Chapter 64 Received them When all people think undead Mercenary Group did not have the date of turning over, undead Mercenary Group last Dark Magician, has used oneself final Life Force unexpectedly, stirs up ten times of Magic, Dark Magician that other seven died, turned into Advanced level Undead Creature, when he at the point of death, orders to that seven Undead Creature, making them use Black Magic, turns into Undead Creature him. Must know, Dark Magician, if turned into Undead Creature a person, that person has become his slave, but general Inferior level Undead Creature, does not have what wisdom, the strength is also very low, but Advanced level Undead Creature, fighting strength is very strong, moreover there is a very high wisdom, if that Dark Magician died, was turned into the Undead Creature person by him, will turn into free Undead Creature, what in receiving has restrained. Naturally, Dark Magician, if manufacture Advanced level Undead Creature, is need very formidable Magic, if needs Magic to not to have anything, what most important is, but must pay Life Force to be good, even if formidable 8th level Dark Magician, so long as he has made 20 Advanced level Undead Creature, his life has also come to the end, therefore general Dark Magician, is nobody manufactures Advanced level Undead Creature. But Undead Creature that was manufactured artificially, has not managed Law Image natural creation Undead Creature such Level Up, you manufacture, what strength he is, what strength he is, impossible in Level Up. That Dark Magician was in itself also the person who severe wound must die, naturally did not fear that wasted own Life Force, in using Secret Technique stirred up ten times of Magic, this manufactured to complete that seven Advanced level undead Dark Magician, then when he must die, to them ordered, making their seven also turn into Advanced level Undead Creature him. This plan was really too frantic, he turned into undead Dark Magician that seven people, but he actually died, in other words, that seven people turned into free Undead Creature, did not need to listen his, therefore that seven people will turn into Advanced level Undead Creature him, but also was very difficult to say. Even if were his plan success, that seven people turned into Advanced level Undead Creature him, he also can only be from now Undead Creature, cannot eat thing, cannot sleep, cannot enjoy, thing that all humanity can enjoy, did not have the significance regarding them, such did is worth really? Nobody can reply, possibly only then the undead Mercenary Group person can reply, but they will not reply that because of that person of plan success, was turned into the Undead Creature seven partners by him, turned into Undead Creature him in turn, this undead Mercenary Group considered as finished to be worthy of the reputation. Mercenary Group comprised of eight undead Dark Magician, what good deed is competent to come? The answer is impossible, these eight fellows cannot be competent any good deed to come, instead to is changes Bengaly, has become on Continent the most notorious Bandit Group partner. However they now in common situation, does not dare to offend these Great Clan, their eight although turned into Undead Creature, but some strength actually drops, if offending these Great Clan , may be given to extinguish. The Undead Creature although name was called undead, but that was without by attack, if were chased down by Expert, they one met soul flies away and scatters.

But undead Mercenary Group this frantic procedure, makes these Great Clan feel that very scared, looks like in these Great Clan, the undead Mercenary Group person, is one crowd of Lunatic, therefore they not easily provokes these fellows. Normally they turned into Undead Creature, did not have anything **, should not in robbing was right, was the undead Mercenary Group person is different, they not only snatched, the ratio of but also snatching was ominous before, this made people very puzzled, but you cannot ask them, these Great Clan on Continent are not willing to provoke them, matter continuously was towing, beyond undead Mercenary Group also continuously free and unfettered method. Because of this all sorts of reasons, therefore undead Mercenary Group has been very famous on Continent, is that is nobody to be willing to offend. undead Mercenary Group has so in a big way prestige, Green naturally also has heard, because has heard, therefore his complexion will become so ugly. To be honest, he does not want to offend undead Mercenary Group, this Mercenary Group now is one crowd of Lunatic, if offended them, will not do well can Buda Family cause the disastrous consequence. Green looked at a that flag, not wrong, is the undead Mercenary Group flag, they set up the flag in here, is the person who told passed by, front was undead Mercenary Group is handling matters, should better not to disturb, otherwise was undead Mercenary Group for the enemy. Green turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, we retreat, I had the words to tell you first.” Zhao Hai in the look at front fight, one hear of Green was saying that in addition was busy at nodding, making Alien retreat, Alien silent drawing back get down the soil bank, but battlefield there resembled nobody to note them. Draws back after the hillside, Green referred to nearby forest, Zhao Hai nodded, command(er) Alien has been climbing forest, found a covert place in forest, they entered Space with Merine. Enters to Space, Green they called in Zhao Hai and Merine the room, then said to Zhao Hai the undead Mercenary Group matter simply. Merine also has regarding undead Mercenary Group same, but looks like Blockhead that some understands, Stone and Meg they, too have actually not understood, after all they are also since childhood live in the imperial capital, does not have leave.

