Chapter 42 Gives a try After Zhao Hai leads four people were entering the room, before has arrived at the head, nearby that screen, has bumped with the hand that screen, the screen one brightly, these icons in time appears on screen. Merine they somewhat surprised look at this screen, very ordinary thing regarding Zhao Hai, but regarding Merine them, these thing was really too mysterious. Zhao Hai immediately has selected the icon of that camera, hologram of castle in time appears on screen, Zhao Hai present, the green point in castle has been short of a point probably, especially in the main fort in castle, could not see that selected green. Zhao Hai selected a next in fort courtyard position, the there two green points has also been moving, scene immediately on screen changed to in courtyard of fort. Although in computer can only show that is centered on Zhao Hai to enter Space that to select, thing within surrounding area 100 meters range, but this range did not calculate slightly, but Zhao Hai entered Space time, in the living room in main fort, that position left courtyard not quite to be far. courtyard that on the screen demonstrates is not very big, is only in fort courtyard part, but from the screen can clear seeing, in courtyard have snake-shaped Magic Beast also to have human-shape Undead Creature. Merine they have been paying attention to the situation on screen, sees here, they have gawked cannot help but, several people proceed to collect, carefully looked at scene on the screen. Some little time Merine some indefinite said : „is this in courtyard of fort?” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, this is in us courtyard of fort, that two are the present also in Magic Beast that in courtyard moves, it seems like these Magic Beast have not walked, we cannot exit temporarily.” Merine excited look at screen said : good thing, to have this thing, Young Master you were safe, in does not need to fear that the enemy came attack you.”

The forced smile that Zhao Hai not bears, Merine has placed in his security first now, no matter any matter, first thinks forever is his security problems. Zhao Hai has selected on the screen, on the screen in returned to the three dimensional hologram condition, Zhao Hai is pointing at the green point on hologram their said : to Merine in this chart green, is Magic Beast, in this chart the Magic Beast density be short much compared with yesterday, it seems like several days these Magic Beast on has been able to draw back went back.” Said that and selected the position of living room, scene immediately on screen transferred returned to in the living room, in the living room the present is one piece in confusion, almost all thing were destroyed cleanly. Saw the situation in living room, Blockhead cannot help but lowly scolded one, hand of Zhao Hai paddling of gently on screen, before long advocated all rooms in fort to look, was no exception, in all rooms in thing, almost by Magic Beast or Undead Creature destroying. Merine their complexion are not quite attractive, they just came to this castle time, in the castle anything does not have, now in the castle these daily necessities, are they bring, can say that this castle in their in hand, bit by bit became must have a person of taste, but actually is destroyed now. Before long a surrounding area 100 meters place they looked, Zhao Hai the screen draws back returned to hologram, turns the head to Merine their said : Merine Grandma, now outside situation is, we must rest several days in Space, this several days you arrange everyone/Great Clan one, teaches them to recognize a braille.” Merine nodded said : to put Young Master feel relieved, I know how should do.” Zhao Hai nodded said : my a while to reorganize Warehouse, I noticed that we have also brought on many Continent commonly used seed, I want to plant experimentally in Space.” Merine has gawked, then shook the head said : Young Master, these thing do not plant does not have anything, these are some ordinary seed, the output of grain do not have the corn to be so high, the vegetables are also very ordinary, is not the Magic vegetables, because knows Black Wasteland here, only then on Iron Mountain can plant thing, therefore we have not bought these too pampered seed, cannot use, therefore only bought these to be ordinariest.” Zhao Hai nodded, said : first has a look at some any seed, places there also to waste in any case, might as well takes the type.” Merine shook the head said : Young Master, I do not approve of you to take the type these seed now in Space, you should many several season Magic Radish in Space, after all the Magic vegetables be much more expensive than the ordinary vegetables, sells, now our Buda Family, need many funds, if you want to plant these seed that we sell, can plant him on Iron Mountain, these seed are crops of some good work, does not need to take the land in Space.”

