Chapter 45 Anger After having eaten meal, Zhao Hai specially kept in Merine the room, asking her to help boil a point sub, was drinking sub, Zhao Hai while to Merine said : Merine Grandma, now what to do you thinks us should? How can make these slaves study to be literate relieved?” Merine thinks that looked at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, do you want to listen to my opinion really?” Zhao Hai quickly said: Naturally Merine Grandma, you have been managing the person in Buda Family, I may not have the tube to be excellent before, therefore in this regard, may not have you experienced.” Merine shows a faint smile said : to thank the praise of thanks Young Master, Young Master, I think you now to these slave fantastic, you should severe a little.” This saying to is made that Zhao Hai stares, Zhao Hai do not understand said : Merine Grandma, were you say me to these slaves severely? Why?” Merine smiles said : Young Master, you must know that superior, is not only then temperate side, he also in severe side, if temperate, under the hand/subordinate thinks that he quite bullies, naturally, these slaves will not have this situation, but they will think you to their fantastic, moreover they have not actually achieved that well, therefore they think to be unfair to you, this in being literate, could not raise the spirit, because in their opinion, helping us work, was their values, but the study was literate, was we to their granting, now we only give them to grant, actually. Does not make them do any matter, they will feel restless.” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought toward this aspect really that Zhao Hai thought these slaves should like be these students on Earth now, to be honest, that student association has not regarded the study is one type of grants, all people wish one could on one week of only two days of class, cultivates the rest five talents to be good. Zhao Hai slightly an issue, in this world, almost all technologies, all knowledge has closed to the slave, the slave is used to work, in some Noble eyes, the slave is not considered as that the person. Zhao Hai thinks that said : my understand, thank you Merine Grandma, having made me think how must do.” Merine gratified nod , the meaning of her understand Zhao Hai, yes, undeniably, present Zhao Hai is really very outstanding, in her eyes, Zhao Hai is very most at least outstanding, but she also has to recognize, the Zhao Hai also has plenty matter need to study.

Zhao Hai sits in there some little time, has been thinking how must process this scene, to be honest, such matter he is the first time meets, before simply had not handled such matter. Has thought some little time, Zhao Hai has stood, let out a long breath, turns the head to Merine said : Merine Grandma, we exit, I want to see these people.” Merine nodded, they left thatched-roofed hut, has arrived around that slave, these slaves are practicing the character on meadow now, they push aside the sod, reveal the following soil, then in using the corn stalk writes on the soil. However Zhao Hai actually saw, these slaves probably are somewhat listless, with the first study writes that excited appearance, has very big difference. The Zhao Hai calm face walked, calm said : everyone/Great Clan stops.” These slaves looked that Zhao Hai came, immediately/on horseback has put down the in hand corn stalk, kneels salutes to Zhao Hai on the ground, but this Zhao Hai like before, has not made them stand temperately the speech, but is deep voice said : I hears your this several days, when the study writes isn't very earnest?” His sound is not very high, moreover ten points calm, but these slaves actually cannot help but shivered, immediately/on horseback said : asked Master to punish with one voice.” said : of Zhao Hai cold ice you had not made a understand matter in a tone with, making you study to write, not only to your rewards, but wants to make you better serves for our Buda Family, you are the fools, what situation should also understand Buda Family now be, Buda Family needs your completely maximum effort to serve for him, is the maximum effort, knows? What ability but you currently have, except for will do the physical strength to live, what can you also do? What technology can you? What special skill do you have? I give you a book, how many characters can you know? You anything, anything will not understand now, if these Undead Creature can receive my control, Undead Creature can go against your ten people, moreover they have not needed me to waste the grain to provide for! Compared with the strength, you compare horse, why do I want you not to want the horse? Because you can study the understanding, but the horse cannot, so long as learn being literate, what you can be better is the Buda Family potency, if light to do the heavy work, I do make you study to be literate to do? You do not study to be literate, does not want better serves for Buda Family?” All slave gingerly kneeling in there, after this is they see Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai first time to them said that such harsh language, they scared. How many tones Zhao Hai deeply has attracted, calm a mood, this said : I have said that if you well done, I can restore his commoner status, but you thought to your commoner status, can you on the auspicious day? Wrong, if you do not have the ability, even if commoner, you are also most low grade commoner, you must remember to me, my Buda Family needs has the desire to do better, wholeheartedly has thought auspicious day person, but is not these is only thinking mixes waste that eats to wait for death.” Then Zhao Hai looked at chrysanthemum said : your many people to want, why I will make the chrysanthemum restore the commoner status, she will only arrange the grass, but in you has plenty person will also arrange the grass, even arranged was not worse than the chrysanthemum, but why did I make the chrysanthemum restore the commoner status? I told you, because chrysanthemum daring stood to say her meeting, she can, she want to change her life, she wants by her to live better, to be wanted to be saved by her Younger Brother, wants by own Younger Brother, own child to become commoner, fair was educated opportunity, but by granting, I hope that you can study study the chrysanthemum, I hoped one day to see my time, only to me bows, only called me Young Master, but did not call me Master, Buda Family needed 100 to do one's best for Buda Family to serve the person, but was not 100 slaves, your understand?”

