Chapter 55 Dark Magician Zhao Hai three people of returned to the castle, immediately has made Meg they prepare, they must arrive at Purcell Duchy to go in the two days, moreover brings all person together to go. Actually must say that this preparation also very simple, they were few on thing, in adding on Space anything has, these slaves also lived in Space after a period of time, therefore did not need to prepare anything, but informed them one to be OK. Two days Space later, these slaves in one time entered Space, but this Zhao Hai has not gone, he must hurry along outside together with Green. The previous time is a Green person walks, he is Expert, can hurry along with Battle Qi speeding up, therefore this is quick, because this time has Zhao Hai to run, naturally quickly does not get up. However fortunately, before Zhao Hai them, received many Undead Creature to enter Space, Zhao Hai these time Alien let out, he and Green sat on the body of Alien hurries along. As the matter stands although does not have Green to hurry along to be so quick, but will not miss to that goes, must know that Alien is Undead Creature, what he may don’t know be tired, so long as has set the direction, he can like the perpetual motion machine has walked. sometimes Zhao Hai their release will also come Merine, their people are not in any case many, only then more than 100 people, but in Zhao Hai Warehouse present, but 1000 Undead Creature, enough carried all people. Must say that this Black Wasteland also is really very big, by Alien that no less than speeding horse, has caught up with three days of times day and night, has arrived at the Black Wasteland surrounding. Must know these three days of times, Alien is maintaining in advancing, such is not slow, no matter the daytime or in the evening, has been walking, even if were this also three days, can imagine Black Wasteland in a big way. Fortunately, Alien is big enough, he adds on his skeleton very hardly, therefore Zhao Hai simply has spread out the plank in his chest cavity finally, when bed, became Alien moved Recreational Vehicle (RV) completely.

Must say Black Wasteland here, sole can be praised, possibly was that road, that with the path that Stone spread, after the millenniums wind and frost, was still smooth, can look from this point, Dwarf Race craftsmanship how high. This road once Minhua, Dwarf Race moved away the massive iron ore with this road, then makes all kinds of iron products, is buying entire Continent to go. Since the here iron ore vanished, here completely turned into another appearance, before also had some to go to the conquer Carrion Swamp adventurer to take this road, but in recent centuries, this road could be said as completely nobody walked, if were not here simply does not grow the grass, perhaps now here did not have the road. Three days later, Zhao Hai they arrived at the Black Wasteland surrounding finally, can see the green of distant place from here, although that green is very far from them, but makes the Zhao Hai spirit inspire. The scenery that three days, entire three days, they saw only then, black earth, Black Soil of boundless non- mark, this feeling made Zhao Hai almost collapse. Green also relaxed, these three days of hurrying along, although does not need him to walk, however speaks the truth, that millennium invariable scenery, is one type of suffers regarding the person of hurrying along probably, these three days of he and Zhao Hai words are getting fewer and fewer, especially nearest/recent quite a while, they were a few words had not said that two sat in there, look at that boundless Black Soil, probably soul by Black Soil suction. Can imagine, in this case, your present suddenly appears sight of green, that has feared is only a little, but regarding a person, that impact is how big. Zhao Hai cheered to run, Green was also a facial expression loosen, the look at Zhao Hai appearance, he he the chuckle two, to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, there are the Iron Mountain surrounding, crossed there, we entered Purcell Empire, place that before we passed through, all was our Buda Family territory.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to look at that Black Soil land, this lands are his, but he does not have no happy mood, land in many, cannot plant is also useless, waits for after this time matter, returns has tried own new idea to be feasible. Slowly, that sight of green getting bigger and bigger, Zhao Hai present, that sight of green are really on Iron Mountain, but this Iron Mountain has very big difference with castle there Iron Mountain, here mountain high, the tree on mountain big.

