Chapter 63 undead Mercenary Group Zhao Hai and Merine nodded, but this matter somewhat is also strange, normally everyday will have some people to fill from Black Mountain toward Casa City goes, but today also evil gate, actually does not have one person the direction that fills from Black Mountain to walk toward Casa City, until now, Zhao Hai they have not run into a person unexpectedly. Actually Zhao Hai their don’t know, in the morning very early time, had the road that the caravan passes through them to take, but these caravans walked section of road on the place that present has not suited, immediately drew back returned to in following small town, then told following these Merchant this information, the person who now many person Black Mountain Cery comes out, stopped in small town that in Zhao Hai they passed by, prepared to form a big point caravan, was filling there to hire some mercenary from Black Mountain many, then in walking. But these Zhao Hai they and don’t know, this several days reason that because hurries along, therefore Zhao Hai has felt very tired, some that therefore gets up late, these caravan sky just had shone left, was earlier than for 2-3 hours them, therefore Zhao Hai and don’t know these. Because these Merchant have blocked afterward people, therefore Zhao Hai they had not noticed that fills the person who there came from Black Mountain, meets appears this strange scene. Actually is not only Zhao Hai not understand, even if Green not understand, on Continent has plenty bandits and thieves, may meet wild beast attack in outdoor, therefore some caravan very careful, have anything not to be right, immediately enters in the city, then must form a team moving forward with other caravans, these matter Zhao Hai naturally don’t know, but Green also don’t know, before Buda Family not own caravan, therefore he did not know about these matters, this can a appears this situation. Zhao Hai they in keeping moving forward, this they have met five villages all the way, result inside person disappeared, these villages are not quite big, but staff of these five villages gathered also more than 1000 people, but these people all disappeared, not only the person, in the village all living thing vanished. Zhao Hai they more proceed more to feel the heart startled, not only the missing person are getting more and more, but also Merine felt that Black Magic energy is also getting stronger and stronger, was getting more and more fearful. By the estimate of Merine, if frequent use enticement technique, moreover one enticed that many people, this Dark Magician strength minimum has achieved 8th level , with Merine same level. although Merine estimated that the opposite party strength with her is with level, but Merine actually has to recognize, if hits, feared that has not hit the opposite party, because Black Magic was really too strange, she has not grasped. However Zhao Hai too had not been worried that he also has Green , is really not good he also to hide in Space, he does not believe the opposite party also to chase down him to Space.

Alien has not sped up, has not slowed down, still that at a moderate pace moving forward, this is Zhao Hai characteristics, no matter, he pursues a stability, he will remind himself calmly, because before him, goes to school has studied a few words, every time has the static air/Qi near the important matter, but he has regarded the motto these words. Therefore at this time Zhao Hai kept reminded itself to be calm, he observes all around situation carefully, although he cannot be seeing anything now, but very careful, has prepared to deal with suddenly the situation. Merine sits near the Zhao Hai emperor closed eyes maintains mental tranquility, Green sits in the head of Alien, has probably fallen asleep, but Meg had been delivered returned to by Zhao Hai in Space. However what makes Zhao Hai accidental is, they walked for day not to come across any matter unexpectedly, to around 4 : 00 pm, on the although road still could not see a person, but has not met any attack, all calm had Qi. In the Zhao Hai preparation stops the rest time, Merine suddenly has actually opened eye said :Young Master, your return to Space goes, I felt that front has strong Black Magic energy, it seems like that the opposite party had has prepared. Zhao Hai stares, but he also knows one remain unable to help, to nod, the flashes body entered Space, but Alien has not actually gone, but stayed outside, still carries two people to proceed to walk. Zhao Hai entered Space, immediately entered the thatched-roofed hut, the look at screen, what making him feel strange, scene on screen in the migration, probably he also sits in Alien now carried on the back to be the same. This makes Zhao Hai stare, then his fierce taps own head, oneself also were really fainted, he can on the screen notice that was centered on entering Space that selects original 100 meters thing, but if that point can move, he can see many thing? Before he had not thought of this point, just he came, has not actually received Alien, wants to help Green and Merine when necessary, but he actually forgot to make Alien stop, therefore Alien still in proceeding, this also made him present this secret, originally entered the Space words on thing of migration, the image on that screen was also continuously in the migration, but most important one was, Space can move, moreover did not need him dull on to proceed outside to move. Damn, how oneself before has not thought that if had thought before, that makes Alien walk outside, why he hides in the world should, avoid also hurried along to be so laborious outside. However at this time Zhao Hai may not have the mood to want too many thing, he also wants to have a look, that Dark Magician wants to do. Merine and Green continuously attention centralized to front, therefore does not want to be too many, Alien still at a moderate pace moving forward, but Black Magic energy that Merine feels is also getting stronger and stronger.

