Chapter 61 Strange combination Simple? Actually this point is not simple, Trading Company, has covered half Continent Trading Company, can achieve so quick transmission information, is this simple? Do not forget, but here Ark Continent, but is not the information explosion, mobile phone every, the Internet to the Wan Family Earth. Markey Delphi Trading Company can achieve this point in Ark Continent, the full demonstration his strength, such Trading Company, is really nobody is willing to provoke, even if Empire is not willing to provoke such Trading Company, was too dangerous. Zhao Hai static is listening to the Green words, he presently really had underestimated this world, science and technology on this world although can't compare with Earth reaches, but has own one set of very unique show path, but his understanding this world, was too few. Thinks that Zhao Hai to Green said : Grandpa Green, you said why they will pay attention to us? Magician on Continent were many, their each won't pay attention?” Green smiled said : reason is because Young Master you are Dark Magician, no matter Dark Magician will arrive at there to be paid attention, especially we have not filled Iron Mountain that here will go to from Black Mountain, equal to will be suddenly appears , they will certainly pay attention.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : that our tomorrow on leave?” Green nodded said : „, tomorrow wants leave, Young Master, like the hotel, we live in an evening, must spend two gold coins, to be honest, if lives in several evenings, feared that is we could not have lived.” A Zhao Hai forced smile, money that but also is really an issue, thinks that other crossing over, arrived at different realm, the immediately large flower unexpected wealth, or is the high-ranking, the beautiful women weep and wail must but actually the placard, oneself may arrive, some a piece broken territory did not say, but must think more than 100 people of food and drink issues, once for a while must hide is selecting Magic Beast surprise attack, what is most hateful, although has Space this to make shortcoming, but now is poor and blank, a hotel cannot live. Green looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, only thinks that Zhao Hai feels for their current situations pitiful, he comforts Zhao Hai said : hastily Young Master, when we sold the radish were rich, Young Master did not use sadly.” Zhao Hai not good to explain anything to Green, must smile said : I to be all right, but, we do not stay in such hotel, found a place to outside the city, we went to Space to live.”

On the day of Green nodded said : only to live, is brings to the attention of Markey Family, later did not live in this.” Zhao Hai nodded, this careful sizes up this room, but also let alone, this room is really not small, a living room, five bedrooms, a bathroom, but also is really good. In this time, the knock is resounding, Green stands to open the door hastily, customer service personnel stands in out of the door, in hand carries one to tow the plate greatly, dragging on the plate to put several bread and three dinner places, inside emaciated look to is good. Green received the dinner place, gave that customer service personnel several copper coins to make the tip conveniently, hit that customer service personnel, his actually don’t know, after that customer service personnel went downstairs, immediately rushed to the shop outside a very covert room, knocked on a door, the voice of fat boss conveyed said : to come from inside.” That customer service personnel pushed the door to walk, this was a bedroom, inside ornaments very simple, besides a bed, only then a table and a chair, the fat boss was sitting on the chair, in hand took fountain pen don’t know to write anything. Heard a sound, does said : that his has not lifted what have presently?” That customer service personnel respectful standing in there, deep voice said : their status are not possibly simple, is very likely the Noble family background, however life should not be good, what I send to them is only some ordinary meals, they have not said anything, moreover very natural has paid me the tip, however gives are not many.” The fat boss nodded, waved, that customer service personnel turn around leave, the fat boss actually sat in there has pondered, is Markey Family places Black Mountain to fill the here intelligence head, what his intelligence is done is very good, the reason is he very careful, is good at observing the person. Just he specially made that customer service personnel deliver some are not the best meal, wants to have a look at Zhao Hai their status, wants from Zhao Hai their responses, to determine that Zhao Hai they are any status person. On Continent, only then Noble to the customer service personnel tip, in common situation, even if Merchant will not pay the customer service personnel tip, therefore that customer service personnel judges from this point, Zhao Hai they possibly are Noble. But Noble generally regarding the request in food and drink is very high, but Zhao Hai their present situations is a little miserable, therefore naturally did not have too many requests, is adding on the tip is also only copper coins, therefore that customer service personnel said that Zhao Hai they live are not quite good.

