Chapter 47 Computation Such that just like Zhao Hai thinks, now on Black Wasteland also some Magic Beast and Undead Creature are loafing, but Green was really, he too wants to know Zhao Hai their situation, therefore on touching secretly castle. Was good the present did not have Magic Beast and Undead Creature in the castle, these Magic Beast and Undead Creature cannot break through the iron gate of castle, cannot city wall of castle opening, but was in this case, they have climbed the castle, destroyed after thing in castle, crawled. Has to recognize, the Magic Beast strength, on wild beast compared with Earth come, more than one level, that feared that is most common Magic Beast, is not wild beast on Earth can compare, fears is Leo on Earth, old tiger, must starve to death to Ark Continent here. When Green saw thing in castle was destroyed, his heart dropped the freezing point, but he was not the ordinary person, when his young with, went on an expedition battlefield with the Adam grandfather, afterward went to the battlefield with the Adam father, the actual combat experience very richly, was adding on his thoughts to be exquisite, place that therefore he on present has not suited quickly. In the castle does not have any fight trace! Does not have! thing destroyed serious in although castle, but Green can look, in castle a point bloodstain, person suddenly in castle had not vanished probably, but these Magic Beast actually can only destroy thing in castle to give vent to indignation. For reality own idea, Green carefully looked at each room in castle, finally presently, is really this, the person in castle disappeared among suddenly. In this time, in the suddenly living room appears Space rift, the Zhao Hai sound has then been conveying said : Grandpa Green, comes in quickly.” Green stares, but the immediately/on horseback flashes body entered that to be blocked by the mist, could not see clearly inside cave entrance, because Green has no alternative now. Enters to Space Green stares, his present position in the nearby of Oil Fruit tree field, these Oil Fruit trees started to bear fruit, but also not mature, but these slaves are also in the paddies nearby now, earnest writing. Merine by these slaves, she may don’t know Green come back, must know and Meg just continuously in the room, moreover saw that Green called him, meanwhile other person don’t know. Merine looked at Green to come back, immediately/on horseback moved forward to meet somebody said : Green, you came back.” Green somewhat at a loss looked at all around one, turns the head to Merine said : Merine, where is this?”

Merine smiles said : here is Young Master Space, is the Young Master domain, Young Master gives your Magic Radish is the here type.” At this time Zhao Hai their also walked out, Zhao Hai half step arrived at Green side, opened both hands, effort has held Green, loosened said : Grandpa Green, you came back finally.” Green smiles said : is Young Master, I came back.” Zhao Hai laughs said : to come back well, comes back well, quick, we entered the room to say.” Said that then Green walks toward the thatched-roofed hut. Entered the thatched-roofed hut simply, Zhao Hai said to Green this Space situation, Green hears two eyes to shine, his also understand this Space means certainly anything regarding Buda Family. When Zhao Hai said that Green then excited said : fantastic Young Master, had this Space, our Buda Family revived hopefully.” Zhao Hai smiled, has drunk a sub, does this to Green said : Grandpa Green, what these time exit to harvest? Did our radishes sell?” Green said : radish?” Zhao Hai smiles said : radish is Magic Radish, I am familiar with called it the radish, what kind of? Found the buyer?” Green smiles said : Young Master not to need to be worried that I had found, is Markey Delphi Trading Company, they complied, purchases our in hand eighty thousand jin (0.5 kg) Magic Radish, if the later business is better, they can consume about two hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) Magic Radish every month probably, may be higher.” Zhao Hai makes an effort pats thigh said : fantastic, that price?” Green smiles said : eight layers of current price on market.” Zhao Hai nodded, to be honest, this price left his estimate, he thinks that had six layers of current price on market to be good, they were the massive batch, was not the retail.

