Chapter 37 Enters Space Fortunately this castle is not very big, Stone has spent very fast, during several breath, Zhao Hai they entered in the room of main fort. originally not big room, because entered too many people all of a sudden, appears very crowded, but fortunately, does not have appears any confusion. These slave also very clear, if now is not obedient, possibly waited for that their results died, therefore they very honest entered the room under the arrangement of Blockhead. Zhao Hai enters the room, immediately/on horseback to Merine their several people of said : Merine Grandma, in your advanced Space, meets these slaves to enter the Space words, you arrange their, after letting they arrived in Space, do not run all over the place, Blockhead, Stone, defends the entrance, Meg, the chrysanthemum, secure, organizing everyone/Great Clan to enter Space.” The chrysanthemum and secure have not come in Space, therefore Zhao Hai makes the Meg gang take the organizer, the chrysanthemum and secure assist him, but made Merine enter in Space to go to to settle down good just to enter these people in Space, Stone and Blockhead in in front of the door stand guard of main fort house, to prevent these Magic Beast suddenly to kill. The Zhao Hai side on appears a cave entrance, this cave entrance these slaves was not then strange, when is the Zhao Hai improvement land appears cave entrance. Zhao Hai is not does not think that all takes in these people Space, but he wants actually unable to achieve, he presently he must receive these slaves time, Space actually had not responded that this makes Zhao Hai cannot help but be startled. However was good because of him in the time of receiving Merine going, Space immediately had the response, Merine one on appears in Space, this also made Zhao Hai feel relieved that finally he has to let Space in here appears cave entrance type thing, had a look whether to make these slaves go. These slaves are some fears, where don’t know Zhao Hai must make them go, but they looked that Merine has gone, knows that Zhao Hai will not harm them, immediately under the organization of Meg, entered that cave entrance slowly. At this time outwork there has heard the intermittent Magic Beast whooshing sound, the iron gate of castle is also hit thump the straight sound, Merine there organization was quicker, was good is very big because of the cave entrance that Zhao Hai these time made, enough four people parallel, these slaves can stand the platoon to enter to Space.

Before long these slaves all entered in Space, Meg and chrysanthemum also had secure also to go , the intention of Zhao Hai moved, he with Blockhead and Stone together appears in Space. These just entered to the Space slave, around somewhat scared look at, Zhao Hai has not actually managed them, his present radish was mature, but he does not have the time to gather now, he stands in Space, listened loudly to these slave said :, here was my Space, did not want casual walking in here, now finds the place to sit, the attention, do not step on the doing thing to place.” Fortunately, this Space besides farming, some open areas, these open areas was unable to plant, Zhao Hai tries to turn there with the small shovel, finally with is the same in the game, in that place did not respond. These slave although not understand this Space what's the matter, but is obedient sat, Zhao Hai looked at these slave one eyes, turns the head to Merine said : Merine Grandma, a while I put out some spatial cups, you give them to get down, if who wants to drink water, makes them go to spring water there to drink, in putting out some quilts, making them front under the body sits.” Said that arrives around Warehouse, intention moves, Warehouse in front of the door appears big pile of cups, these cups are some wooden drinking glasses, very cheap that one type of, is Green they give these slaves to buy specially. These slaves divided such cup, because the matter is urgent, therefore they have not taken to bring in their thing, now can only give them one. Merine immediately is leading Meg their several, these cups, then Zhao Hai has put out many quilts, the shop on the ground, making these slaves live above. After completing these, Zhao Hai has put out several straw mats, these straw mat these slaves just composed, just conveniently took in Space by Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai puts out these straw mats, does not sit to these slaves uses, moreover must construct, more than 100 people that the side uses enter the Space city, whom is difficult to guarantee to go to the bathroom, in Space currently has the male to have the female, if no thing to keep off, is is not very really convenient. Was good they have bought some plates because of initially Green, these plank although were not many, but took to construct two side institutes enough to use. Blockhead and Stone, are getting several male slaves, in the thatched roofed hut and Warehouse behind, kept off the a piece place with the straw mat separately, thatched roofed hut behind has worked as the female side institute, behind Warehouse was the male side institute. After waiting for these to finish, Zhao Hai they relaxed, Zhao Hai also immediately received the radish, then immediately/on horseback has planted a season.

