The fourth chapter Spatial Farm() „The Spatial Farm procedure starts, the connected networks, the network is joining successfully, the procedure is normal, presently Host, inspects the Host situation, Host all normally, with Host binding, your current level is 1st level, the system rewards five hundred gold coins, six bags of forage grass seed, each bag can plant land one mu, you existing reclaimed land a piece, area is ten mu, the level zero order, you can purchase seed that oneself need in the store, and buys up the store the fruit of harvest, received exchange for gold coins, as a result of the network fault, you can enter Farm freely, you can only contact with the main engine, is unable to contact with any good friend, brings to you. Inconvenient, please forgive.” Zhao Hai silly standing in there, he felt that he is having a dream to be the same probably, all appear such is not real. However he just truly heard this sound, if on Earth, Zhao Hai will not believe these, thinks at most is who is making the play wickedly, however is different in here, passed through this matter to make him catch up continually, he also had anything not to believe. said : of Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback in own brain enters Farm.” Just said that he thought at present a flower, in looks, he already not in own castle, but in a stretch of open area, this stretch of open area was very big, about ten mu, have opened up wasteland, was also inserting a brand-new shovel in the edge, in side of land, small spring, near the spring was putting a bucket, there is a within small thatched roofed hut, the thatched roofed hut the left was putting a made of grass kennel, under the window of thatched-roofed hut, was putting two jars, on writes the insect disinfestation, in addition one. On writes the weeding, in side of two jars, but also is putting basket, the basket sub- above writes one to receive the character, in the right of thatched-roofed hut, a smaller thatched-roofed hut, above is hanging a warehouse character, except for these, all around is thick fog, anything cannot see clearly, he can see clearly, only then this thatched roofed hut and that stretch of open area. This situation Zhao Hai was too familiar, besides not having background, here is he most familiar game, the Farm game! Different from other these game nerd, Zhao Hai likes reading, reads the novel, writes the novel, although only obtains some meager payments for published piece, but he actually enjoys, moreover heavy does not play the game. Then comes some friends to introduce that Zhao Hai has played the Farm game, this game does not need you to spend the too much time, moreover operate is simple, therefore Zhao Hai has also insisted has played, now his Farm level is second ten 7th level, although is not too high, but actually opened up own place, moreover opened Ranch, was playing. But clears the people of Farm game to know most from the beginning that the system will give you free a scene, the thatched roofed hut, then scene is the same with the scene that present Zhao Hai saw, stated differently, Zhao Hai came to see through computer at that time, but now actually sees in this Space.

Zhao Hai look at all these, his really don’t know wants any good, cannot bear squat, has worked on earth of ground. However when he works on the earth, sound suddenly resounds in his brain: Spatial soil, 1st level, has opened up wasteland, can plant agricultural crops, enhances the crops mature time, ten times, may carry over the Space use, may improve outside Space the land.” Zhao Hai has gawked, then one happy, he to is too few, now is just right, his immediately/on horseback that this Space knows ran up to by spring water, has traced spring water with the hand, really the prompt sound in time resounds: Spatial Spring Water, 1st level, can drink, has the effect of improvement human body, can irrigate, enhances the crops mature time, ten times, may carry over the Space use, may improve outside Space the land.” Zhao Hai by this sudden good deed pounding fainted, his hand extends in spring water, two eyes delay he he is laughing foolishly, forgot to take unexpectedly including the hand. Some little time, Zhao Hai has stood, laughs said : clever heaven, has not thought really that you so are unexpectedly natural to me, HaHaHa, good, good, fantastic.” Zhao Hai very clear, he arrived at Ark Continent here, turned into one not to be impossible to study any Magic with the Battle Qi person, then his was doomed his entire life ordinary, Adam enmity impossible bulletin, but there is this Space not to be different, even if were he cannot revenge, can make Buda Family exist, making Buda Family prosperous, this was also reaches to the Adam one type of report. Some little time Zhao Hai calm gets down, he ran up to by the shovel of edge first, he wants to have a look, in this shovel also looks like plays is so mysterious. When his hand bumps into the shovel, the prompt sound in time resounds shovel, the tool, 1st level, but turns the soil automatically, the operating time, ten mu / everyday, may carry over the Space use.” Zhao Hai in one time has smiled, then he has arrived at the bucket, touched under the bucket, the prompt sound in one time has transmitted: Bucket, tool, 1st level, but automatic is the land irrigation, the operating time, ten mu / everyday, may carry over the Space use.” Pesticide, the agricultural chemicals, have toxicity, 1st level, but kills the harmful insect automatically, forbids edible, may carry over Space infinitely, dosage /.”

