Chapter 65 The lovable girl of day: Laura This is also the method that undead Mercenary Group habitually uses, they killed off the people in surroundings village first, turns into Undead Creature army, making them attack target, although these Undead Creature level is very low, however their attack strength are not weak, must know that the Undead Creature ordinary strength is not small, is adding on them not to fear death, does not fear to hurt, attacks completely is one type of fighting method not awfully, is match who any intelligent race is not willing to bump into. Fame of Markey Family on Continent is very high, the strength is also very strong, therefore in their caravan journey common situation is nobody dares to begin to them, as the matter stands the time grew, they will naturally have some lax, the people who therefore each caravan sends are not many. This Markey Family must go to Black Mountain to fill there, carries out a transaction of time secret with a mysterious character, but transaction thing is a Undead method ball. This Undead method ball was bandits and thieves found from an ancient tomb chamber, this law ball has strongly can Undead energy, be able to turn into Intermediate level or Advanced level Undead Creature ordinary Undead Creature. Markey Family although wants to leave behind this treasure very much, but this information was actually known him by a very much mysterious character, that mysterious character started out the high price to buy this law ball, Markey Family does not have the means that has to agree, Fang Xuan has filled the place that this kind of nobody managed to trade in Black Mountain, because fills the here transaction not to bring to the attention of people in Black Mountain, nobody thinks that they will attain here to trade a such treasure. How however don’t know this information was known by the undead Mercenary Group person, but this Undead method ball regarding undead Mercenary Group important that is self-evident, therefore undead Mercenary Group wants to take by force. But for this Markey Family does not make others know that they must go to Black Mountain to fill there to trade, the supporting soldier who therefore they send are not many, camouflages probably is an appearance of ordinary caravan, then also release sound of the wind/rumor, said that the place of their transaction Undead method ball changed in other places, this thinks that as the matter stands was safe, has not actually thought that was given to stop up by undead Mercenary Group. undead Mercenary Group eight Dark Magician, naturally not only will turn into a Undead Creature such move the person, Black Magic of their meeting is not small, must know before them, is very strong Dark Magician, besides command(er) Undead Creature army, has attack to the Markey Family caravan, they also once for a while carry on attack with the Black Magic caravan, this makes the pressure of caravan very big. Markey Family really only will certainly not send some ordinary mercenary to press to deliver the Undead method ball, person who their these time sends, is their family's Expert.

But these Expert cannot support the person to be many, let alone attack their is also not a person, but is Undead Creature, is adding on the undead Mercenary Group eight people in the one side with Black Magic sneak attack, made that they are miserable beyond description. Laura stands on horse carriage, her in hand is taking a wooden box, this box is not very big, is one about 20 cubic centimeters boxes, moreover looks like the component is also not very heavy, her girl does not take the effort with in hand. Laura is Markey Family, the second in-line successor Karen daughter, Karen Markey Delphi, is Magician, today 40 years old, Magician level just achieved 6th level, such practice, is not slow, but is not absolutely quickly, is not heavenly aptitude that type shape, but he actually liking practice, likes research Magic, regarding doing business instead to not having what interest. Markey Family is on Continent famous Merchant Clan, they to the Yu Clan clan successor, are any level Warrior, any level Magician, looks is not very heavy, what they regard as important is the doing business ability of Clan successor, this made status of Karen in Clan appear somewhat awkward. However Karen actually had a good daughter, is Laura, Laura today is only 17 years old, is actually on Continent the famous talent, not only practices, doing business also similarly is a talent, the Laura study is not general Martial Skill, moreover Knight technique, this is one type of general Martial Skill the war technique that is more difficult than to practice, is very high regarding the practice request. Laura today is 6th level Warrior, her good at using long spear, the tower shield, horse bow, Scimitar and other Warrior, the strength is also very strong. However if you look at her semblance, does not think absolutely she is such Expert. If the snow ties the white exquisite skin, golden big wave is long, a pair of dark blue eye pupil, what is most unforgettable is her height, has over 1.8m, such status, making many men shrink back at the sight, do not say her prominent family background and outstanding Martial Skill. But those who most make the person love to talk about, Laura or a commercial talent, she regarding doing business very has the talent, the small age started to help own father handle the matters in some business, moreover did dramatically. Regarding the lovable girl of this kind of day, the heart of ordinary person envy cannot rise, because she was too outstanding, if a person is only more outstanding than you, you will be jealous him, but he is more outstanding than you are too many, with you are not level, you cannot rise the heart of any envy. But Markey Family is not quite same as general Clan, their Clan each successor, will manage part of industries of Clan, when chooses Patriarch time, whose most good of industrial management looks , the profit are most, then by the elder common business intent of Clan, is passing to anyone the position of Clan.

