Chapter 31 Edge runner and stone mill Thinks of here, the Zhao Hai flashes body, entered Space, he in Space, but also does not like others really in side look at, but for appease Merine they, he has to they bring to come to see to Space in Merine, now Buda Family must depend on them to be good. This Zhao Hai lets Merine and Meg knows that the situation in Space, to let her more confident, now the Black Wasteland here crisis one after another, if Merine they lost the confidence, that all was complete. After Space, Zhao Hai immediately radish buying, this time is the radishes of three seasons, altogether has bought 1500 gold coins, was adding on original 50 gold coins, in his hand had 1550 gold coins, if came a radish with these gold coins, radish that can plant ten seasons fully. Zhao Hai is not does not want using the radish remains to plant, but the radish is different from the corn, becomes is the root that the familiar time mainly eats, don’t know can Space make them keep the type, was adding on the radish to keep the type, that seed quantity was also few, was inferior to the corn that high production, therefore Zhao Hai has not remained to plant with the radish. Sold the radish in any case has also been able to gain to a lot of money, if sold were more, when so long as Green that outside went to that to gain came back, they can sell the radish, when the time comes he can buy the book about Continent plants aspect, like this he can decide own anything, now on plants understanding few of too to Continent, wanting the show unable to unfold. Zhao Hai does not have the means that now has bought the radish, the radish that tomorrow he can also receive a season, he told Green in any case his in hand, only then eighty thousand jin (0.5 kg) radish , a radish of season enough used temporarily. However presently in his hand although has more than 1500 gold coins, but these money is also not very sufficient, a radish day day can receive three times, in other words, his in hand these gold coins, only sufficient three days, three days later, he must sell a time radish to be good. Zhao Hai leaves is very helpless, his present level is too low, even to buy some Advanced level seed unable to buy, therefore can only wait, according to such, when also don’t know can let Space Level Up. Comes out from Space, Zhao Hai lay on the bed has fallen before long asleep, he also present, oneself present probably is special can sleep, in the afternoon had slept obviously, has been unexpectedly also able to fall asleep to the evening, was really inconceivable. Next morning, Zhao Hai in radish mature the sound by Space awakening, looked at to Space, not only the radish, the corn also soon was mature. Zhao Hai immediately received the radish, bought one bag of radish seed to plant, looked under the corn, in having several minutes was mature, Zhao Hai does not want to exit, in the water with Space washed the face, has rinsed rinsing mouth, was waiting in Space.

look at these corn, Zhao Hai also is really very gluttonous, he lived in the north before, although already nobody regarded the staple food the corn at that time, but occasionally eats, is actually very good, just that time corn was some high production corn, did not stick the corn to be so delicious like former that type, was adding on mostly plants with the chemical fertilizer, the flavor might as well plant with the farm manure, therefore at that time Zhao Hai was also only occasional eating several times. However some Zhao Hai go to the relative's house of his rural area, actually ate chapter of good thing, with rural area the corn flour placard pancake of big iron pan placard, delicious, was too delicious. That corn flour placard pancake with that corn flatbread that in the city buys is two matters, is very completely thick, but that pancake that the although corn flour hits is very fragrant, the bottom of the pot cooks to serve food, the lower half of placard pancake has glued on the vegetable soup, at the same time ironed the glowing red cooked rice crust, bit one, not only had the fragrance of corn flour, cooked rice crust that type stuck the belt fragrant flavor, glued on the vegetable soup the place on the night-watch incense. Thinks of here, the Zhao Hai saliva secretion cannot help but excessive, has the incessant meaning, Zhao Hai recovers, is busy at swallowing two saliva, has actually smiled bitterly. although he has eaten corn corn gruel and corn flatbread, but how this thing must process, he actually does not know that only knows the processing of corn corn wants simple many on the other hand, so long as skinned the navel to be OK, but the corn flour must trouble, probably add the merit the corn first becomes the corn hall corn, was grinding to the corn flour. If on Earth, this processing corn is also very simple matter, looks for grain Processing Field, the machine opens, a while fired off. However is not good in here, here simply these grinders, this corn simply has not had the means to process. Zhao Hai sighed, in this time, the Space prompt sound in time resounding, the corn was mature, Zhao Hai immediately received the corn, in one time has planted the corn that two jade mu, then actually the look at cornfield got up dull, the output of this corn was high, but this processing was actually an issue, before real don’t know, how that person ate the corn. suddenly Zhao Hai one was smart, his suddenly present an issue, appears of this corn compared with the grinder, the face grinder these machine appears time is certainly long, is not having these years of machine, do the people such boil the corn kernel to eat? Isn't that time person silly? They process the corn? Zhao Hai transferred several in Space, routine feels own forehead, is thinking how processing rice flour the beforehand people are. suddenly Zhao Hai pats the forehead, he has remembered different thing finally, this different thing he only sees the person to use on the television, oneself actually again come not to use, and has not seen the present country dweller to use, therefore has not thought for a while. Edge runner, stone mill!

