28 chapter horse bone Zhao Hai very clear, his Space does not have no attack ability, the active defense ability does not have, function of sole, except for growing vegetables, feared that was can only make him hide in inside. To cope with Carrion Swamp with Space, Zhao Hai really does not have what confidence, do not forget, but Carrion Swamp there Continent one of the five Great Forbidden Land, moreover there is Undead Creature and poisonous is Magic Beast, Space does not have no attack strength, copes with Carrion Swamp with him? The time unconscious past, Zhao Hai really could not find out any good means that finally can only decide, if Magic Beast in Carrion Swamp came out, they can only depend upon the castle first with them to the war, if really the incorrect words, that can only lead all people to Space, in Space had more than ten mu place, can think of under these people. Outside this time, Zhao Hai suddenly is hearing has transmitted one quarrels the mixed sound, he looked up outside, presently quickly to noon, these slaves should also come back to eat meal. Zhao Hai just stood to prepare outside to have a look, saw Meg and Blockhead have the Stone half step walked from outside, three people saw that Zhao Hai immediately welcomed, bows to Zhao Hai said : Young Master.” Zhao Hai nodded, you arranges to three people of said : with a smile, in the outside open area is putting these corn stalk and corns are to build a fire with, if these slaves felt in the evening cold, makes them warm up with these thing.” Meg puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, what thing is that corn?” After Zhao Hai smiles said : corn is, main crops that we must plant, the yield per mu may be more than 2000 jin (0.5 kg), the corn stalk and corn can also be used to light a fire, this matter I have reached an agreement with Merine Grandma, later we planted the corn.” Meg two eyes one bright, look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, is the output of that corn so really high?” Zhao Hai nodded with a smile said : real, was good, arranges them to eat meal, Merine Grandma also quickly completed the food, arranged them, you also came back to eat meal, a while I had the words to say.” Three people nodded, turn around walks toward outwork.

At this time Merine also walked out from the room, she also heard outside sound, looked at outside one, has not cared, Merine completely understand Meg, knowing Meg can handle outside matter, she turned the head to said : Young Master, eats meal, the food has prepared.” Zhao Hai nodded, walks toward dining room in Merine, Merine goes to the kitchen to serve meal, Zhao Hai sitting in the dining room, he presently the present probably was more and more lazy, before on Earth, the eat three meals a day wanted to prepare, but must clean the room, each same housework was alone completes. To Ark Continent here, he is Young Master, if he wants, wears the clothes not to begin with oneself, naturally did not use in oneself begins to do the housework, to be honest, this custom was really fearful thing, this no talent several days time, Zhao Hai has been familiar with any matter to make others serve. let the imagination run wild, Merine was taking the dinner place to come, their present things to eat or very simple, bread, some vegetables also meat, but this meat only gives Zhao Hai, they do not have like Blockhead and Stone. although food very simple, but Zhao Hai actually saw Merine from this simple food to his care, in the entire castle, thing that he uses is best, his things to eat is also best, the entire castle is centered on him, this feeling lets Zhao Hai very grateful, feels very tremendous pressure. He is not Adam Buda that playboy, he is a responsible man, Merine they more is good to him, his exceed feels to have the pressure, these people are life centered on him, in other words, these people are depend upon him in the survival, although Buda Family falls now has compelled, so long as he is also living, that Buda Family exists, these people can by bullying of other Noble, possibly such Merine they very not be been dissatisfied. However Zhao Hai is dissatisfied, these people are living centered on him, he has the responsibility makes these people live is better, wants in the present, making them live to be in this case better, his pressure is very big. Merine presently Zhao Hai has not eaten thing, but is the look at dinner place is dull, thinks that Zhao Hai is discontented with the lunch, quickly said: Young Master, your is What happened? this food disagreement taste?” Zhao Hai one recovers, he turns the head to show a faint smile said : to Merine not, Merine Grandma, this food does is very good, I am thinking when I can let all people in castle to eat such meal, I also satisfied.” Merine eye one red, look at Zhao Hai smiles said : „, so long as has Young Master Space, sooner or later one day, will achieve, I believe Young Master.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, sooner or later will have such one day.” Was saying Meg they walked from outside, Merine immediately went to the kitchen giving three people the meal that prepared to carry.

