Chapter 60 Status of Mr. Fatty On Continent, the Magician strength, in the common situation, with their ages is proportional, the practice of Magician, is much more difficult than Warrior, when Continent, the Warrior most practice age from the beginning does not need too in a big way, in small can endure the physique to them, making them grow the strength, when big has been able to carry on the induction training of Battle Qi under Sir's instruction. The practice of Battle Qi is not very easy, be only your body intensity has met the requirements, can practice Battle Qi, is fierce Battle Qi, the request to the body intensity is high, because Battle Qi was really too overbearing. But the practice of Magician comes compared with Battle Qi, difficult, on Continent all the children of birth, will be delivered to an assigning place to inspect to have a look to practice Magic innate skill, if any, he with emphasis will be trained, if not, goes back the family to prepare to make Warrior. But the practice of Magician regarding the request of age is very strict, is less than 12 -year-old, anybody cannot practice Magic, because of after these many years explorations, the people on Continent present, a person at age 12, his spiritual force was true has stabilized, if too practiced early, hesitant spiritual force was unstable, might create spiritual force backlash very much, from possessed by the Devil, such light, then turned into the idiot, heavy cognitive death. Because of such reason, therefore formidable Magician, will not be generally young, like Meg, such young can become 6th level Magician, on Continent, can be considered as absolutely on is different type, talent in a talent. But the Merine strength, on Continent is few knows personally, Merine they have been carrying on the strict security to this matter, even if beforehand Buda Family also few personally knows that their very clear, the age like Meg has so strong cultivation level, if were known by others, only then two means \; first, gets up Meg control, trains Ultimate Weapon, another means are, has killed her, these two results both are not they want to see. although Magician in the practice, be later than Warrior, but the Magician live time, ordinary was longer than Warrior, Warrior, even if 8th level Warrior, generally can also live 200 years old on Dingtian, but 8th level Magician, his age minimum can live about 250 years old. Because of this, therefore Advanced level Magician, regarding a country is very important, Advanced level Magician, minimum can protect this national about 100 years.

Also because of the Ark Continent here person, ordinary is longer than the person live time of place team, therefore here passed through nearly ten thousand years of show, still also lives in the slave society, regarding the use factor of Magic machinery, very low. When on Earth, King of feudalism country, regarding a country's rule, can have dozens years to be good, that must be the unusual longevity emperor can achieve, but general Empire regarding country's rule, not 20 years. However is different in Ark Continent here, country's a rule of King to this King often can amount to for about hundred years, must rule dozens years of words, that was dying young King, was because of this, therefore these many years passed by, the Continent show was not quick. Because of this, therefore Green does not make Zhao Hai speak, the shop owner like shop generally is a worldly person, they are cultivation level are not high, but experiences countless people, you want an start to talk, they can hear your age, what person even can listen to you are, regarding these shop owners, observes the person, is their livelihoods. That partner/shop assistant led Zhao Hai they to enter the shop, what in this shop interior decoration was really good, passing through the gate was a hall, the hall fully has more than 40 square meters, in the top of hall, was hanging a Magic lamp, although now is daytime, but the Magic lamp was still shining. What to entrance is very big counter, two very attractive female customer service personnel stand in counter, in counter outside, big Fatty respectful standing in there, this person wears good silk clothes, in the front of clothes, is leaving a Bana badge, evidently was the boss in this shop. Saw that Zhao Hai they have come, this shop boss immediately moved forward to meet somebody, stopped in the Zhao Hai top three step place, immediately/on horseback bows said : to welcome you to Zhao Hai, respect Magician mister, you can come to our shop, is being honored of shop, please rest here, immediately/on horseback sends to first thick sub to you, procedure immediately that moves was handled by you.” Zhao Hai has not said anything, turn around has arrived at a nearby rest place, sat, the place of this rest suspended several sands to have tea table, gave people the momentary rest to use specially. Zhao Hai just sat down, immediately had female customer service personnel to walk, may sub and a cup has put on tea table before Zhao sea surface a pot, Meg just about to goes forward to help the Zhao Hai sub, Zhao Hai actually waving of gently, Meg stand but actually the Zhao Hai side.

