Chapter 56 I do not make you feel better They entered to forget valley quickly, Zhao Hai have not received Alien, did not need to receive, if his status were Dark Magician, bringing Alien not to be excessive, especially in outdoor, was nobody can manage, but entered the city generally time, Dark Magician oneself summoned receives Battle Beast or Undead Creature that. This mountain valley both sides are not very steep mountain wall, but is two gentle slopes, above is growing some bushes and weeds, but can look, what in tree is long was compared with castle there much better, minimum looked like life force is vigorous, not like castle there, that tree long like resulting in got sick to be the same greatly. Forgets valley here simply unable to see the person, but occasionally can hear the cry of insect, obviously such harmonious nature look at both sides hillside, Green turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, after climbing mountains, finds a place, your immediately enters to Space, I go to Black Mountain to buy the clothes, after I come back, we go to Black Mountain in together.” Zhao Hai nodded, command(er) Alien is crawling toward the mountain on, Alien now is only a skeleton, his claw is very incisive, therefore climbed a mountain does not use energy. Position or Iron Mountain that although they are at now, however here forest long compared with castle there much better, be everywhere thick, Zhao Hai cannot name the tree that the character comes. His simply cannot divide here the tree of tree on with Earth to have anything not to be different, on Earth, he knows to these trees few, besides likely poplar tree, willow tree, elm tree, pine tree these common tree seeds, other sets up him almost not to know. Green sits in Zhao Hai side, look at these sets up said : Young Master, in here forest is very dangerous, not only has Magic Beast often discrepancy, some plants have strong toxicity, therefore is certainly careful.” Zhao Hai nodded, before although him, has not come like this virgin forest, however in the online this farm is very famous, the person who generally writes the novel will be set at a very dangerous scene here, even if these practical novels, will describe a dangerous place the forest, moreover this world has Magic Beast, he naturally careful. The vegetation on this mountain very complete, can see all kinds of forest everywhere, moreover entered in forest, ray one dark, making people feel gloomy and cold.

They walked toward forest in some little time, had found a covert place, they ran down Alien, Zhao Hai received in Space Alien directly, then Zhao Hai and Green also entered in Space. In Space the corn of ground long is still very strong, the oil rice is still healthy, the slave still in study writes, Merine her present to was nothing, besides teaching the slave wrote, can only makes the eat three meals a day. However cannot say complete being all right, these time in castle, before Zhao Hai secure them, several Stone that mines received in Space, making the place that secure they were all right wait, can try to make some edge runners and grinding. Moreover this Zhao Hai also takes in Space many grass, he wants to make these slave a little matters do, if the person the light study, not having a activity not to be good, therefore is thinking makes them handle these matters. Also let alone, this effect also is really extraordinary good, these live regarding these slaves, simply is not the issue, happen to can have doing that alternates work with rest to use. Merine they looked that they simultaneously came to stare, what this several days was the boundary, if nothing, Green and Zhao Hai will not enter Space, if they want to meet with them, but also obtained Space to see. Merine moved forward to meet somebody hastily said : Young Master, Green, did you come in? Had an accident?” Green smiles said : to be all right, now we took to forget the valley, in forest on Iron Mountain, I makes Young Master stay some time in Space, I go to Black Mountain to fill there to make two clothes, then.” The meaning of Merine understand Green, she nodded certainly said : well, you go quickly, we come back in this wait for you, was right, remembers this position, when the time comes can not find the home.” This several days Merine is happy, no matter what, Buda Family must have the income, this is since Buda Family died, first time has the income, the although money has not taken, but this is actually representing a hope. Zhao Hai turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, you are also careful, now the status cannot be exposed to light, otherwise I feared that our reason why will have bad luck, the radish cannot sell it doesn't matter, we can when other time, when wind we have been selling, your security is most important.”