The similar time of several people of eating, Zhao Hai turns the head to Merine said : Merine Grandma, you arrange them to pick Stone in the afternoon, this matter places first now, that mountain valley there matter, I made have been OK, so long as you everyday delivered me, was bringing on the line.” Merine in seeing Zhao Hai after the mysterious performance in Space, increases to the Zhao Hai confidence, her immediately/on horseback nodded said : well, in the afternoon I organize them to pick Stone, Young Master you in the afternoon on rest well one.” Zhao Hai nodded, he also knows that now cannot help, because drinks the Water of Nothingness reason, his present body might as well these year to year the slave of practical training has the strength, was saying that Merine they are impossible to make him pick Stone. Has eaten meal rests a while, Merine immediately has organized these slaves to pick Stone to go, this mines the Stone tool they to have, when adds on this castle initially to construct, Stone that itself uses is the good stone material, therefore too many damages, they have not mined Stone mainly to manufacture some made of stones weapon. This made of stones weapon, manufactures is not very difficult, many by some Stone Mao and Stone Hammer stone ax and so on give priority to, not having the means to make too big Might thing. Although they have more than 100 people the present, but mature male slave who can fight also 50, few that too but weapon they actually cannot prepare, made of stones weapon very easy damaged, everyone to prepare several spare weapon. In adding on him must mine some Stone to put in the castle in castle to regard lei Stone to come to use, after all Zhao Hai they from prepares weapon most from the beginning the time, has not thought must and poisonous be Magic Beast carries on with these Undead Creature is facing the war, they do not have that ability, they can only depend upon the castle to defend, this must say that in few situations that Undead Creature comes, otherwise their simply cannot defend. However issue also immediately came, before although here, is iron mine, but is actually one already by Dwarf Race has mined iron mine, moreover in the mid-hill can mine the Stone place truly, now turned into tarn, therefore Merine they this afternoon time, light hits the mining place, has taken the ineffective effort. Finally Merine they in found the small mine tunnel that has been able to mine to the castle not far place, but in this small mine tunnel actually cannot mine too many Stone, Merine also cannot help but sighed that this by Dwarf Race has mined mine, like was looted , the clean letting person wants to cry. Transferred one in the afternoon, Merine they have to depressed returned to the castle, they presently pick Stone to make weapon this means to be invalid \; first, they have not picked the experience of Stone \; second, their in hand tool is also not very convenient, the working efficiency is too slow, is adding on here Stone not to be many, long all picks not to be insufficient, finally Merine has to tell Zhao Hai this situation, this plan has to cancel. Zhao Hai afternoon time to is resting, his present physical strength is not good, in the morning gets up the exercise body, was adding on and took that far road, is really very tired, lay down falls asleep.

When he got up Merine they to come back, one hear of Merine said that Zhao Hai did not have the means that it seems like can only wait, after Green came back, has sold the radish, was buying some weapon to come back from outside. Has not returned to these days in Green, their anything could not do, if Carrion Swamp there Undead Creature and poisonous were Magic Beast attacks , can only hide in Space. In Zhao Hai cannot find way out, suddenly Meg face excited ran over, after entering the room, immediately/on horseback happy from outside to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, has good information.” Since Zhao Hai first time improves the good land, after Meg has hugged him excitedly one next, Meg in unknowingly changed, she sees Zhao Hai now time, in does not lower the head, were naturally many, moreover is also livelier than before. Zhao Hai and Merine stare, Merine immediately/on horseback said : what matter?” Meg immediately/on horseback smiles said : Grandma, just some people of slaves looked for me, he said that he will arrange the grass, he can become various thing the straw braid on mountain, the mat, the curtain screen, straw sandal these are good.” Zhao Hai stares, then two eyes one bright, he to is thinks that this is a turning point, originally he sets relieves in these person of slavery regulation, explained that so long as there is a professional skill, moreover displays the good words, can relieve his slavery, but this several days these slave nobody, explained on own initiative one have the professional skill, although works goes all out very much, but Zhao Hai is very disappointed. Zhao Hai also knows that these slaves a short time could not make a turn, they are afraid, therefore does not dare to display, wants to change this situation, needs a very long process, moreover wants some people to play the model to do with is good. These slaves oppressed was too long, their thought ossified, wish makes them accept this new regulation, requires period of very long time. Zhao Hai had also already been psychologically prepared, has not actually thought that these slaves give him today unexpectedly a pleasant surprise, the unexpectedly really have person have stood on own initiative, what although he said is only a common skill, but this boss brings is actually fantastic, under Zhao Hai Ding that regulation time, has the daughter to buy the meaning of horse bone, now was good, horse bone appears .