Zhao Hai calm is listening to narration of Green, he has not thought, this undead Mercenary Group unexpectedly such frantic, but heard the opposite party eight people turn into Undead Creature time, his eye is actually one bright. When the Green lecture, Zhao Hai has stood, slowly is stamping the step in the room, stamps the step while feels own forehead, some little time, he stopped, effort pounded on the table to mutter said : to do, spelled this.” Green they puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai turns the head look at Green, on the face happy expression said : of face Grandpa Green, you just said that undead Mercenary Group that eight people did turn into Undead Creature?” Green nodded, Zhao Hai smiles said : that you to remember after Undead Creature enters Space, what response will have?” A Zhao Hai such saying, Green also really has gawked, then two eyes one bright, fierce pats table said : right, turns into the person on one's own side them!” Merine this time also responded, their understand Zhao Hai said certainly that what meaning those words are, they grasped more than 1000 Undead Creature to enter Space, without any exception, was turned into their people on one's own side by Space, looked like Alien is the same, but undead Mercenary Group that eight people, was Undead Creature, that could catch in them Space, making Space turn into the person on one's own side them? Thinks that here Merine they cannot help but excited, Undead Creature although that they caught before are many, but some multi- quantification beast shapes, few of human-shape, even if has, is only some Inferior level, too Advanced level, naturally has not had what wisdom, cannot add on their anything gang. However undead Mercenary Group these undead Dark Magician are different, they are Advanced level Undead Creature, has very high wisdom, but also maintained before death memory, if can turn into the Buda Family person them, then to the help of Buda Family is very big. Now Buda Family lacks is military force, if can subdue undead Mercenary Group, their equal to had strong armed forces, others want to move Buda Family, thinking well is good. Thinks of here, several people of excited, Zhao Hai look at their appearances, cannot help but have shown a faint smile, then said : „, moreover we can also add on Markey Family busy, this has the advantage to our later conduct very much.” Green one hear of Zhao Hai said that one calm, his immediately understand, if helps Markey Family busy now, has the advantage to them really very much.

horse its Delphi Trading Company is on Continent one of the famous big Trading Company, if draws in relationship with them, regarding the Buda Family later show, has the advantage of imagination, what big can Trading Company bring to Great Clan? Not only magnanimous gold coins, complete Intelligence Network. Green nodded, stands got up said : Young Master, we go now, if late, I feared that Markey Delphi Trading Company person cannot withstand.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, Blockhead, Stone, you keep in Space to take care of these slaves, target of your fellow are too big, do not exit, Grandpa Green, let's go.” The intention moves, walked out of four people from Space. All Undead Creature that Space, Zhao Hai immediately release they have grasped, these Undead Creature altogether one thousand 357, this digit to is not Zhao Hai looks up specially, but was he received many Undead Creature, Space Warehouse there will have the digital recording, convenient. Zhao Hai these Undead Creature release come, that scene is very vast, must know that he grasps these Undead Creature, may be very big, fearing of minimum was human-shape some Undead Creature and insect classes Undead Creature, but these two Undead Creature minimum, more was some Undead Creature like Alien and that big Old Mouse, this different thing may be very big, this release, simply on was piece of Undead Creature army, made these that came out compared with undead Mercenary Group, but was much more attractive. One of Zhao Hai on toward Alien sits, side sits Meg, Merine and Green sits in the head of Alien, then Zhao Hai waves, enormous and powerful undead Magic Beast army, flushes away toward soil bank there. Just Zhao Hai they saw, undead army that this undead Mercenary Group made, enough more than 3000 people, and also some dogs and chickens, sheep, good, the pig and other domestic animal type Undead Creature, it seems like these fellow slaughters many villages had to compose such Undead Creature army.