Chapter 51 Directs strangely? Because the person on Continent does not take seriously agricultural produce very much, therefore has every year because of the place that the insect plague produces certainly, the place starves to death very much excellently, these make the Green impression profound. However Green also recognize, the Ark Continent natural condition is really fantastic, their here has the output very high white sago palm, this tree looks like the bamboo is the same, can long to several meters high, moreover every year can produce rice twice, therefore on Continent most people are hungry undead. Rice that this producing sago palm produces, is these slaves most often things to eat, but request of this tree to land also not very high, on Continent the has plenty place has the planter, therefore the grain on Continent to be short to not that easy appears . However Green has not bought seed of this sago palm, because of his very clear, the sago palm is not high regarding soil quality request although, but wants in the Iron Mountain here type the sago palm, actually to be impossible, because the sago palm has the most important shortcoming, is this tree regarding the metal very sensitive. Some people have performed an experiment, they have put in the a piece about 100 jin (0.5 kg) irons stretch of ten mu sago palm fields, the result has not been ten days , the sago palm of ten mu place all died. Because of the characteristics of this tree, therefore Green has not bought seed of this tree, the place that they must come, but before Dwarf Iron Mountain, iron ore although in this mountain was picked, is in soil quality on mountain the content of iron be higher than other places, wants to plant the sago palm in this place, that simple is dream of a fool. Therefore Green chose the Oil Fruit tree to work as the main planter object, the Oil Fruit tree was very low regarding the request of soil quality, moreover can many years profit, suited the mountainous area to plant, after these were he inquired has the old farmer of many years of planter experience, the answer of getting, therefore he has chosen the Oil Fruit tree. However is the same with the sago palm, the Oil Fruit tree also has the one type of very fatal shortcoming, easily by insect plague. Compared with the sago palm, the Oil Fruit tree was really too easily by the insect plague, on Continent will have on average a large-scale insect plague of time sago palm every five years, but the Oil Fruit tree almost will receive the influence of insect plague year after year, was good because of this thing good work, can be long everywhere, therefore the output could have followed. However this shortcoming is very fatal regarding Buda Family, they want the big area planter Oil Fruit tree, quite enables this Oil Fruit tree to become a main source of revenue of Buda Family, but if the Oil Fruit tree always receives the insect plague, they ended.

Before Green for this matter headache, one hear of Zhao Hai has been saying now really had special is used for Potion of insect disinfestation, Green a piece big stone at heart falls to the ground finally. The Zhao Hai look at Green happy appearance, smiled said : I too not to approve to use this different thing, this different thing is poisonous, uses this different thing for the crops, will make the crops also bring micro toxin, effect of this toxin although on the person body is not very big, however year after year eating, will accumulate massive toxin in the human body, is influential to the health of person.” Green stares, then frowns said : this to arrive is an issue, it seems like after us, things to eat cannot use this.” A Green this saying exit / to speak, Zhao Hai cannot help but bag black line, he really has not thought that the Green such serious person, really also has abdomen black side. However what makes Zhao Hai not think, Merine nod of their actually also approval, probably is thinks Green said is very reasonable. Actually Zhao Hai don’t know, Merine they , since being rushed to here, her on a little enmity world psychology, in their opinion, all people betrayed them, is lets Buda Family to this situation murderer, because of this, Green will say such words to come, Merine will approve. Zhao Hai shook the head, in thinking this, he turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, we enter the room to have a look to the screen on, outside has many Undead Creature, is thinking the means to grasp them real.” Green nodded, several people walk toward room, to be honest, Green also thought that had this screen is really very convenient, can sit in Space knows that outside was any situation, the sole shortcoming was, range too small. After several people entered the room, Zhao Hai looked at a screen, the above green point has not increased probably, was several, Zhao Hai looked at a position of living room, what making him not think, living room there appears green. Zhao Hai puzzled has selected living room there, skeleton Old Mouse appears in the living room, Zhao Hai look at this skeleton Old Mouse has cannot help but gawked, then the eye cannot help but looked at one that changed small hologram, in the building the green point of that position disappeared, it seems like it was that skeleton Old Mouse in building goes into the living room. Zhao Hai wondered, living room there so is good, then there are to attract gravitational force? He remembers that living room there appears Magic Beast and Undead Creature frequency is highest.

