The seventh chapter It is not my regulation() Weather slowly dark, in the entire castle, besides the Zhao Hai bedroom is the Magic lamp that uses, other places, use is the flares. This type of Magic lamp on one type of Magic Crystal with Ark Continent makes, but the Magic Crystal block two ways can come \; first, the underground Magic Crystal ore, this Magic Crystal has advantages and disadvantages, contains energy many that to calculate by inside that energy are many, can be the power of Magic apparatus to use, energy are few, can only be used to illuminate, but Magic Crystal that this underground produces, is disposable, after having used up, Magic Crystal on was also waste. one type of Magic Crystal, is on Magic Beast produces, this Magic Crystal very difficult, the bodies of ten Magic Beast not necessarily have Magic Crystal, but Magic Crystal that on this Magic Beast produces, although energy not very high, but is very stable, when is Magician discharges the Magic assistance to help the tool, what most important is, this Magic Crystal can use repeatedly, after his energy exhausts, so long as after a period of time, he absorb in the nature on can same attribute Magic energy, supplement slowly is full, like this on can in a use. No matter that one type of Magic Crystal, is very expensive, Magic Crystal that in the Magic Crystal ore delivers compared with the small advantage that on Magic Beast delivers, but that price is not the average person can use. Buda Family in very special period, although Green has been buying several Magic Crystal, but each a piece is very precious, cannot abuse, therefore to evening's time, except for the Zhao Hai room, other places ignites. At this time these slaves finished eating food to go to sleep, but Merine just had actually completed the food, was making Meg call Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai this sleep rests is very fragrant, although to different realm, but he currently had Spatial Farm, most its yard did not need to worry for the livelihood, moreover these days because of his continuously unconscious, therefore Merine has treated for him with Magic, in his body still has massive water element, water element originally had the effect of calming the nerves, was adding on him now to put down the concern, therefore rested special was fragrant. Meg to the Zhao Hai room outside, heard the in the room sound first, in the room is very peaceful, a sound does not have, Merine immediately/on horseback knocked on a door said : Young Master, has gotten out of bed, should have the supper.” in the room still did not have the sound, Meg also to call twice, in the room still not to have the sound, cannot Meg have to push the door to enter the Zhao Hai room. Entered to the Zhao Hai room, Meg heard even breathing, she arrived at the Zhao Hai bedside to look softly, Zhao Hai rested just fragrant, simply has not heard their shout. Meg sighed, don’t know Zhao Hai was the heart big or silly, to this situation, but can also rest was so fragrant.

Meg stands in the Zhao Hai bedside, has pushed Zhao Hai said : gently Young Master, should get out of bed, had the supper.” Did Zhao Hai blurry waking, mutter said : several points?” Meg quickly said: Young Master, is 7 : 00 pm, should have the supper.” Zhao Hai has then opened the eye, turned the head to look at one to stand in Meg of bedside, turned the head to look at one toward out of the window, now the day somewhat was presently black, he sat slowly, swings somewhat dark head that has rested, this sobered a point, he turned the head to say to Meg \; Meg, today on the several th?” Meg lowers the head said : Young Master, today was on April 6.” Zhao Hai nodded, considers as finished in the head, he was Singapore dollar calendar six Pseudo Ginseng/3:7 years on February 17 the stupor, but now is on April 6, in other words his stupor one month, after the stupor many, he has also been able such free below motion, this, if on Earth, simply were miracle. However Zhao Hai has not asked Meg what's the matter, because knew from the Adam memory that on this Continent Magician Healing Magic is very mysterious, let alone is one month, even if you faints this year, can let you you after waking up, like sleeping, can natural walks on the ground, not phenomenon of appears ischemic muscular atrophy. Zhao Hai just sat the bedside, Meg immediately takes the Zhao Hai boots, must put on to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : Meg, puts down, I came on the line.” Meg stares, but said : Young Master, makes me come, I am I should do.” Zhao Hai is actually not familiar with this, he blocks Meg said : to consider as finished hastily, later this minor matter I came on the line.” Said that has snatched the Meg in hand boots, oneself put on. Meg in one side look at Zhao Hai, she felt that today's Zhao Hai is very strange, beforehand Zhao Hai let alone wears the boots, even if will be takes off the boots not to begin, today puts on unexpectedly. Zhao Hai wore the boots to stand, turned the head to walk to Meg said :, first ate meal, some of my also matters must discuss with Grandpa Green.”

