Chapter 69 Calculates respectively Very strange feeling, Laura has not thought that is only smell, will make her think of these many thing unexpectedly, in the impression of Laura, smell probably only then fragrant, smelly and so on simple feeling, the smell that but she smells on Zhao Hai, makes her feel to be in high spirits, Qi vigorous such feeling. Laura has gawked, but Zhao Hai actually took advantage of opportunity to stop, did he turn the head look at Laura that beautiful appearance, calm said : Miss Laura also has the matter?” Laura one recovers, her face one red, has let loose the Zhao Hai clothes hastily, bows to Zhao Hai said : Magician mister that does a disservice to the respect, excuse me, do I can know your name?” Zhao Hai chuckle said : naturally, I called Zhao Hai.” What Zhao Hai report is he name on Earth, if he said that he is Adam Buda, feared that will be immediately is chased down, he may not have idiot that. Laura has put out a piece Golden Token from own bosom, holds in hand, to Zhao Hai said : Mr. Zhao Hai, this is our Markey Delphi Merchant Union distinguished guest Golden Token, is taking this gold bar, you on Continent in any Markey Delphi Trading Company spend, can call the preferential benefit of 20% discount you, spends in Purcell Duchy Markey Delphi Trading Company, can hit the preferential benefit of 50% discount, if you sell thing toward Trading Company, so long as is taking it, Trading Company to be higher than the purchase price one layer price to purchase your cargo, although I knows that this simply cannot rescue my benevolence to compare with you, but has actually represented. My regard, please must accept.” Said that Laura bows, has lifted up high the top of the head in hand Golden Token, such is holding, actually does not set out. The Zhao Hai height be only 1.7m more than ten, do not arrive at 1.8 m, but the Laura height is actually over 1.8m, this is made Zhao Hai have the pressure very much, but Laura such bows, one was shorter than Zhao Hai, this instead to is makes Zhao Hai some not be used. Zhao Hai also wants to obtain this Golden Token, had this Golden Token, will make his later conduct more convenient, Zhao Hai also looked, Laura their these time had certainly very important matter, otherwise so will certainly not worry filled there to catch up toward Black Mountain, now their loss is very heavy, meaning that but actually do not turn head, but must keep the camping, tomorrow must then walk evidently, this fully explained that their matters worried very much, therefore Zhao Hai many entanglements, have not shown a faint smile, put out a hand to receive Golden Token said : that on thanking Miss Laura.” Said that carefully looked at this Golden Token, this Golden Token be only the palm of the hand size, the pure gold builds, appearance looks like looks like in full bloom Bana, very refined, in the Golden Token central place, writes the Markey Delphi four characters. Laura looked at Zhao Hai to receive Golden Token, this drew out the body, let out a long breath, she also really feared that Zhao Hai did not accept this Golden Token.

Laura to Zhao Hai this Golden Token, to feel grateful not completely, what is main is she wants draws in relationship through this Golden Token and Zhao Hai. Must know in her opinion, Zhao Hai is Advanced level Dark Magician, moreover is so young, in adding on his side also has Advanced level Warrior like Green to exist, if has drawn in relationship with Zhao Hai, for her is a good deed. Ark Continent, strength to revere, if Laura can become a friend with Zhao Hai this kind of Advanced level Dark Magician, the status in Clan will have very tremendous influence regarding her, therefore saw Zhao Hai to accept Golden Token, she some feeling of relaxing, so long as Zhao Hai accepted Golden Token to use, like this she can find Zhao Hai, in slowly pulled closer relationship with him. Zhao Hai looked at that Golden Token, attire of Golden Token in toward own sleeve, actually actually directly lost in Space, but with the sleeve came, when covered shows. Received Golden Token, Zhao Hai to Laura said : Miss Laura, your matter were then many, I was not delaying you, later had opportunity we to see.” Said that turn around walked, this Laura in blocking him, but is having the time to ask Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai back said : to look for me to Markey Delphi Trading Company, you want to a Markey Family shop in casually, can know my information.” Zhao Hai does not have turn around, is only waving of gently, crawled from the mouth of Alien, Meg and Green also follow in Zhao Hai entered in the body of Alien, then Alien leave fast this battlefield. The direction that Laura look at Alien goes far away, cannot help but let out a long breath, at this time a 15 ~ 16 years old girl had arrived at Lao body the skill, her in hand is taking is thinking of the Undead method ball the box, the body wears the maidservant clothing/taking, the height be only one meter about six, at his such height, stand in the Laura side, appears petite adorable. This girl arrives at the Laura side, to Laura said : young lady, we can camp out in here really?” Laura looked in the battlefield these corpse and broken bone, in the eye flash of cold light said : naturally, rests today a evening in here, tomorrow gets up to hurry along in the morning, we must arrive at Black Mountain as soon as possible, Sergio, sends for behind the soil bank having a look, this time matter is not so simple.” Warrior complied with one, turn around ran toward the soil bank behind, Laura turned the head to little girl said : that maidservant dressed up Ni'er, frightened you?” Ni'er although complexion is white, but tight strong shaking the head , the Laura look at Ni'er appearance, loves dearly traces her head said : not to fear Ni'er, do not fear that I will not make such matter live.”

