The sixth chapter Calculates() The low key, is certainly low-key! Looks has passed through the novel innumerably Zhao Hai very clear, to different realm, if you do not understand the low key, that will not have any good end, Zhao Hai believes that the novel fantasized, reason that these leads arrived at different realm can call the wind and summon the rain, is the author greatly opens the reason of [gold/metal] finger, if a person arrived at a completely strange environment, but also is so rampant, the consequence dies certainly like a dog. But now the Zhao Hai status or the Buda Family last successor, simultaneously they also offended the present Aksu Empire biggest influence, in this case, if he does not understand the low key, that most predeceases certainly is he. although said that now he has Spatial Farm to avoid, to kill a person, the method were too many, Zhao Hai does not want muddleheaded to throw the head in the sleep. Is thinking in Zhao Hai these matters time, suddenly heard knock, Zhao Hai has gawked, but immediately/on horseback said : came.” Meg pushed the door to walk, lowered the head does not look at Zhao Hai, bowed to Zhao Hai said : Young Master.” Was not having the words. Zhao Hai looks at the Meg appearance, is a forced smile, reason that Meg does not look up him , because before , Adam because of the Meg long attractiveness, wants to be discourteous she, but has not gone well finally, but Meg is always hiding Adam from then on, even if met, lowers the head to call Young Master, turn around walks. Zhao Hai sighed, this was the trouble that Adam made, actually wanted to undertake, day that this has made any evil. Zhao Hai look at Meg appearance, sighed said : my nothing, you got down the rest, I must in resting a while, dinner time you called me to be good.” Meg complied with one, turn around walked, after going out, but also gently was in the Zhao Hai doorkeeper generation. look at Meg escapes same is evading him, Zhao Hai is a forced smile. Now his was all healthy, reason that without a point illness, he said that must be rested by oneself, wants to reorganize the Adam memory, has a look also to have any matter is his don’t know. Was adding on currently him to have Spatial Farm, this was very big regarding his later show help, how if he thinks to be able a better use this Spatial Farm.

Now what his in Spatial Farm type is the radish, if buys back these radishes to Farm, his minimum can obtain 500 gold coins, in other words, he can gain to 350 gold coins. Outside he can also attain from Warehouse these radishes, then makes Green bring this radish to buy Ark Continent other places, perhaps this can obtain some gold coins. However what most important is, now his don’t know Ark Continent does here have radish type of vegetables, before Adam, is prodigal, his simply impossible to do grocery shopping, normally eats is also some quite good vegetables, or has made the ripe meal, simply will not ask in that dish to put any thing, therefore on his simply don’t know this Continent has radish type of vegetables. If outside these radishes cannot buy, he must process, radish is the treasure, but the radish that the system receives should be so long as the radish has been OK, the leaf system of radish should not want, but the radish leaf is actually very delicious, so long as after the simple souse, can become a delicacy. Zhao Hai is the life northern China, therefore he also clear remembering, oneself small time, his mother prepares food with the radish leaf of this souse frequently, that flavor is also very good. Moreover this radish leaf, but can also become the one type of feed, feeds some herbivorous classes animal, if this world does not have radish thing, they can buy the radish, the leaf remains to feed some herbivorous Magic Beast, in the Adam memory, some Magic Beast are very good to support, anything eats, when the time comes they can breed these Magic Beast massively, when the time comes did not fear that did not have the meat to eat, moreover can establish Ranch, like this nature on will have more income. Even if this has the world radish . Moreover the price is not high, he must sell to the Spatial Shop words, can keep the radish leaf, no matter what, cannot waste. Now because level is insufficient, Zhao Hai was unable to open Ranch in Space, however can actually open first Ranch in Ark Continent here, when later Space Level Up, in opened Space Ranch, when the time comes he can raise animal on some Earth. Zhao Hai has thought that the later show, must by farming give priority to, in Space also lack the attack strength in any case, farming most suits own. Now have bulk fief, a mountain, a stretch of deathtrap, Carrion Swamp, these places all are their fief, to become these places useful, but also needs to spend a lot of time. Zhao Hai only hopes that the water and land in Spatial Farm, can change Black Wasteland, in that case, he can have the land that a big piece can cultivate, no matter , the land is basic is. But manpower issue, Zhao Hai has not been worried, because he knows that in this world has on Earth no one type of person, the slave.