Herbicide, the agricultural chemicals, have toxicity, 1st level, but kills the weed automatically, forbids edible, may carry over Space infinitely, dosage / Basket, tool, 1st level, but gathers the fruit food automatically, the operating time, ten mu / everyday, may carry over the Space use, the harvest obtained, puts in Warehouse automatically.” Outside thing after by room completely was good the understanding, Zhao Hai understand, here was similar to that Space of game, but is not quite same, but here is for him more appropriate. Zhao Hai was in the excited mood to enter the thatched-roofed hut, this thatched-roofed hut was not big, however inside thing actually very entire, a wooden bed, above was spreading the hay, a table, four chairs, a cabinet, one set of furnace and furnace accessories, the tableware of one set, what most important was, in head there unexpectedly also computer type thing, but had a display monitor. Zhao Hai half step has arrived around the display monitor, presently the display monitor is shining, above only then two icons, in an icon write the store, in another icon writes the Farm synopsis. Zhao Hai selected the Farm synopsis hastily, he wants to know really why he will have such Farm, this Farm what's the matter. The hand of Zhao Hai bumps into the icon of Farm synopsis, that icon immediately/on horseback has made a white light, has shot his head, in brain of Zhao Hai suddenly one were many much information, some little time, he has digested these information, how also guesses correctly this Farm to come probably. Zhao Hai before arriving at this world, is playing computer, moreover in playing own Farm game, but the don’t know anything reason, his suddenly arrived at here, but that Farm game also arrived at here with him, possibly in the process of crossing over, Farm lived variation, has preserved unexpectedly the original function, moreover was more formidable, this Farm have become a system, but this system has also bound with Zhao Hai. Also in other words, Zhao Hai although cannot relate on the computer main engine to Earth through this Farm, but can use all functions in this Farm at will, including that store, he can buy thing with gold coins in the store, thing that can also harvest oneself buys for the store, he can bring thing in Farm to outside, can take to bring outside thing, all take his will as the standard. However now Farm just 1st level, many functions did not have the means to use, if to Advanced level, he has even been able to clear Ranch, moreover can section expanded own land, unable to expand to any degree, simply does not have the lower limit, but Farm wants Level Up, can through turning plants, watering, or insect disinfestation anything trades the experience, Level Up slowly, can take to bring in Space related thing outside, Space can through these thing, not evolution, thus Level Up, in other words, Zhao Hai can take to bring in some Ark Continent special products from outside, increases Space Item or the species quantity, Lets Space Level Up, said simply that Zhao Hai obtained going against heaven's will cheating.

Zhao Hai only wants to laugh now three, Space that had this person of going against heaven's will, he wants to reach is not the difficult matter, moreover must be Adam and Buda Family revenges is not impossible, a bold plan took shape in the brain of Zhao Hai. One can the Space earth and Spatial Water improves the Black Wasteland here land, like this had incomparably gigantic Farm on the equal to commission, so long as here unfolds, oneself can recruit more troops, becomes a region's tyrant, when the time comes can be Buda Family revenges...... Some little time Zhao Hai recovers, shaking the head of gently, laughed in one's heart was too far, now did not have one to cast aside caret-shaped, here that oneself thought understood first was clear is saying. Is thinking Zhao Hai while selected to write that icon of store conveniently, prompt sound immediately/on horseback resounded: Welcome to Spatial Shop, what thing do you want to buy?” Zhao Hai looked at a screen, above is displaying on Earth some agricultural crops pictures, below writes the price also to have level, Zhao Hai knows that this is certainly same as the game, he was not looking, has closed the store page, this four have sized up. Finally before arriving at that cabinet, he believes that this cabinet certainly is not the ornaments, but disappointed him, he touched the cabinet, did not have no prompt sound, Zhao Hai to stare, turned on the cabinet, presently inside is putting three types of thing, a cloth pocket, a head carved the prosopon sample short Staff, a head carved short Staff that the grass shape installed, saw these, Zhao Hai almost knows why they were. He took up that cloth pocket first, the prompt sound in time has really transmitted: Purse, may install gold coins, the quantity does not limit, existing gold coins number, 500, because your level is too low, gold coins is unable to carry over Space.” Zhao Hai has gawked, then one happy, the although prompt sound is very short, but he listened to understand many thing, this purse unexpectedly thing like Space Bag, but can only install gold coins probably, but this was not the Zhao Hai attention, what he paid attention was behind that as a result and other low level, gold coins cannot carry over Space, that said that when his level was high, can he gold coins use of belt in Space to outside? Day that must really be the words that wants, that fantastic.