Chapter 49 Spiritual variation Undead Creature Zhao Hai first time such earnest looks at Undead Creature, how his real don’t know this thing forms, although the legend of has plenty on Earth about Zombie, but that is also only a legend, but at present this actually really exists. Bone stance/framework/shelf of this big alligator, swaggering crawls in the hall, seems looks like a genuine alligator, all comprised of Bone, such as steel whip same tail, wields every time, will leave behind a scar on the wall, must know that wall getting the iron ore comprised, its hard degree is not worse than the steel and iron many. But those who most make Zhao Hai pay attention, in the two eyes of this skeleton, is flashing unexpectedly the green hot flame, is similar to the ghost flame same fearfulness. Made to compare with nearby wall, Zhao Hai has calculated, this thing minimum had about 15 meters to be long, about three meters high, if outstretched the claw, his width also almost can be about five meters, if were not big gate of main fort is big enough, this thing simply was impossible to climb the hall. Zhao Hai has delimited on the screen several, in entire lord forts and few Magic Beast, besides that big alligator, only then in the building also had Old Mouse skeleton same Undead Creature. Looked that Zhao Hai transferred returned to the screen in the living room, can look at that alligator skeleton to Green said : Grandpa Green, you general judge, this thing fighting strength how?” Green nodded said : this is not Advanced level Magic Beast, should be only Undead Creature that the shallow water poisonous alligator turns into, his fighting strength is not very strong, only then about 4th level Magic Beast level, but he now is Undead Creature, does not fear death, will not die easily, in adding on Bone poisonous of his whole body, therefore with him to war, even if 5th level Warrior like Blockhead and Stone, feared that what does not occupy cheap.” Zhao Hai nodded, to Green and Merine said : Grandpa Green, Merine Grandma, you have a look to be able this thing to get so far as in Space, I want to take a look at this thing carefully.”

Merine smiles said : to be all right, this simple very much, I can achieve.” Said that stood got up to walk outward. Zhao Hai they , after several people arrived at the room , the place of spatial ore, Merine turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, opens Space.” Zhao Hai nodded, the intention moves, Space rift appears , Merine read several Incantation together in a soft voice, water blue band of light immediately departed Space together, this band of light looks like a giant rope is the same, outside one volume, then the round trip receives, that big alligator skeleton actually does not have the strength to hit back was involved in Space. Bone stance/framework/shelf that Zhao Hai look at this keeps swaying from side to side on the ground, look at Undead Creature of his so short distance, before looked on the screen. This alligator skeleton already by that quality compensation blue band of light complete fetter, wiggling forward that but keeps on the ground, but his attack strength strongest claw, tail and big mouth, all had actually been bundled died, simply did not have no attack strength. Zhao Hai careful look at this skeleton, if this skeleton in swaying from side to side, Zhao Hai even did not suspect that his simply is a specimen, above flesh and blood does not have, in adding on that green skeleton, has appeared has to Space in some strange beauty unexpectedly. In this time, among Space prompt is transmitting: Presently the unclear object enters Space, scans, scans, this object for the kind Cyborg-type aggressiveness poisonous object, the body is bringing intense toxin, extracting toxin, strengthens the Space poisonous chemical compound ingredient, in the object the procedure manic, does not meet the Space requirement, implants the procedure, implants the procedure to be successful, in humanity to Space will possibly have the influence because of its toxin, needs in strong magnificent Space the immunity ability of human to toxin, merges in the Detoxification member Spatial Water, invited in Host and Space other humanity drinks Spatial Water as soon as possible.” All people are listening among Space prompt, what Green they did not understand Space prompt sound to say was anything, any kind of Cyborg-type aggressiveness poisonous object, any extracting toxin, anything strengthened the Space poisonous chemical compound ingredient, any procedure manic, these thing they were the first time heard that simply understand was any meaning. They cannot understand, Zhao Hai has probably actually understood, but is also general, some places his also do not understand, he only knows that Space divided the kind of robot ranks Undead Creature, the robot did not mean on if certainly human-shape, Zhao Hai remembers that the robot on Earth, has plenty was bizarre, therefore Space divided into the kind of robot ranks to not to have what mistake this skeleton.

