Chapter 67 Undead Creature Level Up Laura under the hand/subordinate centralized to her side, the bodies of almost all people are wounded, these person Laura most loyal under the hand/subordinate, are her under the hand/subordinate, is not Markey Family. Laura very small time on understand, Clan sends to their these people are not that reliable, therefore these years she diligently has been training her influence, this time matter is important, therefore she has to bring oneself most loyal under the hand/subordinate, then took Clan to send to her some Expert, but Clan sends now to her these Expert, died almost. Laura wants to be helped by own these under the hand/subordinate, but sees own under the hand/subordinate appearance, she has cannot help but borne, now her these under the hand/subordinate almost did not have no fighting strength, went also to go in vain. Zhao Hai just got so far as in that several undead Mercenary Group Clan Space, hears the Space prompt sound to transmit said : presently the Advanced level kind of robot object to enter Space, the procedure has design to Space, from implants the procedure newly, implants successfully, the kind of robot object has not had toxin, affects the attack strength, strengthens toxin, new kind of robot object procedure Advanced level, withdraws the procedure, pours into the Space original kind of robot object, strengthening class robot object.” This prompt sound is not short, but Zhao Hai actually listened to understand is any meaning, he has really succeeded, that six undead Mercenary Group person was really Undead Creature, after entering Space, really by Space turning into person on one's own side, moreover that six undead Mercenary Group person the belt like Swamp Undead Creature is not poisonous, Space gave on them to strengthen toxin unexpectedly, making their attack strength stronger, then presently that six undead Mercenary Group Undead Creature Advanced level of Undead Creature in compared with Space, the Space boundary however with according to their characteristics, strengthened in Space original these Undead Creature level, in other words, he. All Undead Creature Level Up that subdues. Zhao Hai did not have happy with enough time, sees the blue shadow electricity to shoot to come together, is leaving he ten meters far big time sound said : Young Master.” Zhao Hai one hear is the Green sound, in his hand also grabs two black forms, it seems like it was the remaining that two undead Mercenary Group members, the Zhao Hai intention moved, Space rift in appears , Green threw in that two undead Mercenary Group member Space conveniently, this Space prompt sound in one time resounded, only then changed the procedure and strengthens toxin, following these already not. In this time, side Zhao Hai all Undead Creature, body suddenly up radiance, this radiance was very pale, moreover is quick, if Zhao Hai does not sit on Alien, cannot presently.

Waits for that radiance to vanish, Zhao Hai presently all Undead Creature on the scene, changed a type, their green depth, moreover each and every one was probably nimble and resourceful, in the eye red Soul Fire was also more exuberant. But Alien is so, his whole body turned into the dark green, only then the position of top of the head has the a piece white, that white probably is a design, the shape of that design feigned ignorance an eye, but the eyeball in that eye, was actually another more complex design, if you unknowingly looked at that design one, you think that was a static design, when you stared that design was looking, actually felt that a that design probably was the activity, probably was in revolving of keeping, must attract your soul goes to be the same. Besides stopping, Alien build also become bigger, the original ten meters builds, now actually turned into about 15 meters, has been high also five meters, but his chest cavity changes even bigger, his chest cavity there is the rib, but there actually turned into close Space now, the both sides ribs become like the wall, does not have a slit, actually like green Crystal same transparent, they sat by Zhao Hai in can outside the relaxed putting situation. His chest cavity currently fully has two meters highly, can make Zhao Hai they stand to move, but these planks of there original shop, by Alien getting so far as outside ground, in his chest cavity is one completely Space comprised of dark green Crystal type Bone, this Space has two meters high, four meters, about three meters extend, the ceiling is the round arc, the ground is smooth, in the ground also shop Zhao Hai these quilt that takes coming out from Space. But Alien neck there, appears to bone armor, these bone armor very unusual, each block is not very big, the middle a little crevice, will not affect turning the head of Alien neck, but similarly, these bone armor unexpectedly can also form corridor type thing, can go nonstop to the oral cavity of Alien, but his skull was also similar to the chest rib, turned translucent, can see outside, was adding on his mouth to be very long, there has also formed one wide three meters, long five meters, height one meter many Space, a person. Can sit in there sees outside situation, so long as he opens mouth, outside Zhao Hai they can arrive from his mouth. Alien carried on the back newly grew many fierce bone spike, on that bone spike was dodging green and lustrous radiance, understood at a glance that the attack strength was uncommon. On Alien tail, on each coccyx grew three sharp thorns, to, the left, right three directions is growing respectively, demonstrated his formidable lethality. Zhao Hai and change of Meg look at Alien, they have not thought that Alien will turn into this appearance unexpectedly, this simple turned into a home to travel, kill people and set places on fire efficient instrument. But Zhao Hai and Meg in the entire process of change, have not felt a point illness, even if were these planks is made the ground by Alien, their don’t know. What they are less say, stands in Alien head Merine and Green being startled, Alien such change complete left their imagination, what most important is, they on the skull of Alien, simply cannot see Zhao Hai and Meg, in other words, Alien Bone, became is more like the single item glass. Some little time Zhao Hai recovers, the intention moves, immediately Undead Creature of level received returned to other these liters in Space, simultaneously loud to Green and Merine said : Merine Grandma, Grandpa Green, you came, came from the mouth of Alien.”

