Chapter 59 Initially sees the adventurer Zhao Hai has not thought that really will have such matter to live, in this world also some people dare to pretend to be Dark Magician unexpectedly, must know that is Dark Magician, one group of people but who Dark Magician in this world all people are not willing to annoy. Has not thought that fills some here people to dare to pretend to be Dark Magician in Black Mountain unexpectedly, is really a strange place. Green also saw the Zhao Hai puzzled place obviously, he shows a faint smile said : this not to have what strange, but here Heaven of mercenary and adventurer, these bold fellows, do not have anything are do not dare to do.” Zhao Hai nodded, said : good, listens your, we walk.” Said that let Green and Merine sits the body of Alien, Green has installed that sparkling light full body armor now, looked like looks like an iron suacepan, spoke the truth, this full body armor put on also is really very formidable might. However Zhao Hai also knows that this thing is good-looking but useless goods, especially to Green such Expert, this thing simply cannot have any protection to do to use, if he to has needed to protect his security by this thing really time, represented him to defeat. A Meg maidservant clothing/taking, static accompanies Zhao Hai to sit in the chest cavity of Alien, she had also seen before Zhao Hai sits in the chest cavity of Alien, but had not sat personally, now sits, but also is a little really curious. However is quick she presently, sat in here, not very comfortable, on although these planks although is spreading the thick one layer cotton-wadded quilt, but sits to feel that hard, is adding on Space of this chest cavity to be possible not to be very big. although said that the Alien length of body has been the astonishing ten meters, but this length of body most probably centralized on his tail, his tail has the half of body fully, in other words his tail has about five meters to be long. In adding on close two meters easy marks, the entire body gives his chest cavity remaining lengths, only then about two meters, but highly also only then about one meter, but well in them in locating under rib of Alien, the rib of Alien has the crevice, they can stand from the crevice of Alien rib, looks like in Ji Buche who sits the hood.

Green has not sat in there today, but sat on the skull of Alien, Alien skull area was not small, Green above , no matter stood is sitting does not have the issue, by his skill, even if sleeps above will not have the matter. Alien may not have what feeling, naturally will not mind that sat on somebody's back, although he turned into the Zhao Hai summon beast now, but does not represent him to have the emotion, he was only the bone in that instinct to flesh and blood hope forgetting, or could be said as Space makes him to flesh and blood forgetting that hope, seemed like installed the machine of procedure, the machine was not the sentiment. Three people of leave slowly forest, returned to has forgotten the valley, forgets valley there still unable to see the person, Zhao Hai has not cared, command(er) Alien is walking in the direction that Black Mountain fills. Their here filled to Black Mountain is not very far, walked for about a half hour, they saw city wall of distant place, the people who city gate there passed and out they also saw, because now leaves was a little far, but could also not see clearly the appearance. Zhao Hai polite, direct command(er) Alien has not been walking toward Black Mountain, before Green had told him, so long as he sits on the body of Alien enters Black Mountain, nobody dares to offend them easily, nobody dares to inquire their details, on Continent does not have that influence to like annoying Dark Magician. Three people such sit in carrying on the back of Alien, swaggering walked toward Black Mountain, walks was less than five minutes, they have met squad mercenary on the road, mercenary of this squad only then five people, the body of everyone carried the adventurer backpack, somewhat was astonished uncertain look at Zhao Hai their this line. However sees Alien that giant body, they cannot help but dodge toward side, immediately stood the roadside, just like Green said that they do not dare to annoy Dark Magician, especially when this Dark Magician unexpectedly also so formidable undead summon beast. The body of Zhao Hai has not moved, but the eye has actually been sizing up that several mercenary, their bodies put on simple leather armor, the body of everyone is bringing weapon, carries on the back at the back of the backpack, in addition, is not having other. Zhao Hai noted, the martial arts world of these people are different, walks in forefront one, he at the back of draws a bow, in the waist short blade, body very thin should not be small, but the hand long foot is long, understood at a glance that is a very flexible fellow. The second person has also carried a backpack, but in his hand is taking a double-edge big axe, the weight of that big axe understands at a glance heavily, leather armor relatively is also thick, but makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, although of this fellow is very high, but the physique is actually not very big, instead to thin thin, however under the black skin is actually wrapping the iron slab same muscle, looks like is really a force soldier.

