Chapter 39 New function Zhao Hai what kind of that pays attention to Merine they to teach, Zhao Hai has not known that Merine they will not disappoint him, said it Merine is 8th level big Magician, like Magician, in Aksu Empire that few student, Merine also has several students, but afterward when went to war with the Adam father died in battle. Therefore Merine very much has teaching experience, was taught these slaves by her it would be the best, but Zhao Hai now headache was the eating meal issues of these slaves. Yes, so long as waited till the corn to be mature, they had the firewood, in Warehouse also had the rice flour, did not worry about food, but Zhao Hai has actually thought an issue, after this has burnt down, certainly will have the smoke, but Space here altogether such big place, if the smoke could not arrange, sooner or later will keep in Space, that was not the good deed. What Zhao Hai most fears, what to do if these smoke caused the pollution to Space, but these words cannot say that can't make these slaves eat the radish daily? Only can make them prepare food to give a try first, number of times that if really the incorrect words, completely the reduction of principle prepares food, when the person can leave from Space time, in trying to find the solution arranges the smoke in Space. However Zhao Hai also has another worry place, is outside situation, now his don’t know outside castle how, if by these Magic Beast destroying, after them exited, feared that is the place that links did not have, that is more troublesome. Transferred several in the room, Zhao Hai has not thought of the means that has to arrive at the head obviously screen there, now obviously the screen has not opened, looked like black. How Zhao Hai also don’t know must turn on this display monitor, must said : open in a soft voice.” A display monitor response does not have, Zhao Hai then felt embarrassed, on this display monitor the obvious switch had not symbolized how he also real don’t know must handle. Zhao Hai must put out a hand to trace that display monitor, but has not thought that his hand bumped into the display monitor, the display monitor one has shone, then in Space various types of tools and stores, Warehouse symbol appears on screen. This to was makes Zhao Hai stare, he remembers previous time turned on this screen time, above only then a symbol of store, was an synopsis of Farm, has not thought that icon on this screen to were many. Zhao Hai has not cared, thing on this screen, he can with his head control easily, look that this above thing did not have what to will.

Simultaneously the Zhao Hai preparation the screen closes, his suddenly notes an icon, this icon is not in Farm any one type of thing, instead to a symbol like camera. Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked, if this sign appears on computer, that does not have anything to have strangely, but this sign appears somewhat had to feel strange on this screen. Zhao Hai has gawked, has selected that icon, he to wants to have a look at this icon is any thing, his finger just bumped into that icon, that icon immediately leaves a white light, shot on the forehead of Zhao Hai, in head of Zhao Hai one were many many information. The information that because entry are too many, Zhao Hai has to close the eye, lay down on the bed, digestion well one these information. Some little time Zhao Hai digests all information, this opens eye discontented said : is not monitor same thing, writes is so wordy.” Why Zhao Hai finally understand that icon is, that icon is place that because Zhao Hai goes to were many appears , it can be said that is similar to monitor same thing, but he is bigger than the monitor range, because now Space level is too low, he can only monitor Zhao Hai to enter thing within Space that position surrounding 100 meters, in other words, where Zhao Hai from enters Space, he can see him to enter Space that place on the monitor, the surrounding area all thing within 100 meters, along with the promotion of Space level, the range that he sees can also getting bigger and bigger. This to is really was just sleepy some people to deliver the pillow, how Zhao Hai to know outside situation worried that on appears such thing, happen to have solved the urgent matter of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai immediately sat from the bed, has arrived around the screen, has bumped the screen with the hand, screen immediately has shone, then Zhao Hai has selected that camera same symbol, then the scene on screen trades, on computer suddenly in appears a three-dimensional hologram castle image, Under the image of this castle also the proportion, concentrated on 100 meters Fang Yuan picture this not big screen. Zhao Hai presently on that three dimensional computer, is having many green dot to move in the shade of keeping, Zhao Hai cannot help but green selected there to select toward one, screen flashes, was similar to the scene quick advancement is then same, among in the blink of an eye big Old Mouse same Magic Beast on appears on screen, this big Old Mouse type Magic Beast shifty-eyed look at in all directions, but Zhao Hai also to the present present, this big Old Mouse type of Magic Beast stood in the living room in castle, in this big Old Mouse side was putting one pile of rotten Blockhead, looked from that Blockhead texture, Placed the sand in living room. Zhao Hai carefully looked on the screen, now screen that three dimensional hologram of top left-hand corner also most from the beginning appears , Zhao Hai also almost knows how this thing has used, he used the hand to select that hologram, on the screen immediately/on horseback restored to that three dimensional hologram appearance, above had many green in rocking. Zhao Hai considered as finished understand, that green point represented was not Magic Beast is Undead Creature, Zhao Hai has selected the position of living room, this time he has not selected that green , a picture revolution, on the screen appears the situation in entire living room, in the living room has been standing now two big Old Mouse type Magic Beast, one on was that just Zhao Hai saw only, in addition one only one side is only gnawing the sand, the sand in living room, small table and so on thing, already all destroyed was clean, there are several sands to vanish, seemed like is given by these Old Mouse. Gnawed.

