Chapter 66 Surprise attack Eye look at that several black light must hit Zhao Hai their four people, suddenly in Alien outside appears one layer water blue protective shield, that protective shield has looked like probably is light one layer, is transparent, but that several struck black light on protective shield, actually cannot protective shield be what kind. Waits for that eight black light to vanish, stands in Alien head Green, suddenly throws in the direction that black shooting light leaves, this time Green although put on that full body armor, but pale cyan Battle Qi, has actually surrounded his whole person, moreover his very fast, only blinked, vanished in the people at present. Meanwhile Merine deep voice to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, toward retreat.” Zhao Hai also knows that at this time must listen to Merine, therefore his immediately/on horseback command(er) Alien is going toward retreat. At this time several black light shot toward their here, but simultaneously Zhao Hai also noted, these Undead Creature that his release went to extinguished to the nest undead Mercenary Group Undead Creature army, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback command(er) their these Undead Creature is flushing away in the direction that several were black light. These Zhao Hai they have fallen back on behind of soil bank, but that eight Dark Magician also hid in forest, therefore Laura their simply could not see several people of trends. Zhao Hai these time comes these Magic Beast release, present differences, in the past he received these Magic Beast, all release has not come, now entire release comes, his front suddenly appears projection of screen, on this projection was flashing the different color radiance dot, the red point is representing Undead Creature that they and these his release comes, but the green point is representing Markey Delphi Trading Company person, has several black dot, is actually hides in forest. Zhao Hai tries command(er) these Undead Creature to throw toward black spots, these Undead Creature really moved, immediately throws toward black spots. Zhao Hai looks at command(er) to result, immediately/on horseback made these Undead Creature stop, he has counted these black spots, just right eight, was entangling with a red point probably at 1 : 00, Zhao Hai looked, that direction that Green went, black spots was also hurrying to that direction, but other six black spots, were actually compelling toward their here, it seems like wants to cope with them. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback command(er) these Undead Creature have been divided into seven teams, six teams of each team of 200, throw toward that six black spots, remaining 157, Zhao Hai makes them depend to come toward own side, he is the preparation makes these Undead Creature protect itself. This entered Meg to read several Incantation in there in a soft voice, then protective shield appears of one layer pale fresh air in their surroundings, has protected them, Meg has not gone to add protective shield to Merine, because Meg believes that Merine can deal with, but her duty, mainly protects Zhao Hai.

Really, Zhao Hai order, these Undead Creature immediately have been divided into seven teams, one team of direct returned to their sides, have encircled in middle to protect them, other six teams, actually respectively throw to that six black spots. That six black spots also present Zhao Hai intention, their immediately/on horseback sped up, they clashes toward Zhao Hai, in their opinion, so long as they are nearer to Zhao Hai, the hopes of some victories, if really by these Undead Creature sphering, that sooner or later must they be given kill by Zhao Hai. undead Mercenary Group passed through the innumerable dangers, most dangerous one time that but they meet, is chasing down of Xin Ya Clan, they living time, cultivation level of everyone arrived at the 7th level Dark Magician level, but such was chased down by Xin Ya Clan person, they all turned into Undead Creature, now their true level, is about 6th level Magician, if not Black Magic is really extremely in strange, impossible, no matter what they run amuck on Continent. But previous time chases down their people, is 8th level Expert, but that 8th level Expert is not the frontage spells with them most from the beginning hardly, but has used the method of assassination, first has killed them, then starts to chase down them. If the opposite party has not used the method of assassination, they have can with the opposite party spell self-confidently hardly, but will not lose, but they after losing three people, in wants to spell with the opposite party hardly, appeared somewhat lacks in resonance. Situation bad risk that this time they meet, because of opposite party time unexpectedly two 8th level Expert, but also so many Undead Creature enters the war, can say that their stratagem which ensures success are very low. But reason that this time their this can think wants initiative attack Zhao Hai they, is not they thinks that has killed Zhao Hai their ability, because they want to take a look, whether to run away from Zhao Hai their in hand the life. Has opposed the enemy several people of very clear of experience repeatedly, if at this time, their turn around on running, might they be chased down by Zhao Hai very much, was all defeating, therefore they want to go to attack Zhao Hai first they, what result will have a look to have, was finding the way to escape. However they have not thought that Zhao Hai they were waiting for them to depend in the past, if they just turn around ran, regarding Zhao Hai them also was really a trouble, but their this collected, center arrived at Zhao Hai they below to cherish. Zhao Hai presently that several black spots were not far from them, he to Merine said : Merine Grandma, they came hastily.” Merine nod of gently, does not need Zhao Hai to remind Merine also to know that actually they came, Merine this 8th level big Magician is not when fake, moreover her opposing the enemy experience also very rich, how possible don’t know that several fellows to come. However Zhao Hai felt what is strange, although he noticed that several undead Mercenary Group person has depended, had not actually seen their person's shadows.