On the face of Green has shown a warm happy expression, has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : Young Master feel relieved, has not seen Buda Family to revive, my this may return did not want to die Old Bone.” Said that laughs. If before, Green will not make such movement to Zhao Hai, because he with Adam is not that intimate, Adam also very repugnant Green, how they possibly make such intimate movement. However what now in body of Adam attire is the Zhao Hai soul, Zhao Hai is nerd, is an orphan, but he was born in China, China looks like the exquisite filial piety, although said that Green and in a Merine intent is his servant, since he wakes, Merine they have looked after to him, this makes Zhao Hai unnatural has produced one type of to them to elder the feeling of respecting and loving. The change of Zhao Hai quickly felt by Merine and Green, person who they had the child, regarding the transformation of child mood was very sensitive, because present the change of Zhao Hai, passes through Green to make such movement to Zhao Hai, otherwise by Green that old-fashioned disposition, was impossible such to do. Zhao Hai pats his shoulder not point dislike to Green, he felt elder's love to a younger generation, but he has not said anything, he is one to the sentimental very implicit person, not many reveals own sentiment, therefore he has selected to Green said :that good Grandpa Green, my this on delivers to exit you, Green the industrial studies with research, the Zhao Hai intention one moved, Green on came out from Space. Green paid attention to all around environment, in the corner that in several people do not pay attention to kept some marks, then the diving posture hurries to toward Black Mountain. Green was Old Wanderer, his style very clear to these adventurers, therefore his anything scruples, have not said realize, now pays attention to their Buda Family, was these Great Noble, moreover these Great Noble impossible to place their bodies the energy, after all now Buda Family looked like in these Great Clan did not have what threat, moreover these people do not want to stir up Green and Merine these two strong characters. But these ordinary adventurers, will not pay attention to Buda Family, now nobody cloth duty copes with Buda Family, Buda Family does not have the ability to hire them, these adventurers do not have the time to manage declining Noble. Must say that now to Buda Family truly threatening is not others, is Purcell Family. Before Purcell Family was very good with Buda Family relationship, two clans also prepared to marry, since Buda Family but actually, Purcell Family was not raising the matter that anything married, conversely, they could not dig up Buda Family to perish were good. The Noble marriage almost does not have what love, some are only the benefit, before Purcell Family married with Buda Family, settled on was Buda Family can bring the benefit to them. However now Buda Family, regarding Purcell Family, a Buda Family point use value, in this case, how they may not have honored but actually the agreement of that marrying.

Purcell Family does not think that was honoring the agreement of that marrying, but they also had the same problem with other Noble, wanted to save face at all costs. Must know that now Buda Family complete falling has compelled, because of this, therefore they are the weak ones, if Purcell Family renounced the engagement with Buda Family at this time, reputation of that Purcell Family in Noble circle was also smelly, matter that Purcell Family will not do such idiot. Therefore they now only then two means renounce this engagement, one is Buda Family initiative raises to renounce the engagement, although everyone knows that is Buda Family on own initiative raises, that was also compelled by Purcell Family, but in minimum such face also passable. Another means were simpler, was Buda Family perished, Adam Buda died, such Purcell Family naturally did not need to fulfill that engagement. Actually Green has also thought must renounce this engagement with Purcell Family, but Zhao Hai had not waked at that time, he cannot friendly from taking responsibility, in is a little Green also in being mad Purcell Family, when Buda Family most needs to help, Purcell Family has chosen the show onlooking, otherwise Buda Family will not fall to this situation, after all Purcell Family is also in Empire formidable Clan, strength that cannot be shouted lightly. Because also has this resentment to Purcell Family, therefore Green to Zhao Hai had not said that must renounce the engagement the matter, he wants such to escape, your Purcell Family does not help us, making us fall this situation, I did not make you feel better. Problem that Green completely understand these Noble are concerned about face-saving, therefore he can affirm that the Purcell Family certain will not take the initiative relieving engagement, they will only bring the pressure on Buda Family, making Buda Family raise on own initiative. However Green does not want to relieve, he also knows that Purcell Family will not let off them, but their present matters were too many, the threat were also too many, many are not many, few many, such towed to say first. although that said that but Green is very careful, because the Black Wasteland here sole access is Purcell Family, now they will be the Purcell Family eye-sore, Purcell Family will certainly pay attention to their sounds, therefore he such careful.