Chapter 50 Grasps Undead Creature to go Did Green in emperor deep voice said : Young Master, keep this thing not quite to be safe in Space at this time? But this thing poisonous.” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to have relationship Grandpa Green hastily, walks, we walk to drink water, called to drink water all people, only then has drunk this water, did not need to fear that this was poisonous.” Said that spring water there of turn around in front of toward thatched-roofed hut walks, following of that alligator skeleton little darling in Zhao Hai behind five far places, looks like a loyal dog. Several people arrived at spring water side, does not have presently this spring water to have any special place, spring water or spring water, a change does not have. Zhao Hai they somewhat are puzzled, but Meg went into the room to take the cup, Blockhead and Stone called these to practice calligraphy already soon practiced the demon sickness the slaves. Meg brings several cups, Zhao Hai works as first drinking water , the loquacious mouth, presently does not have what flavor, puts down the drinking glass, Zhao Hai outside the alligator skeleton toward that walks. Green that just drank water busy has held on Zhao Hai said : Young Master, made me come, your present is not quite healthy, if this water no matter used, I can withstand with Battle Qi, you were not good.” Zhao Hai one wants also to be such a matter, nodded, Green arrives by that alligator skeleton, take deep breaths, handle extended has looked like him, Zhao Hai they anxious look at Green, to Green put the hand on on alligator skeleton, several people of unconscious reporting breath. All right! A Green matter does not have, he makes an effort has patted Bone of alligator skeleton, any matter does not have, this water has the Detoxification effect evidently. Also has patted alligator skeleton several, Green then smiles said : to be all right Young Master, it seems like that this water has the effect.” Zhao Hai nodded, has arrived at side of alligator skeleton, traces him, this alligator skeleton looked like obtains the puppy of Master reward to be the same, going all out was swinging own big tail, almost pulled out arrives at a nearby slave. Zhao Hai could not bear pat alligator skeleton said : not to suspend tail randomly, what to do pulled out to the person? Your this big guy to is interesting, is variation, since such as some, I look call you Alien.”

Zhao Hai also very wants to smile, he on Earth, very likes Alien this horror film, but this alligator skeleton such strange, therefore Zhao Hai simply managed him to call Alien. This big guy also listened to understand probably the Zhao Hai words, happier, but this time he who tail swung did not have large scale shaking, instead to like vibration. Zhao Hai in paying attention to him, patted Alien head said : to go to behind the room to lie.” Said, no matter crawling slowly to Alien after room, turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, you said whether we can receive Undead Creature to come in?” Green thinks that said : this arrives is a good idea, but in Space such big place, we cannot put down that many Undead Creature.” Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, he also really this point forgetting, now Space altogether also more than ten mu big . Moreover the land that the ten mu can cultivate, Zhao Hai cannot certainly make these Undead Creature occupy there, the remaining places must arrange these slaves to stay, except for these places, did not have the big place to use, but these Undead Creature almost were almost big with Alien, even if small also small not how many, if entire got so far as in Space, the place has not arranged them. Zhao Hai transferred two on the ground, suddenly has thought just Space prompt, Space has decided as the kind of robot object Alien, the attention, was not life form, was the object, in other words Space recognize Alien was not life form, Alien was not life form, can that put in Warehouse him? If can, that Space naturally be able to enter many Undead Creature really like this, after Zhao Hai, perhaps can also pretend to be Summoner. Thinks does, in any case now Alien already in Space, Zhao Hai, so long as rotated the thought to experiment own idea to be successful. A Zhao Hai thought revolution , after just lay Alien to room to vanish, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback has arrived around Warehouse, touches Warehouse with the hand, Warehouse page immediately appears , but Alien also turned into a Warehouse small icon, is an alligator skeleton icon of making threatening gestures. Zhao Hai could not bear smile, then turned the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, feel relieved, these Undead Creature can receive in Warehouse, will not occupy the Space position.” Green also happy nod said : that on fantastic, had these Undead Creature , the Young Master security had to guarantee, moreover after Young Master, so long as wore the Mage robe, the Mage hat area, can take a walk on Continent, Young Master can definitely pretend to be Summoner, some Continent people will not suspect that some people do not think that can be Young Master, because Young Master drank Water of Nothingness.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, Grandpa Green, we grasp some Undead Creature now, such as must grasp were many, we put the Black Wasteland surrounding Undead Creature, making these come the Black Wasteland person to think that these Magic Beast have not walked, like this our here instead attended the meeting security.” Green one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but two eyes one bright, this means they to have not thought that Green curious said : Young Master, we can make some Magic Beast to come in?”

