Chapter 29 Granting Zhao Hai happy stood to get up said : to lead me to see this person quickly, quick.” Said that a hand of pulling Meg, walks toward the room outside, Meg has gawked, then looked at one by Zhao Hai hand then, in the eye is flashed through a joy, afterward was substituted shyly. However Zhao Hai may not have the mood to pay attention to this now, Merine they have not noted, several people pursue in walks toward the outwork. Several people of appears outworks, are standing on the present slave in there, but this slave makes Zhao Hai a little accidental, because this unexpectedly is a female slave. The Zhao Hai book thinks these time stands first can be a male slave, has not actually thought that is a female, Zhao Hai standing in there, look at that stands in the connection the fort and outwork the female slave between small town gate there. This person of female slave does not look like about 20 -year-old appearances, possibly because of the reason of malnutrition, appears somewhat thin, stature also very petite, a brown head, appears some Mao Zao, the body puts on coarse cotton clothes, the skin is very black, is very rough, long ordinary. She stands in there very anxiously, the whole person is shaking probably, saw that Zhao Hai they came out, was immediately kneels on the ground, moved does not dare to move. Meg immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, was she, she called the bean, this year 20 -year-old, she just looked for me, said that he will arrange the grass.” Zhao Hai nodded, he knows that in this world, the slave will not have the surname, their names also can only be a character generally, if gave the names of two characters, that is one type of oversteps, must be executed. Zhao Hai look at this was called the girl of bean, deep voice said : gained ground.” The bean has lifted the head gingerly, but does not dare look at Zhao Hai, did straight kneeling in there, Zhao Hai nod said : you to call the bean?”

The bean kowtows said : is, Master.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : you to arrange the grass very much? From the there study?” Bean said : reply Master, I was the year before last become a slave, before I was commoner, time at home used straw braid thing frequently, slowly on learn.” Zhao Hai nodded, he presently this calls the girl of bean, a although timid appearance, but spoke has the orderliness very much, it seems like that this before her was commoner has big relationship. Zhao Hai nodded said : to take some grass, now arranges to me looks.” Bean immediately/on horseback has complied with one, has drawn back, before long holds the hay that one big has held, it seems like she early is prepared, these hay are beforehand have drenched with the clear water, became is pliable but hard to break. The bean asked Master me to be impolite to Zhao Hai gave a salute said :.” Zhao Hai nodded, bean immediately sat the ground, started to begin to weave, look at her to arrange a mat, moreover acted very fast, a small mat has formed before long, the surface of mat very smooth, moreover very weak, appearance also very artistic. Zhao Hai nodded, looks at one to kneel the bean of ground, deep voice said : well, bean, you to Buda Family for offering very in a big way, starting today, you was not the slave, is commoner that my Buda Family Black Soil led, later you can see me not to kneel, only saluted was good, moreover you will obtain an independent room, was the Buda Family work, every month the silver coins wages, I bestowed you to be surnamed Buda in addition, starting today your name was called bean Buda, the graciousness, a bean this name did not suit the girl, you on calling chrysanthemum Buda..” In courtyard all people heard the Zhao Hai words, their ten thousand never expected, the bean with will arrange unexpectedly only grass such craftsmanship to become commoner, wages, what most important is, Zhao Hai bestows the surname unexpectedly to her, this is the extraordinary matter, must know that on Continent many commoner have not been surnamed. Bean, no, now should call the chrysanthemum Buda, excited kneeling in there, the whole body is shivering, she has not thought really that she unexpectedly really has become commoner, was not the slave, all these looked like are having a dream to be the same. Reason that chrysanthemum Buda has such courage, dared first to stand to say one had the craftsmanship, reported the idea that was wrestling completely, her family was not a slave, two years ago their family or commoner, their in hand had a piece own land, although, only then five mu, but also exempted can support the whole family, was adding on his father to meet some mason craftsmanship, therefore the whole family to also had no worries about food and clothing. However in the year before last, their family there lived the insect plague, the grain of five mu place had been eaten a none remaining by the insect, a grain of rice has not received, has many with the person of their same destiny, because then their there big area grain produces certainly, causes the grain share rise, their family immediately must arrive at the having an empty stomach edge, his father to let the whole family eats to sate the appetite, has to day and night work, when a work, was actually injured, not having the means to continue to work, the family member to see his father, has to has bought the land and house, but money was insufficient, not means. Must look like Noble to borrow the usury, finally his father cannot endure, has died of illness, their family also does not have the ability to render back the money, that Noble her mother, she, her Younger Brother three people grasped to become the slave, but her mother, because sad excessively, soon also died, her mother sole the desire before dying can make their family restore the commoner status.