This to was makes the fat boss somewhat worry, must know that Magician, although has with the Noble same status, but their has plenty was not true Noble, if Noble, were Magician, that will certainly obtain entrusting with heavy responsibility of country, did not need to mix was too miserable, therefore Zhao Hai their responses, making the fat boss not have the means to judge their status at once. Finally the fat boss wrote down these situations, then a secret door from bedroom arrived in secret room, in this secret room is putting a row of basket, in each basket Magic Beast like hawk, this Magic Beast called Wind Falcon, was one type of flight quick Magic Beast, after was taught the clothing/taking, usually will be used to deliver a letter. The fat boss grasped Wind Falcon, first took up nearby fresh meat to feed him, then information careful curling that he wrote, has put in a small bamboo tube on Wind Falcon claw, with to seal|confer Hao, this attained outside releasing for flight Wind Falcon. Great Clan like Markey Delphi, naturally impossible to pay attention to each minor matter, but Zhao Hai their appears were really too suddenly, was adding on him is the Dark Magician status, this made the fat boss have to pay attention to them. Regarding the people, Dark Magician is representing the dangerous, gloomy, strange this class negative words and expressions, so long as place appears Dark Magician, certainly by all influence attention, but these influences regarding Dark Magician, adopt generally, does not offend the way of not becoming friends with, therefore the fat boss such will pay attention to Zhao Hai they. These matters that however the fat boss handles, already in expected of Green , he when made Zhao Hai disguise as Dark Magician to think will have this situation appears , this was also the effect that they wanted, the conduct of their so high-sounding talk, naturally some people will not contact with Buda Family them in together, this for them, counter- safety. Zhao Hai they have eaten meal have rested, they have not arrived at Black Mountain Cery to stroll, do not forget Zhao Hai now is Dark Magician, Dark Magician will not idle is being all right to window-shop, said it Black Mountain fills here is very chaotic, to avoid troubling, Zhao Hai they will not exit to stroll. Is good because of Zhao Hai is nerd, itself does not like going to window-shop, to not having what ill feeling, is adding on this several days reason that because hurries along, but he is much more tired, now can in such good place rest well, he naturally very want. On this day very calm on the past, but the Black Mountain Cery's people know that Black Mountain filled Dark Magician, but nobody annoyed him, all people hope that Zhao Hai they a bit faster walked. Zhao Hai they also called the desires of these people, next morning their leave Black Mountain will have filled here, Zhao Hai they sits in Alien leave, this arrives lets these mercenary envying. Fills here to come out from Black Mountain, three roads, the grain production base of left road to Purcell Duchy, the Llica plain, there is Purcell Family fief, the topography very smooth, suits plants value Bai Mai, there are massive slaves in there is the Purcell Family work.

The right road to Baker forest, there is the Purcell Duchy main lumber habitat, similarly, there is also Purcell Family fief, is one of the Purcell Family main sources of income. In these two road common situations is few people goes, because of there Purcell Family fief, inside mostly is the slaves, does not have what opportunity, naturally nobody is willing. But middle road, actually to the Purcell Duchy first big city city, is the Purcell Duchy national capital, is called Aksu Empire north pearl Casa City. Zhao Hai they naturally do not go to the grain-producing region or the lumber field traveling, they come out to sell the radish, naturally must go to Casa City, the there trade is very lively. In the following several days time, Zhao Hai they have been hurrying along, but they likely in Black Wasteland there, did not walk in Black Wasteland there now for three days, they have not seen a person, moreover sees is Black Soil, but now they in Purcell Duchy, the here person are also many, can see many pedestrians and caravan on the road very much, the roadside can also see the forest or the farmland. However because Zhao Hai their shapes were really too the overwhelming powers, therefore others noticed that they will be hiding walking, even if were this, Zhao Hai was also very satisfied, no matter what, can see the person finally, before did not use likely, that bored hurrying along. Thinks is also, on huge Bone stance/framework/shelf sits iron suacepan same Warrior, in the chest cavity also sits a black robe, to extreme Dark Magician, by although also sits an appearance delightful young beautiful woman strangely, however such combination itself was very strange, do not say that Dark Magician ominous name, these people on road do not hide them to be strange. Before this several days Zhao Hai they have also achieved, said that even if were they passed by these small town, they did not have in the city to live, but to outside the city, found a nobody's place, then returned to in Space, this has made their whereabouts look like somewhat floating uncertain, appeared strange.