Chapter 38 Being literate Outside the thatched roofed hut looked unfamiliar any matter, Zhao Hai has not wanted to know that he believes Merine they will process, now Zhao Hai is very tired, he only wants sleeping well. Put out a bed bedding to spread on the bed from Warehouse, Zhao Hai immediately lay down on the bed, few minutes he has fallen asleep, he was really too tired, because this body drank the Water of Nothingness reason, so long as the amount of exercise, he will unable to bear greatly, do not say today such intense situation. Thatched-roofed hut outside these slaves have also rested, has such rest opportunity rarely, they naturally cannot say anything, in addition what on spreads is the soft quilt, during this may compared with hay much better, entire Space fall into one piece to be peaceful before long, stood in in front of the door Zhao Hai guarded the door sits the ground to nap to Stone and Blockhead that. After two hours, Merine they woke, before Merine has arrived at the thatched-roofed hut quietly, opened the door to look at Zhao Hai one, presently Zhao Hai rests just soundly, she closing of quietly, looked at these slaves, presently do their some people awoke, were sitting in there don’t know do. Merine although can teach them to be literate, but she does not have to teach now, if she teaches these people literate, that obtains the sound, she does not want to awaken by noise Zhao Hai. However Merine noted, before her sleeping, these radishes that planted emerged unexpectedly, this made Merine feel that being startled, she first time noticed how plants in Space grew, this was also too quick. Merine could not bear squat in edge look at these just the radish seedling of grow out, these Little seedlings long ten points sturdy, the condition of land also very good, understood at a glance health. Also with Merine makes the same movement has Meg, Meg squats in Merine side, in a low voice to Merine said : Grandma, this Magic Radish such quickly on bud? I listened to others saying that the Magic vegetables were very difficult type, so to be how simple in here?” Merine showed a faint smile said : Young Master already to tell me, planted to make the thing in this Space, mature time big reduction, but I have not thought that can be such short.”

Magic Radish that you said that called the radish in my Space, was in Space most low grade doing thing, every eight hours on mature season.” Sound long transmitting of Zhao Hai. Merine and Meg stare, turning the head looked that Zhao Hai came out, to stand in their, Merine being busy stood got up said : Young Master, what you said was real? Can this Magic Radish eight hours really the mature season?” Did Zhao Hai nod, refers to one side growing ear of grain corn said : to see these corn? Corn in Space be higher than the radish depending on price, from the planter to the maturity, takes 14 hours.” Merine they cannot help but followed the direction of Zhao Hai finger to look, now the corn is also at the growth period, the leaf was much greener, looked like long such being strong. Zhao Hai turned the head „the grain in present Space to Merine said : enough to eat, we best to stay in Space are exiting some time, avoid after exiting, was meeting these Magic Beast.” Merine nodded said : is, right that Young Master said that in Space does not worry about food now, will not rain, everyone/Great Clan is on the floor outside, lives in several days not to have anything in here.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to look at one, these awoke, has stood, respectful look at his slave, sighed said : Merine Grandma, a while you taught them to be literate, I we constructed several marching stoves with Blockhead, a while was used to prepare food.” This more than 100 people eat meal, this food is not good to do, although Zhao Hai received in the commodity in Warehouse Space, but wants for the food and drinks of these people, he must build up large pan to come, in Space does not have no thing, can only construct a simple point marching stove. Merine looked at these slave said : Young Master, makes them do, does not miss a little time in any case, you took to be good thing, that can any matter make you begin.” Zhao Hai looked at these slave one eyes, must nod, if he makes these slaves write in the there study now, he in the here Construction Bank armed forces stove, feared that is these slaves is frightened, instead could not learn to a character.

