Chapter 46 Red Meg smiles look at Zhao Hai, she has not thought really that a disposition of person unexpectedly will become such big, beforehand Adam will be one insolent, extroversion, heart big idiot to not side. But present Zhao Hai is an introversion, calm, the thoughts exquisite big boy, she likes present Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looked that Meg did not speak, what to do don’t know, had said : that you to sit casually, I had a look outside situation.” Said that turn around has arrived at screen there of head, selected screen look at outside situation. hologram of castle in time appears , but above in has not selected green, starts from yesterday, Zhao Hai has not seen on this hologram green. In a map-read does not have green, Zhao Hai was also disinclined in looking, what now in the castle was destroyed, these days he saw very much clearly, does not think that was looking. Zhao Hai sighed, he prepared two days on, if in two days of chart appears , he has not made Merine they have a look at these Magic Beast green to retreat. Meg stands in the Zhao Hai side, in the look at screen, how this several days learn to look at this screen, but she does not have the means to operate, is under permission of Zhao Hai, she can operate, looks like other thing in this Space is the same, if no permission of Zhao Hai, anybody does not have the means to operate. Blockhead tried to take the small shovel in the past with the bucket, its result was, this different thing was sewn on ground probably was the same, by the Blockhead strength, cannot move the slightest unexpectedly. Meg also knows the green point in that chart is Magic Beast, this several days their also very concerned about outside situation, therefore she also knows that starts from yesterday on the screen on not in appears Magic Beast, at that time Merine wants to have a look, but by Zhao Hai preventing. Merine does not have too to oppose that she also knows Zhao Hai in being worried about anything, but looks in that chart now is a green point does not have, Meg was somewhat anxious, to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, outside possibly did not have Magic Beast now, making me have a look, my is quick, will not have any danger.”

Zhao Hai shook the head said : „the present is also not the time, these Magic Beast just vanished, they possibly still wander on outside wilderness, if makes them feel in the castle to have life form, may rush to the castle, such we trouble, is staying in Space for two days, this safer a little.” Meg one hear of Zhao Hai said that is also not good to insist that must nod, what suddenly Meg noted probably, immediately/on horseback looked at abundant screen said : Young Master, why above appears red?” Attention not Zhao Hai not presently that on screen red, Meg actually noted, on screen appears a red dot, moreover this point by very quick moved on the screen, Zhao Hai understand, this point with one type of very quick the in the room migration in main fort, this to was by Zhao Hai one, because he has not encountered this situation. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback has selected screen, was too quick because of that red point mobility, Zhao Hai does not have means to that red, therefore he has selected the position of living room, waits at there static look at that red point is any thing. look at screen that the eye of Meg also decides, but also once for a while looks at one toward the place above of screen, there has shrink hologram, can see that red point travel direction from that hologram, that red point is moving in third floor now, moreover orderly that very moves, is investigating in each in the room, is only quick. Before long that red point has gotten down from third floor, quick moves in the direction of living room, Zhao Hai and Meg spirit one centralized to living room, they want to take a look at this red point are quick. suddenly, on the screen person's shadow flashes, person suddenly appears on the screen, had made that Zhao Hai and Meg stare, but sees this person, Zhao Hai and Meg are one happy, this person is not others, Green that exits several days to disappear. Sees is Green, Meg cannot help but cheers, capture Zhao Hai shoulder said : Young Master, is a grandfather, was the grandfather came back, he was looking for us.” Zhao Hai nodded, the thoughts move, Green front suddenly appears was bringing mist Space rift, then Zhao Hai deep voice said : Grandpa Green, quickly comes.” Green worry , he returned to Black Wasteland two days, this time he exited from Black Wasteland, arrived at Purcell Duchy, this is the duchy of Aksu Empire, Grand Duke is Evan Purcell , area of this duchy is not very big, because actually the back is making Black Wasteland, does not have what threat, therefore show good of , economy very reaches, is one of several areas Aksu Empire most reaches, but the Grand Duke Evan nature also on is one of the Aksu Empire most competent several Grand Duke.

