Chapter 30 Also did not have money Evening's time, Zhao Hai makes chrysanthemum Buda eat meal with their together specially, Zhao Hai must in this manner, making chrysanthemum Buda the examples of these slaves, enabling these slaves to be bright the new vigor, can let change oneself current life condition that they do everything possible, only then such these slaves can have the creativity. Chrysanthemum Buda is very anxious, although said that she now was a commoner status, but she also knows that commoner did not have the qualifications to dine with Noble together, but Zhao Hai called in him the dining room in main fort, this made her more anxious. When Merine carries the supper, chrysanthemum Buda was actually shocked, before chrysanthemum Buda, is only commoner, what has not seen the Noble meal has been, but also has actually heard, a Noble food must eat many dishes, must eat anything first, in eating anything, serious of first dish exquisite, the tableware that they use is some money makes, when Zhao Hai called she ate meal, she thinks that will also see a that situation. When sees the supper that Merine takes, she cannot believe that really this is Zhao Hai their supper, ordinary bread, soup, green vegetables and meat, but the meat only then Zhao Hai has, other people do not have, such supper, compared with also many that outside slave ate. Zhao Hai also noted the appearance of chrysanthemum, the chrysanthemum , since entering the dining room, very anxious standing in there, having made her sit her not to dare. Now looks at the appearance of chrysanthemum, Zhao Hai cannot help but shows a faint smile said : chrysanthemum, sits, I have bestowed to be surnamed to you, according to the custom, you was also the Buda Family person, should not be so anxious, sits.” Was saying Zhao Hai while signaled with the eyes to Meg, Meg one on understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, she has arrived at the side of chrysanthemum, smiles said : to the chrysanthemum chrysanthemum Elder Sister, sits down, the Young Master person is very amiable, we are also daily eat meal on a table with Young Master now, other Noble these customs, to Young Master here are not spirit, you do not need to be worried.” The chrysanthemum knows that Meg status, before knowing Meg them, is the Buda Family servant, if such person in other place, the status is also very high, most at least be higher than their these commoner. However the contact of this several days also made the chrysanthemum know, Meg was a good person, although she is look at their these slaves has worked, but did not have any beating and scolding situation, but told everyone/Great Clan to work, was adding on Meg is a girl, therefore the chrysanthemum nervousness also slowly obtained relaxing. Before long Merine carried the supper, Merine look at also somewhat tense chrysanthemum, gentle smiled said : miss, you did not use anxiously, later you were the Buda Family person, feel relieved, the Young Master person was very good, was right, you said before you, was commoner? How afterward to turn into the slave?” Perhaps the Merine gentle appearance, making the chrysanthemum put down final intense, she finally low voice how to turn into itself the process of slave to say.

Zhao Hai they have not made noise, static is listening, said to the chrysanthemum that Zhao Hai sighed said : to have such Noble to exist, world actually did not have the chaos, was really miracle, was good, Merine Grandma, we ate meal, the chrysanthemum, later you were the Buda Family servant, the commoner status, had the wages to take every month, tomorrow you with Meg, with Meg well study selected thing.” Zhao Hai although arranges the craftsmanship of grass to feel excited to the chrysanthemum very much, but also knows that now the craftsmanship of chrysanthemum to their help is not very big, Zhao Hai to the chrysanthemum these many granting, settled on the craftsmanship of chrysanthemum today, to rather settled on the courage of chrysanthemum, leave alone the chrysanthemum is because anything stands, the courage that but she dares to stand is worth Zhao Hai enjoying her, let alone had the example of chrysanthemum, believes these slave to be able diligently. Eating meal time, look at Zhao Hai that secretly the chrysanthemum keeps they, but she presently Zhao Hai they probably do not have any unusual performance, the ten points nature that eats, she has not imagined the appearance of that food difficult lower pharynx. After eating meal, Zhao Hai they arrived at the living room, after Zhao Hai sits down, to chrysanthemum said : chrysanthemum, my a while lets Blockhead and Stone to you delivers beds and some bedding, you well look after your Younger Brother today, tomorrow with Meg, Meg makes you do you to do in the morning, if really nothing, arranges the grass curtain, sends to these people of outwork, now the weather is a little cold, makes them hang the grass curtain in the window keeps off the cold wind.” Chrysanthemum immediately/on horseback said : is, Master.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : chrysanthemum, you now are the Buda Family servant, was not the slave, did not need to call me Master, with Meg them, calling me Young Master to be good, Blockhead, Stone, you gave in the chrysanthemum and peaceful room deliver the bedding, the chrysanthemum, you went back to look after your Younger Brother.” Three people complied with one, turn around walked, Meg and Merine have stood in Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai sigh said : „the matter of hope chrysanthemum to stimulate these slaves, now our Buda Family was really poor and blank, if these slaves can make anything, can perhaps the present two talented people.” Merine also nodded, she also knows that now the Buda Family difficulty, although said their these time comes Black Wasteland here, has bought many commodities, but these commodities many by some grain and clothing give priority to, is not some tools, occupies thing of place they not to buy, must otherwise give these slave each to match a bed. Now their although did not have the grain pressure, but actually the time is worried about the Carrion Swamp there matter, pressure compared with former even bigger. Actually Meg their skills of Merine and to oneself is very confident, she believes that is general Magic Beast they can cope, do not forget her is 8th level Magician, but Meg is also 6th level Magician, Blockhead and Stone is 6th level Warrior, that skill is not bad. Reason that Merine does not dare saying that lets Zhao Hai complete feel relieved , because she also at heart lacks self-confidence, where is Carrion Swamp? That is one of the Continent five Great Forbidden Land, even if were 9th level big Magician has gone, also the impossible whole body to draw back, do not say her 8th level Magician.