Merine looks at Zhao Hai to nod, this immediately organization people start to dig the stove, good Zhao Hai put in all commodities in castle Warehouse Space Warehouse, now they to do not lack the tool. More than 100 eat meal personally, actually the marching stove does not need to dig are too many, only then about ten have been OK, but pot that they use, is under one type of is bringing the field cauldron of support, this type of pot is also Green their initially specially elects, they know that they must come here, therefore has prepared many such iron pan \; first, in they come on the here road to use, two give these slave to use. Actually many slave-owners, use such marching stove, because this type of marching stove is simplest, no matter these slaves work to there, so long as finds two people to lift this pot, may in prepare food in the working place directly, this has saved a lot of time. Ten marching stoves put up quickly, but also has more than enough now, after Zhao Hai must wait till the corn maturely, in Space the having a temperature material, otherwise, they can only burn these lumber that bought, but these lumber good thing, if burnt has been a pity. Now Zhao Hai their anything lacks, moreover when don’t know Green comes back, after he comes back, they can exit to sell the in hand radish, changes into gold coins, then can buy lumber anything, now their in hand these lumber, are they are only, Zhao Hai does not want such to waste. Zhao Hai looked at a bottom carriage good marching stove, nodded, looked at these slaves, this turns the head to Merine said : Merine Grandma, now these corn also two hours can be mature, these days, you teach everyone/Great Clan to recognize some characters, I go to the room to rest.” Merine nodded, Zhao Hai then walks toward room, Merine look at Zhao Hai entered the room, this everyone/Great Clan do not worry to these slave said :, in having about two hours, these corn were mature, when the time comes can eat meal, in this two hours time, everyone/Great Clan must study to be literate with me......” Has not waited for her saying that these slaves humming sound, the slave could not be literate, this is a general knowledge on Continent, does not have that slave-owner, will teach the slave to be literate, therefore regarding the slave, is literate, is a very sacred matter, now hears Merine to teach them to be literate, all slaves feel being startled. Merine deep voice said : peaceful.” These slave immediately peaceful, each and every one one face excited look at Merine, Merine said : our Buda Family is then different from general Noble, Young Master is a benevolent person, just I obtained the agreement of Young Master, character that good that if who in the process of study understanding, studies, recognizes are many, Young Master can avoid his slavery, listened to understand?”

These these slaves were more excited, Zhao Hai can make him teach them to be literate was good, now actually said that good that so long as they study, can make them commoner, this regarding these slaves, is world falls in the cake simply, then others also told you, so long as you ate, I gave back to your bonus to be the same, on that looked for such good deed to go. Merine look at their appearances, then said : „, because the present condition has presently, therefore I can only teach everyone/Great Clan to recognize some simple characters, in this two hours time, I only teach everyone/Great Clan to recognize ten characters, but will call on you to read will write.” Said that has taken up several white papers, has put out the writing brush, has inscribed a character on each white paper, and teaches these person of this characters to read anything, writes. Now they do not have the blackboard, can only write to teach these people with the white paper on, because the person are too many, therefore on each white paper, only has written a character, such character is big enough, even if sits to the following person can also be able to see. Meg has followed in the Merine side, look at these people in these earnest studies, these also include the chrysanthemum and secure. Before chrysanthemum and secure, although is commoner, can go to school, but in their family may not have money to go to the teaching fee, therefore they had not gone to school, now has such opportunity, how they possibly let off. Before Meg , went to the Empire school, but she goes is the Noble schools, she presently these slaves' in these students with school complete is different, these Noble students in school, going to school to regard are one type of suffer, going to school time does not have the spirit very much, is the time of finishing class, serious of each and every one happy, wishes one could to play at home daily is good, before Adam was such person. However these slave actually completely different, these slaves in being literate, each and every one facial expression very excited, very dedicated, is very afraid oneself unable to remember, thing that because in hand cannot write, they are delimiting on the ground with the finger, that earnest strength, making Meg deeply to be moved. Blockhead and Stone also look at these people, before their, although is not very intelligent, because is the reason of Buda Family adoption, therefore has also recognized the character, but initially they are literate, may not have these slaves to be so earnest \; first, because they are young \; second, because they are not very intelligent, a character must learn the several times ability to remember, three are because must come was too easy. Obtains is too easy, often treasures on don’t know, they are so, initially they with the character that Adam together recognizes, Adam is in itself not an intelligent person, although is more intelligent than them, but Adam actually very does not like being literate, therefore is also each character must recognize good several times to be able learn, this is happen to same as them, such two talented people exempt recognized the character entire, now they straightened out, was intelligent, the appearance that looked at these slaves, they cannot help but somewhat were ashamed. Merine naturally also saw this point, her suddenly understand, the decision of Zhao Hai how correct, these slaves do not know the character, does not have the culture, this is they want to be Buda strives, because also the ability cannot add on too big busy limitedly, so long as they have recognized the character, after them, to Buda Family help even bigger, but now Buda Family just needs person in each Clan, wields they biggest strength to help Clan, such Buda Family can promote. Therefore she teaches very earnest.