Chapter 54 Little seedlings although castle by overall clean, but actually not moist feeling, this mainly efficient in the Water element Magic reason, Merine this 8th level big Magician, regarding Water element Magic control, was really too perfect, these water were only bringing dirty thing in castle, but did not have many Water Qi stayed behind, the entire castle seemed like touched and gone with the cleaning rag was the same, if were not the year is too long, feared that was the present already sparkling up. However Zhao Hai does not have the time to pay attention to these, after Merine has cleaned the castle, Zhao Hai immediately took some living materials, in some commonly used thing like the castle, the corn stalk, was adding on thing that marching stove these slaves used to take, after all they must live. After these thing release come, Zhao Hai leaves behind Meg they to reorganize the castle, was bringing Merine and Merine went to that canyon, they want to take a look, that canyon there also became is the same with Black Wasteland. However considers for the security of castle, the standard must put on Iron Mountain Blockhead, making him monitor the Carrion Swamp there sound in there, now these Magic Beast and Undead Creature just drew back, they have no alternative but to be careful that who knew these thing can give them to come a back thrust. Green also wants to have a look at Zhao Hai they ten to obtain that place, if there had not been destroyed, they also had a very good granary. Merine leads them to directly soar that canyon with Water element Magic, Zhao Hai at heart is very restless, in his very clear, that canyon is good to fear that outside will be will not compare on good many, his first time will go to that canyon time, these canyon there may all be Black Soil, will not have what difference with outside. Entered the canyon, the face brain of Zhao Hai buzz, the matter such that just like he just expected, canyon here these had been improved the land in one time turned into the original appearance. Some little time Zhao Hai sighed, carefully looked at that lands one, this look at him also really present the issue, he presently on this lands does not have any movement footprint, in the in other words here ground has not come Magic Beast, will that here land turn into this appearance? Zhao Hai puzzled look at this lands, nearby Green sighed said :looks like here is the place that these flight Magic Beast expulsion of toxin, this ground Magic Beast footprint, however on gorge mountain wall, actually has plenty black spots, it seems like these should not be a flight Magic Beast row of toxin.

Zhao Hai one hear of Green said that also looked toward mountain wall on, really presently on mountain wall has plenty black spots, it seems like really like Green says, what coming here expulsion of toxin is flight Magic Beast. Zhao Hai was depressed, you said that this Carrion Swamp Magic Beast also felt strange, flight Magic Beast and place good Magic Beast unexpectedly expulsion of toxin in a place, how? flying in the sky and ground walk also snatches the restroom to be inadequate? In this time, in all directions chaotic extension Merine suddenly excited said loudly on land: Young Master, you come to see quickly, Young Master.” Zhao Hai and Green stare, don’t know Merine such does excited do, their quickly walked, when they see Merine present thing, they were also shocked. Merine at present is not special thing, is only Little seedlings, just baby corn seedling of grow out. This Little seedlings is common, but do not forget, the here land may turn into Black Soil, in this case, these can Little seedlings also grow out, not be too strange? They look at that Little seedlings, is Zhao Hai puzzled said : „? The land turned such, how can he also grow out?” How Merine and Green also don’t know must reply that he is good, this issue their also very non-solution, Zhao Hai don't believe it has pushed aside that Little seedlings surrounding earth, this look at him presently, this Black Soil in superficial one layer, the Little seedlings root grips in good earth, moreover long is very sturdy, therefore these Little seedlings can grow out. Zhao living expenses see this situation, actually stares, the root of look at that Little seedlings he decides, in the head fast is rotating. He on Earth, goes to the rural area to look at the person domestically grown corn, when these people put out seed, Zhao Hai was actually shocked, he has not thought corn seed can be such unexpectedly, the golden corn that then sees with his normally has very big difference, that seed unexpectedly is the pink color, color monster very different.