On Earth does not have the slave, but here has, so long as you are rich, you can buy many slaves, but the life and death of these slaves, are by you decided completely, they to your absolute loyalty, will not escape, because of body branding of each slave this Clan special signature, one, but by the person presently he is accompanying without Master, runs secretly, that consequence will be very miserable. So long as his Farm can make money, he completely does not need to worry for the matter of person that what on Continent the slave are many, even if originally is not the slave, so long as some people of needs, and can leave an appropriate value, these Noble can countless to turn into the slave. Noble has all, this world is such simple. However by the Zhao Hai present status, if among suddenly massive selling enter the slave, certainly will bring to the attention of person with high aspirations, therefore no matter what, he wants the low key conduct, the low key is the policy that he handles affairs, farming is his main Zhan Fang approaches. Thinks that these, Zhao Hai then long vented anger, lying down slowly to the bed on, he to the present also felt one are having a dream likely, oneself are on Earth one in ordinary nerd, although likes looking to pass through the novel, but that does not represent itself to pass through, who thinks, this matter unexpectedly real descend to his head. Day that you let nerd leave computer, didn't turn into the court eunuch a sex maniac on equal to? This was really too cruel. Zhao Hai has sighed deeply the tone, threw itself on the bed, the look at that Stone roof, could not bear and sighs, in this place, absolutely did not have the entertainment facility, how this was lived by own everyday, my novel, this was really too awfully. Possibly is because just received too many memories, in adding on and obtaining Spatial Farm this accidental essence was happy, let the Zhao Hai nerve is very excited, now the excited vigor passed, an intermittent exhausted feeling raided, unknowingly, he heavy going off. What Zhao Hai not present is, he just went off, his door had been shoved open, Meg looked at one from the outside probe head toward, looked that Zhao Hai is lying on the bed sleeps, this softly walked, with on getting out of bed the quilt has covered to Zhao Hai, then stands in the bedside, look at Zhao Hai, sighed to mutter said : Young Master, you may probably make every effort to succeed, Buda Family depended entirely on you.” Said that then turn around walked, gave him to take the gate gently. Meg just came out from Zhao Hai in the room, Green walked, look at Meg said : Meg, Young Master how? Is doing?” Meg hasn't said : done, rests.”

Green nodded said : how has a look at the supper preparation of your Grandma, prepared to call Young Master to dine, oh, went to this place in any case, the etiquette of Noble also can only put.” Said that shaking the head round trip of walks. Meg look at his grandfather, her ten points understood own grandfather's mood, his grandfather has given to Buda Family the life, has not actually thought that Buda Family in his at present declined, Green how to feel better at heart. Meg follows in Green, walks toward the kitchen, although says now here, only then a Merine female cook, but Merine is only responsible for their meals, outside these slaves eat any simply not to need her to manage, Green to these slave things to eat, they have been able to begin to do. Regarding Green such procedure, Meg approves of very much, these slave originally are the poor men, in here is very good, although eats is not quite good, but can also eat to the full, if other these Noble, simply is impossible to make them eat to the full. Meg also clear dream, now Buda Family depends entirely on the grandfathers to support, Adam this Young Master simply anything does not understand, now she only hopes that Adam can sensible, did not want to deliberately create trouble, otherwise Buda Family really has not hoped. However was Adam was sensible, thing that he must study were also many, before his simply was playboys, the typical representative of having neither learning nor skill, regarding managing Clan, a simply experience did not have, if he is willing to learn sensibly, if he is not willing to study, moreover wanted blind command(er), then by their present situations, may unable to support for several years. Before although said that Buda Family is not too rich Clan, but how they in said that is also Noble, moreover although their these time has attained the crime, but had not confiscated family's property, therefore in Clan some lot of money, altogether gathered almost to have about hundred thousand gold coins, this is not a small number. However now these money was changed into various types of commodities by Green, remains, only then more than 100 gold coins, if before Buda also looks like, spends freely, they only feared that must grip the neck to wait to starve to death. Now the Adam quality, has decided the Buda Family life or death.