Skeleton Old Mouse said : on Green also look at screen looked like this thing smells the person taste, mentioned also strangely, these Undead Creature regarding fresh flesh and blood sensitive degree were really astonishing.” One hear of Green said that Zhao Hai immediately understand, certainly is they just grasped Alien the time, Space rift revealed the person taste in Space, making that skeleton Old Mouse feel, therefore that thing will go into the living room. Thinks through this point, Zhao Hai to is one happy, because he has thought stresses the means of these skeletons, on the game terminology with Earth, should call to direct strangely. Zhao Hai on Earth does not like playing the game, but his matter or have some understanding to game, but this understood that originates from the web novel completely. Has to recognize, on Earth, these hypertext fictions include ten thousand, Zhao Hai does not like football, but regarding the matters of these star players his Men Qing, he will also hit basketball, but is only a false fan, but in the matters his also Men Qing regarding these basketball, all these must give credit to the hypertext fiction. Zhao Hai turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, you said that we can grasp Undead Creature with this method? The living room is not very big, a time is impossible to come in too many Undead Creature, we only grasp this, perhaps this can also in bringing in one, if cannot bring, we can send a person to exit, this can certainly attract many Undead Creature, like this we do not need to be too far, can catch many Undead Creature in the castle, moreover does not need to be worried that can bring in Magic Beast.” Zhao Hai knows that Undead Creature regarding living person very sensitive, but these Magic Beast, he does not want to bring in too many Magic Beast, if these Magic Beast were directed in the castle, but also was staying, his did not have the day to exit. Green thinks that said : this means to are good, like this we can sit in here slowly grasped these Undead Creature, was right, Young Master, you said that this Magic Beast attacked with Undead Creature, can be reason that because these Undead Creature felt us?” Zhao Hai stares, then complexion changes, he is certainly impossible to judge because of this, but this is he most was worried that if these Undead Creature felt really their existence, ran, that later castle here is unsafe. Merine actually shook the head said : I to think that because of this, do not forget, we come the here time not to be short, Young Master unconscious one month, aren't we continuously in here? If these Undead Creature are words that because we run in here, that should also already come out, will not wait for such long time, moreover what these time runs first is these Magic Beast, is not these Undead Creature.” Green and Zhao Hai one hear of Merine said that cannot help but relaxed, but Green then actually frowned said : that to feel strange, I remember before , hear of people said that Black Wasteland here Magic Beast, but needs several 20 years to meet violent one time, but previous violent time probably is three and four years ago, how such short time violent? If the frequency of their violent is so quick, we troubled.”

Merine actually smiles said : to consider as finished, you these information that hears outside can? How many year nobody did you know don’t know Black Wasteland here to come? They how possibly true understanding Black Wasteland here situation.” Green has tapped the head, nodded said : „, how I this forgetting, Black Wasteland here simply anything have not been able appealing thing, naturally nobody to come, it seems like it was I have thought that ok, took your time, had Young Master Space in any case, really the incorrect words, hid in Space good.” Has saying that now the Green mentality was much better compared with before, before Green had the one type of desperate mentality, that type lost the hope to the life, was actually making the feeling of last-ditch struggle, making him very strict austere, ruthless cannot achieve all matters well, this made his pressure very big. Since knew after Zhao Hai the Space, the Green mentality completely changed, he one relaxed, because he believes that so long as there is Zhao Hai the Space, Buda Family can certainly continue, even if cannot restore to the original honor, but ensure extension of Buda Family will not have the issue, can say that he has put down at heart heaviest a piece big stone. Zhao Hai one hear of Green said that cannot help but shows a faint smile said : this to is good means that but Grandpa Green, Space can now Level Up, so long as we on some out of the ordinary plants Continent shift to Space, obtains the approval of Space, increasing that Space can continue, will give us many help.” Green stares, then two eyes bright said : really? Young Master, is this real? Can Space also increase really?” Zhao Hai nodded said : naturally real, in fact Space already Level Up twice, has increased four mu, this point Merine Grandma is knows, Space second Level Up time, we in Space.”