The third chapter Awoke() Zhao Hai has opened the eye slowly, now he knows that lived any matter, Adam memory with his memory complete union in together, let Zhao Hai true understand, oneself passed through, but passed through the most common soul to put on, seized the shed. As nerd, if don’t know passes through is anything, he cannot be complete nerd, but Zhao Hai has not thought really that he will catch up with crossing over unexpectedly, moreover passed through on a such bad luck egg. From the Adam memory, Zhao Hai knew what's all this about, but Adam unconscious past time, has not come out from the imperial capital, present to where Zhao Hai and don’t know, but Zhao Hai knows that he is not Aksu Empire that family, because his previous waking time, looked at all around environment one, knows that there is not the Adam family that he is familiar with. Zhao Hai opens the eye, felt that own side has the person, he turns the head to look, presently when his first time wakes that old person that sees is standing in his side stern-faced, old person although, but in the eye actually full cares about the color. With first time wakes up is different, this Zhao Hai knew that this old person, he is old Butler of Buda, Green Buda, Green is non- natural Buda, but afterward actually had been bestowed the surname by the Zhao Hai great grandfather, continuously loyal and devoted with Buda, is the person who in the Buda family most receives to trust. However beforehand Adam with may not be good, before Adam that Green is together was playboys, but Green was actually a serious person, is always managing him, to him said that this was not accurate, that was not good, therefore Adam very repugnant Green, because the qualifications of Green were too old, let alone was he, even if were his father, does not dare to be impolite to Green, therefore he also can only endure. Zhao Hai after rebirth will not be certainly remnant like the beforehand Adam such brain, looks has passed through the novel innumerably, has the thought of adult, life continuously very rough Zhao Hai, naturally be much more sensible than Adam that since childhood is pampered since childhood, naturally also knows that Green regarding his importance, has old Butler, he can definitely feel relieved gives him all. Moreover from the Adam memory he can know, this old Butler, but has compared with his father also wants the formidable strength, in this world, the strength represents the hope that is surviving. The long-term nerd life, the long-term fantasy, is adding on the Adam memory, making Zhao Hai regarding passing through not too many repels, similarly, does not have too many anticipations, but has changed the living conditions, lets, only then two matters that he is not feeling well \; first, here did not have computer, he cannot access the net, making nerd not access the net, this compared with killing him also in uncomfortably. Second is he unexpectedly is drunk Water of Nothingness, from now cannot in study Battle Qi and Magic, this has made the dream of Zhao Hai able to move unhindered world be disillusioned.

Zhao Hai presently, he had not been assimilated by the Adam memory actually, reason that he is not flustered , because he is familiar with Ark Continent here all, two points that since he is not feeling well can look, these two hit the mark, the first point on Zhao Hai about Earth, the second point is Ark Continent here is related. understand that very however Zhao Hai also thinks, although has not been feeling well, but came to come, did not have anything said that also came it, then settled it, oneself later was Adam Buda. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but let out a long breath, probably one relaxed at heart, this also no wonder he can such relaxed accepts the Adam status, because he , on first, in the family did not have what family member, because of too the reason of dwelling, did not have what friend, can say , on Earth, he had no cares, present to here, has changed an environment, no big deal, the side are many several to care about own person, not what not good. At this time Green also noted Zhao Hai to awake, has arrived at the bedside hastily, to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, what do you feel? Is there uncomfortable? Also painful?” The words that this cares about, Zhao Hai very long had not heard, now hears, cannot help but a warmth, he felt at heart his body did not have what to obstruct probably greatly, sat hastily, shook the head said : I to be all right to Green, Grandpa Green, where was our?” Green obvious has gawked, before the Adam such politeness, now suddenly such does not speak, making him not be familiar with very much, but he is immediately/on horseback said : Young Master, we arrived at fief.” Zhao Hai has gawked, immediately/on horseback understand, nodded said : is Black Wasteland?” Green regarding the calmness of Zhao Hai, is very surprised, but he nodded said : „, here is Black Wasteland.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : we now in there? Is the here situation what kind of? Altogether how many people? Some how much places?” In Adam memory, regarding the Black Wasteland here memory, only then a little in legend, here by Carrion Swamp, the here land does not have the means to cultivate, wait / etc., other totally don’t know, therefore Zhao Hai such will ask, no matter what, now he is Adam, later must live in this Black Wasteland, regarding the here situation must know that is good.