Right, is such two thing, before Zhao Hai went to the relative's house of his rural area, but also has seen a grinding pan, but was one already the grinding pan that was removed, now rural area nobody and that thing, after because was curious, he asked why this grinding pan and edge runner used, this found out, this grinding pan and edge runner, before , dozen of rice hit the surface to use. What most important is, this different thing, mother stock was Stone and Blockhead, Stone fortunately said that although in the mountain may be for mining Stone not to be many now, but made an edge runner and a stone mill should enough use, but Stone used were not many, did not need the good material, on the mountain long these small tree were OK. Thought of here, Zhao Hai could not be tarrying, immediately came out from Space, watched outside weather, Meg they should also get up, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback pushed the door to walk. Zhao Hai just came out, sees Meg and chrysanthemum they brings the made of copper wash bowl to walk toward his in the room, looked at Zhao Hai to come out, Meg cannot help but gawked, quickly said: Young Master, how you came out, has not washed.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be all right, I already got up, to wash, the chrysanthemum, your was Younger Brother good? Gets up?” The chrysanthemum is lowering the head stood in Meg behind, one hear of Zhao Hai said that quickly said: thanks Young Master cared that was peacefully good, is waiting to pay a visit you outside.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to do politely, does anything pay a visit, walks, first goes to the living room, you called secure, I had the matter to ask his.” Meg and has gawked, her has not said anything, their immediately/on horseback has complied with one, follows in Zhao Hai walks toward the living room. To the living room, Meg has put down, stood Zhao Hai the in hand brass basin, the chrysanthemum actually went to outside the room to call secure. In this fort divides the main fort and servant room, the main fort is the place that they live, but the servant room is actually some small houses that the servant lives, in behind of main fort, now the chrysanthemum and secure lives in the servant room, although said that they are commoner, had been bestowed the surname by Zhao Hai, however their status with Meg they, as soon as compares, has actually fallen far short, Meg they are trusted aide, but the chrysanthemum they can only be the ordinary servants. Before long the chrysanthemum led to settle, must say An Chang also was really good, stature also very high, was only a little thin, but looked like very strong/sturdy. Now he in the appearance that others that has not suffocated, but lowers the head, appearance that too does not dare to speak.

The chrysanthemum arrives around Zhao Hai to lower the head said : Young Master, settled.” Zhao Hai nodded, looks at one to stand in not far away secure, laughed at said : to call him, does not use that big custom, I have the matter to ask him.” Chrysanthemum immediately called secure, arrives around Zhao Hai peacefully, bu passed to kneel, kowtowed said : secure to see Young Master, thanked thanks Young Master to save a life great kindness.” It seems like the chrysanthemum before he comes already with his explain/transfer, therefore he can manage Zhao Hai to call Young Master, but did not call Master. Zhao Hai nodded said : not to use that politely, you now are the Buda Family person, saves you should be, stands answering.” secure kowtowed said : thanks Young Master.” Said that then has stood, but is half bow the body, lowers the head, does not dare to look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looks at the peaceful appearance, cannot help but wrinkled under the brow, he does not like the person like this to him, this entire is a servility, he does not like. Zhao Hai silently said: secure, gained ground, you must remember, you now are the Buda Family person, was commoner, if later you exited to do, that representative, but our Buda Family honor, always do not bend the waist, a servility of face, will then make the person look down upon our Buda Family.” Looked that Zhao Hai was angry probably, the chrysanthemum and secure have knelt, simultaneously gives Zhao Hai to kowtow said : to ask Young Master to punish.” Zhao Hai that not bears, had said : to be good, stood, kneeling down often.” Looked that they have stood, the peaceful wainscot was also stiffer, Zhao Hai then said : secure, I asked you, were you craftsmanship of some masons?” Angolan quickly said: Is Young Master, my father is a mason, I have also studied the craftsmanship of some masons, although is not very proficient, however general thing can do.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, a while I draw two patterns, you looked that you can do, if can do, the immediately organization people mine several Stone, thing that I want as soon as possible does.” secure at heart cannot help but one tight, but bows said : is, Young Master.”