Chapter 40 Rice Zhao Hai that depressed that he is the first time saw that some people such eat the rice, this meter although not like rice, but is also similar, thinks that is white and fragrant big rice, was made into this appearance, Zhao Hai felt one must collapse. His understand why Merine did not make the rice to eat to him, feared that is these person of simply will not make the rice, rice that if came out like this wonderfully, will not be certainly delicious, therefore on Continent only gave the slave to eat this type of rice. Happen to saw that brick kitchen stove there just the point was also on fire, has not put the oil, Zhao Hai cannot be bearing Deng, immediately/on horseback walked, female slave said : that the alignment preparation drains the oil wait a minute, first do not drain the oil.” That female slave looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, but also thinks that she made mistakes, immediately knelt has gotten down said : to ask Master to punish.” This to Zhao Hai making, but his also immediately/on horseback recovers, shook the head said : do not punish you, you right, listen now my, first do not drain the oil toward the pot, you used the trough to wash this rice, I thought the appearance of this pot, can install a such trough rice probably, you rice washing well, in exited the water cleanly but actually, then poured into the meter the pot.” Was saying, Zhao Hai while has put out a brass basin. That female slave also don’t know Zhao Hai must do, but she was immediately received the Zhao Hai in hand big brass basin, installed to put rice in pot, goes to near spring water to wash well, then took carry back the rice, has poured into the pot. Zhao Hai said : in this brass basin just had then installed the most below rice, you go in putting and rice equally much water, arrives in the water the pot but actually.” That female slave is obedient went, has put trough water, has poured into the pot, Zhao Hai made him put trough water, two trough water have both poured into the pot, the pot has almost filled, Zhao Hai made that slave put one bowl of water, has poured into the pot, this has discovered a big point brass basin from Warehouse, backed off on the pot, then made that female slave light a fire under the pot. Zhao Hai wants to make rice to them, this makes the rice is actually very simple, before Zhao Hai on Earth, oneself lived, therefore he to making the rice was very adept, this meter with the proportion of water, was almost 1 : 2, one jin (0.5 kg) rice, put two jin (0.5 kg) water almost, but this type of pot, must put some water likely, because following direct on was the firewood and water, this fire comparison was hard, therefore Zhao Hai specially has put bowl water many, moreover had not been used the rice by a that female slave, was only uses the steady fire. Pot getting down fever. Meg they look at Zhao Hai probably, they also the water used had boiled the rice before, but at that time, they regarded the one type of vegetables to use the rice, is an ingredient of soup, is not the rice, what therefore her has not seen the rice really has been.

This makes the rice in less than the too long time, the food fragrance in pot has braved before long, must know that the rice in road may be some have not all used the agricultural chemicals chemical fertilizer the rice, is the pure organic foods, good that the flavor naturally becomes a stranger. These slaves eat meal, has the bowl, their bowls wooden, everyone one set, besides the pot, everyone is only a wooden ladle, but was also sufficient. Ten person marching stoves, a person of wooden bowl, a wooden spoon, wooden cup, these were the entire fortunes of these slaves, even if were this, these slaves also felt very happy, because before them, these thing did not have continually. In Zhao Hai is staring at that pot rice time, has Merine walked out from the thatched-roofed hut, to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, you, how the kitchenware in this kitchen can actually ignite?” Zhao Hai stares, immediately/on horseback entered the thatched-roofed hut with Merine, he had not cared about the kitchenware in this kitchen before, now looks, my goodness, the kitchenware in this kitchen actually is the electric appliance, the electric rice-cooker, the electricity cake said that the electric pot, all thing are uses electricity, but those who most make Zhao Hai speechless is, these thing electric wires, your actually simply don’t know he links in there, all electric wires turn over to the wall of grass level, has a switch on the pot, in others don't thing. However these thing Zhao Hai may all use, he looks at thing that Merine must make, is speechless, my goodness, Zhao Hai also thinks that Merine wants the wheat pancake, is cooking, does not have think of it, Merine must make that type to put outside cake the stuffing unexpectedly, the pizza. However is very obvious, his pizza the pizza is different from former Zhao Hai has seen, does not have the pizza on Earth to be so attractive, but makes the cake attire the surface, in has put on these vegetables and ham the cake. Zhao Hai that not bears, but he is from China, but on Earth, good food of China is world-famous, to this world, he did not have normally has had a food, today the book thinks that eats the cake, finally was actually this pizza not like the pizza, the cake not like cake thing. However Zhao Hai told Merine the usages of these kitchenwares, these thing all are the electricity, naturally is much more convenient, Merine one hear on learn. Looked that Merine will use these kitchenwares, Zhao Hai did not stay in the kitchen, turn around walked out from the kitchen, the food fragrance of that pot rice at this time Zhao Hai made was also thicker, making the person unable to direct to attract the nose.

