Chapter 32 Sowing seeds Zhao Hai to building in study room, this study room is also the Green preparation, some inside book collections, but is not many, in having is some account books and so on thing, but the paper and pen to do not lack. Those who make Zhao Hai accidental is, the here pen is divided into several types unexpectedly, the useful bird wool makes, useful beast bone makes, with being similar of made of metal in the fountain pen type, the writing brush, makes with the coal, pencil type thing, the thing side union, the past and present has, to were make Zhao Hai open mind. However that paper Zhao Hai actually does not dare to think highly, that is not the white paper in Zhao Hai imagination, moreover yellow, is similar to the Zhao Hai small time has seen the kraft paper, that paper very hard, moreover wants the wool to be much drier than the kraft paper. Sees these, Zhao Hai cannot help but speechless, in the Adam memory, has plenty love affair, the matter of demeanor dog or horse, but regarding this, paper and so on thing, is a memory does not have, obviously before him, is what character. Zhao Hai has taken that charcoal pencils, on paper simple has drawn the shape of the stone mill and edge runner, then has given secure this thing. secure looked at thing on paper, immediately/on horseback said : Young Master, this thing I can do, our normally hits the rice also to use similar thing, although is not completely same, but is also similar.” Zhao Hai then feel relieved nod said : good, can do well, Meg, you one will arrange 40 men, makes this different thing with An Xue, makes several, this is used to hit the rice to hit the surface, our here person are many, was short had feared that was insufficient.” Meg has complied with one, Zhao Hai then said : „the remaining ten men, goes to the mountain to cut grass, shears these hay, then makes these women arrange the grass with the chrysanthemum study, requires in the minimum short time to hang up the straw mat to all rooms, was right, if also some people met any craftsmanship to find you, you must say one to me, told these slaves, if they felt that rested was too cool on the ground, can outside corn stalk spread on the ground, now our in hand commodity be too few, cannot be lived to go to bed by them, but. Always rests on the ground will also fall ill, spreads the several layers corn stalk, can play doing of bed to use.” Meg has complied with one, he also knows, now these slaves, but also is nothing can do , the Zhao Hai land has not improved, the mine tunnel also cleans was similar, at present anything has not been possible to do really exactly. After explain/transfer ended, Zhao Hai several people came out from study room, just arrived at the living room to meet Merine, the breakfast has prepared, Merine asked them to have the breakfast.

On the dinner table, Zhao Hai to Merine said the matter that he arranged, Merine to had not opposed, hit the rice to hit surface thing also really to use, Zhao Hai such arrangement was it would be the best. After having eaten meal, Meg immediately according to the arrangement of Zhao Hai, assigns the manpower, making Stone lead to settle them to look for appropriate Stone to make the edge runner and grinding pan, these woman responsibility unification turn over to her to manage, everyone/Great Clan sits in there arranges the straw mat. The entire castle one has been busy, but Zhao Hai and Meg actually in the castle, they did not go to that canyon from tarn there, this time they, do not have what danger in any case, Merine little leads a person instead to be able relaxed. They trod the wave the line, quick arrive at the canyon, Zhao Hai have arrived at the yesterday improvement land there to look, did not have what change, this in side of that land, has improved the a piece land, was still ten mu. Looked at Zhao Hai to improve the land, Merine turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, or our tomorrow made these slaves come the here earth to turn, first planted these.” Zhao Hai shook the head, he also wants to perform an experiment with this place, he will not forget himself first time to touch to small shovel that time prompt, that small shovel can bring to use to Space outside, everyday can also rise ten mu place outside, similarly, he also wants to know, Space of seed and water in Space after carrying over, receives his control, if also receives his control, he can everyday ten mu. Looks at Zhao Hai to shake the head, Merine knows that he also has certainly the matter to be dry, was not saying anything, was only look at Zhao Hai, don’t know he must do. The Zhao Hai intention moves, small shovel immediately/on horseback flew from Space, in turning the soil that there keeps, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback is thinking the matter of sowing seeds, corn seed immediately/on horseback flew from Space, fell that just the crossed ground, the Zhao Hai feel relieved past did not look, presently that seed has been buried, Zhao Hai then feel relieved. However Zhao Hai also present an issue, is this shovel, this seed, all in Space, have not been able the range of leave ten mu place, only to move in this range, moreover cannot handle the too complex matter, a shovel, can only turn the soil likely, cannot in doing other, seed also can only be the type arrives, also not competent don't, Zhao Hai has also wanted to try under Spatial Water, but the means that Spatial Water has not been used to improve the land, today he in cannot use to attain the water in Space. Outside presently uses. Zhao Hai some are actually dissatisfied, if the water in Space can change along with his regard, perhaps that can become his attack weapon, however was a pity, the water in Space comes out after Space, most can also irrigate the pouring earth, other anything did not do. Compares Zhao Hai is dissatisfied, Merine is actually very shocked, she has not thought that Zhao Hai can use this method farm unexpectedly, This is too incredible.

