Chapter 34 study literary Merine almost does not believe that own eye, Adam was anything is good she in clearly, did not like reading from small Adam, saw that book originally kept crying, was under father's force, the character was the good and evil recognizing entire, but also stopped is so, wish made him read that does not have the gate. The performance of although this several days Zhao Hai is very good, but had not actually raised the matter that reads, Merine also only thinks that Zhao Hai sensible was sensible, the problem that but did not like reading has not changed. However she has not actually thought that Zhao Hai on Earth is one takes the book as fresh nerd, lets his leave book, that may with wanting him assigns similarly, first several days he has not read, that is because he just came here, is facing this kind of the aspect of endangering, he naturally does not have the mood, could not remember to read. Zhao Hai has not noted the Merine movement, he now complete mind centralized to book, this book although is a miscellany, thing that but inside records are many, mostly is some local conditions and social customs, this to the Zhao Hai use is very big. Before Adam, is only a playboy, on local conditions and social customs understanding Continent are not many, now on Continent is quite peaceful, takes five big Empire as, the Communist Labor University size Little San 12 countries, seperately are adding on some different race inhabit regions, can describe with vast in territory. But what Zhao Hai is Aksu Empire in five big Empire, other Continent four big Empire separately is Rosen Empire, Lyon Empire, Buddha Empire and Ocean Waves Dynasty. Zhao Hai present fief Black Wasteland already was on Continent all person selectivities by the deathtrap that forget, however in Iron Mountain back Carrion Swamp, is actually one of five Great Forbidden Land on Continent everybody becomes angry while talking about it. But on Continent another four Great Forbidden Land separately are, Accra Mountain, there is the Magic Beast domain, any other races go, little has to live. North Polar Icefield, that is the world of icefield, the temperature extremely bottom, only then minority Ice Element Magic Beast can survive. Blazing Island, in a sea surface island, leaves from Ocean Waves Dynasty, walks 5600 hundred in the sea places toward south, area not big small island, but in the island the volcano spurts differently, is adding on Earth Fire from living, is an absolute life-forbidden zone.

Last was Demonic Abyss, in Legend has it that was the same with Demon Realm, but could not obtain to confirm, Magic Beast that but on some Demonic Abyss there actually once for a while meeting appears Continent could not see to real. But Carrion Swamp here, to poisonously become famous, no matter here Magic Beast these Undead Creature, to poisonously become famous, there all thing are bringing the toxin, because of this, Carrion Swamp here Forbidden Land. Before these matters, in the Adam memory is also fuzzy, but in this miscellany has some records, although is not very detailed, but regarding Zhao Hai, was sufficient. Zhao Hai on Earth is nerd, if nerd don’t know passes through the novel, he is not considered as that complete nerd, after reading this miscellany, Zhao Hai understand, what he arrives is one with passing through the novel similar world, here has Magic, has Battle Qi, has Magic Beast, has Elf, has the dragon, has Dwarf, all passes through in the novel some thing, here has. Also because of type, therefore Zhao Hai set firm resolve, is certainly low-key, this world Expert of extremely has is fierce his don’t know, but looks at Merine make a move today with the Water element Magic irrigation fields, he probably knows that these people had were fierce, that was ten mu place, Magic has completed, the person like Merine, must cope with his is also not too relaxed. Zhao Hai has put down the in hand book slowly, the reading habit of many years having formed, he reads be quicker than the average person, but thing that in this book writes, has plenty not too big use, but this book also makes Zhao Hai know about this world. This world has Expert, these Expert not compared with before Zhao Hai looks difference that in these novels has written, before Zhao Hai read the novel time, above said that the Magician close combat ability was not good, but the soldier did not have what to attack the ability, but this world actually completely was not that a matter. The body of Magician is inferior to the soldier, but they, if uses some simple Magic simply not to need to read too long Incantation, big Magician like Merine, uses 3rd level following Magic, almost can flicker, such Magician that person has not dared underestimated, does not have that soldier to dare with his near body war. But soldier although meets Battle Qi, but that Battle Qi did not say that can come out, thinks that is raising to gather high the fight, requires time, but the common soldier, meets bow and arrow, even if bow and arrow, they will not use the javelin or the flying axe and so on long-distance attack weapon, the strength does not allow to look down upon. Zhao Hai has stood slowly, let out a long breath, sees thing on this miscellany, he felt the decision of own initially low key is correct, Expert of this world were too many, is not he can imagine, is not he can stir up. Before Zhao Hai has arrived at the study room window slowly, in this window is also sticking the window paper, now on Continent only then some commoner will have the window paper, on Continent in some Great Noble families, uses thing like broken glass, but that thing has not popularized now, the construction cost is very high, therefore Green has not bought.