All slaves kneel in there, said loudly: understand Master.” These slaves are very really excited, this was first time has Noble to tell that them such words, this was some first people them, when the adult looked that some first people hope they turned into the person, although Zhao Hai to them the fire, however their did not have point disaffection at heart, conversely, they have been full of the gratitude and respect to Zhao Hai, seed that because Zhao Hai in their seed, striving to improve did not extinguish at heart. After Zhao Hai hear of they said that this nodded said : to stand, I do not like others always kneeling before me, has remembered, study well writes, this does not grant, is the order.” These slave with one voice said : are, Master.” Then has stood. These slave although have knelt for a long time on the ground, but they, when stands, body were many one type of temperament, before the appearance of that atrophy, vanished probably all of a sudden, their bodies one has been full of the strength probably. Standing that Merine micro one smiles in Zhao Hai, in the eye full is the gratified heart, she has not thought that today Zhao Hai does is so good, imagines compared with her is also better, not only has given these slave demonstrations of authority, but also made these slaves be full of the sense of gratitude to him, the performance of Merine to Zhao Hai satisfied. Zhao Hai looked at these to stand the slave of body, nodded, turns the head to Merine said : Merine Grandma, remaining handed over give you, daily light should not be the study, the head wood of such words on the contrary will make person, simply anything could not remember.” Merine smiles said : Young Master your feel relieved, I know how should do, this is not my first teaching lives.” Zhao Hai laughs, turn around walks toward the thatched-roofed hut, Blockhead and Stone follow in Zhao Hai, Meg these time does not have with Merine, but is following of face worship in the Zhao Hai side. Meg thought that today's Zhao Hai was really too graceful, individually was he to just said that these words, his body in the light, had the one type of inexplicable strength to capture her attention probably, making her eye one second unable to leave Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai returned to in the room, is actually let out a long breath, just his words, but passed through has prepared saying that where even stopped, what expression at that time must use, he has carried on the design beforehand, naturally, spoke of him also some to be afterward agitated, reality that can therefore display. However the undeniable matter, these words his matter designs.

Meg entered the room with Zhao Hai, looked at the Zhao Hai appearance, on the face cannot help but zero left the smiling face, she really more and more likes staying in the Zhao Hai side now, probably the body of Zhao Hai had a strength, can make her mind to settle down get down, gives her one type of to be tranquil, composed, actually very relieved feeling. Zhao Hai paid attention to own to have the person at this time, he stares, turns head to look is Meg, Zhao Hai works as unexpectedly somewhat is already embarrassed, he is nerd, before had not contacted with the girl, previous Meg hugs his, lets him in the later several days time, saw that Meg must say any good on some don’t know, now looks at Meg to stand in his behind, his don’t know must not know what to do. Zhao Hai helpless said : „, Meg, did you come in? What matter has?” The Meg look at Zhao Hai appearance, smiling face even bigger on face, her immediately/on horseback has smiled said : What happened? Young Master, can't I enter this room?” Zhao Hai quickly said: Ok, naturally, you momentarily can come, sit, drinks a sub.” The Meg look at Zhao Hai appearance, cannot bear bu smile said : Young Master, that may sub be gives you to prepare, I do not dare to drink, otherwise mother will scold my.” Zhao Hai quickly said: „, It is not I will ask you to drink, does not have relationship.”