He on oneself front projection, can clear seeing, that several people arrive has protected his these Undead Creature surrounding, such distance, he should be able to see the opposite party the person, but he is actually a shadow has not seen now, this was really too strange. Zhao Hai although is curious, but also knows that now is not asked that moreover he just reminded Merine, is adding on him to know that several position of person now, therefore he was not worried very much. That several black spots to their getting closer and closer, entered to now protecting their these Undead Creature, but these Undead Creature actually had not responded. Zhao Hai saw this situation on understand, that several people have certainly used any Secret Technique, has achieved the stealth effect, therefore these Undead Creature do not have presently them, oneself could not see them. Zhao Hai does not have immediately/on horseback make a move, he believes Merine, if Merine this presently, she is continually impossible becomes 8th level big Magician. The said it Zhao Hai move is useless, is Alien. Alien is spiritual variation Undead Creature, he meets Spiritual Attack, but what Magician most fears is anything, naturally is Spiritual Attack, particularly unexpected Spiritual Attack, is all Magician is not willing to meet. Zhao Hai tight is staring at his front projection, prepares to begin at any time, but this appearance, was more like Dark Magician, in such environment, he can sit in there is motionless, making people feel very strange. Merine already felt actually that several people have come, but she has not moved, several 6th level Dark Magician, she has not paid attention, she wants to let the near-point that several people walk, like this she will begin convenient, but the Zhao Hai safety, she has not been worried, because the Zhao Hai side will have Merine, really the incorrect words, Zhao Hai can also enter to Space, what she will have good worry. At this moment, Zhao Hai suddenly presently that several black spots stopped, is leaving he less than ten meters far place, Zhao Hai knows that the opportunity arrived, he bellows said : to attack!” His is giving Alien to order, actually he does not need to shout that makes noise, however at this time, he could not bear shout \; first, this order was simplest \; second, inflated to oneself.

His words exit / to speak, Merine stares, is discharging Magic time, suddenly felt on own Alien, suddenly blew out intense spiritual force, turns toward that six direction of person to overrun. Merine stares, immediately/on horseback understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, her immediately/on horseback changed own Magic, she just used attack Magic, first wounds that several fellows, then in catches in them Zhao Hai Space, but she actually changed foot intent now, her very clear, Alien the Spiritual Attack, means anything regarding Magician. How although her don’t know Zhao Hai is presently that several people, but she does not have the time to think that many now, immediately/on horseback read several Incantation in a soft voice, six water dragon appears in her side, threw to that six direction of person. When Merine water dragon just formed, almost does not divide the priority, six stuffy hum transmit, then ten meters place of six person's shadow appears right them less than Zhao Hai, these six people become a semicircle, encircled them in the middle, obviously was preparing to use attack Magic, but suddenly has actually met Spiritual Attack, these let heavy of their wound. They just appeared the personal appearance, six water dragon arrived at their side, has entangled strong/sturdy six, Zhao Hai immediately open Space rift quickly, Merine, six people have thrown into Space. To completing all these, Zhao Hai and Merine relaxed, just their this time attack, what the opportunity elects is really fantastic, when Magic of that several person has not completed, suddenly came Spiritual Attack, one that several fellows being perplexed, but Merine capture the opportunity, one has also surrounded to feed in Space several people, relative perfect of coordination. The key of here surface, is actually that projection that Space release comes, that projection completely disregards the magic of making oneself invisible of that several person, their every action and every movement cannot hide the truth from the eye of Zhao Hai, therefore Zhao Hai in the most appropriate opportunity, making Alien use Spiritual Attack Magic, the matter so will be smooth, otherwise, but must turn the war.