The fifth chapter Goes against heaven's will cheating() Zhao Hai deeply has attracted several tones, calm one own mood, has taken up that insect Staff, the prompt sound in time resounds: Pest Releasing Tool, 1st level, can the release harmful insect, eat the crops, use, everyday five ten times, may carry over the Space use.” Weed Releasing Tool, 1st level, can the release weed, compete for the nutrition with the crops, use, everyday five ten times, may carry over the Space use.” Zhao Hai smiles, has put these two Staff, but these two thing good thing, to be used for the cloudy person is really good not to have. In the room did not have no thing, walked out of Zhao Hai from the thatched-roofed hut, walks toward Warehouse, he knows that in Warehouse also has certainly other thing, most at least he has not given his forage grass seed in the here present system prize. Quick Zhao Hai arrived at Warehouse outside, this Warehouse looks like very ordinary, a small thatched-roofed hut, above has a small wooden door, does not have anything specially. Zhao Hai has traced the wooden door with the hand, hears the prompt sound to get up: Warehouse, 1st level, may deposit Item, the type and quantity does not limit, when Item puts in extraction maintains consistent, can use outside Space, existing Item, forage grass seed, six bags.” Zhao Hai cannot help but thinks, forage grass seed. Just one wants to end, his front on appears six small cloth sacks, cloth sack above has written the forage grass seed inscription. Zhao Hai stares, then the great happiness, he also thinks how this Warehouse must use, has not thought that so long as one wants to be OK, this may really be fantastic. Zhao Hai has pushed the Warehouse door, actually presently simply cannot shove open, that Warehouse is ornaments is probably same, simply does not have what use. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, turn around returned to in thatched roofed hut, sat on that grass bed, static reorganization own obtained. Now had such Space, first is that place can plant, these water can drink, moreover can the big enhancement crops mature time, ten times, sail upstream in in addition, that was one ten times, the day is also good, had here, later did not need to be worried to starve.

That basket can also use, the shovel is also same, the bucket, the agricultural chemicals, Pest Releasing Tool, Weed Releasing Tool, these may be good thing, can carry over the Space use, most important was that Warehouse, had existence of Warehouse, his equal to had huge Storage Space, this was his most happy. Knew from the Adam memory that this world Chu tool are many, Mage of Space department can make a Chu tool, but Space Mage of this world are not many, therefore Chu tool although on Continent are now many, grasps in these Noble in hand, the average person little has. Their that Chu tool has no way to compare with Warehouse, these Chu tools, are very small, biggest also several hundred cubic, that has been called Divine Artifact, is so big like his Warehouse, simply does not exist. What most important is, the Ark Continent here Chu tool, does not have the means storage living creature, but thing that Space this Warehouse actually, he stores up, does not limit the type. Besides these fixed thing, his six bags of forage grass seed, 500 gold coins, although gold coins was unable to bring to exit now, but can actually buy thing in the Space store, this was enough. After looking Space has said that Zhao Hai knew, here with the game that before plays, the basic setting is similar, later Level Up, he has also been able to open Ranch, can do more matters. What is most important, he now also ten mu places, with spring water that can never use up, had this different thing, he can find the way to improve Black Soil in his territory, first but must do plants these ten mu places. Thinks of here, a Zhao Hai cannot help but forced smile, he before was nerd, but was actually born in the city, simply has not farmed, can say that was in the situation that the grain has not divided, now suddenly makes him farm, how he also real don’t know must plant is good. However Zhao Hai delivered returned to Warehouse forage grass seed, his very clear, forage grass seed regarding present him, is not useful, but, if opened Ranch, that was useful, what now he wants was can eat, crops seed that or can change money. Opened Shop Interface, above is some agricultural crops pictures, writes level below with money Shu who the purchase uses, is the same to Interface of game. Zhao Hai looked at Interface, is really presently same as the game, the setting is not bad, now he has 1st level, seed that can plant has the forage grass, the radish, the carrot and cabbage, other same did not plant.