Also really let alone, this time Zhao Hai also really very much had imposing manner, black Magic Robe, body that type was incompatible, ordinary unusual temperament, was actually adding on had not spoken, not big movement moved, the whole person sat in there, probably one vanished in same place, if were not his side is also standing Green and Meg, feared can the has plenty person slightly his existence. In paying attention to Zhao Hai that shop boss, is feeling on Zhao Hai that unusual temperament, two eyes cannot help but shrinks, but the smiling face on his face to has not changed, has arrived before long around Zhao Hai, bows to Zhao Hai said : respect Magician mister, your rooms have arranged, in third floor, please come along with me.” Zhao Hai nodded, has stood, walks toward third floor with that boss, third floor here is different from first floor, here does not have the hall, a stairway can see the each and every one room, but Zhao Hai noted, the third floor room quantity compared with first floor and second floor little. The fat old-established shop got them to arrive at 301 rooms, has shoved open the door personally, asking Zhao Hai they to go , after Zhao Hai they went , the fat boss stood in out of the door, respect Magician mister to Zhao Hai respectful said :, if there is any need, so long as drew the summon bell to be good, the meal that you wanted, I will deliver to your room immediately, this in the room altogether had five bedrooms, enough you and your follower lived, if desired, I can in other give you to arrange a room.” Zhao Hai nod of gently, walks toward room, any words had not said that but Green actually understand his meaning, his immediately/on horseback turned the head your arrangement to fat boss said :, mister is very satisfied, gets down, remembers quick point eating delivers.” Fat boss immediately/on horseback bows said : to be able for great Magician to serve, is my being honored, please allow me to ask to be excused.” Said that respectful doorkeeper closes, this leave. The fat boss walks, Zhao Hai let out a long breath, has picked head hat, turns the head not to think that to Green forced smile said : this clothes are very easy-to-use, you look at that boss respectful appearance, really makes the person somewhat unable to bear.” Green has also picked head hard helmet, one hear of Zhao Hai said that his cannot help but coldly snorted said : he? Young Master, you were too naive, that boss stems from the custom of profession such to do, moreover your possibly don’t know, this shop is the industry of Markey Family, not only that Fatty the boss in this shop, is a Markey Family outwire information officer, I believe it will not take long, our appears will be known by Markey Family.” Zhao Hai said : original here is the industry of Markey Family, Grandpa Green, why do we want to live in here? Wasn't this too free?”

Green shows a faint smile said : „to like this, Young Master, sometimes low key constantly is not the good deed, they only think that we suspicious, counter- can go all out looks up us, but looks like us now to be so free, these people instead to will not suspect that we had any relationship with Buda Family, because they do not think that we will have such big courage, does not think that Young Master you can summon Undead Creature to pretend to be Summoner unexpectedly.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to think really that Markey Family will open a shop in this place unexpectedly, right Grandpa Green, how you know that this shop is Markey Family?” Green smiles said : this is not secret, outside this shop has the symbol of Bana, that is the Markey Family badge, but by strength of Markey Family on Continent, the shop like them, is nobody can disturb, we live in here do not need to be worried about these issues, here is very near to Iron Mountain, on Iron Mountain has plenty Magic Beast, they open the shop in here, sometimes on can obtain many useful thing . Moreover the price is very cheap, will Markey Delphi's such big business, how let off likely a place?” Zhao Hai nodded, he also finds from these miscellanies that on Continent many thing are the material makes with Magic Beast, these Magic Beast because of body formidable, in adding on itself have Magic attribute, therefore on them has plenty thing, is Alchemist and Alchemy Master commonly used material, but these adventurers and mercenary, majority of by hunting and killing these Magic Beast maintain livelihood. However on these mercenary regarding Continent basic runs Zhao Hai somewhat to be puzzled, because he, when reads these miscellanies, has not seen in the novel frequently appears mercenary Guild this organization, therefore Zhao Hai puzzled to Green said : Grandpa Green, where these mercenary meets duty? Can they only by hunting and killing Magic Beast maintain livelihood?” Green smiles said : naturally is not, actually these mercenary big any cities can receive duty, in city, any equipment shop, hotel, hotel such place, some people of cloth duty, but these shops to solicit business, what is also free is these mercenary meets for duty, therefore these mercenary, so long as in the city any tavern, can receive duty, even if in one not appropriate, can go to another home to have a look, but duty that the Markey Delphi big business, they receive in entire Continent any shop likely, is. Can share with other branch stores, in other words, you filled here to distribute duty in Black Mountain, on tomorrow Continent in all Markey Delphi Trading Company the shops, these mercenary can see this duty, was such simple.”