Chapter 36 Blotting out the sky Magic Beast Zhao Hai thinks that these slaves have not gone to school, that makes them stand in line to be very difficult matter, but has not thought that his order just one ended, these female slaves arranged the team quickly, entire simultaneously two rows, not compared with before Zhao Hai them missed in the school. But a forest person stood in the one side alone, Zhao Hai looked at forest one, knows that this was because he was the reason of man, now male slave in castle only then his, therefore he stood in there. Lining up of these slaves big was out of the anticipation of Zhao Hai, therefore he somewhat cannot respond at once, somewhat puzzled look at these slaves. Zhao Hai there knows that these slaves were trained the corps since childhood, to the present, has stood in line is almost their one type of instinct. These slave everyday will certainly not go to the number of slave, no matter these slaves are exit to work, comes back, when must stand in line, goes to counts off, comes back also to count off, prevents some people to run away with this method. Zhao Hai and don’t know these, therefore looked that these people such quickly arranged the team, he has cannot help but gawked, but his immediately recovered, he knows that at this time did not have the time to think that many, immediately/on horseback said : counted off.” These words he is almost shouting of instinct comes out, but these slave immediately start to count off, the last digit is 34, in other words, currently in courtyard has the female slave 34 people, male slave. Zhao Hai nodded, said loudly: Just the forest transmitted information from the mountain, in Carrion Swamp has large quantities of Magic Beast and Undead Creature kills toward castle here, a while will possibly have a fight, you stay in here now, there do not go.” On the faces of these female slaves cannot help but has shown the frightened facial expression, if there is army of humanity to hit, they are not afraid, so long as their rebel, the opposite party will not kill the slave generally, because the slave can sell for money, therefore wants their not rebel, most of the time is safe. However these time comes, but Magic Beast and Undead Creature, regarding this different thing, a gold coins use do not have, in their eyes, whom may unable to distinguish is Noble who is a slave, in their eyes, the person is a person, does not have the division of status level. At this time several slaves walked from outside, female, the chrysanthemum with them in together, Zhao Hai made them count off, was counted including the chrysanthemum, altogether 50 people, all person female slaves came back.

Zhao Hai saw that the chrysanthemum got these female slaves to come back, knows that Meg possibly also came back, but in has not entered the fort, should prepare to aid Blockhead in front they. Zhao Hai has not been going toward outwork there, he knows that he goes only to Merine they to add to the chaos now, might as well is waiting in here. Zhao Hai looked at these slaves, turns the head to chrysanthemum said : chrysanthemum, your look at they select, do not make them run all over the place.” Then turns the head I to enter to these slave said : the room to take to select thing, you must listen to the words of chrysanthemum, do not run all over the place.” Said Zhao Hai half step walks toward castle, in the castle has underground Warehouse, he goes to there to look, there puts all commodities that Green is buying, now Zhao Hai must go to there, puts these commodities to own Space, in order to avoid by these Magic Beast or was not dead life form spoiling. This underground Warehouse is very big, Zhao Hai goes in some little time to receive these thing, then he runs toward the building, in the building also has many thing, what most important is these books in study room. Zhao Hai also present, Green they buy these books, has probably to train the meanings of these slaves, will otherwise not buy that many about Magic and book of Battle Qi initiation, these book very heavy want, not only Zhao Hai understands this world a key, Buda Family fosters the teaching talent of talent. Zhao Hai fast to building, thing in study room received in Space, these furniture received, in any case Space Warehouse is not the limit, makes an effort to install. Like these bedding and so on thing Zhao Hai has not installed first, these thing Green they have bought much, possibly is reason that because present weather warmed up, therefore he had not taken to give these slaves to use, therefore has piled a big pile in Warehouse. Zhao Hai just received thing in study room, hears Merine to call him outside, Zhao Hai ran from the room hastily, looked that Merine they came back, all slaves were centralized to the fort, Blockhead they also came back. Zhao Hai looked that all people came back, this relaxed, turns the head to Merine said : Merine Grandma, did all people come back?” Merine nodded said : to come back, big gate of castle has also closed, but wants to come these Magic Beast should not to be so quick, Young Master, or you go to Space.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : „the present not to use, Merine Grandma, we go to the outwork on city wall to have a look, I have not seen Magic Beast and Undead Creature of poisonous department.”

