Chapter 57 Black Mountain In forgetting valley north exit, fortress static standing erect in there, this fortress is builds all over the body by black Stone, city wall altitude unexpectedly in being scary about 40 meters, but the length entire forgot the valley to stop up. Entire fortress looks like together the iron wall, forgetting the valley stopping up stubbornly, wanted from forgetting the valley in the past, must result in passes through Black Mountain. However when you approach Black Mountain to fill you presently, this fortress will not be you imagines overwhelming power that in fact this fortress will be more like old age old person, the fortress above back wall had many damaged, entire fortress outside will look like also tattered, probably long time has not passed through to repair. The fact is also so, initially Purcell Family constructs this fortress, for will be prevents Carrion Swamp there Magic Beast through forgetting the valley runs up to Purcell Duchy to go, but this fortress established already for several hundred years, these Magic Beast have actually moved in Black Wasteland, simply has not arrived to forget valley here to come, this also made this fortress slowly was given to forget, some although here also garrisons, but many doing with only protect public security. Black Mountain fills here although not to have what garrison, but actually also nobody dares underestimated here fighting strength, because Black Mountain fills here to have numerous adventurers and mercenary, these people are also the strengths that cannot be estimated lightly. However similarly, existences of these people, makes Black Mountain fill the here public security becomes very chaotic, when city garrison officer also egg very hurts, because no matter the adventurer or mercenary, are some unruly fellows, will not do well them to pull out knife to chop the person, facing such one group of barbarians, originally will not be Elite City Defense Force, appeared breath is present but vigor is absent. Because of this, evolved finally, Black Mountain filled here to turn into City Defense Force, several big Mercenary Group and several big Merchant joint administrations the places, these big Mercenary Group and big Merchant had their domain, did not encroach, peaceful coexistence. Naturally, in this case, Purcell Duchy do not want to receive any tax in here, cannot collect the tax, the duchy money will not make them service city wall to them, therefore Black Mountain slowly filled here to turn into mercenary and adventurer even is the paradise of fleeing criminal. This also from one side responded Black Wasteland there situation, Black Wasteland is the a piece deathtrap, therefore regarding Purcell Duchy, Black Mountain fills here is a safest border garrison, all around does not have the enemy, relying on huge mountain, such place often is the mixing of good and bad people. If Black Wasteland there very lively, Black Mountain filled here is an important border garrison, because such will have trade dealings, Purcell Duchy can receive the massive tax revenues, naturally will take seriously here, but not like the present, selective here forgetting.

In this case, Black Mountain fills the here city garrison situation can be imagined, regarding Green, here is the city that does not garrison. He will certainly not walk the main entrance swaggering enters Black Mountain, such words will possibly be recognized, Green crossed city wall to submerge to Black Mountain Cery. Black Mountain fills here the ten points of commercial show abnormally, the weapon store, the medicine store, equipment discussed finds at everywhere, tavern, the hotel, the dining room, everywhere was, but like bought the livelihood of the people thing the place, was very difficult unable to find in here, entire fortress except for City Defense Force, was some adventurers or mercenary, ordinary people very few. Naturally, these are not, he who Green cares had found a quite remote equipment store, buys five black Magic Robe in inside, is having of hat, very long wooden Magic Staff, has bought one set of full body armor for oneself, one set very attractive, but is not very at most good-looking but useless goods full body armor, but this set of full body armor most important one on are, he has a hard helmet, can entire block the face of Green. Magic Robe naturally sells to Zhao Hai, had this Magic Robe and Magic Staff, Zhao Hai can play the role of Dark Magician, after all except for Dark Magician, that Magician has not liked putting on this type strangely, almost Magic Robe that the whole person wraps, must know Magic Robe on Continent to undergo several generations of improvements now, not only puts on specially comfortably, Magician that but also very beautiful, especially some female Magician, they put on very magnificent, quickly caught up with the formal clothes. Compared with general Magician, Dark Magician actually likes Green buying the Magician that this Magic Robe very thick . Moreover the hat is very big, almost can block the entire face of person, such Magic Robe slowly has almost become the symbol of Dark Magician. Doing of full body armor of that set of good-looking but useless goods sole regarding Green with can block own face, he wants to play the role of a Magician follower, must know on Continent, Magician is one group of status very high people, moreover in their common situations is not short of money, therefore although Magician does not fear near body war, but they will be leading some followers, these followers in the fight, can help Magician do to fight, but normally time, is possible to help Magician work. Therefore on Continent, if you see a Magician side, with one pile of putting on the soldier like iron suacepan, you do not need to feel odd, these soldiers are the Magician followers. This Green must play the role of one to follow Magician Warrior, only then he can follow like this in the Zhao Hai side but will not be suspected. After having bought these thing, Green buys thing that some mercenary have used, even also includes a mercenary backpack.