Looked at Zhao Hai to come out, Meg immediately/on horseback moved forward to meet somebody, to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, this flavor was really in a low voice fragrant, how did you do?” Does Zhao Hai smile said : you not to see? Is the rice added water, actually this himself has a rice flavor, so long as in addition the right amount of water, has been able to make the fragrant soft delicious rice, this may be more delicious than the direct fried rice, is using the fruit oil and these vegetables, makes soup, can satisfactory eating one, now do compared with them must be much better many.” A Merine face worships look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master to understand real many, is quite great.” Zhao Hai cannot help but blushing, his there understands many, this in China is the matter that everybody know, actually has become to here his merit. Zhao Hai arrived at that to make rice by the marching stove, heard inside sound, felt that should should not be many have been better, he has picked up corn stalk from the ground, has pushed with the corn stalk friendly the brass basin on pot, the brass basin, when fell the ground, one group of steam threw from the pot, Zhao Hai cannot help but toward retreat one step, came out along with this group of steam, richer food fragrance, this flavor was too fragrant, the rice is much more fragrant than on Earth has had Zhao Hai, made that Zhao Hai directed not to live in directing current. Saliva. After the steam diverges, the rice in pot has revealed its truth about the matter finally, this rice not in snow white color like the Zhao Hai imagination, but slightly some yellow, but seems like full of grease, smell is fragrant serious. Zhao Hai could not bear from Warehouse has put out a ladle, abundant one spoon of rice, slowly put the mouth, Meg has wanted to prevent, however moving of Zhao Hai did was too quick, when she wants to prevent, Zhao Hai has put the mouth the rice, Meg they cannot help but was staring at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai felt that a food fragrance of delicate fragrance, one has filled own oral cavity, is chewing the rice, is flexible, fragrant soft delicious, he has cannot help but closed the eye, slowly ate the rice, this opens the eye, looks at these slaves and Meg their look at, Zhao Hai cannot help but somewhat embarrassed said : everyone/Great Clan does not want look at I, eats meal, these meters that if everyone/Great Clan formerly cooked up absolutely were not delicious do not eat, have been making this food to be OK.” These slaves do not have immediately/on horseback to move, Zhao Hai looks to be eager to try, appearance that actually does not dare to move, on understand, because of him in here, therefore these slaves do not dare to act unreasonably, he cannot help but shows a faint smile, turns the head to Meg said : Meg, we enter the room, here also has the rice in any case, if they do not like the rice that eats to fry, made the rice to be good.” Meg was also a smart person, immediately understand the meaning in Zhao Hai words, her immediately/on horseback nodded said : well, Young Master we entered the room to have a look at the Grandma food to do how.”

Zhao Hai cannot help but shows a faint smile, he more and more likes this being with good intention now, the pleasantly warm good miss, their pulling Blockhead and Stone entered the thatched-roofed hut. Outside the chrysanthemum and secure, they do not want to remain taste this rice to be delicious. Looked that Zhao Hai and Meg entered the room, these slave immediately have sphered that marching stove, your my, has had a none remaining large pan rice before long, all people eat while acclaim. When this pot rice has eaten to eat all one's food, these slaves looked at mutually, original these fried rice of immediately in the pot dumped, from washing rice again, prepared food. But first makes the rice in that person of pot, remaining the thick one layer cooked rice crust, they before have actually been possible to come not to see this thing again, slave curious had that cooked rice crust, looked with in hand, smelled, rice fragrance that a little sticks attractive, finally he cannot block the enticement, has nipped one. This gets down, his cannot help but two eyes one bright, fast has nipped second, this is not small as the pot of marching stove, therefore this cooked rice crust is not small, looks like a small shield is the same, a person naturally could not finish eating, that slave has apportioned the surrounding several people the cooked rice crust, this has not waited for the second pot rice to complete, they ate to the full. Zhao Hai and Merine they have lain crack in a door there look at these slaves actually in thatched-roofed hut, looked that they wanted second time to make the rice, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback pushes the door to walk presently comes, everyone/Great Clan made seven pot rice almost to suffice to eat to that slave said : first, the remaining three pots were used to make the soup, when the rice has completed, the soup was also good, everyone/Great Clan can not only had the food, and ate the dish.” As soon as these slaves listened to Zhao Hai saying that knows Zhao Hai continuously in look at they, somewhat cannot help but embarrassed, but immediately has done according to Zhao Hai, they were really admire now to this Master, moreover felt grateful awfully. Some many people when have rice, has cried, they have not eaten to have been to such good things to eat for a lifetime, do not say them, even if their family members has not eaten such good things to eat, they were really too excited.