Chapter 33 Inspiration suddenly Their although is busy, but on face is having the smiling face, that type has been full of the smiling face of hope to the life, making the person look felt that their live being strong , the day have the goal very much. Zhao Hai complexion cannot help but has also taken a smiling face, turned the head to arrive has been putting place there of corn stalk, the corn stalk that also received this morning have put. Zhao Hai has not thought must hide the truth from these people, these people are the Buda Family slaves, their bodies had gotten Buda Family branding, this could not disappear for a lifetime, their destinies with Buda Family in together, definitely have not needed continually to hide the truth from them. These slaves probably also a little adapt to Zhao Hai all sorts to display now mysteriously, therefore sees Zhao Hai to cause that many corn stalk, does not have what response. Zhao Hai looked has held female slave said : of corn stalk these to be used for the shop on the ground, can be used to ignite, but has remembered, lighting a fire time was certainly careful, do not cause the fire, but, these corn stalk also some humidity, should better dry in the sun now then in the shop.” That several female slave was busy at complying with one, but this time they to not in anxiously kneeling down, it seems like Meg with good of their communicate. Actually these time to was Zhao Hai guesses mistakenly, this time merit also was really not Meg, although Meg was a servant, but do not forget, how she in said that was also a daughter of Family chief officer, even if were Buda has not fallen compels, in the entire Buda family also few individuals dare to her complexion to look, she compared with these commoner status much higher, moreover how not to have been together with these commoner, the nature to these compared with the commoner status low slave communicate. Reason that these slaves have such transformation, is the merit of chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum beforehand although is commoner, however her working as slave also several years, in adding on her present body have Buda Family branding, although yesterday by Zhao Hai restoring the commoner status, however in the eyes of these slaves, she be easier than more intimate Meg. What most important is, commoner status that chrysanthemum although restores, has changed the room, but will work with her together, chatting of together, therefore these slaves are also easier to accept the chrysanthemum. The slave is entire Continent status most bottom one group of people, a dog that their sometimes might as well own Master raises, heard that on Continent had the dog of Noble dead, actually killed 100 slaves to be buried along with the dead, obviously the status of slave how low. Also because of this, person who therefore this slave to any status high, or has relationship with Noble, has very strong vigilance, they never believe any with the words of Noble concerned person.

But the status of chrysanthemum is very special, she is also a slave, but is restored the commoner status now . Moreover the chrysanthemum has been very honest, calculates to get along well with these slaves, therefore these slaves can such quickly accept her. The women in together, naturally can chat, even if the slave also one is the type, the chrysanthemum this with her working, these people naturally must ask that chrysanthemum with the Zhao Hai related matter, the chrysanthemum has not been hiding the truth from her, told her, this arrives is makes these slaves be startled, they have not thought really that Zhao Hai so is unexpectedly good to speak. Similarly, the chrysanthemum also knew from Merine there, Zhao Hai does not like the person often kneeling down before him, therefore the chrysanthemum also told these slaves, is adding on the Zhao Hai these days friendly performance, made the vigilance of these slaves reduce much, therefore did not have to look like Zhao Hai to kneel down to salute. Zhao Hai has not cared, to be honest, modern people, even if accepted the Adam complete memory, daily makes the person such kneel he, is not familiar with very much, for did not let Merine and Green says his anything, he also accepted, now these slaves like before, had not seen that he knelt, this instead to letting him thought that was more comfortable. Zhao Hai arrived in courtyard with Merine, Meg they must come to salute, Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand, has not made them move, he has arrived in courtyard nearby a piece open area, just received that Stone let out in Space. Then Zhao Hai transfers look at Meg they to arrange the straw mat in there, obviously these slaves did this living, trick/hand and foot very flexible, even if before were, will not arrange, studied also quick, instead to was Meg, fell far short compared with these slaves. Her sits, the side of everyone is piling a big pile of grass, was only a Merine side pile of grass are more, must block her whole person. Saw the Merine appearance, Zhao Hai cannot help but thinks of a few words, the straw boat borrowed the arrow, probably was Zhuge Liang is to let scarecrow in the past top in front, Daoist/actual person, then borrowed many arrows, wait / etc., the straw boat borrowed the arrow? Straw boat!? Zhao Hai makes an effort pats own hand, he thinks made the ship finally with any thing, with the grass, before he remembers , on Earth, has read a news, probably some people have made a straw boat with the grass, but must go to the conquer Pacific Ocean, although don’t know that Lunatic succeeded finally, but most at least had a matter is the affirmation, can make the ship with the grass! Zhao Hai excited transferred several on the ground, if the straw boat has made , the matter of that ship has been solved, some place people in canyon looked. Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but excited, this arrived standing in his nearby Merine frightening, her understand why Zhao Hai just did not look at Merine her eyes, one became such excited, Merine quickly said: Young Master, Young Master, your What happened? Zhao Hai one was called to recover by Merine, he turned the head to look at other person of one, all person look at he, this to one Zhao Hai making embarrassed, his quickly said: Merine Grandma, you called the living room to come Meg and chrysanthemum, I asked them to have the matter.” Said half step walks toward the living room in fort.