although Ni'er in name is the Laura maidservant, but they grow up from small together, sentiment compared with sisters, because of the Laura powerful, therefore she continuously by Elder Sister status appears , therefore Laura although was also very sad at this time, but has comforted Ni'er. Actually Laura is at heart clear, their these time feared that was given really cloudy, this time matter is important, route that they walk, with the entire plan, only then a few key people in Clan know, but undead Mercenary Group, can actually be ahead of time several days to ambush in here, obviously already knew their plans. In undead Mercenary Group may not have Prophet in Beastman Race, they impossible by guessing can guess correctly their entire plans, certainly some people planning to tell them, moreover key person in this person or the Markey Family. although Laura was unable to determine that who now this person is, but most at least this range can determine. Actually Laura understand, in Clan is also hoping the person who she dies is not one or two, her father is the second in-line successor, did not have what competitive power, since she has taken over the Clan business, the position of his father second in-line successor sits was steadier, gave several other successors to create very tremendous pressure. In Great Clan, what is most brutal? Without doubt, competition of position of Clan is most brutal, although Laura in young, since she has taken over the Clan business, she understand slowly this truth, but she has not thought that the matter that the person in this Clan handles can such certainly. In this moment, Laura has decided certainly, no matter later makes anything, cannot too relying on Clan, Clan at this time be most unreliable. Why this must also win over one of the Zhao Hai reasons in Laura, if later Clan were really unreliable, had Zhao Hai this formidable Magician support, Laura has definitely been able to come out the independence gateway, but did not need to fear the retaliation of Clan. What Zhao Hai and don’t know Laura hits is any foot intent, what because he and don’t know this undead Mercenary Group must snatch is anything, but he should quick know. Zhao Hai their leave fast battlefield there, Green they gathered that in the room of Alien within the body, Zhao Hai have turned the hand also to take that Golden Token, gives Green said : Grandpa Green, you have a look at this Golden Token, had this Golden Token smoothly our plan?” Green then Golden Token, carefully looked at said : „, had this Golden Token, in adding on us has great kindness to Laura, to our future exhibitions, will have very big help, Laura will be the daughter of Markey Family second successor, she in handling the Purcell Duchy here Markey Family business, this us will be very advantageous.”

Did Zhao Hai wrinkle under brow said : to be able some people to suspect our bodies?” Green shook the head said : „should not, Young Master, didn't this time we receive the undead Mercenary Group person? So long as we sell out the radish, returned to Black Wasteland, your immediately allows undead Mercenary Group that several fellows to enter to Carrion Swamp subdues Undead Creature, these Undead Creature release that we receive comes, to create Carrion Swamp Undead Creature also in the appearance that on Black Wasteland wanders, like this I want some people easily not to enter to Black Wasteland, we safety, Undead Creature that will wait for the undead Mercenary Group person to receive will be more, we on will be safer.” Zhao Hai nodded, the intention moves, undead Mercenary Group eight person appears in his front, were good the room in Alien within the body is not small, otherwise could not have thought of these many people. These eight people put on with black Magic Robe of Zhao Hai similar style, but in hand has not taken Magic Staff, they just came out, immediately to Zhao Hai gave a salute, then Zhao Hai hears eight people of one voice said : Master.” Zhao Hai nodded, said : takes off hat.” Eight people according to word has taken off their hat, eight Skull appears in Zhao Hai in front of them, such as dark green Crystal same Skull, the person to the one type of clear aesthetic sense, red Soul Fire in eye, increased a strangeness to them unexpectedly. Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : why do you want attack Laura?” The wisdom of these eight people have not come under the too tremendous influence obviously, immediately/on horseback said : Master, we obtained information from Markey Family person there, Laura their in hand has a Undead method ball, can promote Undead Creature level, hand that therefore we move.” Zhao Hai stares, said : you were said that you information that obtained from Markey Family person there? Who told you?” In this time, Green suddenly receptacle said : Young Master, what are you saying? Can they speak?”