Chapter 70 mysterious influence Green such asked that Zhao Hai to was shocked, they said several words, but Green actually at this time also asked that these eight fellows could speak? Was this too strange? Green can't they hear him to speak? Zhao Hai turns the head look at Green said : Grandpa Green, we said several words, you haven't heard?” Green they shook the head, then Zhao Hai has affirmed, originally he and undead Mercenary Group the dialogs of between these people, Green they cannot hear. Zhao Hai puzzled time, Merine said : was good, do not ask that their several, but Undead Creature, spoke, but they were Advanced level Undead Creature, can through spiritual force, with the Young Master direct link, this look like in the Young Master feeling in her ear speech is the same, actually they did not have a sound.” A Merine such saying, Zhao Hai their then understand, Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to look at these undead Dark Magician said : you, since called me Master, that beforehand name do not use, I give you to give several names, is anyone of you Eldest Child?” Just proceeds said : with that skeleton that Zhao Hai spoke Master, I was.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, you called Drunk starting today, Second Child asked Zhao Chui, Third Child to call Zhaoshan, Fourth Child to ask Zhao to seal|confer, the fifth child's to name be Zhao Chong, Sixth Child to call Zhao 6, the seventh child called Zhao seven, Old Eight called Zhao even/including.” Eight people with one voice should be, although their wisdom has not come under the tremendous influence, but Space has made them recognize Zhao Hai give priority to, they will certainly not refute regarding the Zhao Hai words. Zhao Hai look at them to comply, this then said : replied that my just issue, was who tells you Laura in hand to have the Undead method ball?”

Drunk quickly said: Master, we from Markey Family one not too heavy surrounding member there hear information, we have not believed at that time, but he said too real, we want to promote our strength, therefore began.” Zhao Hai nodded, he also probably wants to come out, nothing but is Clan the acrobatics of internal struggle, no big deal. Zhao Hai turns the head after Drunk said : called me Young Master, have your years taken by force many good thing? These did thing place that?” Drunk immediately/on horseback said : Young Master, although these many years we have taken by force outside, thing that but takes by force, we actually little can stay behind, gave us beforehand Master him.” Zhao Hai stares, then does complexion change said : beforehand Master? Did you also recognize others to work as Master before? When?” Drunk quickly said: Master, you have misunderstood, was not we have recognized others, when Master, but was we since childhood by the beforehand Master adoption, our Magic were also he hands over, similar time when we studied, he sent us to come out to form undead Mercenary Group, helping him amass money, continuously to the present.” Zhao Hai listened to the Drunk words, the feeling of not only not having relaxed, to was instead sadder, his quickly said: „Before you what status that is Master?” Drunk shook the head said : our don’t know, we little see him, is a servant in taking care of us, even if we see his time, he also puts on black Magic Robe, has obstructed the whole person, we cannot see.” Zhao Hai was sadder, he Drunk their back influences certainly not so are presently simple, an influence, can train Drunk since childhood they, to trains 7th level Magician them, this need many manpower financial resource, most fearful is also not these, must know that on Continent has the Magic innate skill person ten thousand to choose one, but Black Magic compares the side door, compared with is difficult to practice Magic that must select to suit practices the Black Magic person, that on was more difficult. But Drunk their behind that influences, can actually one select their these eight people, moreover they also all suit study Black Magic, the result is evidently good, is only elects the person to need the big influence? Is training them, this process need many thing, but Drunk their behind people, have achieved unexpectedly all, thus it can be seen the influence of opposite party is very big. Also a little, Drunk they are eight person together grow up, moreover their Master do not live in there very much obviously, that said that their Master may very much in other place, but also has trained them the person like Drunk? If this is really the case, that matter on the even bigger strip.