Merine although don’t know Zhao Hai must do, but also knows that Zhao Hai has certainly thought any good deed, she goes to Meg and chrysanthemum hastily calls, walks toward the living room in fort in. Zhao Hai arrived in the living room, in there back and forth is stamping the step, not only the hand also routine feeling forehead, hears the sound of footsteps, this halts, looked that was really the Merine three people came. Zhao Hai looked that three people have come, nodded said : to sit, I had the matter to say.” Three people have arrived at Zhao Hai, actually does not dare to sit down. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, when has sat down first, this waves said : to sit.” Three people sit down according to the word, but the chrysanthemum sits most in the future, but also lowers the head. Zhao Hai looked at three people of said : I just suddenly to think means that Merine Grandma, we need a ship now, the canyon there place, always wants some people to look, but our present commodities are too few, simply did not have the means shipbuilding, just I noticed that Merine she was arranging the grass, suddenly thinks, whether we could use a straw braid ship?” Merine they stare, the chrysanthemum has lifted the head, they first time heard that some people must use the grass shipbuilding, before this, has not heard. Merine indefinite said : Young Master, can this be good?” Zhao Hai smiles said : line, certain line, the grass that but this type of ship uses will be many, must the grass compaction, multipurpose rope be tight, I looked descended the mountain on these grass, very tenacious, being used for the shipbuilding should not be a problem, this, Meg, you and chrysanthemum got the person to try to do first, could not complete did not fear that the weeds on this mountain had the matter in any case, we tried several times certainly to do many to come out.” Merine looks at the Zhao Hai confident appearance, did not say anything, changed mind thinks, in any case was that ship has not done, loss was some grass and rope, no big deal. Zhao Hai then said : Meg, comes to study room with me, I give you to draw the appearance of straw boat, you follow this appearance to do.” Said that walks toward the building, Meg hastily in behind. After building, Zhao Hai with according to own memory, general drew an appearance of straw boat, other that ships are also not very complex, looks like nodding shoes of Arab, front of shoes turns upwards high, the behind relative draw, the ship's bottom is very thick, the middle uses rope bunch of knot strong/sturdy to be solid. Zhao Hai has also watched the picture of this straw boat on computer, general has remembered an appearance, now also can only be draws to come out to give Meg her to make a reference.

When Zhao Hai drew, has given Meg the paper, this said : this ship I remember that probably was this appearance, you followed this appearance to do first, can look make, tried several times not to have relationship.” Meg has complied with one, took the blueprint to walk, looked at Meg to exit, Zhao Hai instead to was don’t know must do, suddenly he read book in this room, cannot help but two eyes one brightly, carefully read these books. Fortunately, although Adam is playboys, how however to say that is also Noble juniors, therefore was literate or studies from small this, character Zhao Hai on this book all knew. Mentioned also strangely, the words that on this Continent spoke were Chinese, even if were some place sounds has some differences with Chinese, but distinguished is not big, but the writing had very big difference with the Chinese character, he received the Adam memory luckily, otherwise also really turned into an illiterate person. Zhao Hai read book in the study room, not having anything to be too useful, only then several miscellanies and several history books, several understand at a glance is the books on military strategy, in having about Magic and Battle Qi book. Zhao Hai took up a history book to look first, this look at him to is fainted, this there was any history book, entire fairy story added Holy Bible . Moreover the sentence was to also avoid as taboo is astringently difficult to be bright, looked at Zhao Hai is first two big. Only read two pages, Zhao Hai lost the one side that history book, has taken up a miscellany, this miscellany wrote to was not wrong, a little like was individual travelling diary, but also has recorded massively on the local conditions and social customs about Continent, some fables, was just right for the Zhao Hai taste, Zhao Hai cannot help but earnestly looked. Merine looked at Meg to come out quite a while, Zhao Hai has not come out from study room, cannot help but felt very puzzled, she arrived at study room gate there to look, study room gate unexpectedly not related, Zhao Hai sat in very earnest look at book.