Chapter 35 Attack Merine although to Aksu Empire disaffection, but she hopes one day of Zhao Hai to be able the returned to imperial capital again, becomes can call the wind and summon the rain Great Noble in the imperial capital, that represented Buda Family actually to obtain these established Noble recognize, true was formidable. Merine don’t know, Zhao Hai simply does not have plan to go back the imperial capital, has not thought must obtain any established Noble recognize, looks like in Zhao Hai, these established Noble recognize, do not have no relationship with him, their recognize he must such living, their recognize, he not pass such day, so long as are competent, they become recognize do not have any relationship. Also no wonder two ideas will differ such in a big way, Merine lives since childhood in Ark Continent here, here is takes Noble as Venerable the world, can obtain these established Noble recognize, is emerging Noble target diligently, obtained recognize, that represented them is being true Noble, will otherwise be called is suddenly Hu. But Earth of Zhao Hai life, simply did not have a Noble such saying, you were Noble are also what kind, so long as my in hand were rich, I was Noble, so long as I were competent, you do not think that recognize I was not good, therefore Zhao Hai regarding any Noble recognize, a simply point did not care. However he very earnest study, better understanding this world, so long as he can let Buda Family show as soon as possible like this, will have a stronger strength. After returned to study room, Zhao Hai in has not been reading these miscellanies anxiously, he looked in study room carefully, presently in study room really did not have what initiation class books, is simplest, feared that was also only Battle Qi and Magic basic foundation, Zhao Hai took up these thing to look at one, ten points that presently writes mysterious, if nobody instructed, just by read to study, feared that was what cannot learn positive result, under adding on him drank Water of Nothingness, cannot study Magic and Battle Qi, therefore on has not cared, looked at several on losing to side. Finally Zhao Hai vision centralized to miscellany, when flipping through the miscellaneous book class book, but also made him find good thing, was one has the book about calligraphy. This about the book of calligraphy , the introduction of very detailed on the desk several uses of pens, Zhao Hai is also understand, originally these types of pens on desk, not that to suspend attractively, and has various uses respectively. The writing brush is used to write to paint pictures, generally is the person who these especially like the calligraphy uses, there is Magician makes some big shapes Magic scroll a time, will use the writing brush, because must picture Magic Formation on scroll be quite big. The feather pen is manufactures mainly uses the pen that the Magic volume thinks, because stroke is thin, makes some middle-and-small scroll to use him. But that is similar to the fountain pen type pen, is normally is actually used to write and record, because inside pen pouch can save the ink, can write many characters, very convenient, but this type of pen actually cannot be used to manufacture Magic scroll, because the leading demonity of metal is very bad, on general Magician will not have metal class thing, affects the use of Magic, naturally, some special metals , has well leads demonity, price expensive of that metal, nobody will give up to use him to manufacture the fountain pen. But the charcoal pencils are actually Alchemy Technique special-purpose, they draw up some blueprints with this type of pen generally, for some pictures make a first draft.

Zhao Hai understand, in this table was then suspending pen such, but not to suspend attractively, but has the use respectively, each use is different. Zhao Hai in the miscellany also sees, now on Continent general Great Noble, is signing some specially important wordata-titleime, writing brush of use, that is the symbol of status. This to was made Zhao Hai small pleasantly surprised, before Zhao Hai , on Earth, has wanted to study the calligraphy, wants to write the writing brush character, was a pity that at that time he did not have money, did not have teacher, finally this desire can only let it go, has not thought that in this world unexpectedly also some calligraphy such saying, it seems like own desire was hopeful to realize that. However Zhao Hai now has remembered also the usages of these types of pens, lets his present study calligraphy, obviously is not a little realistic, now the Black Wasteland here matter were too many, his has the time to study the calligraphy. A afternoon time, Zhao Hai passed in study room, to around 2 : 00 pm times, the suddenly knock transmits, Zhao Hai said : who?” The Stone sound conveys said : outside Young Master, we have picked several Stone, please help to transport.” Zhao Hai has put down the book, arrived at in front of the door to open gate said : to walk.” Said, when walks first outward, Stone runs behind hastily. Walks Zhao Hai outward while said : you quarrying in that cavern?” Stone nodded said : is Young Master, secure looked at several cavern, said that only then Stone in that cavern is easiest to mine, moreover Stone that in that cavern produces, is not the iron ore, was used to make the edge runner and grinding it would be the best, possibly was also because there was not the reason of iron ore, therefore these Dwarf have not mined there.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „to pay attention to the security, now our Buda Family altogether such selects the person, cannot lose, every time loses a person, our strengths are weak a point, I let you with them, is feared that they were too harebrained.” Stone nodded, meaning of his understand Zhao Hai, in Zhao Hai relieves under encouragement of slavery, the enthusiasm that these slaves work is very high, but was a little was too impatient, should pay attention to a point. They was saying while has arrived at the outwork, these women still write the straw mat in these, but has not actually seen the chrysanthemum and Meg form. Zhao Hai did not have toward, to leave the castle with Stone, they walked toward the mountain on, Zhao Hai saw on the attention, summit there are probably many a thatched shed, has Zhao Hai been pointing at that shed to Stone said : summit that shed was I have said the sentry post?”