Zhao Hai opened the window gently, looked at outside one, this study room in third floor, the ray is very good, can see clearly the square of fort and outwork from here, looked that however can also see Meg she is busy in there. However the front courtyard or the has plenty woman arranges the straw mat in there, but Zhao Hai looks at one not to have presently the Meg form, it seems like she was prepares to make the material of straw boat. Zhao Hai look at these busy people, cannot help but a forced smile, these people too were at heart easy to satisfy, moreover their don’t know their life were also facing the giant crisis. At this time Zhao Hai also really somewhat hated itself, oneself did not have the strength to protect these people, most also can only receive in Space these people, making these people avoid a tribulation, but this always hid is not being a matter, Carrion Swamp there, throughout was his a piece worry. In this time, the knock is transmitting, then Merine in out of the door said : Young Master, comes out to eat meal, to the time of lunch.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really the time passes so flies, looked at one outward, these were arranging the grass the people returned to their in the room to eat meal. Zhao Hai has complied with one, opened the room, actually saw that Merine face delighted standing looks in the gate, looks at he he look at he, Zhao Hai said : Merine does Grandma, what matter such happy have?” Merine has not said anything, but said : is all right, is happy, Young Master, eats meal.” Zhao Hai nodded, walks toward downstairs with Merine, at this time Meg they also came back, in building low grade he, several people was entering the dining room, presently Merine has prepared the lunch. After several people sit down, Zhao Hai turns the head to Blockhead said : Blockhead, this several days I make Merine make the straw boat, your main point the person is getting in some grass, moreover must ask some men to help, Meg their strengths were small, you must help them.” Blockhead complied with one, Zhao Hai turned the head to Stone said : Stone, you helped settled their as soon as possible to pick Stone that he needed, picked to place the one side first, to certain quantity, I have helped you transport, this is more convenient.” Stone has also complied with one, turns the head then to An Dao: secure, you produce quarrying time is certainly careful, rather little picks two Stone, must pay attention to own security.”

secure also complied with one, Zhao Hai turned the head to chrysanthemum said : chrysanthemum, you first organize everyone/Great Clan to arrange the straw mat now, after their learn, how you must go to make the straw boat with Merine, this straw boat do not do was too big, can sit several people to be good, do not fear the waste, in any case on mountain this weed has plenty.” The chrysanthemum also complied with one, Zhao Hai turned the head to Merine said : Merine Grandma, you said that we should construct a sentry post on the summit, was used for look at Carrion Swamp there , the attention saw the surroundings of castle, if Swamp there had Magic Beast or Undead Creature really kills, we can also make a preparation ahead of time.” Merine thinks that nodded right that said : Young Master said that should construct a sentry post, when has eaten meal I to arrange, Young Master did not need to worry, had the time to read is good.” Zhao Hai was said by Merine stares, he has not thought really that Merine actually said makes him read, but after this, study room he is President goes, therefore he also nodded said : feel relieved Merine Grandma, said that I will look, but nearest/recent the matter in our castle are too many, after our here stabilizes, I read.” Merine nodded, Meg they actually look at Zhao Hai, Merine and Stone, Blockhead, but grows up with Adam together since childhood, naturally knows that Adam is any good, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that must read earnestly, their some have not been able to believe. The matter, everyone/Great Clan also started official dining, is not slow, before long finished eating, finished eating the food that Zhao Hai eats meal, his immediately walks toward study room, now he was too wants to understand really this world. Merine looked that Zhao Hai went to study room, cannot help but happy two eyes shone, in this world although take Martial as honor, but a learned person was very respected, even if were in Aksu Empire, the has plenty important tube duty was holds the post by becoming famous some study literary everyone/Great Clan, because these King present, national leave literati was incorrect. This is also a Merine happy reason, Zhao Hai, because drinks Water of Nothingness, is impossible to study Magic and Battle Qi, now he had Space, on equal to is a maintaining life place, hits cannot run up to Space to hide excellently, everyone takes him not to have the means that but is only this or incorrect, he also needs others' respect, when cannot study Magic and Battle Qi, wants to be respected, that has means that study literary.