Zhao Hai look at these big Old Mouse, finger has no intention has paddled on the screen, finally the picture is actually one revolution, one changed to by a living room room. Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought that this thing can also use such, unexpectedly only to need with the finger to paddle unexpectedly on the screen can transform scene, this on monitor compared with Earth is probably easy-to-use. The finger of Zhao Hai the above of numerous screen downward have delimited , the scene on screen changed to courtyard, now in courtyard to is very lively, Undead Creature, all kinds of Magic Beast, toss about in courtyard, the straw mat that these composed or does not have the hay, by these thing tossing about entire courtyard is. Saw that here Zhao Hai cannot help but sighed, has closed the screen, now outside knows the Magic Beast world, cannot anxiously. In this time, among suddenly Space prompt in one time is transmitting said : corn to be mature, please as soon as possible gather.” walked out of Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback from the room, presently Merine they are attending class in there, but now their appearance somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai has not cared, he knows that these people also heard this Space prompt sound, he has not managed well some people, but said : gathers the corn in a soft voice, the corn stalk, the corn and corn kernel gathers separatedly.” His voice just fell, that received thing basket immediately to fly, in corn also likely blue child flew, before long the corn of two mu place received. although these slaves had seen Zhao Hai received a radish, but looks at Zhao Hai to receive the corn now, felt being startled. When Zhao Hai received the corn, immediately took the corn stalk and corn, has put side of marching stove, has put out the some rice dough making, this in one time has planted the corn on the ground. The meaning of Merine also understand Zhao Hai, now they can prepare food, she receives the paper that these had written, was good to these slave said :, everyone/Great Clan prepares food to eat, waits to eat meal we in study.” The paper that look at Merine that these slave some do not abandon receives, regarding them, can learn to write, this is more important than anything, do not say being unpalatable a while food, even if makes them not eat meal today, they will not have any meaning.

Zhao Hai also really don’t know these slave normally eat anything, what this several days has actually eaten is the bread, this also lets Zhao Hai a little ate to be tired of the feeling. However now in Space may not have oven, is impossible to bake the bread, Zhao Hai also really wants to have a look, Merine will make anything to eat to him today. Really, Merine looks at thing that Zhao Hai took, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, but must put out vegetables, ham, fruit oil.” Zhao Hai immediately wanted thing of forest to take the plum, Merine also had the fruit oil to leave these slaves these meter and some vegetables, but she was taking the surface, some fruit oil, the vegetables and ham entered the thatched-roofed hut, he can remember that in the Zhao Hai thatched-roofed hut the kitchen, inside has plenty kitchenware she has not seen. Zhao Hai also real don’t know Merine must make anything, he also entered the room with Merine, when Merine kneads dough from the beginning, Zhao Hai on almost understand, Merine possibly wanted the wheat pancake. one type of food that the cake or Zhao Hai quite like eating, he has not been staying in the room, he cannot help in any case, turned the head the room. This room he to was shocked, he thinks these slaves in making the rice, but now looks like actually complete is not that a matter, these slaves are igniting a pot, then but actually arrives in the fruit oil the pot, then put the rice has gone to start to fry, looks at the Zhao Hai scalp hemp, he also first time noticed that some people ate the rice like this. Meg they to do not feel probably surprised, but prepares food in there in one side look at these people, Zhao Hai looked at several people of appearances on understand, their here person often such ate certainly the rice, therefore Meg they did not have any surprised performance.