Chapter 62 Strange village Now on Continent notes Zhao Hai their this line of Great Clan to be many, fills like Black Mountain the place, naturally impossible, only then Markey Family sets up the information point in there, at the matter, on Continent many Great Clan have the information point in there, this information some are only a shop front, some are actually Mercenary Group. These Great Clan fill here to set up the information point in Black Mountain, to not look up any armed forces country important matter, fills this place like Black Mountain, is impossible to have any armed forces country important matter to live, sets up an information main point to have one in here, the talented person! Ark Continent here Great Noble, many were some biography regulations the millenniums above, such Great Noble nature very clear talented person to their importances, but regarding Noble, formidable Warrior to their help was very big, therefore filled the adventurer to have the mercenary centralized place like Black Mountain, will have various Great Clan to send spy that there went, for on presently these has potential Warrior, received in them Clan, became Clan one point of strength. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai they, when Black Mountain fills appears , has plenty Great Clan received information, and has been paying attention to them. However these paid attention to Zhao Hai their people somewhat to misjudge obviously, they have not thought that Zhao Hai their actually in the city did not live, but ran up to outside the city to go, moreover evening's time generally was runs up to Space to rest, this made these want to track their people, does not have the means presently their whereabouts, appeared strange. However Zhao Hai they display like this, to made these people affirm he was Dark Magician. But these people track Zhao Hai not to win over him, but feared that Zhao Hai they will be disadvantageous to their Clan. General Noble although will also gather some Dark Magician, but these Dark Magician they are know the whole story generally, Dark Magician nobody of hooligan is willing to gather, therefore to is nobody they contacts with Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai some of they and don’t know people with them, they still according to own moving forward, now their advancing is not quick, the pedestrian on road are too many, they cannot certainly walk is too quick, will otherwise possibly have the accident. Fills Casa City from Black Mountain is the riding a horse words must step onto seven days of now, Zhao Hai their with riding a horse also similarly, must arrive at Casa City, takes about seven days. Now they walked for three days, in these three days, they run two small town, small village are innumerable, thus it can be seen this Purcell Duchy is very prosperous.

Fourth day the morning, Zhao Hai they looked like in the past together to come out from Space, normal hurrying along, fortunately, has not arrived at rainy season now, therefore this group of although were the unsurfaced roads, but actually very smooth, Alien walked not a feeling of jolting. However today Zhao Hai this walks, felt somewhat strangely, said that has been short of anything probably. Zhao Hai puzzled is looking, don’t know has been short of anything. In Zhao Hai puzzled time, Meg makes noise said : Young Master, is quite strange, we walked for two hours, does not have the existing person to pass through, everyday at this time, already has plenty person.” One hear of Meg said that Zhao Hai presently there is not finally right, they from morning continuously to the present two hours, has not run into a person unexpectedly, no wonder he thinks such strange, has probably been short of anything, originally has been short of the person. Zhao Hai felt matter does not suit, immediately/on horseback deep voice said : stops.” Alien immediately stopped, Zhao Hai stands, is holding the rib of Alien, to Green said : Grandpa Green, had an accident? Why we walked such long time, hasn't run into the person?” Green nodded said : I already to note, but Young Master does not need to be worried that we proceed, I to have a look to have an accident, Young Master can hide in Space in any case at the worst, nobody can unable to find you.” A Zhao Hai forced smile, he also thinks that Green presently, has not thought Green already noted, moreover this saying said that although is a little irresponsible, but actually is also the correct principle, they cannot, because don’t know has an accident, did not proceed, their anything did not need to do. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but nodded, waved said : that well, walked Alien immediately to start, still by that type uniform in moving forward, looked to arrive is really a little at a moderate pace meaning. However Zhao Hai with Meg actually anxious, they have not seen too the person of magnificent scene, is not calm like Green there, they a little uneasyly whether sitting or standing are paying attention to all around situation, probably in surrounding forest, will have anytime Magic Beast to clash to be the same. However what lets Zhao Hai their accident is, they walked one in the morning, have not actually run into a person, in that several villages that passed by nobody hated some people missing probably was the same. Passed by a village time, they also entered in the village careful has looked, in that village a person did not have, but made Zhao Hai they be what was surprised, there not like by person attack the appearance, probably all villagers were leave, but what is strange, these villagers obviously just got up on leave, in their family's kitchen simply has not lived to go too far, the quilt has not folded, probably the clothes have not put on continually, on crawled on walking from the bedding.

