Chapter 44 Level Up Presently vegetables seed, appraises level, level defeated/carrying one, does not have any good point, not with extraction.” Presently vegetables seed, appraises level, level defeated/carrying one, does not have any good point, not with extraction.” Presently forage grass seed, appraises level, the zero order, is equal with Space forage grass level, with the extraction, does not retain seed.” Presently new type Fruit tree seed, appraises level, 4th level, withdraws seed, the seed extraction is completed, the seed digitization, may purchase in Spatial Shop, is insufficient because of Host level, the Oil Fruit tree establishes provisionally that is nine season crops.” Zhao Hai just these seed took, a prompt sound of big string has made a sound, then except for seed and seed of Oil Fruit of tree alfalfa, other seed in Zhao Hai at present vanishes. Zhao Hai has tapped the head, muttered said : this Space to be possible really to suffice overbearing, level insufficiently gave the lane not to have the shade unexpectedly directly, the remaining these were also fortunately sufficient.” But by this series of prompt sound making corona, not only also Zhao Hai, Merine their fainted, their understand anything level, anything does not appraise, anything withdraws, they only know that in their at present, these seed vanished one few half. Zhao Hai just said that Space in one time transmits prompt speaking sounds: Space achieves the Level Up condition, climbs to 5th level, rewards eggplant seed one bag, may plant area, two mu.” Host level achieves 5th level, gold coins several 1100, achieves to open up the request, may open up wasteland to plant crops two mu, whether immediately/on horseback opens up wasteland, is \\ Zhao Hai one hear of this prompt sounds, cannot help but relaxed, this also finally confirmed his idea, wish lets Space Level Up, best means that must bring in some Space no thing to come to be good, if only depends on Space Level Up, that may really be enough slow, his immediately/on horseback said : reclaimed land.” His voice just fell, the white light of moon's orbit by the cornfield flashed together, before long was two mu cultivated land is opened up wasteland.

Zhao Hai also understand, now in this Space besides planting crops there, other places, look like background in game are the same, cannot plant, if background here can also plant, that would be nice. The Space prompt sound in one time resounds Host level to be insufficient, uses the background land, needs level three Level 10.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really that the background land can use unexpectedly, so long as level achieved has been OK, this fantastic. At this time Merine arrived at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, on the land that this came out newly-opened what did you prepare to plant?” Zhao Hai looked at that two mu place, looks at the radish place that ten mu just received, turns the head to Merine said : Merine Grandma, I prepare to plant the Oil Fruit tree that ten mu place, after that two mu place waits a while the corn receives, in together to plant the corn, do you look?” Merine gawked, looked at that ten mu radish place, cannot help but somewhat hesitated, she knows the radish that Zhao Hai said was Magic Radish, he wants to let a Zhao Hai Shangluobo, but she thought right that Zhao Hai said that now should not plant the radish, otherwise their in hand radish were too many, therefore somewhat was at once indecisive. Zhao Hai looked at Merine one, smiles said : now our in hand to save three season radishes, had two ten forty thousand jin (0.5 kg) radishes, even if were sells were also enough, and because of the impacts of these radishes, I thinks that the price of radish will possibly drop, but Oil Fruit was different, Oil Fruit can withdraw the fruit oil, the fruit oil on Continent was must, even if were many several hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) that everybody need to use, even over a million jin (0.5 kg), will not have the too big impact on the market, most important was, if we type radish, were needs to spend. Buys seed, but plants seed of Oil Fruit tree actually ready-made.” Merine one hear of Zhao Hai said that quickly said: Good, listens to Young Master, plants the Oil Fruit tree.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „the Oil Fruit tree, ten mu.” His voice falls, the small shovel, the bucket, is adding on the ground seed, immediately respective has been busy. This Oil Fruit tree after is the one type of tree . Moreover the live year is very long, therefore first Fruit tree battlefield area is very big, ten mu place, Zhao Hai has calculated, has planted probably only about 300 Oil Fruit trees, this quantity may really be not many. Planted to end the Oil Fruit tree, Zhao Hai delivers returned to remaining seed in Space Warehouse, but that two mu place Zhao Hai that opened up newly has not planted, now the corn was soon mature, after he wants waited for the corn to be mature, in the together type, like this arrives received can together receive, did not miss a little time in any case. All person silly standing at the there look at Zhao Hai performance, such big Space, then big places, all, so long as Zhao Hai a few words, can definitely handle, this they looks like in Merine, completely is a miracle.

