Chapter 53 Possibly is the truth truth Did a Zhao Hai fist pound the ground, why deep voice said : has been able like this? Were our beforehand efforts in vain?” Green has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : not, Young Master, feel relieved, we will find the means that the matter solves.” Zhao Hai complexion is not quite still attractive, he feels the ground land said : not, your don’t know, such big lands, look at he was untillable, I had planned, improved the here land, slowly turned into the granary on Continent here, what a pity, it seems like that this plan cannot implement.” Zhao Hai patted clapping to stand, depressed of face, this attack for him was really too big, such big lands, his simply was impossible transform to complete in a short time, if these Magic Beast before he did not have transform completed, in appears , all effort that he made has wasted, even if were his transform has completed, these Magic Beast appears , he was also equal to does did not have to study hard. How Green their also don’t know must comfort Zhao Hai, they also know the Zhao Hai present mood, no matter what who encounters this situation, will not feel at heart better. Zhao Hai looked at Black Wasteland one, sighed, turns the head to walk toward the mountain on, just walked two steps him to stop, muttered said : not to be right, this matter was not very right.” Just with Zhao Hai turn around Merine and Green is one, Green puzzled said : Young Master, what incorrect had?” Zhao Hai has referred to the mountain said : Grandpa Green, what do you look on this mountain to have?” Green looked at that mountain one, knit the brows said : not to have, only then some weeds, weed? Right, on this mountain will have the weed? If Black Wasteland here Black Soil turns into this appearance because of these Magic Beast toxin, the earth on that mountain hadn't been affected? This is not right.” Merine also responded at this time, on she puzzled look at mountain these were also stepped on pour in the weed of ground, must say that this weed also is really enough tenacious, although stepping on fell down by these Magic Beast, passed through the extensiveness of this several days, has emitted the sight of green of faint trace, Life Force was really very tenacious. These Magic Beast in withdrawal, come time is different, comes the time they look like a large unit, closes, however retreats, is scattered, therefore on grass destruction to mountain is not serious, now the weed on mountain restored much.

life force weed that also these restore, letting Zhao Hai present incorrect place, if Black Wasteland here received these Magic Beast toxin pollution, on the mountain is impossible to be all right, must know that these Magic Beast crawl from the mountain. Zhao Hai one has turned around, look at that Black Soil place, muttered said : not to be right, certainly was not because on them toxin of belt, what can be? What can be?” Green and Merine also turn the head the look at Black Soil place, their also don’t know this what's the matter. Original Merine thought that own inference is very correct, when she sees on the mountain these weeds, she knew her pushing dislocation. Zhao Hai keeps turns circle on the ground, why he could not think through here to turn into this appearance, unconscious Zhao Hai has arrived slowly at the moat, he did not stop the footsteps on own initiative, in the eye look at moat that pale-green river water is dull. Merine and Green looked that Zhao Hai stood near the moat was motionless, somewhat anxiously has depended, they also really feared that Zhao Hai had an accident. Clapping that suddenly Zhao Hai makes an effort, said : I have thought that I thought.” Green said : Young Master, what have you thought of?” Zhao Hai is pointing at that river waterway: This river water has been mobile, but to present still light green, in other words, tarn there water also has Magic Beast to get down, but why these can Magic Beast run up to there to go? there may not have things to eat, therefore I think that they will certainly go to that lake stemming from any point, most likely is takes a bath.” Takes a bath?” Green and Merine one hear of Zhao Hai said that strange looked at his one eyes, looked at one mutually, they think that Zhao Hai is anxious crazy. Merine quickly said: Young Master, you rest.” Did Zhao Hai turn the head look at Merine said : Merine Grandma? You do not believe words that I spoke?” Merine forced smile said : Young Master, these Magic Beast from Carrion Swamp, Swamp there water scarcity, why will they come here to take a bath?”