Zhao Hai shook the head said : Merine Grandma, I do not want to plant these seed really in Space, your don’t know, Space has characteristics, each time I bring some outside, quite special thing enters to Space in time, Space Level Up, originally Space, only then ten mu place, but previous time I bring Black Soil ground Black Soil, in the lake water with tarn enters Space the time, Space on Level Up, Level Up one time, land were many two mu, therefore I want to plant experimentally under these seed, has a look at Space whether in rising 1st level, if possible, that Space Land area in one time will increase, we can plant many thing.” Merine one hear of Zhao Hai said that has gawked next step: Originally is this, that arrives can try, Young Master, tomorrow, if received Magic Radish you to plant experimentally these seed, if Space can Level Up that it would be the best.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Merine said : Merine Grandma, tomorrow morning time, you want them the trash in Space to clean up, then unifies puts a place, when we leave Space time, was carrying over to process him.” Merine nodded said : well, Young Master feel relieved, I will process.” Zhao Hai looked at in the room ornaments said : Merine Grandma, I looked that tidies up in the room thing, in displaying two beds, you rest well in room, avoid must exit.” Merine actually shook the head said : Young Master, we exit to rest, look at these slaves, avoid they destroyed crops in Space.” Zhao Hai looked that Merine really does not want to stay behind, in saying anything, he knows that Merine they are impossible to rest in in the room with him, Merine in this issue will not yield absolutely, therefore Zhao Hai must turn the head said : that well, a while I exit, comes out with several beds from Warehouse, was right, or gives you and Merine in side separates a room, this also facilitates one.” Merine these time to had not opposed that she also thought rests because of revealing Heaven and Earth is not quite good, although Space here on the other hand, is quite close Space, but do not forget, the here also more than 100 slaves, sleep to get out of bed under more than 100 individual gazes, feared that is few individuals can be familiar with. Straw mat that the Zhao Hai in hand also several these slaves compose, to was happen to can they separate two small rooms to Merine, can let Merine and Blockhead they rests in inside, although could not make the roof, but most at least can also not make person look at they get out of bed. Zhao Hai looked that Merine had not opposed, came out from in the room with them, in this Space, is, if he who he said did not take thing from Warehouse, Merine they could not attain thing in any same Warehouse. Zhao Hai they arrived outside one looked that these slaves got up, moreover a person appeared has the spirit much, Zhao Hai has not cared, the person when had just eaten meal will be very trapped|sleepy, but after a period of time.

Angolan immediately went to call these slaves, Zhao Hai has put out some planks, separated two very small rooms in side of thatched roofed hut, each in the room has put three beds, to Merine, Meg and chrysanthemum used, another to Blockhead, Stone and secure used. Now the condition is crude , can only like this, but reason that Zhao Hai lets the chrysanthemum and secure they live with Merine and Blockhead in together, actually to demonstrate them with the differences of these slaves. Now the chrysanthemum and settled although has become the Buda Family servant, has become commoner, but their normally will work with these slave together, this will make these slaves produce one type of their although has become commoner, but did not have what the feeling of change, this will cancel their side multiplicative. In order to let these slaves saw that chrysanthemum and secure have any difference with them, therefore Zhao Hai, no matter in eating meal, is in the condition of sleeping, must let the chrysanthemum and secure has some differences with these slaves, such these slaves will have target of effort, this actually is also the one type of Manager strategy. Zhao Hai beforehand although is nerd, is excellent without the management, but do not forget, he is a bibliophile, is many some light readings that although he looks, but you cannot deny that the book is the book, that fears is the light reading, inside will have some useful thing, all matters that Zhao Hai knows, except for few parts in the school study, majority of winds the novel from these floating astronomy, the hypertext fiction with the novel maximum difference of tradition is, who can write, the people of various trades and occupations can write, but these person writes the novel that comes out, sometimes has strongly. Specialization, but such book, often has the quality of being worth looking, Zhao Hai very much likes this type of book, he can also learn many useful thing from the book. But after different realm, here to the feeling of Zhao Hai, looks like the life before has read these Magic novels, but here is much more real, Zhao Hai is clear, if died in here, that really died, here is not the game, does not have a dream, here is the real life. Everyone oneself have studied thing, application bit by bit in the life, Zhao Hai is no exception, thing that although his don’t know learn is correct, but this must recompense tries, only then such talented person direction bit by bit will be mature, not?