Chapter 68 Idol? Green looked at one to be encircled in middle Laura, deep voice said : Markey Delphi Merchant Union friend hello, person who my family mister wants to see your chancellors.” Green changed a statement to call Mr. Zhao Hai, stemming from their consideration of present status, what now Green acts was a Magician follower, the Magician follower called Magician to be mister generally, this was also respects to Magician one type of. The meaning of Laura also understand Green, she is certainly complying, but also somewhat hesitates, now she has the heavy treasure in the body, if opposite party also to this treasure, she if went with Green, wasn't too dangerous? Green is a worldly person, looked on understand Laura is any meaning, he and meaning of doesn't blame Laura, the will of the people was dangerous, this was the way things should be. although Laura does not prepare to see Zhao Hai with Green, but no matter what, the opposite party has rescued itself, if oneself did not thank others, that could not be justified, therefore Laura jumped down from the vehicle, walked nearby Green, bowed to Green said : formidable Warrior, please accept the gratitude that Laura Markey Delphi held most, does not know whether I could ask that honored Magician mister to come out to see fortunately?” although very polite that Laura this saying said that but meaning expression clarity of , that is, I cannot pass with you, to see me, please come out to see. Green looked at Laura one, nodded, turn around walked from the mouth of Alien, Green also thought that should unable to meet with Laura, although they and don’t know why Laura they by undead Mercenary Group attack, but can unable to meet with Laura, spills relationship to have the advantage to Buda Family very much. That in the room of Alien within the body, Zhao Hai and Merine, Meg is standing in there is waiting for Green, original Zhao Hai wants to go to see Laura directly, but Green actually thinks that will do will have ** share, must therefore make Zhao Hai wait in here. Green arrives at Zhao Hai nearby said : Young Master, what outside leads is Markey Family talent young girl Laura, a while with she meets, if she asks undead Mercenary Group to come, you said that had been repelled by us, do not say that was all subdued by us.” Zhao Hai nodded said : feel relieved Grandpa Green, I know how to say.” Said that walks with Green and Meg outward, Merine not.

Laura somewhat restless standing in there, how her don’t know that Magician will answer her, she knows that she such makes some not politeness, but does not have the means that she has the heavy treasure in the body, really cannot take risk. However she also knows that Dark Magician is the temperament is generally strange, her don’t know such did to offend that Dark Magician, if that Dark Magician coped with her, feared that is she cannot live to this place today. Thinks that here Laura cannot help but somewhat regretted, he just really should comply with the opposite party, sees that Magician with the opposite party, if the opposite party wants to grab the Undead method ball, cannot preserve by her present strength simply. When the Laura mysterious regret, Laura suddenly notes, walks three people from the mouth of that Undead Creature, walks before forefront is that comes out to see his Warrior, walks in the middle, is Dark Magician, this Dark Magician stature is not very tall and big, puts on the Dark Magic robe that Dark Magician wears long, in hand is taking Magic Staff. By the vision of Laura businessman, can look, this Magician Magic Robe and in hand Magic Staff, is the bargain-priced goods, belongs to quality very bad that one type of. However this Magician temperament, makes Laura complete slightly this different thing, this Magician temperament very unique, he probably is the most common person, but simultaneously, he appears very unique, this is one type of very contradictory temperament, however on the body of this person, actually appears such coordination. Simultaneously Laura also noted a detail, was the hand of this Dark Magician, Magic Robe that although this Dark Magician put on covers his entire body, but he took the hand of Magic Staff actually to reveal outside, saw that hand time, the eye of Laura cannot help but shrank. That hand any fearful place, has not been the bone thin like the material, is not the wrinkle comes up in great numbers and from all sides, that is a hand of man, the skin is very white, does not have the long point cocoon, the skin principle is very exquisite, understood at a glance that maintenance good of , what most important is, this hand responded his Master age! Laura can judge easily from this hand, Master of this hand not 30 years old! Day that 30-year-old Advanced level Dark Magician, what concept is this? Top Expert on that equal to Continent, equal to authority, equal to infinite bright future. Regarding Great Clan, such person equal to charm amulet, waits for the Yu Clan clan show strong turning point. However Laura also helped Clan handle several years of business, any magnificent scene has seen, therefore she gawked, immediately recover was then normal.

