Chapter 52 Correct answer Green turned the head to look at Merine one, after obtaining affirmative answer, Green face excited said : fantastic, so long as our pass through this time crisis, immediately sent to Markey Delphi Trading Company Magic Radish, then in looked for thing that Young Master you wanted.” Zhao Hai nodded, looked at a screen point, turns the head to Merine said : Merine Grandma, Grandpa Green, you want behind the thatched-roofed hut, I monitor these Undead Creature in the room, today we must concentrate on work at selected units that thing.” Green and Merine nodded, turn around walks toward the room outside, Zhao Hai always pays attention to outside change in the thatched-roofed hut, capture Undead Creature is moving, formally starts. In the following five days of time, the practice of these slave or everyday writes, but Zhao Hai they actually put the main energy seized on Undead Creature. Five days, they use Zhao Hai to direct to blame this means that altogether has grasped more than 1000 Undead Creature, these Undead Creature after entering Space, Space in having any prompt sound, but enters Space, in their eyes green Soul Fire turned into the red, then had been thrown into Warehouse by Zhao Hai. But in these five days, Zhao Hai received the corn and two seasons of eight seasons Oil Fruit, now his corn and Oil Fruit have saved much, especially the corn, must know him but now four mu places in planting the corn, these eight seasons, before adding on these, he presently in hand have saved 100,000 jin (0.5 kg) corn, this makes Zhao Hai think should trade other planting. However now he also without enough time thinks these, because outside Magic Beast retreated, these five days of after pasts, outside Undead Creature and Magic Beast almost vanish was clean. This to also let Green feel relieved, Green has been somewhat worried about these Magic Beast and Undead Creature because of them in here, will therefore drill from Carrion Swamp, but now looks like is actually not that a matter, if the opposite party were really because presently they clash, directed to blame these days in him, was impossible to draw back in returned to Swamp, instead to possibly in one time will flush from Carrion Swamp comes out. Now these Undead Creature retreated, was explaining that these thing are not because presently they clash from Swamp, this arrives is good information, as soon as otherwise they come out, how long, these thing have flushed, their troubles were big. Saw that these Magic Beast and Undead Creature retreated, Zhao Hai their immediately drilled from Space, these days they suppress in Space unbearably. However comes out from Space, all person complexion are not quite attractive, now entire castle here destroyed looking awful, looks like they just came the time is more tattered, although said that the main building has not received any damage, but outside all things were all destroyed, has not remained, place at sixes and sevens thing , because of existences of these thing, therefore made the castle seem like more tattered.

The look at castle ruined appearance, Zhao Hai their is very at heart uncomfortable, castle here condition although very crude, how however to say that here is also their families, saw that own family was destroyed this appearance, how Zhao Hai their may be at heart comfortable. although also saw on the screen outside is any situation, but experiences personally now, felt that intense, Blockhead could not bear fought with the fists on nearby wall, the blood flowed following the wall. Instead to is Green performance calm, this several days he has been strange in directing that in Space gets out and gets, in the situation regarding castle he knows the purity that therefore he to does not have what extreme performance. Merine also looked at situation one in castle, now in the castle was destroyed besides these Item, the ground has some Magic Beast excrement, the entire castle appears dirty. Merine sighed said : to be good, everyone/Great Clan tidied up, in all thing outside the castle attained to roast, these Magic Beast have bumped, I feared that these thing poisonous, we did not want to use, when tidied up, everyone/Great Clan exited, my water used flushed the castle.” Green knit the brows said : „ and other days, now the water outside moat is the green, I look at probably also poisonous, if flushes the castle with that water, did not do well the entire castle to bring poisonously. Merine wrinkled under the brow, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, do you want to go to near the moat to have a look?” Zhao Hai also wants to go to there to have a look, Spatial Water currently has the Detoxification function, if possible, he to wants the toxin outside moat solving. Green has thought obviously also of this point, his immediately/on horseback turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, can you solve the toxin in moat?” Zhao Hai sighed said : first to have a look saying that Meg, you arranged them to tidy up thing in castle, they have drunk the water in Space, believed people should be unable poisoned.” Meg has complied with one, organizing these slaves to tidy up thing, Zhao Hai under the accompaniment of Green and Merine, left the castle, walked toward the moat. Three people arrived in the moat to look that really looked like Green saying that the water in this moat, unexpectedly really became appears one type of very strange light green, looked like makes people feel the wool.