However a slave wants to restore commoner status that is the countless sufferings and hardships, chrysanthemum Buda also sees much with their same slaves, to restore the commoner status, gives to Noble own daughter, but cannot obtain the commoner status, instead to was that girl soon is suffered dead. After seeing these, the chrysanthemum has been careful, makes the person not note her as far as possible, at the same time looks after her Younger Brother, the sister and brother is being bound by a common destiny. Afterward their original Master, bought them for the slave trader, finally had been bought by Green, was received Black Wasteland here. When first time heard Zhao Hai saying that so long as they can be Buda Family make for offering, when can restore the commoner status, the heart of chrysanthemum moved, but she did not have immediately to stand, she feared that her craftsmanship did not settle on by Zhao Hai, after all she will only arrange the grass. After the observation of this several days, she presently Zhao Hai their this Noble before her these Noble that meets are different, they are very amiable, everyday can make them eat to the full, but also prepared the firewood to make them warm up. Today the chrysanthemum has to stand, because her Younger Brother got sick, although is not the big problem, but must continuously the words this way, very dangerous, the chrysanthemum has feared, her Younger Brother is the hope of their family, she must save him in any event, therefore she then stands. Has gawked some little time, the chrysanthemum then kowtowed said : Master, I do not dare to want your granting, only hopes that you can rescue my Younger Brother, he gets sick now.” Zhao Hai said : oh? Right? Originally you have Younger Brother also in here, feel relieved, gives you to enjoy me not to take back, since you have Younger Brother in here, that makes your Younger Brother restore the commoner status with your together, bestows to be surnamed Buda, was right, does he name? In there? The what sickness of having?” The chrysanthemum was shocked, she has not thought that Zhao Hai such will do unexpectedly, restored the commoner status her Younger Brother unexpectedly, her mother's desire such has suddenly realized, chrysanthemum excited having tears streaming down the face, sobbing sound said : Young Master, my Younger Brother called secure, now in room.” Zhao Hai nodded said : you to get up, you now are commoner, did not need to kneel, leading me to have a look at your Younger Brother.” The chrysanthemum is obedient has stood, she just worked as slave few years, had not been enslaved complete, is adding on her very intelligent, therefore performance splendor of such, such quickly had restored calm. Under the gazes of these slaves, the chrysanthemum led Zhao Hai their several people to arrive at stone building there, in this stone building was not very big, only then about 20 square meters, inside can be occupied by four people, these people lived on the ground, but on the ground simple was spreading the hay, now on the hay is lying down a person.

This person looks like 17 ~ 18 years old, the body also calculates strong/sturdy, long very ordinary, coarse cotton clothes, on the forehead is ironing the Buda Family badge, but he looks like is not quite now good, on the face covered entirely cyan gas, both eyes has shut tightly. Zhao Hai looked has settled one, turned the head to Merine said : Merine Grandma, did you look at him? Why can the face be cyan?” Merine looked has settled said : Young Master, he was poisoned, might is the toxin that on that poisonous grass our yesterday saw, possibly today exits to work, has bumped into that poisonous grass, because at that time was strong, the too big feeling, after not having come back, slowly was poisonous, can therefore like this.” Zhao Hai has not thought that really that poisonous grass toxicity so is unexpectedly strong, his quickly said: Can cure?” Merine smiles said : Young Master feel relieved, can cure.” Said that read several Incantation in a low voice, one group of water blue radiance appears in her in hand, Merine slowly have then put the peaceful body this group of blue light, that blue light immediately submerged in the peaceful body. Body of secure probably also slowly left blue light, then cyan gas had been compelled from the body of secure by blue light, waited for entire blue light to occupy the peaceful body, his complexion also slowly was normal, afterward blue light also vanished. Zhao Hai has not thought really that Magic can also be used for Detoxification unexpectedly, since it seems like he had underestimated the Magic ability of this world, this world has been unfolding Magic Civilization, now has almost unfolded a limit Magic Civilization, can achieve these many mysterious matters, was nothing unusual. Merine looked at peaceful complexion said : Young Master, was good, his toxin has solved, sleeps, tomorrow got up to restore in the morning normally.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Merine said : Merine Grandma, where and fort to the chrysanthemum arranges a room, tomorrow is preparing some furniture to them, they now were our Buda Family commoner, cannot with these slave same allowance, Blockhead, a while lift secure to fort.”