In order to let the mood stabilities of these slaves, Zhao Hai gave them to divide a big radish specially, making them eat, must say that the flavor of this turnip also was really good, sweet, brought hotly, but more than 100 individuals, together ate the radish, that scene was also magnificent enough. These slaves to are happy that very eats, they passed through Merine their saying to know that originally this unexpectedly was the Magic vegetables, before they do not say have eaten, even if were looked that was first time saw, a person cautiously was eating, has regarded the peerless delicacy the radish. Is good is stable to the present because of the mood of these slaves, in the Zhao Hai returned to sloppy house, these days, he has almost not entered in the room in thatched roofed hut, the there surface does not have no thing in any case, although has a screen, but actually can only enter the store, but Zhao Hai must buy thing simply not to use the store, therefore has not entered the room. How however in this room to say , the bed, Zhao Hai wants in bed good good rest, just this tossing about, but gave tired unbearable him. Space area although is very big, but this small thatched roofed hut is very small, only suffices to rest a person, naturally, table there has also been able to sit several people, but believes that there sits, outside did not have comfortable. although Zhao Hai wishes one could now on sleeping well, but also knows that now is not the time, after he entered the thatched-roofed hut, their several people called Merine, only keeps the chrysanthemum and settles look at these slaves. Merine they are sizing up this grass level curiously, will look at one not to see any positive result, finally has honest sitting to the stool on. Zhao Hai stands in the room said : what situation outside the present is we returns don’t know, only hoped these Magic Beast to be able in earlier returned to Swamp, but we if also prepared for the long-term life in here, in several hours, the corn had been mature, in adding on these grain that took to bring from outside, ate was not a problem, after waiting for the corn maturely, this firewood is not a problem, but if always makes these slaves idle, feared that the line, Merine Grandma, what you didn't have good means?” Merine thinks that shook the head said : in Space such big place, the land did not need them to cultivate, but also does not have what good means, Young Master, how do you see?” Zhao Hai in the room transfers several said : had just come, I the book in study room received in Space, Merine Grandma, or you teach these slaves to recognize are literate, our Buda Family wants to unfold, only depends on our several people are incorrect, these slaves believe also will not double-cross us, making them recognize some characters, will be perhaps useful in the future.” Merine one hear of Zhao Hai said that happy nod said : good, Young Master this idea is good, happen to now in Space nothing, making them recognize some characters, in the future will certainly have in a big way uses, presses the office that Young Master said.”

Zhao Hai nodded, the hand wields, book appears in study room in his front, some papers and pens and so on thing, Zhao Hai has referred to these thing to Merine said : Merine Grandma, you have a look to want, must teach them that book.” Merine carefully read these books, has put out said : from the middle Young Master, this.” Zhao Hai looked that what Merine takes is a miscellany, moreover is a on the other hand very simple miscellany, the book title called «Aksu Empire Travel notes», Zhao Hai nodded, then said : does not need to make them study now, they just came , but also was somewhat still shaken, making them rest in study.” Merine nodded, looked at face weary look Zhao Hai said : Young Master, you also well rest, we exited.” Zhao Hai also knows that this room is too small, not suitable they rest, must nod said : well, I have put out several bed quilts, in Warehouse there, Merine Grandma, you, if rests outside, remembers that must spread some.” Merine nodded, leading Meg their several people to leave the thatched-roofed hut, Blockhead kept the entrance of thatched-roofed hut with Stone, one on the left and other on the right, is similar to door-god same standing in there. Merine has not cared, she has arrived at these slaves, looked at one to sit in there does not know the place that the slave who did not know what to do, deep voice said : our everyone/Great Clan is at now, was Young Master Magic Space, listened to Young Master in here all, now outside Magic Beast and Undead Creature, feared that has attacked the castle, only then here was safe, therefore you must be obedient, will otherwise Zhao Hai expel Space him, understand?” These slave immediately/on horseback have stood, with one voice said : understand.” This also trained in slave Merchant there, any slave Merchant, after obtaining some slaves, will carry on some simple trainings, will then buy him, the corps, counted off, replied, worshipped on bended knees, kowtows, these were simplest, therefore these slaves have formed the one type of conditioned reflex. Merine nodded said : today you have also done much lived, was frightened, Young Master said that you were also tired, can rest well, was good, rests, has remembered the position of restroom, do not run all over the place, the Young Master room cannot approach, can't paw thing in Space, understand?” These slaves simultaneously has complied with one.