This Space has two gates, one after the other, the front door is Alien mouth there, behind behind the chest cavity of Alien, Zhao Hai noted, there had several ribs to move, so long as opened that several ribs, they may go out of Space from behind. However Zhao Hai does not want to go out of this Space from behind, that feeling is not quite good, because animal behind does do, Zhao Hai knows that is the place of bowel movement, he does not want to exit from there. The seal of this Space is very probably good, cannot feel point wind, but similarly, you cannot feel point worried, moreover Zhao Hai just spoke, Green and Merine immediately heard, it seems like that the voice transmission fruit is also good. Green and Merine immediately jumped from the head of Alien, has arrived around the big mouth of Alien, Alien immediately has opened the mouth, Green and Merine has arrived at that Space that Zhao Hai was at from the mouth of Alien. Enters to the Space of Alien chest cavity, Green and Merine stares, they have not thought really that this Space unexpectedly is this appearance, this did change was too big? Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : I not to think, among here however will turn into this appearance, just after I undead Mercenary Group that several fellows received to Space, Space all Undead Creature Level Up, then Alien turned into this appearance, but this was better, later Grandpa Green did not need to sit outside, sat can see outside all in here.” Green nodded, sizes up this Space said : here although not to be big, but can actually see outside situation, was very good, was right, Young Master, do we want to see the Markey Family person?” Zhao Hai taps the head, smiles said : this happy, this matter forgetting, good, walks, sees them to go.” Said that command(er) Alien is crawling toward soil bank on. After Laura they and don’t know soil banks, has looked unfamiliar anything, they noticed that blue shadow in hand grabbed two black human-shape objects to dodge behind the soil bank together, then these helped their Undead Creature one on vanish from sight.

When Laura must sent for behind soil bank having a look to live any matter, an alligator skeleton from the soil bank crawled. Laura look at this alligator skeleton feels looks familiar very much, this skeleton probably is that that helps their Dark Magician sit, but the appearance actually changed many, seemed like fiercer. although Laura just not careful has looked at the Alien appearance, but she clear remembering, carrying on the back of Alien does not have these bone spike, moreover is not big, but Laura can affirm that this Undead Creature helps certainly her Dark Magician, is not undead Mercenary Group, because she has not seen in undead Mercenary Group to have Undead Creature like this, if in undead Mercenary Group has Undead Creature like this, in besieging their, on should send. Laura these under the hand/subordinate also know, but they are an anxiety, after all now the Alien appearance was really too scary, dark green Bone, wanted under shining of setting sun, was dodging cold light, about four meters long big mouth, row of big fang dew outside, with carrying on the back bone spike was the same, demonstrated that his huge lethality, not the high four feet, were actually growing the sharp claw, they did not suspect that dark green nearly entire black claw had many big lethality. A such monster walks toward them, does not use the too unnecessary movement, the ginseng lived threatening imposing manner, making the person not dare to look down upon. Laura under the hand/subordinate horse carriage tight encirclement of Laura in middle, has grabbed own weapon that in hand made an effort, the heart mentioned the throat. Under their gazes, Alien stopped in their surface top five meter far place, then big mouth, this movement let under the hand/subordinate intense of Laura, but then they saw stride Green that walked from the Alien mouth.