Merine some look at Zhao Hai said : of worry Young Master, this is not good, this was too dangerous, what matter if came across to be possible really what to do?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be all right, doesn't have you? I want to take a look at these Magic Beast and Undead Creature, having a look the quantity that these time comes to have many, if the quantity are specially many, we draw back returned to in my Space, if the quantity are not many, we repel him to consider as finished.” Merine stares, but did not have to say anything, she had confidence very to her ability, just as was such that Zhao Hai said that Magic Beast and Undead Creature that if these time came were not many, she also really can repel the opposite party. Zhao Hai waved, called the chrysanthemum and secure, to their said : you in here look at they, do not make them run all over the place.” Said that they walks toward outwork city wall on with Merine, Blockhead and Stone tight following in the Zhao Hai side, Meg also stands in Zhao Hai, does not leave. Zhao Hai to their appearances also felt that not bears very much, does not have the means that must let them, Zhao Hai very clear, if not let them, he possibly cannot go to city wall. Merine they think that Magic Beast of these Undead Creature and poisonous department will not be quick, but stems from their anticipation, when they just arrived on city wall city wall, presently these Magic Beast and Undead Creature ran up to under the summit, downward is moving. Walks in the forefront, is group Old Mouse type thing, these thing thing each one compared with Old Mouse mostly, height have about one meter, pale-green growing hair, on the foot white mold same thing, the height over three meters, have not been calculating that thick long big tail steadily. In these Old Mouse type thing, several builds especially specially huge, height has two meters, wool is also seven multi-colored, evidently is the head of this crowd of thing. This crowd of Old Mouse have over a thousand fully, more than 1000 about one meter long big Old Mouse, looked at the fine body hair of Zhao Hai whole body to set upright. In this crowd of thing with a snake of troop! Good, is the snake, the innumerable snake, the snake of every large or small, various odd-shape strange attire, these snake some are the greens, some are the red, some are colorful, biggest several snake status seven colors, one meter thickness, looked fully is not affable. In behind of these snakes, with big pile of insects, all kinds of insects, these insect characteristics, huge, even if a spider also big to more than one meter high, big also about two meters, naturally also some gnats, but these gnats also is not very affable, each movement flexibility, moreover degree probably quick, drills in these insect pile. These insects are also colorful, various colors have, understood at a glance that has deadly poison, this makes the heart of Zhao Hai cannot help but downward sink, the quantity of that snake has sufficed many, but the quantities of these insects are more than quantity of snake.

At this time, walked in forefront these Magic Beast like Old Mouse, arrived outside the castle moat to pay near, these Old Mouse type thing, will swim obviously, their immediately ran in the moat, but the water flash of moat turned into the green unexpectedly. Zhao Hai complexion is an ugliness, why he finally in understand this moat does not have the fish now, these poisonous Old Mouse take a bath in the river, in this river can also have the fish to blame. Merine arrives at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, goes back, the Magic Beast quantity are too many, we could not cope.” Zhao Hai nodded, looked at one toward the mountain on, presently on the mountain also has Magic Beast to come out, what this coming out is Magic Beast like alligator, fights is also very big, color also very bright, but in these alligator Magic Beast middle, but also is mixing with some Bone. Good, looks like in Zhao Hai, is Bone, Bone that some can move, some people, have the beast, has in a big way, has to be small, what Bone has, moreover mountain Bone on slowly are getting more and more. Merine pulling Zhao Hai said : Young Master, walked at this time.” Zhao Hai nodded, suddenly felt these Magic Beast sky probably were black, Zhao Hai puzzled looked toward sky, Magic Beast that now these Magic Beast sky, don’t know, erect one crowd can fly, these Magic Beast had some flying was not very high, was flight some insect class Magic Beast, flying high of some, were Magic Beast of some bird, Zhao Hai this is the discolorations, had to line Magic Beast, that must carry on the castle on to be too simple. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback nod said : walks quickly, has flight Magic Beast, in we must go to the fort to receive these slaves, otherwise on evening.” Merine also saw, her immediately/on horseback said loudly: „In Blockhead, returns to fort quickly, making these slaves enter the room.” Blockhead has complied with one slowly, body dodged yellow radiance, one was quicker, speedily ran toward in fort. But Stone actually anti- Zhao Hai, ran at this time toward in fort, but also used Battle Qi in him well, although was quick, but was very steady, has not let the Zhao Hai bad crime. On Merine is flashing water blue radiance, is not slower than Stone, Meg say nothing , the body was dodging cyan radiance, compared with Stone must quickly.