Zhao Hai hit a year of sound to refer to said : this is relationship of issue, although Carrion Swamp there water scarcity, however the there water was poisonous, like before you said that there including air poisonous, the water possibly didn't have poisonous? Therefore they use the there water to take a bath with have not washed to be the same, I think that they want certainly to look for some clean water to take a bath.” A Zhao Hai such saying, Green and Merine to gawked, they have not thought that but one hear of Zhao Hai said that but also looked like that a matter. The Zhao Hai look at two appearances, then said : also has, have you thought? Black Soil will turn into this appearance, is very likely is really related with these Magic Beast, which some Magic Beast because of all the year round life the place of Carrion Swamp this type of deadly poison, their things to eat, the water that drinks, the air of breath, is the belt is poisonous, even if they are Magic Beast of poisonous department, may unable to bear, therefore they are very likely run up to Black Wasteland here, comes out to the row within the body unnecessary toxin, but this part toxin, possible is the toxicity strongest that part, therefore Black Wasteland here slowly on turning into this appearance.” exceed said that Zhao Hai more thinks reasonable, Green and Merine also same, more listens more to think reasonable, a Zhao Hai such saying also really looked like that a matter. However Green actually frowns said : „saying that these Magic Beast have regarded the expulsion of toxin place here? If is really such, they the frequency of Carrion Swamp coming out certainly is very high, our troubles were big.” Zhao Hai one hear of Green said that on the face excited facial expression vanish from sight, he has then thought that he just found a possibility now is the truth truth, had not found solution. Zhao Hai frowns on the ground transfers several, Merine looked at the Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but stared Green one, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, first do not think these many, we first solved the toxin in water, otherwise we are used together a water to use energy now, but must use the water in Space.” Zhao Hai recovered, looks at Black Wasteland one, take deep breaths said : walked, first at present this pass/test, matter, since lived, that will have solution, our thinking slowly.” Said that turn around walks toward the mountain on, Green and Merine also looked at Black Wasteland one, sighed, followed in Zhao Hai walks toward the mountain on, they also really feared that in tarn also had any Magic Beast to exist, such words Zhao Hai went to be dangerous. Three people arrived at the entrance of mine tunnel, has not waited for Zhao Hai to go, Green moved sideways to enter in the mine tunnel on one, Merine has actually held on Zhao Hai said : Young Master, waited, making Green have a look first.” Zhao Hai helpless stopped, before long the Green sound conveys said : from inside Young Master, Merine, comes , the here surface did not have Magic Beast.” Zhao Hai and Merine then entered mine tunnel, to mountain on lakeside time, Green has stood in there, his look at lake water is dull, Merine immediately/on horseback has used an illumination technique, the situation of lake water complete became now three people of front.

The green in this lake water, in the green compared with moat be much deeper, looks like deep green deep green, making people very uncomfortable. Zhao Hai sighed said : „a good lake water, made these fellows regarding the taking a bath water unexpectedly, hateful that.” Was saying while opens Space, directed in Spatial Water the lake water. However what makes Zhao Hai not think, this Spatial Water enters to the lake water, was good looks like the chemical reaction was the same, first entered the water drop to start from that was centered on that to select, the green in lake, by the one type of meat saw obvious, rapid was vanishing, before long left Zhao Hai their eyesight institute. Zhao Hai they look at this situation, although said that they know Spatial Water can solve the toxin in this lake, but was this too also quick? How many must know the water in Space not to flow now, how to respond that is so quick? Some little time Zhao Hai indefinite said : toxin in don’t know this water also in? Merine Grandma, comes to see by you.” Merine is Water element big Magician, this matter she does appropriately. Merine nodded, extend the hand to in the lake water, then in a low voice read several Incantation, one group of blue light leave from her in hand, was similar to all over the sky broken star same disappearance in the lake water. The blue luminous spot that before long these vanish in a gathering Merine in hand, slowly vanished, Merine then opens the eye, face shocking said : was too inconceivable, these toxin all vanished unexpectedly, has not remained.” Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : walks, returns to the castle to have a look.” Three people of immediately/on horseback half steps walks toward mineral oil outside, just a mine tunnel, saw the castle to raise black smoke, Meg they in this thing of tidying up the castle have tidied evidently up. Several people arrived at outside of castle, sees Meg they to hold the trash that tidies up from the castle to lose to the fire, Zhao Hai their quickly has arrived at moat there , the water of moat changed clear, that green completely vanished. However Zhao Hai not feel relieved, makes Merine make water ball, he received in Space to have a look returns poisonous, from the Space prompt sound, in this water already complete was not poisonous, moreover included certain anti- poisonous factor, this arrived is an accidental harvest. When Meg they tidy up was similar, Merine then with Water element Magic castle inside and outside well has cleaned, after all these complete, the castle can finally in a time living person.