The mercenary backpack is standard equipment of each mercenary and adventurer, because the adventurer majority of time of these mercenary and in outdoor crosses outside, therefore they with according to different duty, will prepare some corresponding thing to themselves, is adding on eats, with, or obtains any spoils of war , needs the place attire, therefore this type of mercenary backpack arose at the historic moment. Green buys this thing mainly does to use, for does not let the person presently Zhao Hai Space secret, therefore he such does, their this time points were not Black Mountain, Black Mountain are only their passing by place, will care about them in here nobody, because of the here person except for oneself, simply will not care that other matters, were adding on Purcell Family not to have what strength in here, therefore Green was not worried. However if they to other places, so will not be smooth, what Purcell Family to own domain control is very good, naturally, Black Mountain has filled here is an exception. Green to also thinks that is buying to select thing, but he presently in hand really does not have money, although said that sold the radish was rich, but do not forget, now their radish has not sold, therefore he can only buy some essential items on leave Black Mountain. However Green has not put on that silver to be bright now, very free face goods full body armor, but has worn an ordinary adventurer cotton garment, this makes him appear a commonplace, Black Mountain fills the here everyday hundred and thousand of adventurers to pass and out, who will pay attention to him. Green although had Black Mountain, but was observed very much carefully around, this slowly walked toward the mountain, to be honest, he now a little meaning of every bush and tree looks like an enemy. Green transferred several in the mountain, after determining one had not been tracked, this arrived at that him to make the seal place, has not waited for him to make anything, the Space cave entrance on appears , the Green flashes body entered in Space, the Space cave entrance vanished, all belonged to calm. Zhao Hai has been paying attention to outside situation in Space, when Green appears , he present, do not forget, outside 100 meters scopes, he can see. Saw Green in hand is taking that big backpack, Zhao Hai cannot help but was shocked, because of the appearance of this backpack, really looked like that mountaineering on previous generation Earth to wrap, except that the material quality was different, the work is not fine, has not used beside the zipper, other places looked like that type of mountaineering package really very much. Zhao Hai has referred to that big backpack said : puzzled Grandpa Green, do you buy this thing to do? Our simply cannot use.”

Green smiles said : naturally not to use this thing, but there is this thing, can actually cover shows existence of Space, after all on Continent, Space Equipment is little some thing.” Zhao Hai immediately understand the meaning of Green, he nodded said : right, I have almost forgotten this matter.” Green shows a faint smile, in hand Magic Staff to the child Zhao Hai said : this Magician is also good-looking but useless goods, although that I choose is not worst, but is actually lightest, such Young Master took on the will not spend strength, in this package had Magic Robe, Young Master exchanges.” Zhao Hai nodded, then Magic Staff and backpack, this Magic Staff also don’t know with any made of wood, very light, Zhao Hai felt one are taking is not Blockhead, instead to looks like a bamboo pole. However Zhao Hai does not have research this Magic Staff, but took the backpack to enter the thatched-roofed hut, clothes that Zhao Hai wore most from the beginning, was Green they give him to prepare some Noble clothing/taking, the here Noble clothing/taking very magnificently, but actually also very inconvenient, lower part of the body although was not Zhao Hai sees on Earth, Western middle ages that type of tight-fitting pants, but pants very inconvenient, Zhao Hai simply was not putting on that anything Noble to take finally, currently his everyday has many matters to do, wears such clothes only to affect his motion. Merine also knows this point, therefore she had not opposed, when Green comes back, when sees is not the Noble clothing/taking that Zhao Hai puts on, wants to oppose that but looked that Zhao Hai must handle that many matters, wears such clothes not to be truly convenient, he is not the person who don’t know is accommodating. The clothes that Zhao Hai wears now are one set of Green warrior cloth, but by Merine changing small a point, Zhao Hai did not have Green is tall, but well in Green also not very strong, does not need to change too, such warrior cloth to facilitate the fight of Warrior, does naturally is the very wide loosen, being advantageous motion of ten points, Zhao Hai very much likes.