The entire tree sub- in links a chicken, a dog does not have, a complete deathly stillness, is adding on that disorderly bunk, making Zhao Hai they cannot help but feel that fearful, this village was too strange, looks like their this strange combination is much stranger. Green careful looked that in the village looked at for quite a while, does not have presently anything, however his face was cloudier, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, called your Merine Grandma, she could see that anything came.” Zhao Hai has complied with, immediately/on horseback opening of Space, called Merine, Merine in paying attention to outside situation, naturally is also knowing that outside has looked unfamiliar anything, therefore after she comes out, has not said anything, but careful looked at one in all around, then has closed the eye, read several Incantation in a soft voice. One group of blue radiance appears on her body, are similar to sunlight same spread all around expunges, this radiance dodged had about five minutes disappearance slowly. Merine slowly has also opened eye, actually stern-faced their said : Young Master for Zhao Hai, the enticement technique that in Black Magic some here people use, in all living creatures the village attracted, don’t know went to there.” Zhao Hai said : Black Magic? You were said that here has come Dark Magician?” Merine nodded said : although already the past, here Magic energy vanished was similar, but I can affirm that some people are wanting here to use Black Magic.” Zhao Hai and Green complexion sinks, they can affirm that today has not run into the person on the road, certainly also has relationship with this matter, will not do well this matter also to implicate them. Do not forget, the Zhao Hai present status is Dark Magician, but here Dark Magician uses Black Magic, these many people made, such situation could not certainly conceal the truth, will live when the time comes perhaps any situation, Merine can presently here have Dark Magician to use Magic, other Magician, when the time comes the people know that missing of here person was related with Dark Magician, that Zhao Hai possibly also will become the suspected object. This is Green and Zhao Hai worry, that Dark Magician, one enticed these many people, why not to be certainly meddlesome, if he has done the misdemeanor, will bring not the small trouble to Zhao Hai, now Zhao Hai most fears was troublesome. Merine has thought obviously also of this point, he turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, or we did not want to play the role of Dark Magician, will otherwise bring to you greatly troublesome.”

Zhao Hai shook the head said : except for this Dark Magician, if I play the role of other who, may let the person quickly presently our status, such we danger, Merine Grandma, can you feel, what direction the here people that did Dark Magician lead? We pursue, has a look whether to solve this demon to be bothersome, if can solve this troublesome, that was best, even if is unsolvable, Purcell Family to suspect us.” Had such big matter, Purcell Family impossible not to manage, here was their Clan domain, in the person of here life, was the subjects of their family, was looks like their family to pay taxes, some of their naturally also duties assured their securities. But Zhao Hai lets the method that others do not suspect, only then, found that genuine murderer, gives Purcell Family that fellow, like this he naturally will not be suspected. Green although does not want to make Zhao Hai have anything to occur together with Purcell Family, but matter to this situation, only then this method can make Zhao Hai not be suspected, they now after all in the Purcell Family domain, if Zhao Hai were suspected by Purcell Family, that troublesome even bigger, will not do well his status to put on the gang quickly, but now the Zhao Hai status cannot put on the gang. Merine also in look at Green, he wants to know that Green agrees with the Zhao Hai words, if Green agreed that she finds the way to discover the direction that Magician goes, that fellow investigating. Green also knows that meaning of Merine, nod said : that he must not bear good, does according to the Young Master words, discovers that fellow, gives Purcell Family him, like this our following plans can continue.” Merine nodded, has used just that Magic, the time that but these time uses is longer, ten minutes are completed, after waiting for Magic to complete, Merine refers to going to Casa City direction said : is that direction, possibly because of such reason, therefore our has not bumped into the person all the way.”