Chapter 48 Great ambition and crisis Plants the radish truly compared with planting the Oil Fruit tree must make money, the income simply inadequate erects of two sides, a radish season can buy eight thousand gold coins, but Oil Fruit sets up one month of total output value 2700 gold coins. However do not forget, Markey Delphi Trading Company of this Green relation is one of the big Trading Company on Continent knowing how things stand, but they are most also to digest about four hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) radishes every month, in many are not good, after all regarding the person on Continent, silver coins one jin (0.5 kg) radish, the has plenty person cannot eat. Also in other words, after Zhao Hai , the radish that so long as each month plants five seasons, sufficed they one month of consumption, in planting multi- them could not buy, but the radishes of five seasons, regarding Zhao Hai, were 40 hours of matter, less than two days. What then the rest of the time they do plant? On these ordinary vegetables with Space Continent? Did not need to think, seed of these vegetables enter Space, immediately is given to empty by Space, your didn't simply have the means to plant, plants vegetables seed in Space? Currently Zhao Hai also don’t know these vegetables have these on Continent to buy a good price, even if these vegetables like the radish, in Continent here is some Magic vegetables, but if on Continent does not have this type of vegetables, the person on that Continent, the light is accepts this type of vegetables also to require certain time . Moreover the demand certainly will not be big, that might as well plants the Oil Fruit tree. On Continent prepares food needs oil, is adding on fruit oil small advantage , the common families possibly cannot eat the meat, but can certainly eat removes a grease or oil stain, but such others, often are some commoner, they must be engaged in some quite heavy physical labor, need more nutrition, therefore the fruit oil has become the first choice, the Continent last daily fruit oil enjoying quantity, is astronomical figures, therefore the fruit oil is an industry of sustainable show, although profits to be inferior to the radish to be many, will also actually be jealous by most Noble. One month 2700 outside gold coins income, this is a very astonishing digit, even if a small duchy, one month of tax revenue is also not necessarily have these many, must know that on Continent the gold coins purchasing power is very astonishing. one gold coin can trade ten silver coins, silver coins can trade 100 outside copper coins, but copper coins can buy one jin (0.5 kg) fruit oil or half jin (0.5 kg) rice. The rice and oil on Continent are very cheap, the fruit oil is because the output is high, but the rice is because eats to the slave generally, now has plenty commoner is also eating the rice. Like Zhao Hai their more than 100 people, the one month living expenses, have more than enough actually many, even if gives these slaves to eat daily, about 100 gold coins has sufficed, they can remain 2600 gold coins only.

Moreover do not forget, radish that they can also buy five seasons, even if each quarter radish cannot buy eight thousand gold coins this numbers, can buy 6000, five seasons are thirty thousand gold coins, in other words, Zhao Hai Space can create the thirty thousand 2000 gold coins net profits to them every month, this is very astonishing. Naturally, this looks like in Zhao Hai, is not very satisfied, saw a radish that season to buy several thousand gold coins bringing in money wealthy and powerful families, was looking at this fee such big vigor, one month got so far as more than 2000 gold coins Oil Fruit, Zhao Hai cannot certainly raise any interest. However Green actually thinks, he after knowing the Farm characteristics, in associates before Zhao Hai lets matter that he inquired, his understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai is wants the crop production with raising to plant industry advances in unison, together show. But the radish can obtain the radish leaf, happen to be used to feed Blue Eye Rabbit, but do not forget, the Blue Eye Rabbit light is eats the radish leaf is also incorrect, sometimes also needs to add a material, but Oil Fruit extracts oil the remaining deisel oil, is one of the best feeds, at the appointed time not only need by raise Blue Eye Rabbit with them with the deisel oil, but can also raise other Magic Beast, on most common horse and cow compared with Continent. With horse and cow that this type of deisel oil feeds, very strong, therefore wants is productive, generally can also be the good producing horse place, although they produce is some ordinary horses, is not Advanced level Magic Beast such as the flame horse and so on, but these horses actually very strong, very popular. Is adding on the deisel oil , not only can be used to feed the horse and cow this class Magic Beast, even if some Water element Magic Beast also very much likes eating this type of deisel oil, such pisculture industry can also manage, this additional industry can also bring the huge income to them. Because had these ideas, therefore Green so is excited, he transferred several to stop in the room, deeply attracted two tones, suddenly has had a good laugh. Why Zhao Hai their understand Green such smiles, because Green suppresses was too long, if Zhao Hai after waking, felt that own pressure is very big, that Green pressure is has been very big, he and Merine look at Buda Family from walked to look like the decline magnificently, they thought Buda Family henceforth withering away slowly, if were not holding this idea, he impossible to change into the commodity in hand all money. although afterward Zhao Hai improved, but Green very much worried at that time that because of a Buda Family stable income source, this regarding Buda Family, has not been fatal weak spot. However after understanding this Space, Green all worry all of a sudden vanished, he felt that in life of oneself originally Darkness, suddenly appears a Sun, a radiance ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) Sun, cleared off his haze.