Zhao Hai has tried, selected 2nd level agriculture crops seed, on Interface immediately/on horseback has demonstrated that your level insufficient inscription, Zhao Hai was also understand, it seems like here was really same as the game. Only then these four agricultural crops can plant, Zhao Hai did not choose radish seed, radish seed each bag to take 150 gold coins hesitant, each bag of seed may farm ten mu, ten mu place may produce about the radish near eighty thousand jin (0.5 kg), bought for the words of system store, may obtain gold coins 500. According to the purchasing power of this world, 500 gold coins, probably fifty thousand Yuan on equivalent to Earth, in other words, one gold coins equivalent to 100 Yuan, one silver coins equivalent to ten dollars of Renminbi, one copper coins equivalent to one corner/horn Renminbi. Like this, plants the radish is very cost-effective, but compares to the cabbage and carrot also almost, but Zhao Hai selects the radish is not because the radish can buy how much money, because experiences. Before played the Farm game, Zhao Hai once very earnest has calculated, in all Farm agriculture made in the thing, from turning the soil, to planter, in arriving at harvest, has been experienced many unexpectedly was this most common radish, now his most important first rose level, like this he can plant more land, moreover generally speaking, how many planted gold coins that the radish obtained also and many, on the current situation, a radish is the most appropriate choice. Zhao Hai is nerd, nerd does not like going out, therefore has met must go out may not the time, he first, today must exit to make anything, does to be able the most time-saving, after or several days, must result in the matter that handles, does completes ahead of time, like this crosses several days he not to go out. Such time is long, raises the disposition that one type of has planned, working time, he first well plans, is discovering most suits own plan, does according to this plan. This time is also same, he has calculated for quite a while, finally the choice plants the radish, because the radish can obtain many experiences, this compares with these gold coins of loss, simply is not anything. Zhao Hai immediately bought one bag of radish seed, radish seed did not have appears in his front, but has put in Warehouse, the Zhao Hai thoughts moved, small cloth sack immediately/on horseback appears in his front, this cloth sack was not big, looks like also Bian Bian, inside has not installed any thing probably, however the hand of Zhao Hai bumped into the cloth sack, the immediately/on horseback prompt sound transmits: Radish seed, one bag, is plantable, may carry over Space, plants area, ten mu.” Zhao Hai relaxed, fortunately, this bag of seed can plant these ten mu land, otherwise he may not have money to buy seed, but this system also really suffices to plan, delivers only delivers six mu, must buy to buy ten mu, will plan. Closed Shop Interface, Zhao Hai took the seed bag to go out of the thatched-roofed hut, but actually look at that ten mu place got up dull, seed was buys, but can plant? His nerd that will farm, said it, how his also don’t know this must plant, this may really want to assign.

Thinks of this, Zhao Hai cannot help but wants to put in returned to Warehouse the seed bag, suddenly his look at in hand seed bag was shocked, a bold idea entered his head. All in this Space, are taking a long journey regarding him probably, although buys seed time wants gold coins, however the fund of start has actually given him, probably is he is playing a real game to be the same, if this is really the case, then the farm is can also not begin with oneself? Thinks does, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback is thinking the planter radish, he just had such idea, the in hand seed bag flew, then in shovel also moved, the shovel digs out small pit in the place, in the seed bag immediately/on horseback departs seed to fall to small pit, then the iron bucket flies, waters in small pit, then the shovel will bury small pit, is digging a pit, sprinkles plants, the watering, buries the earth, has probably several divisions of labor to be clear, cooperates the tacit person, together that is the same, useless Zhao Hai begins unexpectedly. Zhao Hai look at this situation, cannot help but laughs, this Space is really fantastic, he felt that he is the god in this Space, so long as own thought moves, thing immediately in Space will do according to his request, this may really be fantastic. Looks to plant this land also to some time, Zhao Hai also feared that Green presently he has been missing worry, is thinking must leave Space, the thought moves, he returned to in the Iron Mountain castle his in the room, watched the weather of out of the window, the change is not unexpectedly big, moreover in the room has not come in probably excellently, this makes Zhao Hai believe that he is not certainly long in the time in Space staying, even if were he in the inside dull time long one point, in that Space time and outside time class were certainly different. Zhao Hai excited wants to yell that had such cheating of going against heaven's will, he can become a free and unfettered young landlord in this world minimum, can help Adam revenge that to discuss separately, first makes own day excessively good is the top priority. Has to recognize, Zhao Hai not be an ambition very big person, he has strong small farmer consciousness, so long as good on line, anything promotes Buda Family, helping Buda Family revenge, helping Adam revenge, these are he for a while the excited idea, thinks that these Great Noble strengths, Zhao Hai felt fearful, solemn Buda Family was said extinguished extinguished, he small Zhao Hai was any thing, others must extinguish him are also not the matter of waving.