After two hours, ten mu place type, in small shovel automatic flying returned to Space, seed naturally also in appears , although is not only ten mu place, but Zhao Hai is very satisfied, his day can only improve ten mu, is planting ten mu, happen. Looked at the type, Zhao Hai turned the head to Merine said : Merine Grandma, did you use Water element Magic to irrigate this?” Merine one recovers, nodded, arrives by that pool, in a low voice was reading Incantation, this time he read the Incantation time to be quite long, before long, one group of Water Qi rose from that pool, then that water vapor from the sky product, slowly turned into light rain to fall unexpectedly. Zhao Hai another feeling the mystery of Magic, this entire is an artificial rain, this was also too fierce. Actually Zhao Hai don’t know, is not all Magician can achieve this point, only then Advanced level Magician like Merine can achieve this point, moreover this is also only auxiliary Magic, is not aggressiveness, is much simpler than aggressiveness Magic. Merine regarding Magic control ability, that was does not have the words saying that before long that in earth became was very moist, her also immediately stopped own Magic. Zhao Hai look at these ten mu places, at heart sufficient sense of achievement, turns the head to Merine said : Merine Grandma, here although unable like Space, can make plants that quickly mature, but regarding us, this is the basis of settling down and getting on with life, that Space I feared that one day will vanish, therefore anxiously improvement land.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Merine complexion changes, quickly said: numerous Gods blesses, hopes that Young Master that Space does not want information.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, turns the head said : well Merine Grandma, my day also can only improve these ten mu places, we went back.” Merine nodded, walks toward cavern in Zhao Hai. Treads the wave the line, although satisfying, but Zhao Hai hopes one can early day of sitting embark, but they not only does not have the material of shipbuilding, will not have been the person of ship, therefore he also can only think now. Two just came out from cavern, heard not far away in small cavern to hear an intermittent worker's chant sound, Zhao Hai and Merine goes along the prestige, presently Stone is leading to settle them, from cavern lifts Stone that a piece mined.

Zhao Hai walked hastily, he looked at that Stone first, naturally, he could not look regarding this Stone quality, he wants to have a look, this Stone is big enough. Good, this Stone shape is not quite regular, has about 1.5m high, the most minor diameter about three meters, the most large diameter about five meters, understood at a glance that the component is heavy. Stone they with also many rope, Stone from tying hands, from cavern bit by bit lifted. Zhao Hai quickly said: Was good, puts down Stone, I make him, you are busy at other going.” secure they puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Stone actually knows that what's the matter, Zhao Hai wants to receive in Space to bring Stone, he they had not explained to secure that immediately/on horseback their said : was good to secure, everyone/Great Clan puts down this Stone, then goes to the hole to mine, this did not need us to manage.” secure their although is puzzled, but does not dare to violate the Zhao Hai words, immediately put the ground Stone, Stone has made them untie rope on Stone. Looked that on Stone did not have rope, the Zhao Hai then hand wields, received in Stone Space Warehouse, settles them actually to look is dumbfounded, their sees this mysterious ability, on although this Continent has Space equipment, but these thing are some Great Noble has generally, small Noble cannot use, like settling them the slave, heard that has not heard, on do not say that looked at the person to use. However settles them also to know that mystery of Magic, they think what Zhao Hai uses is Magic, therefore each and every one excited serious, at heart dark said : original Master is fierce Magician.” Zhao Hai has not managed them, immediately walks in the direction of castle with Merine, on the road also saw that several male slaves are shearing these hay on the mountain. This Zhao Hai to does not have to help them transport the grass, grass thing is very loose, making these slave take on the line. When their returned to castle time, presently in the square of castle, is sitting many women, these women are getting by Meg and chrysanthemum, is arranging the straw mat in there, some women are holding the corn stalk from the castle, walks toward the room that in these slaves live.