Zhao Hai they have not gone to prevent Green, they know that Green needs to release, his too happy. Some little time Green calm, he has arrived at Zhao Hai nearby said : Young Master, after we exit, our immediately goes its Delphi Trading Company to deliver to the horse Magic Radish, then uses that some money, buys thing that some we need, these Oil Fruit receive, extracting oil needs the machine, these thing we must buy.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this I to know, but Grandpa Green, currently we have the most major problem to need to solve, is outside these Magic Beast and Carrion Swamp, even if, but we who we plan are impossible to hide in this Space for a lifetime, we must the exiting show territory, but if we as soon as exits to meet these Magic Beast attack, what to do we should?” Green one calm, he frowns, in the cave is stamping the step, because of his very clear, what Zhao Hai said is right, now their all plans are spatial, looks like the bubble in air, the wind blows shadowless that will not vanish not to have the trace, if they as soon as will exit by Magic Beast attack, they do not say unfold, feared that will be the self-preservation is impossible. However does this issue need to be solved? The simply non-solution, Green although is very confident to own skill, but his actually understand, they are impossible conquer Carrion Swamp, these many years, on Continent appears Expert were innumerable, but five Great Forbidden Land are still five Great Forbidden Land, they do not come again by person conquer, can look at five Great Forbidden Land fierce places from this point. However walked several, Green did not have what good means that sighing that he not bore, sat by the table, just lofty aspirations and high ideals do not have the trace in shadowless that this flash vanished. Zhao Hai now to this situation is also the non-solution, Continent five Great Forbidden Land, ominous outside, nobody can say self-confidently can the whole body draw back, drinks was saying they do not enter Carrion Swamp, but the light is this Magic Beast attack also makes them feel that very worried, after all their present strengths were too small and weak. Looked that the Green mood is somewhat low and deep, Zhao Hai has open the mouth and said: Grandpa Green, you well said to us outside situation.” Was saying while could not bear toward screen on looked at one, this looked that the Zhao Hai look cannot help but shrank, because of he very clear seeing, on hologram on screen in appears green. Zhao Hai immediately has stood, has arrived around the screen, Green they also noted the Zhao Hai movement, Zhao Hai did not have immediately/on horseback to look at the situation in castle, but was on the careful several screens green. The green point on screen are not many, only then several, but without doubt, they were appears just, because the green point on beforehand screen vanished for two days.

Merine they closely are also staring at the screen, is Meg said : „? These thing how appears ?” Green actually deep voice said : has nothing surprisedly, I come to the castle time, but also has plenty Magic Beast and Undead Creature are loafing on Black Wasteland, if could not wait, I will not take risk to clash, these thing possibly pursue me to come.” Zhao Hai nodded, the hand has selected the screen, in courtyard of fort in appears on the screen, there was also green point most places, the scene on screen transforms in courtyard, several Undead Creature appears on screen. Yes, on screen appears is Undead Creature, does not have Magic Beast, Zhao Hai to see that this situation cannot help but stares, he remembers that couple of days ago was also this, on screen latest leave was not Magic Beast, but was Undead Creature, what's all this about? Zhao Hai carefully was looking at a screen, had determined own judgment is correct, this open the mouth and said: Grandpa Green, why is here all Undead Creature? Moreover couple of days ago I also saw, finally leave is also these Undead Creature? What's all this about?” Green has not spoken, Merine said : this does not have what strange, Young Master, Undead Creature has one type of regarding life form fresh flesh and blood nearly in the hope of frantic, they can smell life form flavor in many places, felt that their existence, Green went into the castle from Black Wasteland, naturally also meets these Undead Creature present, in this regard, Magic Beast can't compare with these Undead Creature.” Zhao Hai nodded, arrived in field Keng Lap the living room, there Undead Creature is also loafing, this Undead Creature is alligator fish shape, fully several meters, but only remaining Bone stance/framework/shelf, is pleased as punch in the living room now, flood green light Bone, is looking like the cautious person.