But most makes people feel what is puzzled, although this water has been mobile, but the green in water has not actually reduced, lets person very uncomfortable. The water in Merine look at moat, wrinkled under brow said : this water to be mobile, has not lost the activeness, but in included massive toxin evidently, I viewed the issue am in tarn.” Zhao Hai nodded, to Merine said : Merine Grandma, in making water comes out, I make in Space analyze, has a look at this water strongly toxicity.” Merine complied with one, hand moved, water ball appears in her in hand, Zhao Hai immediately received in this water ball Space. Space prompt sound immediately/on horseback passes to the head of Zhao Hai: By water of poisonous chemical compound pollution, including poisonous quantity, available Spatial Water purification.” Very simple prompt. This to also let Zhao Hai feel relieved, so long as can Detoxification be good, Zhao Hai let out a long breath, turned the head to Merine and Green said : Grandpa Green, Merine Grandma, we went to tarn there to have a look, the toxin in this water can solve with Spatial Water, but the source of this water was tarn there, we should better start from the source.” Merine and Green relaxed, to be honest, they also feared that Spatial Water cannot solve the toxin in this water, although they believes the water toxin in slowly carrying off by water current, but that requires time, moreover is also very big to their influences. Several people of turn around just about to walk toward the mountain, Zhao Hai suddenly stopped, complexion pale is staring at a place, was motionless. Merine and Green puzzled look at Zhao Hai, they also looked following the Zhao Hai vision, there is ordinary Black Soil place, does not have anything specially, Green somewhat puzzled looked at Zhao Hai one, don’t know he is any meaning. Merine also some puzzled, but the flash her understand, her complexion also all of a sudden became white. Merine understand why Zhao Hai complexion big piece, because that piece looks like very ordinary Black Soil place, beforehand Zhao Hai has improved that piece, but the color of there land was now different from Black Soil of other places, in other words, that Black Soil place, possibly changed returned to original Black Wasteland here that unique Black Soil. Merine flutters said : Young Master, there yes or no? Zhao Hai nodded, complexion pale walked, he wants to determine, there Black Soil changed the original appearance, must really be such words, represented his improvement to be defeated. Green although understand their this saying are not any meanings, but looks at their complexion, he also knows that certainly had any not good matter to live, therefore was busy at following in Zhao Hai, walked toward that lands there.

Zhao Hai to that lands, has squatted, careful look at that lands, has grasped ground Black Soil with the hand, this long relaxed. Originally this lands have not changed the original appearance, possibly was these Magic Beast or Undead Creature brings on this lands Black Soil of its place, therefore let original that any not long Black Soil, he has improved land covering, his improvement not failure. Merine has also worked on Black Soil, carefully looked at one, but she looked up good piece Black Soil one, complexion so was still ugly. Green puzzled look at they, what his don’t know two people for such careful look at that piece of Black Soil, this Black Soil have attractively what, his squatting down body has also grasped Black Soil, carefully looked at one with in hand, is quick he presently that Black Soil following improvement Black Soil, he stares, then facial expression excited to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, is this?” Zhao Hai let out a long breath said : here is I uses the earth and water in Space has improved lands, has improved the land, can plant thing, but after these Magic Beast came, possibly brought to come to here Black Soil of other place, therefore has improved me Black Soil covering.” Green quickly grasps the meaning of something, just about to says anything, the Merine sound actually conveys said : not, Young Master, I think that was not these Magic Beast Black Soil that brought from other place has covered here, but was the surface of this lands received on these Magic Beast the influence of toxin, in one time turned into Black Soil, if were these Magic Beast has brought Black Soil of other sides, absolutely not so even, you looked at this lands, the entire color changed, but that ten mu.” Zhao Hai stares, then complexion changes, carefully looked at that ten mu place one, such that such that presently really such as Merine says, the here improved that ten mu place, such as Merine said, color very even, all has improved Black Soil does not have the dew to come out, this is unreasonable, only then one type of explained that these lands of improvement were not the quilt lived, but was in one time is polluted. Why since Continent the land on person don’t know Black Wasteland here will have turned into such stature, Zhao Hai their also don’t know, but just they saw the polluted river water, now is looking at this lands, nature immediately can associate to the pollution of Magic Beast, but what is very unfortunate, they found the correct answer.