Zhao Hai on very strange, he thinks at that time seed of corn is this color, has not thought time that he asked that others actually laughed told him, seed of corn naturally was not this color, reason that turned into this color, with killing off the hand medicinal preparation has soaked because of country these seed, for was these seed after planting to arrive, by insect eating. This is in the north, because of climate reason, therefore average person, when type corn, not beforehand living to bud corn seed, if before you thinks the corn to meet, bud, can bud the corn bubble with the jade, is planting, naturally, in this water has also been able to put to kill Shen Chongji. Naturally Zhao Hai thinks does not kill off the issue of insect, what he thinks, whether can also can soak corn seed in Space with Spatial Water, then in planting to arrive at the ground, Spatial Water in the pouring, look does not use the improvement to land, can let corn grow out, must know Spatial Water to be able Detoxification. Green and Merine also move also motionless look at these seed, they are also very startled, they think after passing through this time catastrophe, the corn that here plants has destroyed, has not thought that the here corn can also survive unexpectedly. Zhao Hai has dug up toward side Little seedlings side, presently other corn seed also grow out, and has soon braved earth. Zhao Hai has patted the in hand earth, has stood, turns the head to Green and Merine said : Grandpa Green, Merine Grandma, when we go back to settle down, plants the here land, we can use Spatial Water, soaks small buds seed of corn, then in planting, on some pouring Spatial Water toward the corn seedling, Spatial Water can Detoxification, but can also improve the land, we give a try whether to succeed, if successful, possibly our everyday can some many places.” Merine stares, she turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, isn't Space regulation everyday can only improve ten mu land?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : naturally, Space was that regulation, but we have not improved the land with Space now, but has used Spatial Water, in Space to using Spatial Water may not have no regulation, therefore we can definitely begin, many places, can be regarded as an experiment, now our in hand has 100,000 jin (0.5 kg) corn, these corn can be used to do to plant, we tried also no reason why not.” Has not waited for Merine to speak, Green nodded said : the idea of Young Master to be good, but won't the volunteer fire brigade in Space be used up by us?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „should not, our these many people, everyday eat and letter in Space, the quantity of everyday water used is not small, but did you see the Space water to be short?”

Green recalled next step: Has not been short, this arrives is really good means that good, but Young Master, I think that we should go to send to Markey Delphi Trading Company the radish first, trades thing that we need, then plants the Oil Fruit tree and alfalfa on the mountain, the change mountain land on slowly, in the pouring Space the water on the mountain, on can reduce living long time of Oil Fruit tree, in this case, no matter these grain is the abundant harvest, we can have a fixed income.” Underwent the infection of this several days, Green did not call Magic Radish in the tube radish. Zhao Hai nodded said : „, this should be, but I to somewhat was worried, if our two delivered many radishes, the person in that castle what to do? I somewhat am worried about them, if our leave these days, these Magic Beast are coming attack, they are impossible to block.” Green he he smiles said : Young Master, this has something to be worried that we can lead the people in Space, Space along with you in the follow-up, you arrives at there in any case, Space brings to arrive at there, installs to take away to Space in them and that's the end.” Zhao Hai stares, then smiles, he to has forgotten this point, he has Space in any case, can lead all people, even if harmed the time of cultivation not to have anything, the safety of person was most important. Merine also nodded said : this to arrive is good means that we go back to prepare now, was right, Young Master, are we should also camouflage the castle, the person on Continent should know that Black Wasteland here lived the beast disaster, these fellows will certainly send for examining that we might as well call the present feigns death, making them refuse stubbornly we, perhaps, we can not need to be worried about these fellows.” Green smiles said : this to fear that is not easy, you were just clean, if some people that cleaned the castle in examined, feared that could not conceal the truth, if we disappeared, they did not have the place to look , the time that this time we exited will not be short, not only need sell the radish, but must find many thin Qi Yi seed the line.” Merine has smiled bitterly, she has not thought, this cleans too quickly is also a problem. Zhao Hai smiles said : well, such manages, we must exit as soon as possible, making these fellows unable to find us.” Green smiled said : that Young Master we first to walk, goes back later immediately/on horseback to leave, this our matter may be many, moreover after coming back , the has plenty matter must be done.” Zhao Hai and Merine nodded, three people of immediately hurry to toward the castle, this time beast disaster regarding them is really a catastrophe, but also is opportunity, makes them be separated from these Great Clan surveillance opportunity.