Green they looked that the Zhao Hai chest color is unattractive, quickly said: Young Master, What happened? your is complexion so how ugly?” Zhao Hai looked at Green their eyes, said to the dialog of Drunk just him, also said own speculation, Green their complexion also heavy. Zhao Hai also asked Drunk they about adopting the matters of their person, but Drunk also don’t know, they only know, that person since they recorded events adopted them, when they have grown up, made them come out to make mercenary, when making money, put the place that some money that person assigned, their normally little met, contact few of , opposite party simply not too contacted them, the situation of their also don’t know opposite party. Presently cannot ask that anything, Zhao Hai they received returned to Drunk in Space, after all the room in Alien within the body was not big, one came in these many people, appeared very crowded. Green they have not made noise, but several people of complexion are not quite attractive, they presently this time they also were really annoy one should not the influence of annoying, this influence was much big, nobody knows that this influence had many also nobody to know, their points were anything, same nobody knows, but, this influence was not what we definitely know is that simple. Some little time, Green said : Young Master, actually we do not need too to be worried that nobody thinks was we undead Mercenary Group tidying up, Black Wasteland there by existence that Continent forgot, after our returned to there, immediately made Drunk other people go to Carrion Swamp there, this nobody can find them, therefore we should not have anything to trouble are right.” Zhao Hai nodded, he also hopes that matter can be so, now they were too weak, if really behind them that influence by Drunk present, unexpectedly was Zhao Hai they undead Mercenary Group tidying up, can cope with Zhao Hai, when the time comes feared that did not need them to begin, so long as release information, Aksu Empire here these established Noble, immediately can cope with Zhao Hai they, they died. What Zhao Hai does not want to say at this matter, he turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, our these time goes to Casa City, should be ahead of time the preparation, first looks for a place to save the radish, is making the Markey Family person take?” Green nodded said : „, Young Master does not need to be worried, the Casa City nearby has many manors and so on place, we can buy a small manor, this can put the radish, has been making the Markey Family person take on the line.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, before although, we answered preliminary association intent with them, but currently our in hand had Golden Token, should also be able upward to raise the price?”

Green smiles said : „, this a piece Golden Token to our help is very big, if we take Golden Token to ask them to make this business, don’t know will they be what kind of? Especially Miss Laura, she you have regarded Young Master is very fierce Dark Magician, now Dark Magician suddenly changed professions to sell the dish, HaHaHa, I thought her expression splendidly certainly.” Zhao Hai they, as soon as listened to Green saying that has smiled, now Zhao Hai to has strengthened the determination of oneself farming, although they look like the strength are now good, there are two 8th level Expert, many six 6th level Expert, but also so many Undead Creature. However do not forget, their enemies formidable. Aksu Empire these established Noble were needless saying that if these fellows knew really Zhao Hai in hand had such strong strength, feared that is alliance will get up immediately, the strength of use giving people a hard time country eliminated them. Was adding on them to annoy the influence of Drunk their behind that don’t know depth now, if really by that influence present Drunk their situations, that Zhao Hai they also ended. It can be said that Zhao Hai currently although also had a strength, if this puts on Continent, can become intermediate-level Noble, however his these strengths, have a large part are must not exposed to light, is exposed to light dies, therefore they can only be low-key. However Zhao Hai to did not mind that uses Laura to his Golden Token, this Golden Token has given him, is uses, he used also to use, in any case his present status is Dark Magician, but also called Zhao Hai, but on Continent simply did not have this person to exist, even if some people want to trace, most can only look up Black Mountain to fill there, what could not find out other thing. Black Mountain fills there to be so chaotic, wants to look up him more difficult, moreover some people will not suspect Buda Family, after all sub light drinks Water of Nothingness, this is on Continent all people knows that but Alien their these Undead Creature, are his status best covering shows now, nobody thinks that drinks the Water of Nothingness person, but can also summon Undead Creature, this people must look up them, will stare at the vision in a Zhao Hai this status, but nobody will note to Buda Family. Such Zhao Hai had a Yiming dark two status, when all people in tracing him is placed when outwardly on that status, Buda Family can hide in the hidden place, seize the opportunity unfolds. Experienced just fight, Zhao Hai understand a truth, the strength was supreme, especially in Ark Continent here is so, if he does not have the truth, Laura so will be polite to him? If he does not have the strength, Laura will give him Golden Token? If he does not have the strength, he is impossible to subdue Drunk they, if no strength, even if were he has gained in much money, sooner or later will also be snatched.