Chapter 58 Cunning smiling face Zhao Hai look at in hand Magic Robe is really very speechless, this Magician work is poor, cloth also don’t know that uses is any thing makes, very thick, but is a cotton robe, presses the feeling of hand with some in hand actually one type of, what speechless is, how the style of this clothes looks like likely is that reverse side character of television performance often puts on. Black Magic Robe, behind is bringing a hat of joined bodies all over the body, the hat is very big, what most important is, this hat in the spot of face, the room mourning band, after letting puts on the hat, the mourning band can the entire face block, lets the appearance that the person cannot see clearly clothing. Has resulted, no matter what, this also reaches an agreement with Green, said it, what he must camouflage is Dark Magician, puts on this just appropriately. This Magic Robe very wide is big, but also quite thick, Zhao Hai took off outside warrior cloth, put on Magic Robe on the body, let alone, put on this thing not to feel really cold, that cloth although looked like not much, but actually very much maintained warmth, but also was very soft, therefore wore also the very relax clothing/taking. Zhao Hai cannot help but satisfied nod, conveniently took up has placed nearby Magic Staff, wore the hat, walked out from thatched-roofed hut. Green they look at Zhao Hai that walks from the gate, before Zhao Hai put on warrior cloth time, they presently, Zhao Hai most had not suited the clothes that wore, can be Magic Robe unexpectedly. This Dark Magician put in the body of Zhao Hai is really too appropriate, the body of Zhao Hai had unusual temperament, probably was incompatible with this world, but if you did not pay attention to him specially, will not feel that his existence, probably he was an invisible man is the same. Actually Zhao Hai all will have such temperament, completely is because he on Earth is a nerd reason, nerd cannot exchange with the person generally, sometimes will appear with this world will be incompatible, but similarly, their very good at will also hide itself, they will always put themselves the place that people will not pay attention, making others not note them, then they in the there indifferent observation hundred in society condition. Zhao Hai on Earth has an experience, he goes out to handle matters with friend together, their together please person eat meal, from inviting that person, to sitting boards, in restaurant, Zhao Hai has followed side his friend, however has waited till restaurant, enters their passenger compartments, that person who they invited looked at Zhao Hai one unexpectedly surprisedly, this to Zhao Hai friend said : was also you invites?”

Zhao Hai and his friend don’t know that this saying asked did not know what to do, because this Zhao Hai was accompanying all the way, but opposite party unexpectedly complete has not noted him, obviously Zhao Hai how common, can call the metropolis invisible man simply. Because has such one type of temperament, therefore Zhao Hai wears this black robe appropriately, he appears with this world is incompatible, but you are also easy to neglect his existence, this is Dark Magician should have temperament that. Person who generally speaking is incompatible, should be more remarkable, however on the body of Zhao Hai, these two temperament has actually combined, has formed very unusual temperament, enabling the person first eyes to note him, but actually meets immediately/on horseback to neglect his existence afterward. Zhao Hai looks at Green they look at he, he cannot help but stares, has picked the hat hastily, their said : What happened? is very strange to Green?” Zhao Hai this takes the hat, Green they one recovers, Zhao Hai when wears the hat, his temperament suddenly changes, just that unusual temperament also vanished, now turned into neighbor big boy type temperament. This temperamental curve, most profound, if not see with one's own eyes, simply nobody believes that but Green their actually very happy, so long as Zhao Hai puts on Magic Robe to exit, he is Dark Magician, so long as he escapes Magic Robe, that nobody him with that Dark Magician relation in together. As the matter stands more convenient Zhao Hai hides own identity, so long as he wants, he momentarily can turn into another person from Dark Magician, moreover some people will not suspect him. Green immediately/on horseback shook the head said : not, little, this clothes very suitable Young Master, Young Master, these time to exit, I look to let Meg also with you, when your maidservant, if I must go out, she can also protect you, moreover a Dark Magician side, with a maidservant, some people will not suspect.” Zhao Hai looked at Meg one, to be honest, although he wants to make Meg follow very much in his side, but thinks that by that Meg holds, Zhao Hai cannot help but some are not at heart comfortable, a little does not dare to face Meg. Looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, Green then said : I wants to let Blockhead they with your, but Blockhead their present fighting strength are too weak, moreover they, if together appears , causes the suspicion of people, these two silly youngster some fame on Continent.”