Meg although felt that today's Zhao Hai is very strange, but has complied with one, leading Zhao Hai to walk in the direction of dining room, because Meg knows, after Zhao Hai to here, had not left the room, therefore this castle his there could not find, if asks him to leave, certain don’t know dining room in that. The gate of room, Zhao Hai has gawked, then curious all around looked, this castle obviously was an old castle, some years of construction, but evidently quite strong/sturdy, but the style was very old, internal design was also inferior that the Adam original family, had a gloomy feeling. However Zhao Hai has not cared about these, he likes castle this, in his impression, the castle should be this appearance, this has the style of old castle, perhaps when he can also presently secret room in this castle. Quick Zhao Hai also noted the flare on wall, was seeing these flares, was associating to the Magic Crystal price, why Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback understand here uses the flare. Adam beforehand although don’t know price in any case, but looks like Magic Crystal this thing, he knows the price, because this thing is the high-end consumable, is the person of Adam that social stratum to be able to afford, therefore he knows the price. Zhao Hai has thought also oneself in the room that Magic lamp, it seems like there was an entire castle sole Magic lamp, thought of here Zhao Hai at heart cannot help but one warm. The dining room was not far from the Zhao Hai bedroom, is quick they to enter the dining room, Green, Merine, Stone, Blockhead has been standing in the dining room is waiting for Zhao Hai, looked at Zhao Hai to come, bowed said : Young Master good night, asking Young Master to dine.” Zhao Hai nodded, looked at one toward the wooden table in dining room on, presently there only has suspended his tableware, through the Adam memory, Zhao Hai knew, Noble in eating meal, the servant cannot the fellow guest, only be able to stand in the one side is serving. Zhao Hai sat, has sized up this dining room, this dining room is not big, only then more than 20 square meters, the middle is suspending a dinner table of long shape, the dinner table upper berth the snow white tablecloth, on the tablecloth is suspending two candlesticks, on each candlestick is turning three wax candles. All around of dinner table is placing eight chairs, the work of these chairs are very fine, look are the Advanced level goods, each corner in dining room are turning a flare, illuminates very brightly the entire dining room, but besides these, in this dining room was not having other thing. Zhao Hai sized up the dining room, turned the head to Green their said : Grandpa Green, you also sat to eat, after finishing eating the food, I had the matter to ask you.” Green immediately/on horseback bows to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, this is incorrect, you in eating meal, we cannot with your fellow guest, this is Empire regulation.”

Zhao Hai snort|hum said : Empire regulation, is actually not my regulation, since Empire gave up us, why we must honor Empire regulation, does not want said it, you take the tableware quickly, together sit to eat meal, ate meal while I to say something, if you did not come, I did not eat.” Green looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, does not have the means that must turn the head to look at Merine one, Merine stared his said : to visit me to do, Young Master one month of eating well has not selected thing, you also want to make Young Master hungry.” Really, regarding Green, the body of Zhao Hai is heavier than anything, one hear of Merine said that immediately/on horseback turns the head said : that you to go to the kitchen to take with Meg, I serve Young Master in here.” Merine this time to have not said anything, leading Meg to walk, Green then and Blockhead and Stone sat. Blockhead and Stone obvious some are not familiar with, sat in there like is on the buttocks steadily the point, moreover can look, they somewhat were silly, cannot speak, after seeing Zhao Hai, their together said with Green Young Master good night, asking Young Master to dine.” Does not leave. Zhao Hai knew from the Adam memory that Blockhead and Stone are the children of his father own adoption, is not intelligent, can say that is very stupid, but two are innate skill is both different, Innate Divine Strength, has been studying Wild Dragon Battle Qi in addition, currently they have almost the 6th level Warrior strength, moreover is loyal and devoted to Buda Family, will not betray absolutely. Was calling Merine serves meal, Zhao Hai turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, now some of our in hand also how many gold coins?” Green stares, his don’t know Zhao Hai such asked that is any meaning, but immediately/on horseback stands to answer said : Young Master, our in hand now also 180 gold coins, but our anything commodity does not lack now, therefore these gold coins can transfer.” Zhao Hai being busy makes Green sit down, then said : that we came from the imperial capital the time, comes thing with horse carriage? those horses pulling the carriage?” Green said : Young Master, our here place is small, does not have anything to deliver, to save grain, we have five horses, comes time horse carriage that uses, is hires.” Zhao Hai has gawked, but immediately understand the meaning of Green, Green in saving as far as possible, must know that a good horse only not to feed the grass on the line, must feed some grain, but their here simply cannot produce many grain, can therefore certainly save on the province, was more impossible to breed horses.