Stone nodded said : „, Merine Grandma made us help to build a small shed, in the shed had two people in there look at, each about two hours, some people will have changed the guard.” Zhao Hai nodded, Merine comes out from Buda Family really worthily, Buda Family builds up by the military exploit, Merine young time, is multiple accompanies the armed forces to go to battle, regarding the matter of this arrangement sentry post, naturally is also familiar and easy. In this time, a dashing of suddenly person's shadow from mountain is coming, rushes while loud shouting, Zhao Hai although has not heard him to shout anything, but this heart actually cannot help but sinks, his immediately/on horseback turns the head to Stone said : Stone, goes to cavern quickly, making in all person immediately/on horseback return to the castle, then you look for Blockhead they, making their also immediately/on horseback return to the castle, my this looks for Meg they.” Said that raises legs just about to walk, Stone has held on Zhao Hai said : Young Master, I looked was good, your immediately/on horseback returned to the castle, Buda Family cannot do without you, if there is any situation, your immediately entered in Space.” Zhao Hai stares, then the face sinks said : few talk nonsense, I am Buda Family Patriarch, at this time, how possibly to flinch, you went quickly.” Said that lifts the step to proceed to walk. Stone actually half step rushed to his front, the plump kneels the ground, grasped Zhao Hai leg said : Young Master, you returned to the castle quickly, Buda Family cancould do without you, if did not have you, we were complete, Young Master.” The Zhao Hai look at Stone appearance, knows, if he does not comply, Stone will not move, regarding Stone is tenacious he is knows that previous two brothers together takes on the scene on sword horizontal neck he still to remember clear. Zhao Hai must nod said : well, your immediately/on horseback goes, I return to the castle, in making all people first go to the fort.” Stone has complied with one, has stood. At this time that person's shadow also ran up to nearby Zhao Hai, knelt next step: Master, the mountain that side came many Magic Beast and Undead Creature, is crawling toward the mountain on.” Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : in that shed also some people?” That person of immediately/on horseback said : has, decides also on the mountain.” Zhao Hai is angry said : idiot, how not to have gotten down, Stone, you go to the mountain to call quickly that fellow.” Stone complied with one, immediately/on horseback turn around ran. Does Zhao Hai turn the head look at this to kneel in ground slave said : What is your name?” That person of immediately/on horseback said : returns to the Master words, I called the forest.”

Zhao Hai nod said : your present immediately/on horseback returns to the castle, looks Merine Grandma, has a look at her in the castle, if she, you did not go to arrange the grass the person to say with these that in all people arrived at the fort, this was my order, went quickly.” The forest has complied with one, jumps in the communication castle to run, Zhao Hai also knows his body, he runs is impossible to have Lin Kuai, therefore he makes the forest go to the signalling. Zhao Hai also starts to run toward the castle, but this body is really not good, ran several steps to be tired pants. In Zhao Hai returned to castle time, presently these arrange the grass the people to enter in the fort, looked to the fort that Merine is standing in there, all person restless look at Zhao Hai. Merine looked at Zhao Hai to come back, immediately/on horseback walked his side said : Young Master, now what to do?” Zhao Hai breathed heavily several tones, said : Merine Grandma, your immediately/on horseback takes inventory the population, having a look at currently in courtyard to have many people, I go to castle there now, after waiting for all people to return, immediately/on horseback makes them close big gate of castle.” Merine quickly said: Young Master, you keep a here population, I go to city gate there.” Said half step walks outward, simply has not given the Zhao Hai opposition opportunity. The look at Merine back that Zhao Hai not bears, Merine they too have looked after to him, always places the safest place him, but Zhao Hai also knows that now a method of self-preservation does not have , can only like this. He turns the head looked in the fort to stand these people, now stands in here, besides the forest, all was the woman, more than 30, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : everyone/Great Clan lined up to stand.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that these slave immediately stood the team, rapidness, big has stemmed from the anticipation of Zhao Hai.