The original Karen this second successor, but has hung a name, Markey Family all people know, the ability that he does business is not good, does not have what competitive power to the position of Patriarch, most can only be cultivates the crown prince to study that group. Since Laura has been helping the Karen conduct business, the incomes of Karen these business increase year after year, now has not compared several other successors to be bad. The Clan industry of Karen minute of arriving, is mainly centralized in Purcell Duchy here, therefore this transaction, handed over Karen in hand, naturally, has ultimately completed this transaction, but must be Laura. Laura has not thought that own turned the arrangement to waste unexpectedly, finally made the undead Mercenary Group person to the jamming in here, Laura know that these time feared was really dangerous. Laura although is 6th level Knight, but until now, she had not found a truly own riding beast, moreover she has not participated in the true fight, his 6th level Knight depending on price, can the test probably come completely, the although strength is good, but hits, she compared these on the tool bit to lick the mercenary difference of blood to be many daily. Is adding on them to be surrounded by these Undead Creature now, even if were she wants to run cannot be inescapable. Laura first time thought that such desperate, first time felt that the death left is in itself so near. Laura makes an effort is biting own lip, the tender fresh red lip had been nipped to bleed by her. At this moment, let destroy the Laura finally hope appears , in these Undead Creature army, appears large quantities of Undead Creature, these Undead Creature, a person height body was big, flood the one type of strange green, was looking besieged their these Undead Creature to be formidabe all over the body on the ratio. Laura complexion is pale, she knows that own today cannot escape by luck, but as the matter stands, not only has not made her give way, instead to aroused her fighting spirit! People in desperate, often two performance, either completely collapsed, lost all low anti- abilities, allows to be oppressed, another one type of performance is indignant rebel, even if were died, must draw in scapegoat, but Laura obviously was the latter.

When Laura prepares to put together a fight in which both sides perish, suddenly present, these afterward Undead Creature, to besieging their these Undead Creature carried on attack. These, not only Laura was shocked, presented all Markey Family people shocked, their brains cannot respond what matter at once lived, in undead Mercenary Group lived the internal strife? Laura actually does not think that she is a smart person, she can look, afterward these Undead Creature, with besieging their these Undead Creature completely were not level, besieged their these Undead Creature, looked is this nearby person, their in hand weapon were some farm tools, except for human-shape, many other was some domestic Magic Beast. These Magic Beast that then comes, is actually some attack strength very strong Magic Beast, moreover that green and glossy skeleton, understood at a glance that is poisonous, is not affable. Under Laura their gazes, that green Undead Creature continuous wells up, the total quantity has been achieving more than 1000 unexpectedly, these besieging their these Undead Creature to disappearing disaster near half, moreover besieges their Undead Creature, by one type of fast is vanishing. Laura has been paying attention to these green Undead Creature, she believes that helped their person quickly appears , really her expected, before long, huge Undead Creature on appears on the soil bank, that Undead Creature, is not in all green Undead Creature is possibly biggest, but on that Undead Creature had the person. Laura looked carefully, presently on that Undead Creature has four people, two stand in the head of Undead Creature, on puts on Infantry armor of whole body, another wear Magic Robe, among another two people however sits in the chest cavity of that Undead Creature, wear black Magic Robe, the whole person appears very strange, another is to actually be the maidservant dresses up, sits in that Dark Magician side. Laura knows that was advocating, but at this moment, the mutation broke out, several black light shot toward that four person there, Laura complexion changed, she knows that undead Mercenary Group person make a move, the undead Mercenary Group person had certainly a mortal hatred of that four people, that four people destroyed their good deed, Laura cannot help but anxious said loudly: Be careful.” She completely has not actually thought that she leaves that four people so far, others simply cannot hear anything that she shouted.