After Zhao Hai all completes, relaxed, turns the head to look at Merine their said : to be good, why everyone/Great Clan should do, does not need to manage me.” The people actually with vision look at that one type of worships he, Merine is the same, in Space fresh all too were mysterious, do not say that passes through the slave, experienced Merine has not heard, this world will really have such thing to exist. Zhao Hai looks at the look of people, somewhat cannot help but embarrassed, although his nearest/recent started to take care the Buda Family matter, however his essence was nerd, nerd was a little shy, such look at, he also really somewhat was at a loss. Zhao Hai has said : „that Merine Grandma, I return to the room to have a look outside situation.” Said that turn around entered the thatched-roofed hut, closed. Merine and Meg look at the Zhao Hai appearance, they cannot help but mutually looked at one, bu have smiled, they to Zhao Hai certain understanding, beforehand Adam they naturally had understood, but Adam will not be shy, his simply don’t know anything was shy. But Zhao Hai with Adam completely different, because before , with few that the person contacts, he is actually very easy shy, this change lets Merine and Meg felt that very good smiles. The Zhao Hai returned to thatched-roofed hut, deeply has attracted several tones, calm one own mood, has criticized oneself a few words, before this arrives at the screen, turned on the screen, looked at situation in a castle, in the castle also has existence of Magic Beast, Zhao Hai does not want to look is any Magic Beast, a screen pass/test, lay on the bed. Space operate was really too simple, a lot of time his don’t know must do, because no matter farmed turns the soil, so long as his intention moved, Space helped him complete, this although very convenient, but also made him feel very bored. Out of the window has transmitted these Merine the sound that teaches these slaves to be literate, Zhao Hai cannot help but calm, he felt at heart one probably in Loushiming in that humble room of character, Zhao Hai cannot help but has put out a miscellany from Warehouse, looked earnestly. Also about two hours, corn had been mature, Zhao Hai received in Warehouse to put away the corn, has planted the corn of four mu place, this in the returned to thatched-roofed hut then read. Zhao Hai knows that this Oil Fruit tree is impossible the radish so to be likely quick maturely, after all outside, he takes two years is mature, but this seed had been digitized now, it is estimated that doesn't use on two months can be mature? He has not heard in Space that seed to take about two months maturely, slowest one type of is also three and four days. Zhao Hai had has prepared, in Space does not lack the food and drink in any case now, the radish also three seasons, enough has used, to might as well plant other crops. But in Space other crops, not necessarily can take to buy, the economic value of alfalfa is also too low, therefore Zhao Hai chooses to plant the Oil Fruit tree.

Really, in the following two days of time, the corn was also mature three seasons, but the Oil Fruit tree has grown up, has not actually started the result. In the two days time, Zhao Hai also in paying attention to the situation in castle, although the next day, in the castle to be passing through cannot see Magic Beast and Undead Creature shadow, but Zhao Hai has not made Merine she go to the investigation, he feared these Magic Beast also in the, if Merine they by presently, although were being said not necessarily had any danger, but these Magic Beast not possibly will not walk, that they also dull longer time in Space. To did not say that Zhao Hai does not want to make Merine they stay in Space, but no matter what, castle there is their bases, their families, their sooner or later must exit. Moreover over the two days Zhao Hai also present, these slaves are not quite happy, they although in Space can learn to be literate and write, but everyday actually does not need to work, except for being literate, ate meal lived, this made them feel was very not familiar with, always felt one probably were idle, was unfair to Zhao Hai. Currently their everyday has the fragrant cooked rice to eat, each food also has the soup to drink, this regarding these slaves, simply is the Heaven same life, this lets them to Zhao Hai gratitude, but also thought one too to having Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai to has not noted this point, he is all right now is reading, the matter junction of teaching can Merine they. Instead to was Merine present this point, he these slaves some were not presently wholly-absorbed in the study over the two days, each and every one was very probably sad. How Merine also don’t know was, but she asked these slaves, these slaves did not say that finally Merine did not have the means that has to make the chrysanthemum inquire, this knew the reason. The chrysanthemum when the evening eats meal, the situation of inquiring told Merine them, Zhao Hai originally don’t know this matter, but heard that now this matter, he to a little did not know whether to laugh or cry. Merine did not have the mood in eating thing, to be honest, she wants to exit compared with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai Space in mysterious, in here did not have the feeling of family, Merine to think in the returned to castle, she had thought castle there was the Buda Family family, no matter what, there was also Buda Family permanent fief.