But what is worth mentioning is, Purcell Family has intimate relationship very with Buda Family, even until now, Adam Buda also with the Grand Duke Evan beloved daughter, future female Grand Duke, Ryan Purcell has the engagement in the body, Ryan now in name Adam Buda fiancee, is the Zhao Hai fiancee. However the discerning people on Continent can look, Purcell Family was impossible in recognize this engagement, because of all person understand, among Noble this had any true friendship or the love, even if were Adam with the Ryan engagement, more also married stemming from one of the political point the plan. Therefore Green when Buda Family meets misfortune, has not looked like Purcell Family to request reinforcements, but Purcell Family also selective Buda Family forgetting, even if Buda Family from the Purcell Duchy process, enters to Black Wasteland time, the Purcell Family people have not acted they to meet with Green. Green has not thought must meet with the Purcell Family person, he knows that Purcell Family has not hit a person when he is down is to their attendances. However Green also recognize, territory management of Purcell Family is very good, because of this, therefore Purcell Family territory although is not big, actually became the duchy. Good of territory show, that ordinary commoner living standard relatively will be higher, that Magic vegetables are easier to sell, therefore Green also has running far of too, met really arrived at Purcell Duchy, had found a big Magic vegetables supplier in there, discussed the price of radish with him. A eighty thousand jin (0.5 kg) radish is many, but wants to a radish market in country to cause anything to attack with a eighty thousand jin (0.5 kg) radish, that is impossible, that feared that this country is only not a big duchy is also same. However now Zhao Hai their in hand is not only then a eighty thousand jin (0.5 kg) radish is so simple, if Zhao Hai wants, radish that he can day of three seasons, receive three seasons, in other words, his day can receive two ten forty thousand jin (0.5 kg) radishes , a day two ten forty thousand jin (0.5 kg)? What concept is this? So long as Zhao Hai such receiving radish, feared for one month was the entire Aksu Empire person all eats the radish to be sufficient. This is Green awkward place, he about Zhao Hai Space too did not know that therefore he can only the maximum benefit of radish. But this the Magic vegetables supplier of looking, is actually on entire Continent the famous big business, its business stretches across half Continent Markey Delphi Trading Company. Markey Delphi Trading Company is on Continent the famous daily necessities oligarch, the Magic vegetables is also their main business business, their Clan business does is very big, even if general Great Noble does not dare to offend him.

Originally like Green, only then tens of thousands jin (0.5 kg) small-scale business, Markey Family will not look to glance, but a little makes Markey Family be careful regarding Green, is the quality of radish. Radish that on Continent produces, is Magic Radish, is not very big, moreover eats to have a pungent flavor, is not very delicious, but the turnip that Space produces, does not have that flavor, long is straight and fat, eats crisply crisp and sweet sweet, making the person want to stop but cannot, applies mechanically a network flows shoptalk is, the Space product, must be the high-quality goods. The quality of radish, let Green and Markey Family achieved an association intent, the Green in hand radish, will buy by the current price on market eight layers price for Markey Family, every month Markey Family can purchase the two hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg), this was also only a quantity of guaranteeing a minimum, good that if the later radish bought, they can also purchase are more. This business just finished talking, Green heard information from Purcell Duchy these mercenary there, the Carrion Swamp Magic Beast rebellion, this information made the heart of Green sink the valley, his immediately caught up with returned to Black Wasteland, but at that time Magic Beast and Undead Creature on Black Wasteland were too many, he cannot enter to the range of castle. Green that the heart such as burns down waited for two days in the Black Wasteland surrounding, over the two days he seemed like placed the ant on fire, anxious soon grasped crazily, but means did not have. Green they are not don’t know Carrion Swamp Magic Beast meet the violent, before is only, they continuously in the national capital there activity of Aksu Empire, regarding the situation understanding of Black Wasteland here are not many, Black Wasteland here originally in addition is the a piece deathtrap, will come without who, therefore everyone/Great Clan is insufficient regarding here attention, the material that obtains is also fuzzy, only knows that Carrion Swamp there Magic Beast, every other ten years 20 years of violent one time, but previous time spreads Carrion Swamp the time of Magic Beast violent, actually two years ago, no matter Green is also good, the other person on Continent is also good, all people. Thinks that these days should be the safe period. Because of this type, therefore Green not defense force many investments to castle, when he heard when Carrion Swamp Magic Beast violent, felt own head bag was used the hammer probably numerous came, he feared that Zhao Hai they will have an accident, if Zhao Hai they had an accident, that Buda Family ended.