First, this is a skeleton, he does not have flesh and blood, without the heart, does not need to breathe, cannot be life form, next, his all motions, are Soul Fire in control, this is similar to the robot, the robot is mainly comes control by the smart chip, therefore Space this Undead Creature classifying to kind robot ranks. However this to Zhao Hai to is a pleasant surprise, he has not thought really that Space really also has such ability, from the Space prompt sound he listened, Space knows that this thing in the person to Space will possibly have the bad influence, therefore his toxin withdrawing, moreover compounded Detoxification thing, put in Spatial Water, so long as they have drunk Spatial Water, on can not use in fearing this toxin, was only Zhao Hai understand, what that Space said that has not implanted the procedure is meaning, had to strengthen the Space poisonous chemical compound ingredient. What meaning is also, poisonous chemical compound that in Space that comes? However Zhao Hai also noted, that skeleton now in struggling, very peaceful lying in there, looked like a specimen, but that green Soul Fire in his eyes, turned into the red. Zhao Hai saw that Soul Fire color, suddenly had enlightenment, he also almost can understand that implanted the procedure is any meaning. Implants the procedure, possibly changed this Undead Creature Soul Fire, turned into their people this fellow, this point Zhao Hai also judged from this alligator skeleton the color of Soul Fire, because Zhao Hai was clear remembering, the green point on the screen expressed the enemy, but what the red point expressed was the person on one's own side, this point was proven from the body of Green. Zhao Hai thinks, the decision tries, he turns the head to Merine said : Merine Grandma, lets loose this thing, he was possibly changed by Space, turned our.” Merine stares, but she has relieved her Magic, now has Green in the Zhao Hai side, even if this Undead Creature has not turned into their this group, does not matter, has Green, this thing impossible to pose any threat to Zhao Hai. Merine Magic just relieved, that alligator skeleton on assuming an air of self approbation has collected toward Zhao Hai, but although this thing present appearance looks like a pair of skeletons, but was not scary to the feeling of person, instead to a little looks like one to the puppy that Master acts like a spoiled brat. Zhao Hai quickly said: Halts.” He did not fear that makes this thing approach itself, he has not drunk the Detoxification water now, this thing bumps into him, he must be poisoned, simultaneously this also wants to try, has a look whether command(er) this fellow.

Green somewhat anxious look at that Bone, his Battle Qi has raised to gather, prepares make a move at any time, his worry is unnecessary, Zhao Hai issues an order, that fellow immediately stopped, appearance that although is assuming an air of self approbation, but how the people felt that he probably is a little pitiful. Zhao Hai has tapped the head, how his also don’t know must handle, he has not thought really that Undead Creature can such monstruous talent, the light remain Bone unexpectedly, but can also to have such feeling. Merine actually suddenly open the mouth and said: Day that unexpectedly is spiritual variation Undead Creature, Young Master, this time we also really sorted the treasure.” Zhao Hai stares, puzzled said : Merine Grandma, what is spiritual variation Undead Creature?” Merine said : spiritual variation Undead Creature, is in Undead Creature quite special one type of, is very fearful one type of, Undead Creature is like humanity, divides level, the one who just turned into Undead Creature is most Inferior level, as their live time grew, they will become more and more fierce, if they living time will be Magic Beast, after that they died, slowly will have them to live time attribute, for example he living time will be a shallow water poisonous alligator, in just turned into Undead Creature, on can only be an ordinary skeleton alligator, Time getting longer and longer that as he has, he in one time slowly turns into the skeleton alligator of poisonous department, is the same with his before death attribute, this skeleton alligator, living time, possibly is supports poisonous is the spirit is two different attribute variation shallow water alligators, therefore he after turning into Undead Creature, can turning slowly have these two attribute Undead Creature, on is this that we see now, therefore we will feel that to his Xu Bianhua, actually this is also Spiritual Attack one type of.” Zhao Hai nodded said : originally is this, if human-shape Undead Creature? After they died , will commission slowly have their original skills?” Merine complexion dignified nod said : good, right that Young Master said that if a person before death is Magician, after he turns into Undead Creature, he slowly will turn into meeting Magic Undead Creature, moreover with him before death is the same attribute, on Continent the has plenty person thinks that wants is Undead Creature, certainly is Darkness Element, actually their ideas are wrong, Undead Creature also has various attribute.” Zhao Hai look at this alligator skeleton, he has not thought really that this thing unexpectedly is a treasure, must know that attack of energetic department is on Continent most fearful one type of attack, virtually impossible to guard against, was called Magician nemesis, has not thought that this thing also meets Spiritual Attack unexpectedly, this may really be a pleasant surprise.