Chapter 41 Pledge These slaves are not the stupid people, moreover they almost each one will prepare food, before they when other slave-owner hands, every time to eating meal time, slave-owner under the hand/subordinate these supervisors, from their teams casual elects two people to prepare food, therefore these slaves to preparing food are not strange. In makes rice originally in addition is very simple, therefore these slaves installed seven pots before long., Zhao Hai put out several big brass basins to give them, making them regard the pot cover to use the meter These marching stoves do not have the special pot cover, they have no need, all people are clear, these marching stoves will be the common army will not use, only then the slave will be using, but regarding the slave, will give them, as soon as will stutter was good, that will also manage anything to be delicious. But these slaves have not actually made the soup, how their don’t know must do, they in other slave-owner there, things to eat might as well in Buda Family here, in other slave-owner there, sometimes, they ate before can only eat thing like rice bran, or some rice of mildew , because of this, therefore on Continent could has plenty every day the slave death, but regarding the slave-owner, slave death simply no big deal, was buying and that's the end. Therefore these slaves now in look at these vegetables and fruit oil in dull, the feeling of chrysanthemum also naturally understand these slaves, how before to say her is also commoner, she understands regarding some simple cuisines. Before the chrysanthemum arrives at a spatial pot, has taken up the fruit oil, has poured into the pot, the Zhao Hai then first earnest attention this type of fruit oil, the color of this type of fruit oil micro yellow, very clear, heard that probably presses out with the one type of index of oil very high fruit, has plenty place of this type of fruit on Continent plants, therefore fruit oil also small advantage. After chrysanthemum and other oil hot, put the pot to carry on simple stir-frying the vegetables, then toward the pot but in actually launching, afterward threw inside two salt, so long as and other water were boiled, this soup was good. This is simplest soup, almost does not have any technique content, without any seasoning, has the a little bit thick salt, this is slave best allowance. On Continent, the salt is not cheap, generally Noble use is the clear salts of purification, that type of salt very thin, on the refined salt with Earth is similar, but like the coarse salt that the slave uses, is actually very cheap, naturally, impurity also extremely numerous. But is this, except for in Buda Family here, these slaves is not everyday can eat the salt, other slaves are mainly three days make them eat time salt, even if were the generous person, the common slave-owners were one week eat time salt to these slaves . Moreover the quantity were not many.

The Zhao Hai these days light was busy the matter and Black Wasteland in here future unfolding Space, therefore to the survival conditions of these slaves was not completely understand, regarding these that the chrysanthemum makes now, he had not felt any was not right, he thinks that slave each on Continent like this lived, possibly their family here slave lived must almost, after all they not have that many commodities to give these to permit the use. The look at chrysanthemum makes that simple soup, Zhao Hai cannot help but is sighing, what issue stands Young Master What happened? has in his nearby Meg puzzled said :? Salt that they use are many? Can reduce points?” Did Zhao Hai look at Meg said : puzzled many „? How to be many? Then the big pot, they use a little salt, how to be many? I am thinking that our Buda Family now was too weak, can only make them eat such simple food, after waiting, we were rich, certainly made them eat the high quality meat.” Zhao Hai just a saying ended, feeling all people looked that his vision some are not right, these slaves used one damn look look at he, made Zhao Hai don’t know what's the matter. His puzzled look at Meg, whispered: Meg, What happened? my speaking incorrectly words?” The Meg look at Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but darkly sighed at heart, he knows that beforehand Buda Family although had the slave, but Zhao Hai never had leave the imperial capital, has not contacted with these slaves, what nature don’t know these slaves crossed was what life, will therefore say that she must looks like Zhao Hai in a low voice explain the survival conditions of these slaves. Zhao Hai is listening, lives regarding one in the new society, long under the red flag, person who the birth caught up with the reform and opening, such life that Meg said that to him that remote, this looked like these has experienced the old society person, will produce the resonance to the white fur female such Peking opera, but after they these 80 people, were very difficult to produce the resonance to be the same, because they did not have such experience, in the book wrote in detailed, that was also thing on books, how possible with personally to experience to compare. When Meg said simply the living conditions of these slaves, Zhao Hai when turning the head look at these slaves, in the eye full is the sympathy, he sighed said : everyone/Great Clan feel relieved, I spoke of achieve, sooner or later one day, I will make you eat the high quality meat, moreover ate daily, ate, ate bothersomely, I by the name oath of Buda Family.” Zhao Hai is a good person, although he , on Earth very dwelling, but nerd some timid, moreover besides different, they is also very good people, possibly their interpersonal skills are not good, but that does not represent them is abnormal, actually many nerd, cannot get used to seeing this world Darkness, therefore chose oneself closes in own world, Zhao Hai on was person like this. After having waited till Ark Continent here, the Zhao Hai status transformed, he was Noble, he had the territory, he had more than 100 slaves to refer to raising him to live, his a few words, can decide that more than 100 people of life and death, this made on Zhao Hai also many a sense of responsibility, he thinks that lets good that these people lived, was own responsibility, therefore he wholeheartedly must the show good own territory, say words like this. These slaves actually all excited knees down side, is kowtowing said : to thank Master to grant to Zhao seaside!”