Zhao Hai then referred to outside these Oil Fruit setting up said : these Oil Fruit to set up immediately to want maturely, can we also obtain the massive fruit oil, Markey Delphi Trading Company do receive?” Green smiles said : to receive, definitely will receive, but Markey Delphi Trading Company attention product quality, our Magic Radish are because the quality is good, therefore they can want, so long as our fruit oil quality is good, they can also want.” Zhao Hai nodded, then frowns said : Grandpa Green, I just forgot to ask, now is outside situation what kind of? Also has Magic Beast to loaf on Black Wasteland?” The brow of Green also wrinkled, nodded said : also to have, but the quantity has been short now, but I suggested that we are hiding several days in here are good, if we exited to bring in large quantities of Magic Beast to trouble.” Has not waited for Zhao Hai to speak, Meg with a smile to Green said : grandfather, Young Master already thinks that must otherwise we not stay in here, you look, is this mysterious thing, enabling us to see the situations in some castles, I also presently you come back through this thing with Young Master.” Was saying Meg while has referred to that screen, now she felt screen was mysterious, because this screen can distinguish unexpectedly is the enemy is a friend. Green curiously has also arrived around screen, Zhao Hai also walked, has demonstrated a usage of this screen to Green, in this time, among suddenly Space prompt is transmitting said : Oil Fruit to be mature, please as soon as possible gather.” Zhao Hai they stare, but their immediately went out of the room, looks toward the Oil Fruit field, has planted four days of this Oil Fruit tree to today, finally was mature. This Oil Fruit looks like the kiwi fruit on Earth is the same, on the bluish gray peel does not have that many burrs, the peel is very smooth, big many, the fist of person so is fully big, inside is the green yellow fruit pulp, this fruit pulp extremely numerous juice, what is different from other fruit pulp, the juice in this fruit pulp, is the fruit oil that present Zhao Hai they use, thus it can be seen the Oil Fruit oil extraction rate has much high. However Green they are actually somewhat surprised, they are very clear, Oil Fruit on Continent so are not big, moreover on look at tree that densely packed Oil Fruit, they also general can estimate the output of this Oil Fruit tree, will not lower absolutely. Zhao Hai actually knows that do not think on these Fruit tree the long fruit to be many, but these Fruit tree are digitization, Oil Fruit that on first Fruit tree ties, the gross weight is limited, will not be many, will not be few, this Oil Fruit tree can produce the Oil Fruit about 1500 jin (0.5 kg). But now in the Oil Fruit field has planted 300 Oil Fruit trees, in other words, these Oil Fruit trees can produce about the Oil Fruit four ten fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg). But the Oil Fruit output oil is very high, four ten fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg) Oil Fruit, if straight productive, almost can produce three hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) fruit oil, this quantity does not lower. However Oil Fruit although is the doing thing of nine seasons, but after having received a season, minimum also takes about two days to be able in a time maturity, in other words, after these time has received, when two days later can receive a season, Zhao Hai has also calculated, from planting Oil Fruit ends to nine Ji Quanshou, soon one month, this month Oil Fruit that receives, they also almost can extract 200 seven hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) fruit oil.

In the although head is calculating these thing, but Zhao Hai or deep voice said : gathers Oil Fruit.” The basket departs, Oil Fruit enters the basket, this makes first time see that this scene Green feels surprised not by. Must know that this Oil Fruit may really be too useful, besides can extract oil, the remaining these deisel oil are also very good feeds, can be used to feed many Magic Beast. Plants this multi- season the crops a little advantage, after has received, you do not use in toward the place in have planted, so long as received to be OK. After Oil Fruit receives, Zhao Hai they, because to the room, Green impatient said : Young Master, how many Oil Fruit this time we received?” Zhao Hai smiles said : probably about four ten fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg), these Fruit tree altogether have 300, the first output about 1500 jin (0.5 kg).” Green they lower the head in there are calculating, how much oil having a look at these sub- to extract, some little time Green said : that also in other words, can this time we extract about three hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) fruit oil? Day that this Fruit tree output was really too high.” Green knows that the Oil Fruit tree on big tree, most one also produces about 1000 jin (0.5 kg) fruits generally, but in Space can actually produce 1500 jin (0.5 kg), were many about 500 jin (0.5 kg) fruit, this is not a small digit. Zhao Hai smiles said : here Fruit tree already by Space digitization, therefore we most can only receive nine times, but the first time output is the same, next time we can gather two days later.” Green has stood excitedly, on the ground back and forth stamps step said : to receive nine times, two days later gathers, in other words mature time time is two days, nine points are about 18 days, three hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) oil, nine times are 200 seven hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg), one jin (0.5 kg) oil is copper coins, 200 seven hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) are 200 seven hundred thousand copper coins, is equal to 2700 gold coins, um, such quantity were many,” Zhao Hai one hear of Green said that also stares, he has not thought really that unexpectedly such small advantage of this fruit oil on Continent , the can't compare with radish, it seems like plants this thing not quite to be really cost-effective unexpectedly. The fruit oil quantity that Zhao Hai actually don’t know, this Continent last every day consumes is astronomical figures, this lubricates to throw into this big market, that is even/including Dianying cannot see.