What is different from Laura, Zhao Hai is very also excited, he excitedly to not because of other reason, because of the Laura appearance. Laura long is very attractive, however saw Zhao Hai of various beautiful women on Earth not because this excitement, his excited reason was Laura looks like a person. Zhao Hai on Earth is nerd, he likes listening to music very much, is not high because of his cultural degree, by the common situation, he will only listen to some Chinese songs, regarding the singer in foreign country he knowing few. However knew a name in time him, Taylor Svay, US country music small day later, when knows Taylor, Zhao Hai already soon over 20 years old, but Taylor at that time also less than 20 years old, but the appearance is delightful, singing sound also very interesting to listen, Zhao Hai liked this singer quickly, his computer desktop/tabletop used was Taylor's picture. But the Laura appearance is almost in a mold carves with Taylor, like, too like, the Zhao Hai checked Taylor's material, Taylor's height had the over 1.8m centimeter, the altitude, made the common man feel sufficiently ashamed, but the Laura figure so was also tall, the gold and greens eye, the simplicity was exactly the same. What sole is different, reason that because Laura practices martial arts, therefore on her has Taylor no heroic spirit, this made Laura have inexplicable appealing, so long as were the man sees her, wants to go to conquer she. Saw own idol such living standing in own at present, how Zhao Hai can not be excited, although he knows that the present person is not Taylor, but he cannot bear excitedly, two long really looked like. Was good because of Magic Robe that he put on his face keeping off, not in words Laura will certainly see Zhao Hai infatuated look at she, that may on the print of big destruction Laura to Zhao Hai. Laura take deep breaths, arrives at Zhao Hai, respect Magician mister to Zhao Hai deep bowing said :, thanked your aid, please accept I most sincere gratitude.” Zhao Hai one recovers, he also inspired, slowly calm, on first he is one soon the 30-year-old person, the age like him, looks like likes that star, not extremely in frantic, but is one type of sane liking, was adding on him to know now, oneself opposite was standing was not Taylor, but was Laura. Zhao Hai calm said : Miss Laura was polite, we just in time have also caught up, undead Mercenary Group on Continent notorious, eliminates them should be, what what a pity is, finally or made them run.”

Laura stares, she can notice that Green in hand grabs two human-shape objects to the soil bank behind, but she does not have too to suspect, already undead Mercenary Group reputation in that pendulum, if so good to cope, undead Mercenary Group was already given to eliminate. Moreover Laura had also affirmed the beforehand guess, young of this Dark Magician, this point the sound that spoke from him, in one time was confirmed. Laura with a smile Magician mister do not regret to Zhao Hai said :, if undead Mercenary Group is so good to cope, will not run amuck on Continent such long time, to is these time sorry really very much, you have helped us, the undead Mercenary Group person, will certainly remember your, feared after is, your trouble will be more, but asked Magician mister not to need to be worried, in after my returned to Clan, immediately will send out Expert in Clan to eliminate undead Mercenary Group, please mister feel relieved.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Miss Laura to be too polite, trivial undead Mercenary Group I have not placed in the eye, Miss Laura does not need to be worried.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but nodded, if others spoke this saying, Laura possibly does not believe that but Zhao Hai said that he actually believed that because she was experiences to Zhao Hai their fierce, not only 8th level Warrior, but also was only these Undead Creature that Zhao Hai summoned, sufficed undead Mercenary Group these fellows to drink a pot. At this time Green watched the weather, turned the head to Zhao Hai said : mister, the weather not early, should we hurry along?” Zhao Hai knows that the meaning of Green, they should walk now, this time they want to contact with the Markey Family person, will not have too deep occurring together, because Zhao Hai does not want Markey Family to think that they coerce the graciousness pictoral newspaper. Zhao Hai just about to the connection, Laura immediately/on horseback said : Magician mister, we today prepare to camp out in here, if mister does not shut out, asks mister to keep here today, in the evening I asked mister to eat meal, was expresses to the mister gratitude.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : Miss Laura to have a mind, your matters are many, we do not stay behind, later has opportunity to see.” Said that turn around walks toward Alien. Laura was anxious, walks two steps to hold on Zhao Hai Magic Robe said : mister to invite wait a moment hastily quickly.” This pull is Laura to Zhao Hai naturally, Laura also don’t know own misconception, she smelled a fresh flavor from the body of Zhao Hai, that flavor looks like spring you stands on Prairie is the same, making people feel to be in high spirits, life force is vigorous.