Good that the ripe words said that looking down the mountain to run the tired horse, you can see the mountain, must arrive at mountain there with you, is the complete two concepts, therefore Zhao Hai their although saw the mountain, but walked a day of time, before this has arrived at that mountain, truly. Before that mountain Zhao Hai was shocked, he has thought before that Iron Mountain is a half-ring shape, but the exit / to speak here appearance of the mountain should gentle be very right, but has arrived at the mountain before truly, he felt that accident , the here appearance of the mountain is not only not gentle, conversely, the here appearance of the mountain is steeper than castle there. Green also noted the Zhao Hai expression, does he smile said : Young Master is very accidental? here mountain unexpectedly such high, such steep?” Zhao Hai nodded, Green smiles said : actually this point not to be strange, must say really that this Iron Mountain is actually one ring-like, moreover fierce that very fluctuates, but this exit / to speak here, even if not the highest place, absolutely is not the shortest place, compares, here possibly be higher than castle there.” Zhao Hai nodded, his look at distant place that about hundred meters wide canyon, there passes and out Black Wasteland sole way out, so long as went out of there, they enter Purcell Duchy within the boundaries. Green points at that canyon said : there to have a very name of pleasant to hear, called the flowing of molten iron canyon, the meaning was the iron in Iron Mountain, flowed from there, but in Iron Mountain when producing the iron, this canyon also nobody slowly knew, now was called to forget the valley, left has forgotten the valley we to see fortress, that was Purcell Duchy establishes, the name was called Black Mountain, specifically was used prevented Black Wasteland here to live the large-scale beast disaster, will have Magic Beast from forgetting the valley runs up to Purcell Duchy, mentioned also strangely, these Magic Beast has not gone out of Black Wasteland They have recognized here probably, only moves in Black Wasteland, does not go out absolutely one step, therefore there turned into the paradise of adventurer slowly, these adventurers although do not go to Carrion Swamp that to take risk now, will also actually run up to Iron Mountain to grasp Magic Beast or hunts for mountain Magic Beast, therefore the there person are many.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that we such directly in the past, can they suspect? What to do if by them presently can?” Green shows a faint smile said : Young Master not to need to be worried that waits a while we from forgetting the valley walks into the mountain directly, then I first go to Black Mountain to fill there to make two clothes, you now with these Undead Creature, so long as dressed up Dark Magician to be OK.” Dark Magician is actually a general designation, all studies the black Dark Demon method, poisonous attribute Magic, blood attribute Magic , etc. compared dark Magic Magician, will be called Dark Magician, but this world not like Zhao Hai will think, regarding the Black Magic extreme repel, what this world will advocate will be the strength, so long as can them the strength, no matter any strength, can be accepted. But Dark Magician is one group of people who in this world the people most are not willing to annoy, Dark Magician possibly is Magic very dark reason that because studies, therefore their dispositions are also in favor of gloomy, if you have annoyed him, he at the scene possibly will not do, but will certainly retaliate you, such person nobody likes annoying.

But if said what in this world status is highest is who, some people's replies possibly are Noble, possibly is Imperial Clan, what however is undeniable, the Magician status absolutely is not low, big Magician, will receive the courteous reception in any country, but if initially Buda Family does not have Merine this big Magician, perhaps had exterminated an entire family. However Dark Magician is an exception, that country will not have welcome Dark Magician, they will not offend Dark Magician, most people do not like contacting with Dark Magician, therefore Green makes Zhao Hai snatch Dark Magician, is actually the one type of protection, nobody likes contacting with Dark Magician, presently the Zhao Hai status, this is not naturally more convenient their motions. Zhao Hai knows one understanding this world was too few, therefore he has not said anything, but nodded said : you to arrange, Grandpa Green, I little walked outside before, outside are not many, to outside that any situation I understood, must also listen your.” Green nodded, but this motion relationship to the Buda Family life or death, they must sell out the in hand radish, was unable presently their status, otherwise the trouble of Buda Family was big. Green also is really feared that Zhao Hai will act unreasonably, now Buda Family in Aksu Empire is street Old Mouse, so long as they as soon as has anything to change, immediately will welcome the attack of Wuqing/ruthless, because of this, therefore Green careful, if were not present Zhao Hai has replaced Adam, even if were kills Green he not to dare to lead Zhao Hai to come out. Presently wants Green to is hopes that Zhao Hai can come out, because Zhao Hai must rule the entire Buda Family person in the future, he must understand that this world, Green hopes to make Zhao Hai understand this world in this way. Green also is Zhao Hai paves the way actually, must know that he is not young, he also knows this point, although said that he is Expert, is longer than the average person live time, but he hopes that Zhao Hai can grow, this is outside some day he had an accident, Zhao Hai can also a person support entire Buda Family, he can also feel at ease.