Zhao Hai thinks that shook the head said : not to want, Magic Beast is different from Undead Creature, Undead Creature Space can make decision the object them, is not life form, but Magic Beast that certainly is life form, life form now could not possibly have put in Warehouse, such occupied the place, moreover Space was also not necessarily able to turn into Magic Beast our.” Green nodded, he also knows one were somewhat greedy, Space can change Undead Creature to be good, if can also change Magic Beast, that was really too mysterious. Actually some Zhao Hai words had not said that now his level is insufficient, money is also insufficient, therefore does not have the means to clear Ranch, so long as they have cleared Ranch, that might subdue these Magic Beast, now he has cleared Farm, can only be used to farm. Zhao Hai looked at Merine their said : Merine Grandma, you arrange, making these slaves to a safety point place, a while probably seize these Undead Creature first, I feared that can injure to them.” Merine has not waited for the speech, Merine on said : Young Master, gives me, I let the chrysanthemum and secure am leading them to the Oil Fruit tree field, believes that there will be safe.” Oil Fruit tree long is not high, altogether also about five meters high, however his following about one meter high place, not in long horizontal, therefore the person can take a walk below, making these slaves stay in there it would be the best. Zhao Hai nodded, walks toward the thatched-roofed hut, suddenly he stopped the footsteps, because he noted different thing, two placed the jar under thatched-roofed hut window. These two jars look like very ordinary, if puts on Earth, some simply people will not pay attention, feared that will lose on the street some people will not sort, counter- will kick a foot. look at these two jars that however Zhao Hai actually decides, probably their Yuan tobacco mosaic is also same, because in these two jars wrote, writes the pesticide, writes the herbicide! That above character is the Chinese character, therefore Green they and on don’t know that has written anything, Zhao Hai knows certainly, but he pays attention to these two jars not because of that above character, because he needs to remember Space beforehand prompt, withdraws takes poisonously, strengthens in Space the poisonous chemical compound ingredient! Before Zhao Hai don’t know these words were any meaning, because he does not remember that in Space had any poisonous chemical compound, when he saw these two jars, his understand, these two thing are the poisonous chemical compounds! Good, the herbicide and pesticide in Space truly are poisonous, if increasing their toxicity, feared that eats the person who has sprinkled this type of Potion vegetables, will be poisoned.

Zhao Hai wants to confirm that own idea, before he has arrived at the window, has taken up the jar of pesticide, this Space has not transmitted the prompt sound, instead to was information direct appears in his head: The pesticide, the poisonous chemical compound, may kill the harmful insect, dosage, infinite, the toxin strong and weak is modulable. Zhao Hai understand, this pesticide with did not have what difference, but were many a content, is the toxin strong and weak can adjust, before cannot adjust. Put the pesticide, Zhao Hai has taken up the herbicide, finally also similar, were also many a content, similarly was toxin can adjust. Has put down the in hand jar, Zhao Hai is very satisfied, thing in Space can carry on Level Up in a variety of ways, so long as his level has sufficed, he believes that he can not need to fear any Expert in this world. Green they puzzled look at Zhao Hai movement, don’t know is he doing, looked at Zhao Hai to stand, Merine then puzzled said : Young Master, were these two jars do do?” Zhao Hai smiles said : these two jar inside thing is poisonous, but a jar can be used to kill the insect on crops, but another jar can kill in the place the grow out weed, before Space toxin that withdrew from the body of Alien, increased in these two jars Potion toxicity, just I want to confirm that was this.” Merine they stare, they have not thought really that these two jars will really have such use, now on Continent although has plenty Alchemist and Potion master, their status are however noble . Moreover the person on Continent, universal is not attach great importance to agriculture produce, therefore so far, on Continent specifically has not been used to remove weeds and Potion of insect disinfestation, Merine they are the first time heard that has existence of this thing. Green knows certainly that what these two Potion mean, his can immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, this different thing bring to use to Space outside?” Zhao Hai nodded said : naturally to be OK, moreover these two thing amounts used have not limited, can use casually.” Green fierce claps said : fantastic, had these two thing, later outside crops did not need to be worried about the insect plague.”