Third is different from the first two people, this appearance legitimate, appropriate leather armor, in hand is raising Great Sword but actually, the head brings a hard helmet of leather, on the foot to wear the boots, the back also cape, leather armor inside puts on warrior cloth, this appearance could be said as the most legitimate adventurer dresses up. In this person of two people, these two people probably is the brothers, their long looks like very much, but is not the twin, but these two person characteristics, are very fat, moreover in hand is also taking a chicken foot, toward own mouth, was being wicked several days was probably same. Although Zhao Hai is taking a look at them, however his body has not moved, because the black Magic Robe hat also covers in his head, therefore that five people also think that the Zhao Hai vision is centralized in front, simply has not noted them. although Black Mountain often fills here has some people to pretend to be Dark Magician, but sees the Alien heroic bearing, actually nobody suspected that sits Zhao Hai in Alien chest cavity is pretends, Dark Magician that pretends is impossible to summon undead Battle Beast. Alien is quick, suddenly leave five people, Zhao Hai then has taken back the vision, to be honest, no matter on first this, he is first time sees mercenary, therefore very curious. Is adding on these five people long also respectively has the characteristics, Zhao Hai also had to the first impression of mercenary, but how he may unable to see the strengths of these five people. In this time, Green deep voice said :Young Master, just that five people were Black Mountain were filling here known Adventure Group, the name call Kui snake Adventure Group, the strengths of these five people were good, caused of axe and causes Great Sword that is 6th level summit Warrior. Zhao Hai has not thought that really these people so are unexpectedly fierce, 6th level summit Warrior? in other words are they fiercer than Blockhead and Stone? It seems like Expert of this world also is really many. Three people of this has bumped all the way into many adventurers and mercenary, these people have with similar that the front five people dress up, puts on leather armor, it seems like these people are to mix is quite good, but majority of mercenary and adventurer, their simply does not have leather armor to put on, but has put on warrior cloth of homespun cloth, in hand is taking weapon, some does not have including the backpack, this also considers as finished mercenary. But these mercenary and adventurers after seeing Zhao Hai them, as if by prior agreement road making way, even if their strengths is good, nobody is willing to have the conflict with Dark Magician, these mercenary and adventurer although is unruly, but they also same being adaptable to the situation, so long as is the person who they cannot stir up, they will also lower the capital condition, after all they are only one crowd of mercenary.

Naturally, you have not been able to bully them to be too ruthless, if some people bullied them to be too excessive, they also met rebel, moreover rebel of that undead non- body. Under the gazes of all people, Zhao Hai they sit on the body of Alien, swaggering entered Black Mountain, even if city in front of the door these City Guards does not dare to block them, these City Guards are just a in the city influence, is not biggest one, naturally does not dare to annoy Dark Magician. With according to the direction of Green, they stopped in the city very luxurious hotel in front of the door, Zhao Hai has looked up a that hotel very much, presently above writes the Bana hotel. Three people get down from the body of Alien, Green carries on the back the backpack, Merine also takes up own packet symbol, Zhao Hai has presently had nothing to take, this Magic Staff, received Alien. Any Summoner can deliver returned to own summon beast in his summon Space, that Space very strange thing, besides Summoner me, other cannot feel him, moreover besides the summon beast, there could not have installed other thing, only if puts in this thing the body of summon beast, can have completely that to summon Space. But Alien is a skeleton alligator, therefore the plank of Zhao Hai bunch in his chest cavity, can receive to summoning in Space, if the incorrect words, Green already reminded him. Outside the attendant in shop, looked came Dark Magician, does not want to come out to greet, but feared that has angered Magician accidentally, he was bad luck, therefore the successive was braces oneself, a face smiling face welcome you to Zhao Hai said :, honored Magician mister, the head store was Black Mountain fills the here upscaleest hotel, we can the manner provide 24 hours of hot water, can wash off a person weariness.” Zhao Hai has not made noise, but waved, Green immediately/on horseback arrived at that to wait in front said : opens two best rooms, prepared the hot water, was taking one table of good meals to deliver to in the room to go, other does not want.” Said that stands the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai then walks toward the shop. This is also they beforehand reaches an agreement, Zhao Hai as far as possible will not speak, has any matter to make Green manage, such will make one to the feeling that the person one type of will be as deep as a well, another reason to prevent some people will listen to his age from the Zhao Hai sound.