although they anything had not obtained now, but there is Zhao Hai these words to suffice, Noble on Continent had a very strange tradition, they oath not easily, even if in the oath common situation not with the name oath of oneself Clan, because they were the name oaths that thought that sometimes will also violate the pledge, the pledge that but made in the name of Clan they will actually not violate. Because of such, therefore these slaves believe that Zhao Hai words, they believe that pledge of Zhao Hai under the name of Clan, will certainly have one day of realization. Meg opened mouth, has not said anything, these days is she has been managing these slaves, to be honest, she also very much sympathizes to these slaves, therefore Zhao Hai said like this that she had not opposed. In this time, the Merine sound is conveying said : Young Master, can eat meal.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to look at people one eyes, this also has An Dao to Meg and chrysanthemum: Meg, the chrysanthemum, secure, we go to eat meal.” The chrysanthemum and secure this want to keep here to eat, but looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, did not have to say the meeting, entered the room with them, Blockhead and Stone also the room. Their this enters the room, these slaves instead to could let loose, although Zhao Hai to them continuously very genial, but regarding these slaves, Zhao Hai throughout is their Master, has Zhao Hai in here, they will feel uneasy. Zhao Hai several people arrived in the room to look, Merine has completed the cake, but also has made soup, Zhao Hai wants to have the rice actually, but looked at the Merine appearance, today feared that did not have what hope. The square table in room only then four chairs, but Zhao Hai also conveniently takes from Warehouse three, this can sit seven people, table although does not have the table in castle dining room to be big, but seven people ate meal to be also sufficient. After Zhao Hai lets several people sit down, takes the knife and fork to start the cake that eats Merine to make, actually he does not want to use the knife and fork, but was a pity very much that Merine will not agree. The cake that also let alone, does this also is really has turns the flavor, the flavor also calculates, Zhao Hai they ate the dinner slowly, Merine have tidied up thing, several people when arrived at outside, these slaves finished eating the food.

The marching stove also places there, but is very obvious, has cleaned cleanly, probably these slaves also eat is very full, each and every one is sitting in there, probably does not have the appearance of spirit very much. Zhao Hai knows that person after eating meal, will be stranded, wants to come these slaves to be also same, Zhao Hai has not made them get up, but looked at these trash of ground, actually somewhat knit the brows. here is his Space, although Zhao Hai does not have the cleanliness, but he does not hope in Space done dirty, but these thing can only keep in Space now. Saw these trash, Zhao Hai cannot help but looked at one toward the Space sky, this Space all around was the fog is still misty, does not see clearly thing, but well in he had not noticed that in sky had the black smoke to flutter, it seems like lit a fire in Space, the effect on Space was not big. Zhao Hai turns the head to Merine said : Merine Grandma, I thought that you rest in the room, now had just eaten meal, they have also been stranded, makes them rest.” Merine looked at these slave one eyes, presently they probably very much do not have the appearance of spirit, must nod said : well, that first rests, but we did not need in the room to rest, rested outside on the line.” Zhao Hai quickly said: Merine Grandma, Meg, Blockhead, Stone, you enter the room to come with me, I have thing to you look.” Said that and opens the door of thatched-roofed hut, entered the room. Merine their although don’t know Zhao Hai must look at anything to them, but they are obedient followed, Merine they know that regarding this Space, they do not have Zhao Hai to understand, in this Space, all listen to Zhao Hai is good.