In front of suddenly has heard the sound of shouting out, sound that the weapon hits, Green and Merine facial expression one tight, they know that waited for a day of matter, finally lived. In this time, Alien suddenly was actually stopping, they then stare, then Zhao Hai suddenly appears in carrying on the back of Alien, to their said : Grandpa Green, Merine Grandma, we entered to Space, Alien proceeds, before we can still see, has looked unfamiliar any matter.” Green and Merine stare, but changes mind thinks that one on understand meaning of Zhao Hai, on two faces one happy, then Green actually shook the head said : not, Young Master, we do not go, if goes, can by the opposite party presently Space secret, then on gain does not equal the loss.” Zhao Hai stares, then nodded said : that well, I do not go, these Undead Creature release that , me can catching when necessary help, like this others only think that I am Dark Magician, cannot presently Space secret.” Green and Merine wrinkled the brow, they really do not want to make Zhao Hai take risk, but if Zhao Hai entered Space, then in appears Undead Creature, may expose Space secret, this arrives is makes them in a dilemma. Green thinks that turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, if wants outside, but you best to call Merine, making her defend in your side, this was good.” Zhao Hai nodded, anti- Merine called, now Zhao Hai also present, so long as in the head is thinking must call who in Space, the person in Space to hear, but if the person in Space wants to speak to him, so long as knocks the screen, he can hear to be similar in qq, requested that of join good friend bang bang sound, then after being under his permission, can speak to him. This presently arrives lets Zhao Hai very happy, as the matter stands he in the relation with Space has facilitated, avoid must enter to Space in calls the person. After Meg was called, immediately sat Zhao Hai side, around careful look at, prepared to protect Zhao Hai at any time. Looked at Meg to come out, Zhao Hai then ordered Alien then to proceed, but these time to was careful, Green has stood, Battle Qi was also partly visible, prepared to begin at any time. Also proceeded more than 1000 meters, to a small soil bank on, Zhao Hai they saw finally before , has looked unfamiliar anything, in front of soil bank, troop Undead Creature was besieging a caravan, but on that caravan was inserting a Bana flag, unexpectedly was the caravan of Markey Delphi Family. At this moment, Green actually notes side of Tudepo, is setting up a flag, this flag all over the body is the black, above is drawing white Skull, a little before looking like Zhao Hai , on Earth has seen pirate flag, but not completely is the same.

Green sees this flag, actually cannot help but complexion changes, because of him through this flag, has thought of an organization, on Continent, notorious organization, undead Mercenary Group. undead Mercenary Group, is on Continent one of the most formidable Mercenary Group, but also is on Continent one of the minimum Mercenary Group, because of this Mercenary Group core staff, only uses eight! Generally speaking, eight people cannot be called are Mercenary Group, can only be small Adventure Group, the team that but these eight people compose, was actually called Mercenary Group by Continent on, because of these eight people, is Dark Magician! This Mercenary Group existed to have dozens years, in these years, this Mercenary Group has met the duty more than 1000 times, but more than 500 times, they have killed the employer, snatched the cargo, afterward nobody dares to ask them to make duty, they directly did the trade of taking by force, has become Bandit Group. Mercenary Group that naturally, on Continent has done are also many, considers such words, they impossible on all people by Continent to be remembered, the most essential point is, each motion, will give to kill nearby all commoner, then turns into Undead Creature them, is using these Undead Creature to go to attack target, it may be said that is cruel. On Continent also has the person to think must cope with them, undead Mercenary Group moved on Continent unexpectedly the famous Merchant Clan Xin Ya Clan cargo, was sent out Expert to chase down by Xin Ya Clan, in the undead Mercenary Group eight people, died seven, last also by severe wound. The person on original Continent thinks that undead Mercenary Group must vanish since then, but has not actually thought that the undead Mercenary Group member who that only saves, has actually done a frantic incomparable matter.