Green look at Adam, Adam the words under his nose, he certainly has thought that Adam was given to make a fraudulent switch, before him absolutely is not Adam that he knows. Is the setback makes the person grow really?” Green although is puzzled, but will actually not suspect that Adam status, can only the Adam present performance, regard as he is mature. However the performance of Zhao Hai, making Green feel very happy, quickly said: Young Master, we in fief City Lord Mansion, City Lord Mansion on Iron Mountain of Black Wasteland, this Iron Mountain are Dwarf Race abandon, some above lands can cultivate, but also asked Young Master to punish, the old servant took responsibility arbitrarily, in all thing the family has sold, has bought the massive commodities and 100 slaves, now our in hand cash only then more than 100 gold coins, coming the here person to have the old servant, the wife of old servant, the granddaughter of old servant, and Blockhead also had Stone, remaining on, only then that 100 slaves, other people already leave.” Zhao Hai nodded, in the head has analyzed the current situation, now they to a deathtrap, but here City Lord Mansion, can live, can plant to select the thing mountain, 100 slaves, five can completely the feel relieved person, is the most intimate person. Zhao Hai nodded is very right, in this place that said : Grandpa Green does, gold coins useless, only then the commodity can make us support some time, was good, my here nothing, Grandpa Green you have arranged, having a look the land that in this Iron Mountain can cultivate to have many, we plant any thing to be appropriate, after all we must eat meal.” Green nodded said : well, Young Master please first rest, my a while makes Meg serve you.” Green mentioned Meg, in Zhao Hai mind immediately appears that appearance was delicate, a azure|cyan, the stature petite girl, he was the Green granddaughter. However afterward Zhao Hai is a forced smile, because beforehand Adam wanted Merine discourteously, but Merine is actually 6th level Magician . Moreover the semblance is delicate, the innermost feelings are firm, although does not dare to be what kind to him, so long as Adam one wants to be what kind to her, she must commit suicide, made that Adam does not dare she to be really what kind. Thought of here, Zhao Hai has cannot help but criticized one, the matter that before Adam annoyed, actually wanted to undertake, in this case, saw Merine that awkwardly, therefore his immediately/on horseback said : does not use, Grandpa Green, I wants in rest a while, do not make them disturb me, the time of dinner was called me to be good.” Green bows said : is, old servant asks to be excused.” Said that drew back was going out of the Zhao Hai room.

Zhao Hai sighed at heart, slowly from the bed, although he has remembered that one has lain down for a long time on the bed, did not have the ill feeling, counter- felt one had the strength of not being able to cause to be the same probably, he cannot help but stretched oneself, before having arrived at the window, gently pushed the windowing to look outward. What is pleasant is a small town fort -type construction, but the position that he lives is the top layer, can outside very clear seeing all, this is a western-style small town fort, front must to see a stretch of small square with a fence, outside of castle, looks at the non- mark the Black Soil place, that land is similar to soaks fries in oil the same black, gives people the feeling of one type of spiritless. In the square of castle, was piling big pile of thing, Zhao Hai carefully was looking, probably was commodity class thing that some life used, there is a troop person to bustle about in there. These people have the male to have the female, puts on unified coarse cotton clothes, the difference is that on the male forehead the mark, leaves too far not being able to see clearly, but Zhao Hai knows that certainly is the Buda Family signature, represents these people are being the Buda Family slave. Also looked toward the two sides, is actually a barren hill, on the mountain crooked is growing some trees, these trees long is not good, were heavy got sick to be the same probably, listless. Except that these trees are the weeds, these grass long is not high, is a malnutrition appearance. Takes back the vision, looks at this present to belong to his castle, this castle to was not small, that feared that was lives in the previous several thousand people not to be a problem, but was long time nobody lived probably, on the wall grew some mosses, in the crevice has also drilled some green grass, a ruined scenery, was looking at the window paper, pasted up obviously newly, other rooms have not stuck the window paper. Zhao Hai has cannot help but smiled bitterly, in the Adam memory clear remembering, Buda Family in Empire official residence, uses, but the glass, to here, has actually used the primitive window paper, is really far from that. However Zhao Hai has actually had a heroic spirit, the land that no matter what, the vision can see was he, no matter how others said that he does not believe that that looked like the fertilizer must to flow the oil Black Soil to plant not to leave the crops unexpectedly, person who he must live a human appearance to come, to let these evils his had a look, this has also occupied the compensation of Adam body. In this time, in his brain suddenly has been resounding a sound......