Zhao Hai has not thought of this, he just about to Green said that let Blockhead and Stone was good with, but one hear of Green said that he must give up. Was in this time, Meg suddenly said : Young Master does not want to dislike Meg?” Zhao Hai one cannot help but turns the head to look toward Meg, this looks at presently Meg two eyes look at with tears he, that miserable appearance, is really makes the person unable to say the ruthless words to come, Zhao Hai quickly said: No, that meeting, ok, you with me.” Said to turn the head, does not dare in looking at Meg, he does not have presently, Meg has turned the head the good flash in him, on the face has shown a cunning smiling face. Meg already present, Zhao Hai a little fears her probably, in the common situation with her independent being together, just he does not want to try, having a look at Zhao Hai to care about him, finally is very mature, Zhao Hai cares about her very much. Girl's thoughts man forever understand, Meg is not will want to know that Zhao Hai cares about her, but looks at the Zhao Hai present appearance, Meg somewhat will be cannot help but funny, wants to tease funny Zhao Hai, but Green and Merine in side, she do not dare to act unreasonably. Green actually noted the Meg appearance, cannot help but stared her one eyes, Meg has spat the tongue, lowered the head, turn around said : I tidied up thing.” Said that sub- in runs toward oneself that small room. Green has not cared, he and Merine knows that Meg is interesting to Zhao Hai, if before, they will not make Meg approach Zhao Hai, but now, they actually had not opposed. Green looked at Zhao Hai one, turns the head to Merine said : Merine, you also prepare, if I exit to have any matter time, lets Young Master to Space, Young Master, you best to give Merine the right of use of screen, this was we have rested, Merine they can also for our stand guard, not have any matter, if I exited, Meg in your side, you cannot they come out to help you by Merine at any time.” Zhao Hai although does not think that necessity, but agreed that but he feels uneasy, because he, if has given Merine them the right of use of screen, he a day 24 hours under Merine their surveillance, this day really had not felt better. However Zhao Hai has complied, he does not want to be given dies cloudy, these time left Black Wasteland, outside situation his totally this knows, insure a point to well.

although he obtained Adam all memories, but Adam from the birth to unconscious, did not have leave the Aksu Empire national capital, regarding outside situation, same is also Little Bai one, therefore Zhao Hai also knows nothing about outside situation now, has to do according to the Green words. After the right of use of screen has given Merine, Meg also tidies up, her in hand is taking a packet, the body wears the maidservant clothing/taking, but also let alone, Meg puts on the maidservant to take is very attractive, that gentle temperament, making people cannot help but has the one type of protection to want. Zhao Hai looked at Meg one, hurriedly has turned away, to Merine said : Merine Grandma, the matter in Space hands over give you, if there is any need, you knock the screen, I will hear.” Merine nodded said : Young Master feel relieved, you are also careful.” Zhao Hai nodded, the intention moves, he and Green, Meg on appears in forest. Green looked at all around one, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, called Alien, making him carry on the back us to go to Black Mountain.” Zhao Hai stares, can't the words that puzzled said : Grandpa Green, must enter a city receive summoned creatures? Why do we want to call Alien?” Green smiles said : in other, when the city naturally must receive summoned creatures, if you do not receive, others think that you must attack that city, but Black Mountain fills here not to use, here mixing of good and bad people, nobody can attack here, we sit Alien in the past, not only nobody manages, will also reduce many troubles, otherwise in the city these City Defense Force, these Mercenary Group, may ask us to collect taxes, so long as sits Alien to go, nobody dares to act unreasonably.” Zhao Hai puzzled said : I put on black Magic Robe no matter also uses? Do these people also dare to cope with me?” Green smiles said : here not to be different from other cities, other urban Magician is Magician, almost will not have who to pretend to be, however will not be good in here, will have many adventurers to pretend to be Dark Magician in here, because Dark Magician will not be most affable on Continent, therefore some people will often pretend to be Dark Magician to take by force, some adventurers obtained good thing, will pretend to be Dark Magician to move away thing, like this time was long, Dark Magician on was not so fearful in here, if we Alien release, these person possible not to think that we will be really Dark Magician.”