can block this lands and surrounding land different colors. The corn stalk and corn of look at appears in open area, Zhao Hai turns the head to Merine said : Merine Grandma, later prepared food burns this to be OK, although was inferior to the lumber anti- fever, but can actually use, if these slaves in the evening were cold, can burn these thing to warm up.” Merine look at these two big pile of firewoods, on the face full are the smiling faces, now she does not use in finally has worried for the matter of firewood, nod said : that she keeps good Young Master, this matter handed over after me processes on the line.” Zhao Hai nodded, looked at weather said : Merine Grandma, looked at color of this day not early, a while Meg they could come back to have the lunch, after having had the lunch, the arrangement person picked Stone, what a pity, we did not have the blacksmith, otherwise, to can change some weapon with these made of iron tools.” Artisan in slave originally few, the blacksmith were less, these slave-owners feared that slaves learn the blacksmith, they have built the weapon to make their instead, therefore simply does not make them contact these thing, slave who even if meets the meeting blacksmith craftsmanship, that is also is a blacksmith, afterward turned into the slave. Merine also knows, if these farm tools do not pass through transform, feared that did not have the convenience that some made of stones weapon come, said it they not to have the fuel, impossible to carry on transform to these made of iron tools. Zhao Hai was leading Merine returned to in the castle, Merine was taking care of the preparation lunch, a Zhao Hai actually person sat in the hall, static was thinking the matter. Now they are facing a giant crisis, if these Magic Beast and Undead Creature in Carrion Swamp clash, they do keep off with what? Moreover these thing come out, his entire cultivation plan has reimbursed, this is he most worried place. The fish breeding and poultry raising in his future plan, has selected very big part of proportions, if such gave up, really has been a pity, but does not give up, has the threat of Carrion Swamp, they are impossible to raise thing, thinks that is establishing the breeding farm, it seems like can only solve the Carrion Swamp problem to be good first. However does this issue need to be solved? These many years, Expert on Continent came to be many, to one of the present Carrion Swamp not Continent Forbidden Land, by his Space? This isn't probably useful? Zhao Hai cannot find way out now.