although said that they do not need to enter to Carrion Swamp, if attacks their Magic Beast to be too strong, she is impossible to guarantee that certainly can repel Magic Beast, therefore she does not dare to say with Zhao Hai. In this time, Zhao Hai suddenly has been standing, turns the head to Merine said : Merine Grandma, I go to Space, Magic Radish was mature, I must receive, can you come?” Merine shook the head said : Young Master, I do not go, I must go to the kitchen to clean, making Meg accompany you to go.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Meg said : Meg, a while to go a place with me, that place is our Buda Family now biggest secret, except for you, I, Merine Grandma, Blockhead and Stone, has not known in others, Grandpa Green now also don’t know, therefore you cannot mention with others.” Meg looked Zhao Hai said is so serious, instead has not known what to do to don’t know, cannot help but turned the head to look at Merine one, Merine nodded said : Meg, listened to the Young Master words.” Meg immediately/on horseback nodded said : is, Young Master, your feel relieved, I definitely did not say.” Zhao Hai nodded, the intention moves, they arrived in Space, Meg just arrived at the response in Space to be similar to Merine, now the radish in Space was mature, the corn also grew Little seedlings. Zhao Hai also explained to Meg function of Space, this received the radish, is like the previous time, receives the radish and radish leaf separatedly. Meg look at this mysterious Space, her also understand why her mother and Zhao Hai must say that here was Buda Family biggest secret, not only here Buda Family biggest secret, was not the hope that Buda Family revived, no wonder they so attached great importance. After waiting for Zhao Hai the radish receives, in the store has bought one bag of radish, now his in Space has saved a about 6000 jin (0.5 kg) corn, three season radishes, in hand gold coins also only remaining 50, although other he also several bags of seed, but now is also not these thing time, therefore these seed also can only put. After completing these, Zhao Hai then turns the head to Meg said : Meg, here is mysterious Space that I obtain, listens in here all my, here is also the hope of our Buda Family, you cannot tell others.”

Meg sternly say: Young Master feel relieved, I know weight, will not say.” Zhao Hai then nodded, we exits to Meg said :, here has not needed to manage him, the weather early, you did not go to rest earlier.” The intention moves, they appears in the living room, at this time Blockhead and Stone came back, but they to suddenly appears Zhao Hai and Meg, have not felt surprised, they had gone to Space, knows there what's the matter. Zhao Hai looks at several people, nodded said : to be good, everyone/Great Clan rests, tomorrow we have the matter to be busy, Meg, tomorrow has chrysanthemum much study to select thing.” Meg has complied with one slowly, Zhao Hai then walks toward own room. Zhao Hai must thinking well, what to do then, presently in his hand only remaining 50 gold coins, he to buy the radish changed into gold coins to the corn buy changed into gold coins, if really the incorrect words, can only also plant the corn that ten mu place of that radish. Lies is thinking the matter in Space on the bed, presently in his hand only then 50 gold coins, must certainly sell thing in Space has changed money, Zhao Hai favors selling the radish, before Green has not come back, the use of radish not too . Moreover the radish leaf he received alone, even if sold the radish has not needed to be worried, did not have thing to be used to feed Blue Eye Rabbit. But the corn now are many . Moreover the use of corn be bigger than the radish, not only can work as the grain, can regard the feed, Zhao Hai has not planned to sell out the corn.